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The Principal looked at Chu Yu, conflicted.

He knew how much the leader of the Purple Cloud Constabulary valued this man. The leader had told the Principal on many occasions that he must value Heavenly Doctor Song because this man would make the school better.

Mm, indeed, the 12 girls had become more obedient.

However, Chu Yu’s behavior... if he was an ordinary man, he would be very excited!

But he was the principal!

It was okay to be confident!

Which able man did not have a temper?

But he was really scared.

He had only taken the Pill Refining Section under his wing because the leader of the Purple Cloud Constabulary had instructed him to do so.

But back then, and even now, he... never truly believed in the abilities of the Pill Refining Section.

Even if this Heavenly Doctor Song, Sensei Song was extremely able, how much could he teach in a short span of three months?

Even though the girls were highly talented, how much could they learn in such a short span of time?

Even though the Wafting Fragrance School had brought cultivators from their Battle Section, the fact that they challenged the Purple Cloud School to a pill refining contest meant that these cultivators were great at pill refining too!

This was not going to be easy.

The Principal sighed, then said solemnly, "Begin!"

A male, about 18-19 years old, walked out from the Wafting Fragrance School’s camp. He was not particularly bulky, but he was well toned. He approached like a stalking leopard.

This man’s eyes were wide and full of vigour. After going on stage, he cupped his fist, "I am Du Zeyu, a year two student from the Wafting Fragrance School. I am here to interact with the masters from the Purple Cloud Pill Refining Section!"

Many people in the Wafting Cloud School couldn’t help but laugh.

"Student Du is so serious, haha, interact... how humble!"

"This way, when he trashes them, it’ll be awesome!"

"Battle cultivators challenging pill refiners in pill refining, hahahaha!"

Everyone here mocked.

The 12 girls were all solemn.

"Let me." Yuwen Xiaoxiao wanted to teach this idiot a lesson and let them understand the true meaning of a pill refining talent.

"You don’t have to go for this, someone like me will be sufficient." Wang Yan smiled and went on stage.

Cheers erupted from the Purple Cloud School Camp.

This evolved into mutterings of disbelief.

"Isn’t this Wang Yan, the one with the explosive hairstyle?"

"Aiya... I can’t recognize her anymore, it really is her. I didn’t expect her to be so pretty!"

"She’s tall and full in all the right places. Her hair is long and smooth, she’s like a goddess!"

Many of the teachers and sensei from the Purple Cloud School could not help but nod their approval.

They did not really think highly of Sensei Song previously. He was someone who got in through connections to the Purple Cloud Constabulary. Furthermore, he had been kicked to the Pill Refining Section.


However, now that they observed him, they suddenly realized that this man was quite exemplary.

He had managed to quell the 12 demonic girls, and that was a great achievement in itself!

Then, looking at Wang Yan, who was completely calm and did not seem to care about her opponent, they suddenly felt a lot more confident.

Wang Yan glanced at Du Zeyu and said, "Having a battle cultivator come to refine pills is hard on you. Let me not bully you, you can decide how we compete and what we compete on."

Du Zeyu glanced at her and replied flatly, "You’re quite pretty, why not you leave me your contact?"

Wang Yan chuckled, then pointed at Chu Yu, "Are you as handsome as our Old Song?"

Chu Yu’s mouth twitched as he rolled his eyes. Even though these girls were not as devilish as before under his tutelage, they were still quite lawless.

He also did not want to restrain these girls. So long as they were not harming people, he was fine with it.

In actual fact, when Chu Yu had asked them to change out of their weird dressing, he was just trying to show them who’s boss.

Now that his message was clear to them, he did not really care how they dressed.

Du Zeyu unconsciously looked at Chu Yu and stiffened. His actions were due to his rather flirtatious nature, coupled with his sense of superiority and his lack of respect for the Purple Cloud School.

He didn’t expect Wang Yan to retort.

He couldn’t respond to her statement, else, it was likely that there would be more to come.

He held his breath and said, "Let’s refine the Burst Pill."

The Burst Pill may seem similar to the Explosive Pill, but it was vastly different.

The Burst Pill is a superior pill. It is a live saving pill to be taken when a cultivator has used up all of his energy. In that instant, his remaining energy will multiply.

On the other hand, the Explosive Pill is an attacking pill. Not many people in the Mirror World know of the existence of such a pill.

When Wang Yan heard ‘Burst Pill’, she stiffened slightly.

Du Zeyu smiled faintly, "Why? Don’t tell me that you can’t refine such a pill as a pill refining student?"

Wang Yan recovered and glanced at him and said flatly, "Let’s begin."

"..." Du Zeyu was silent. Rage filled up in his chest as he laughed icily in his heart, B*tch, later I’ll make sure you can’t even cry! I’ll let you know how powerful a battle cultivator can be at refining pills.

Du Zeyu was like Yuwen Xiaoxiao. He had studied extensively and started refining pills at a young age. Afterwards, due to a liking for battle, he changed courses.

But he had never stopped learning how to refine pills.


Now, he was nearing an advanced level pill refiner level.

Before this, he had also used many channels to find out about the Purple Cloud’s Pill Refining Section. He found out that this was simply a gathering of 12 lawless girls.

The Purple Cloud did not even have a Pill Refining Section!

Then, wouldn’t having such great pill refining youths come here be bullying?

Wang Yan retrieved her pill furnace engraved with the ox. Then she rubbed her hands together and the refining fire sparked to life.

Then, with a quick motion, she picked out the ingredients required to refine the Burst Pill from the pile and threw them into the Pill Furnace.

This action stunned Du Zeyu.

Could you even refine pills this way?

Isn’t this so... unrefined and unmethodical?

Du Zeyu was so furious he wanted to stop Wang Yan, she was clearly wasting the medicine!

Everyone in the audience who had some knowledge in pill refining was shocked, bar those in the Pill Refining Section.

They thought to themselves, Is she just playing a fool?

There was no order!

Even the Principal of the Purple Cloud was unhappy.


If not for the fact that there were so many people there, he would have shouted and stopped the girl.

He couldn’t help but look at Chu Yu, who was still stern. He wanted to grab Chu Yu and ask him, Is this the quality of the students you teach?

The people from the Wafting Fragrance School were all laughing in amusement.

"Hahaha, this is pill refining?"

"Nah, I think she’s stewing vegetables!"

"Yea, be a good housewife and cook well! I have a plan to pursue and marry her, then she can stew vegetables for me all day!"

"Mm, and she can do other stuff too!"

"This is hilarious."

However, soon after, Wang Yan managed to slap these people who mocked her.

She began to control the fire precisely!

Under her control, the refining fire was intense one moment and gentle the next... it was really hot one moment and cooler the next.

This was not a technique any novice pill refiner could do.

One needed to be at least an intermediate level pill refiner in order to control the fire this well.

This technique stunned many.

Many of those from the Purple Cloud became calmer.

"Could it be that she really knows how to refine pills?"

"The way she just threw all the medicine in just now... could it really work?"

They were all doubtful and felt that Wang Yan’s recklessness in the beginning was going to be effective.

Chu Yu kept nodding as he watched, these girls were really talented!

Wang Yan was not the best amongst the 12, she was rather mediocre, probably the seventh or eighth.

However, her ability to control the fire and refine pills was way better than any intermediate level pill refiner. Even an advanced level pill refiner may not be as good as her in many aspects.

She did not just have great technique, more importantly, she had better recipes and methods!

The same pill will turn out different when refined by different pill refiners.

Could the recipe of a saint be the same as an advanced level pill refiner?

As for the method for pill refining, that was even less of a contention.

Everyone knew that a saint and an ordinary pill refiner were vastly different!

Even though Chu Yu only taught them the foundation, these were the foundation of a saint’s teaching!

As such, these Wafting Fragrance students had no idea who they were up against. Deep down, they were still extremely confident.

They still thought that they were here to bully...

Chu Yu could not even be bothered to use his vertical eye. He knew exactly what the pills Wang Yan refined looked like. At the same time... he also knew what Du Zeyu’s pills looked like!

In comparison Du Zeyu’’s method of refining was way more ordered than Wang Yan. The medicine used in each step as well as the fire at each stage, was incredibly precise.

Mm, the classic disciple trained by a pill master.

Bullsh*t, he is not a battle cultivator. Like Yuwen Xiaoxiao, he clearly had experience.

Chu Yu laughed coldly inside.

He didn’t care!

After 20 minutes, Wang Yan said, "I’m done."

Then, she withdrew her refining fire without hesitation.

Du Zeyu could not help but glance at her. In that moment, he briefly lost control of the fire and the fire burned slightly brighter.

However, he quickly corrected this.

Only then did he sigh and continue to refine his pills, ignoring everyone around them.

After another 20 minutes, Du Zeyu was finally done. He said flatly, "Pill Refining is a real art, good pills need time to refine."

"Bullsh*t, if you were this slow, you would have been killed before you can do anything!" Wang Yan said dismissively.

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