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Liu Fenghui did not say who it was, but it seemed like he knew who that person was.

Chu Yu had already done his best to remind them. How they handled that information was completely up to them.

In any case, he had gotten the Deathly Poisonous Worm, and the Purple Cloud Constabulary’s thanks.

Up till now, Chu Yu had not mentioned a single word about compensation.

Even so, the people of the Purple Cloud Constabulary did not forget.

The reason why the Purple Cloud Constabulary could have a foothold in the Song Country was not because they were influential or powerful, but because they kept their promises.

Virtually no one in Song Country had anything bad to say about the Purple Cloud Constabulary.

For example, princess Liu Yuyan’s illness had shocked more than half of the Song Country.

Countless powerful pill masters and doctors from the Star City, Moon City, and other large cities, came forward to offer their assistance.

On one hand, they were after the fame and reputation, but more than that, they respected the Purple Cloud Constabulary.

There is an elder in the Purple Cloud Constabulary. His name is Liu Fengling, and he is the brother of Liu Fenghui. In the Purple Cloud Constabulary, he was an influential man.

He looked at Chu Yu, smiled, and said, "It is rude of us not to know your name, heavenly doctor."

This statement of his reminded the others and they all looked at Chu Yu apologetically.

Chu Yu smiled, "I am Hong, surname Song."

"Ah, so you are heavenly doctor Song Hong, haha, your surname is the same as our country!" Liu Fengling smiled.

"Heavenly doctor Song might not be famous now, but after today, your reputation will precede you!" Liu Fenghui was direct and honest, he would never say something pretentious.

The others nodded their head in agreement. In Song Country, there were many cases of people amazing the world with a single feat.

However, people like Chu Yu, who had stepped on the shoulders of giants and still amazed people were rare.

Over a thousand people gathered for the Purple Cloud Constabulary’s banquet.

And these people were gathered at the last minute.

These people were all reputable and held relatively high standing in the community.

Before the start of the banquet, they all began to discuss the recovery of the princess.

"I heard that this Song Hong is very powerful, no one knows what technique he used, but I heard that he didn’t even use medicine. But he managed to get princess Liu Yuyan wake up!"

"Do you think that the princess just happened to awake? And Song Hong was coincidentally there?" Someone suggested a conspiracy.

"Rubbish, what kind of coincidence is that? That is complete rubbish!" Someone rebutted.

Anyways, no matter what, Song Hong was famous!

His reputation exploded overnight in the Star City!

Everyone began to call him Heavenly Doctor Song and Heavenly Doctor Song Hong.

At this point, Chu Yu was surrounded by high level personnel from the Purple Cloud Constabulary thanking him.

At this point, a beautiful girl walked in from outside, and it was the recently awakened Purple Cloud Constabulary Princess Liu Yuyan.

Even though she wore a mask, she was still extremely beautiful.

The Deathly Poisonous Worm was mystical, even though it had sealed her life for so long, she did not lose her vigour She looked normal, even her cultivation level did not change.

However, it was almost as if she had lost a year, but for a Heaven’s Pride girl like Liu Yuyan, she would catch up in no time.

She came up to Chu Yu and bowed, "Liu Yuyan thanks Heavenly Doctor Song for saving my life!"

Her voice was crisp, and she blushed, slightly shy.

Chu Yu was still waiting for her to continue, but she kneeled and did not make a sound.

This was not right, the follow on sentence should have been, "In order for me to repay you, can I repay you with my life? Else, in order to repay you, I will be your servant.

She evidently did not know the routine... no, this seemed to be an even deeper routine.

Chu Yu smiled, "Ms Liu, please don’t be so formal, it is my job to save people."

Everyone around couldn’t help but respect him. Even though this young man had done such a great deal, his ability to maintain calm was admirable.

If it was them, they would at least be a little airy fairy after saving the life of the Purple Cloud Constabulary’s Princess?

This man was respectable, and had a heart as pure as a child!

Afterwhich, Chu Yu was invited to sit at the main table.

Upon his insistence, he did not sit at the head sear.

The entire banquet hall was huge, and its renovation grade was high.

Without considering anything else, just the cutlery on the table were superior porcelain, exquisite and bright.

Having been in a coma for so long, Liu Yuyan had many things to see and adapt to having just recovered.

Before the banquet started, many people bravely came over to the main table to chat with Chu Yu.

Many of them wanted to know what kind of method did Chu Yu use in order to cure Princess Liu Yuyan.

To answer these questions, Chu Yu smiled and dismissed them with a couple of statements.

As an underworld clan disciple on Earth, he was no stranger to such events.

His performance had further affirmed the Purple Cloud Constabulary leadership’s opinion that this Heavenly Doctor Song was extraordinary.

They treated him with more and more respect.

The banquet was enjoyed both by the hosts and the guests.

Off course, there were some sullen notes. For example, the doctors and pill refiners who had mocked Chu Yu before felt sour when they saw people approaching Chu Yu.

At the same time, they regretted their actions. If they didn’t mock Chu Yu then, they could at least make friends with him now.

For a heavenly doctor like this, it didn’t matter where or how he learnt medicine. As long as he could cure an illness, he was a good doctor.

Even a cultivator cannot be certain that he would never have any problems with his body. Having connections to a powerful doctor was highly beneficial.

After the banquet, Chu Yu was once again invited to the classified guest room in the Purple Cloud Constabulary.

Leader Liu Fenghui personally took out a storage ring and a token, handing it to Chu Yu with a wide smile.

"Heavenly Doctor Song, inside the storage ring is a token of appreciation from the Purple Cloud Constabulary. It is just a small gift, we hope that you will accept it."

Chu Yu did not try to push it away and accepted it gladly.

Afterwhich, Liu Zhengzhi held the token in his hand, his expression solemn, almost as if this token was many times more valuable than what he had just given Chu Yu.

"This token, is the highest level token in the Purple Cloud Constabulary! With this token, you can call upon the Purple Cloud Constabulary’s power anywhere in the Song Country!"

As Liu Fenghui spoke, he suddenly paused and smiled at Chu Yu, "This token... is only second to the Leader’s token in the Purple Cloud Constabulary."

Chu Yu stiffened slightly and gasped.

This gesture from the Purple Cloud Constabulary... was extremely generous!

Liu Yuyan was an extremely important and powerful individual in the Purple Cloud Constabulary, and she had exemplary talent.

Saving such a talent was a great favor, but wasn’t this a little overboard?

The value of a token which is only secondary to the Leader’s Token... was incredibly valuable!

This was akin to handing Chu Yu the power of the Purple Cloud Constabulary!

Even though Chu Yu had only just arrived in the Star City, he could keenly feel the power and influence of the Purple Cloud Constabulary.

Without considering anything else, the leader Liu Fenghui was probably above the Supreme Realm. Even though he did not exude any energy waves and Chu Yu did not observe him with his vertical eye, Chu Yu could feel it subtly.

Above the Supreme Realm was the True Lord Realm!

That would mean that Liu Fenghui’s father, that old man, was probably even more powerful!

As for the other elders, they were probably on par with Liu Fenghui.

This was just the power the Purple Cloud Constabulary revealed to the public, what about their hidden powers?

They could only be stronger.

Chu Yu hesitated and restrained himself, "This... isn’t to appropriate, is it?"

"Hahaha!" Liu Fenghui’s stern expression morphed into a smile. After a moment of laughter, he turned to the few elders beside him and asked contentedly, "What do you think?"

The elders said in unison, "Leader is wise!’

There was indeed some conflict within the Purple Cloud Constabulary with regard to this.

These elders had thought that such an important token should not be given to an outsider.

However, Liu Fenghui had insisted on doing it.

In actual fact, this leader was a very stingy person.

He was extremely calculative, and many projects that required a large budget were rejected by him.

However, this time, it was different.


This token’s value was much higher than any cultivation resource, cultivation tool or superior magical equipment.


Not only did it represent tremendous resource, it also represented immense power.

Many a times, power directly leads to resources.

Liu Fenghui had not explained much of what he thought, but he did say that this man’s power went beyond the medicinal realm.

"Don’t take him as just a Xiantian cultivator, I think that he is extraordinary."

"Also, even if he is just a man with extraordinary medicinal knowledge, then making friends with such a person, regardless of the cost, is worth it."

"In order to acquaintance ourselves with a stranger in a short time, we must give him more benefits!’

Finally, Liu Fenghui said something that could convince the opposing elders.

"Even though this token is valuable and represents more power than half the power of the Leader, if someone uses it to do evil or destroy our reputation, it can be ruined immediately."

This sentence was sufficient.

If this Heavenly Doctor Song was smart, he would keep this in his pocket and only use it when absolutely necessary.

Else, his favours would run out quickly.

Unless... he could keep building favors or show that he was of extraordinary value to the Purple Cloud Constabulary.

To this point, the elders could not help but admire the shrewdness of their leader.

This gift seemed astonishing, but in actual fact, the power of this token could be taken away with a moment’s notice.

"Heavenly Doctor Song, please accept this. With this token, you can at least train up your skills in the Song Country without any disturbance."

His logic was irrefutable.

Chu Yu also knew that if he had used the token to do evil, it would be deemed ineffective within three days.

Such a powerful equipment would not be recklessly used by Chu Yu.

At this point, Leader Liu Fenghui smiled at Chu Yu, "Other than this, I have a personal request that I hope Heavenly Doctor Song will consider."

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