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The veiled lady was rooted to the ground, her expression filled with disbelief.

In her eyes, Lu TIanxiang was a determined and passionate youth, her fiance!

Why would he do such a thing?

He tried to assassinate someone just because his family did something wrong?

No, that was not like him!

This little girl must be lying!

"Are you… telling the truth?" She looked at Bi Yueyue, her eyes cold and her suppressive aura radiating subtly.

This was a youthful Heaven’s Pride talent. Her cultivation level was high, and she was already in the Supreme Realm.

Her suppressive aura was very terrifying for a Xiantian cultivator like Bi Yueyue.

"Heaven is my witness! Every word is true!" Bi Yueyue was extremely alluring, her two ponytails were now one, and her expression was innocent whilst her eyes filled with fury.

No one would think that this obedient girl was lying.

If the lady knew of their past, she would have thought that they were lying.

But, she didn’t know the history!

No matter how much Sun Zhangshan had plotted and planned, he never thought about this.

The veiled lady swayed for a moment and murmured, "Could it be… that I was wrong?"

"Of course you were wrong!" Yuwen Xiaoxiao stood out. She was tall and she stared at the veiled lady, ignoring all the powers around her.

She said coldly, "We had found it strange that a top 100 school would try to humiliate us like that when we had no feud with you. Of course, you can’t humiliate us!"

Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s words had embarrassed many of the Wafting Fragrance members, but they didn’t retaliate.

On one hand, they were stunned at Wang Yan’s ability. This was the first time they had seen such a method for refining pills. On the other hand, they finally understood why they had come to such a lowly school.

It was for a personal vendetta!

If the lady had told them the reason, they may not have felt this bad.

However, they didn’t know!

Yuwen Xiaoxiao looked at the group and said, "Now we understand that it is because of this. Something that you are already in the wrong for, yet you are so bold in your retaliation, how admirable. No wonder you are a top 100 school!"

The lady gasped, then looked at Chu Yu, "Was Lu Tianxiang really not killed by you?"

Chu Yu glanced at her, "So what if he was, so what… if he wasn’t?"

The lady bowed to her own people, "I am sorry, I did not give this situation due consideration and took advantage of you all. I apologize. When we return to the school, I will report this upwards. I will accept any punishment."

Then, she looked at the leadership of the Purple Cloud School and bowed, "My willfulness has also implicated the Purple Cloud School. When I return, I will explain the situation. I owe the Purple Cloud."

Everyone in the arena, countless Purple Cloud School members, as well as the opinionated Wafting Fragrance School members went silent.

The lady looked at Chu Yu and whispered, "No matter what, he was my fiance. Even if he was wrong, as he fiancee, I must avenge him. I hope you can understand."

At this point, Chu Yu’s opinion of this lady changed. No matter what, anyone who is willing to face their emotions deserves respect.

"Okay, since you’ve said so, let’s do this. Take it as your fiance died by my hand. After this, regardless of victory or defeat, we will bury the hatchet." Chu Yu replied.

Bi Yueyue stood by the side, her eyes red. The other girls were also touched by the gesture.

They knew that their Sensei could deny all the way and have all the pressure fall on the Bi Clan.

When facing a monster like the Wafting Cloud Sect, even if it is just one of the elders, was not something they wanted.

Now that Chu Yu took it upon himself, he was effectively putting all the pressure on himself.

Sensei had already saved my mother, now he is also taking the brunt of a feud caused by my family...

"Sensei…" Bi Yueyue could not help but choke slightly.

"It’s okay." Chu Yu comforted her.

The lady looked at Chu Yu deeply, "Okay, I promise you, regardless of victory or defeat, this will end today. No matter what, I will make sure the Lu Clan doesn’t do anything funny."

Chu Yu smiled, "Then, shall we compete? Or should we continue letting the students compete?"

The lady had seen the abilities of the Purple Cloud School Pill Refining Section Students. They were extremely good, both at speaking and at refining pills. Furthermore, she already felt guilty for bringing so many of the teachers and students over.

Now that the truth was out, she did not want the people of the Wafting Fragrance School to have an even worse impression of her.

She sighed inside and wanted to reject.

At this point, a student from the Wafting Fragrance School stepped out.

"I am willing to continue to compete in order to protect the honor of our school!"

"Exactly, I am willing to compete with them!"

The lady hesitated. She thought to herself, Protect the honor of the school? But what if… we continue to lose, won’t it be even more embarrassing?

But she didn’t say it aloud.

Many of the Wafting Fragrance School teachers also suppressed the emotions. It was clear that they wanted to continue competing!

They were not happy with this result!

They were against an insignificant school. Furthermore, their research had told them the Pill Refining Section was the worst of the worst!

They were completely trash!

Everyone had the same expression when talking about the Purple Cloud School Pill Refining Section.

Twitching lips, condescension, surprise… surprise that people actually know of the section?

When they arrived, they could also feel this air of disdain towards the Pill Refining Section.

Even amongst the Purple Cloud students, no one thought that their Pill Refining Section would come out victorious.

Under such circumstances, a handsome, animalistic and manically arrogant sensei had led his 12 disciples to a clean win in the first round!

It was a clear victory!

A comprehensive victory!

It was flawless!

Seeing the reactions of the Purple Cloud School teachers and students did not make them feel inferior.

The people from the Wafting Fragrance School felt like they just f*cked a dog.

You don’t even know your own Pill Refining Section.

Everyone from top to bottom… thought that they had no abilities!

Damn, how vicious, did you even lie to yourselves?

As such, they were unwilling to accept the result. They did not believe that the Pill Refining Section was so strong. It could just be that one of them was strong, whilst the others… were all weak.

Else, this would be too ridiculous!

As such, they must continue competing!

The competition must continue!

The Wafting Fragrance School sent a teenage girl to partake in the second round.

This girl was sweet and looked obedient. Her eyes spoke volumes and she smiled at everybody.

After taking the stage, the girl was humble and courteous.

She said that she liked to refine pills and had learnt some skills from her family for a few years.

However, no one from the Purple Cloud School believed her.

Just a few years?

It could be that she was just like Du Zeyu, someone who had a relatively high standard in pill refining.

However, her attitude had won over some of the Purple Cloud School teachers and students.

Whether she was being hypocritical was secondary, at least she seemed humble.

Over on the side of the Pill Refining Section, Yuwen Xiaoxiao glanced at Chu Yu, "Old Song, I think the opponent is not simple…"

Chu Yu said, "Let Yueyue go."

Yuwen Xiaoxiao, "..."

Chu Yu glanced at her, "You are here to hold the fort."

Yuwen Xiaoxiao smiled and turned to Bi Yueyue, "Don’t lose…"

Bi Yueyue’s mouth twitched, "I will guard the honor and reputation of the Pill Refining Section with my life!"

Then, she raised her head and puffed her chest as she walked on stage. She retrieved her pill furnace carved with a rat and looked at the pretty girl, "Hi, lady, what shall we compete in?"

Bi Yueyue looked extremely refined and looked very innocent, but her way of speaking was still crude.

The pretty girl’s face flushed and she said shyly, "You choose…"

"I choose? Then won’t I be bullying you?" Bi Yueyue’s eyes widened, "Don’t procrastinate, miss, how about you leave me your contact? I know a place…"

The Purple Cloud School’s leadership’s faces all turned black, Oh great, there goes our reputation.

On the other hand, Chu Yu was expressionless, completely unmoved by Bi Yueyue’s words.

There wasn’t much a reaction from the Wafting Fragrance School either.

Anyone with sufficient confidence in themselves wouldn’t care about how others looked at them.

The sweet girl said weakly, "Then, let us refine the Will of Heaven Pill, that’s the one I am best at."



Everyone in the arena gasped.

Anyone who had heard of this pill was completely stunned.

They looked at the sweet lady on stage in disbelief.

"She knows how to refine a Will of Heaven Pill at such a young age?"

"Are you for real? Will of Heaven Pill… isn’t that something that only pill masters can refine?"

"Even a powerful advanced level pill refiner does not have a high chance of success."

"What do you mean by ‘not a high chance’, it’s extremely low okay?"

The Will of Heaven Pill is a pill that only people in the Supreme Realm and above used. It was used when breaking through. It could calm the spirits and resist the demons in the heart.

Normally, in order to refine the Will of Heaven Pill, one needed to attain the level of Pill Master.

The fact that this young lady wanted to compete through refining the Will of Heaven Pill was unexpected.

Bi Yueyue stiffened slightly, but nodded, smiling, "Okay, then let’s refine the Will of Heaven Pill!"

She looked at the teenage, "Shall we begin?"

The teenage nodded and retrieved a dainty pill furnace. Then, with the point of her finger… the pill furnace suspended in mid air and a refining fire appeared underneath it.

Furnace Control!

Everyone was shocked once again.

Many looked at Bi Yueyue with sympathy.

How is this someone who has just learnt pill refining for a few years? This was clearly a pill refining talent!

This was a teenager who already possessed the powers of a pill master.

Ordinarily, refining the Will of Heaven Pill and Furnace Control were things that only a Pill Master could do.

Even if Bi Yueyue had similar abilities to Wang Yan… what could she do in the face of such a talented opponent?

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