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The beautiful middle aged lady cried as she bounded over, her voice trembling, "Yan Er... you, you’re finally awake, you gave me a fright... I am so happy!"

Liu Fenghui was stunned, he had wanted to come in and scream at Chu Yu, but he was greeted by such a happy scene.

However, having been a leader for so long, he was still rather calm. He looked at Chu Yu, then bowed deeply, "Mister, you are good, I was blind before, please accept my sincere apology!"

One of the most powerful men in the entire Song Country willingly bowed to Chu Yu.

This was fatherly love!

In this moment, he only felt gratitude towards Chu Yu!

Other than this, he did not think of anything else.

Everyone else was also stunned by what they saw.

The slightly agitated and temperamental middle aged man looked at the waking Liu Yuyan, stunned, his eyes turning red. Then, without a second word, he turned to Chu Yu and bowed deeply, "Please forgive my transgressions before, I sincerely apologise!’

The most calm person was the aged man, Liu Fenghui’s father.

In the moment that he saw that his granddaughter had regained consciousness, his eyes flashed with joy and excitement.

Afterwhich, he walked to Chu Yu, cupped his fist, and bowed, "Thank you heavenly doctor for saving my granddaughter’s life. I will abide by whatever I said previously!"

Only then did Liu Fenghui recover. He looked at Chu Yu solemnly, "That’s right, the Purple Cloud Constabulary has always kept its promises!’

Chu Yu smiled faintly, he had already gotten the most valuable thing.

Afterwards, he could change his appearance and leave this place, preventing anyone from ever recognizing him.

This would mean that this powerful Deathly Poisonous Worm had already become Chu Yu’s property!

Chu Yu was already not concerned about the Purple Cloud Constabulary’s thanks.

Liu Yutang was the last to enter. In the moment that he entered, he broke out in cold sweat, hating Steward Liu Xiaoran.

He had decided that if he was punished, he would not let that b*stard off!

However, in the next moment, he saw the princess open her eyes.


In that moment, immense regret filled Liu Yutang.

He regretted his actions deeply!

If only he was more determined and stood his ground just now. Then, the credit of curing the missus would have been his!

But he was too conservative... he was afraid of taking the responsibility, and that had cost him.

If something had gone wrong, he would be celebrating, but when it was successful... he would be the least rewarded.

Liu Yutang’s gaze was conflicted, but that was quickly replaced with a look of surprise.

"Congratulations master and wife, congratulations to all elders..."

"Go, tell the entire constabulary of this news! Tell Second Prince to come back! Then... I want to hold a banquet! Oh right, also, who discovered this heavenly doctor? It was Steward Liu Xiaoran wasn’t it? Spread the word, I want to reward him!" Master Liu Fenghui was ecstatic as he shouted out his orders.

He didn’t forget who had brought Chu Yu in initially. Even though he was excited, he was still extremely sober as Master of the constabulary.

He also did not forget what Liu Yutang had said previously.

Liu Fenghui did not really care if Liu Yutang had said those words out of fear that it would fail. Liu Yutang could have been trying to assign blame for all he cared.

There were few idiots in the Purple Cloud Constabulary, and Liu Yutang was keenly aware of what he had missed out on. But at this time, he did not reveal those emotions of his.

"Yes sir!’

He replied confidently, then, he stepped outside.

Liu Yuyan’s room was separated by a magical array. Even a True Lord Realm cultivator could not sense what was happening inside.

As such, everyone outside was still in the dark about what had happened

Liu Yutang walked out, the powerful people maintained their composure and did not ask anything.

However, Steward Liu, as well as those who were with him, all stared at him.

Seeing Steward Liu’s nervousness and anticipation made Liu Yutang feel conflicted.

However, he had to pick himself up and announce with joy, "That man..."

Only then did he realize, he didn’t even know that man’s name!

This was embarrassing.

Everyone here was reputable and famous, only Chu Yu... was unknown.

However, it had to be this man, who nobody expected to succeed, who had cured missus of her illness in such a short time!

Liu Yutang’s expression was stiff. At this point, Steward Liu seemed to have seen something from his expression. Even though he was in disbelief, he prompted, "Heavenly doctor... youthful heavenly doctor."

"That youthful heavenly doctor has cured missus of her illness. Master has ordered for a banquet! He has invited everyone here today to join him!"

After Liu Yutang announced this news, the entire courtyard went silent.

Everyone looked at him in disbelief.

Anyone who wanted to know the meaning of stupefied just had to look at the crowd in the courtyard.

After a long pause, the stunned Xie Qingyun began to guffaw.

"Hahahahaha, good, good, good!"

After that, he looked at Cao Guohua contentedly. It was almost as if he was the one who had cured the princess, not Chu Yu.

Cao Guohua’s expression was ashen, almost as if he did not hear what Xie Qingyun had said. His eyes filled with darkness.

It was normal that there was someone out there who was better than him.

However, how could someone who doesn’t know a thing about medicine, be a heavenly doctor?

Isn’t this a joke?

If this was the case, didn’t he waste his time accumulating knowledge in medicine?

Xie Qingyun laughed. Realizing that Cao Guohua was expressionless, he frowned and coughed, "Anyone who can cure an incurable disease is a heavenly doctor. But a heavenly doctor may not have used a medicinal technique."

Cao Guohua’s body stiffened, almost as if he was rudely awakened.

Then, he looked at Xie Qingyun, his expression incredibly conflicted. Then, he sighed and bowed to Xie Qingyun, "I am not as good as you!’

Then, he turned to leave. His departure was filled with desolation.

The other pill masters and famous doctors were also enlightened by what Xie Qingyun had said.

Many people bowed to Xie Qingyun, those of higher standing looked at him with gratitude.

After which, these famous people, including Xie Qingyun, all took their leave from the Purple Cloud Constabulary.

They were here to attempt to solve an unsolvable mystery. Even though the reward from the Purple Cloud Constabulary was tempting, people of their standing were not here for the reward.

Now that Liu Yuyan was cured, there was no meaning in them staying here.

This group of men were smart, they didn’t even try to find out what that young man had done.

Anyone who could do what they couldn’t was much greater than them.

They had despised him and mocked him. How could they possibly ask him to teach them his skills now?

It was better to just leave.

In the end, the courtyard was just left with the men that Steward Liu had brought with him.

They were all curious and wanted to know how that young man did it.

Even though they had mocked Chu Yu as well, in this moment, their curiosity had triumphed over their dignity or their sense of shame.

News that the princess of the Purple Cloud Constabulary had been cured spread like wildfire.

The entire Star City was discussing it.

They were all stunned, who is this man? How is he so capable, able to cure an illness that had stumped so many great pill masters and famous doctors?

News then spread that this man was an unknown youth and he had come out to cure the Purple Cloud Constabulary’s Princess’ illness.

Before he had cured her, he was mocked by many of the famous doctors.

However, no one expected that he would be so powerful... and cure the princess’ illness in his first attempt.

The inside of the Purple Cloud Constabulary had a secret room which was separated by many layers of magical formations.

Liu Fenghui, together with his father, and several elders, looked at Chu Yu in disbelief.

Chu Yu looked at them and said solemnly, "I have never seen something like this before, it should be a lifeform. It was stuck in between a mask and Liu Yuyan’s face. It was shapeless and colorless. It was also transparent... I used a special technique to kill it."

At this point, Liu Fenghui’s father’s eyes widened as he spoke, visibly astonished. "Shapeless and colorless, and transparent? After you killed it, did it disappear into thin air?"

"No, a thread of energy entered the ground."

Chu Yu replied.

Liu Fenghui’s father contemplated this for a moment and murmured to himself, "Colorless and shapeless... transparent... and it could make my precious granddaughter go into a state of fake death... no doctor could cure her, after it was killed... energy went into the ground? Oh my god..."

The old man’s expression changed, then he gasped and said, "Deathly Poisonous Worm!"

Everyone in the room was stunned when they heard this.

Then, they were saddened by the loss of such a treasure.

How could such a treasure... die!

They all knew that this heavenly doctor was not lying. When a Deathly Poisonous Worm was killed, a shred of its energy would enter the ground.

There was a saying, a Deathly Poisonous Worm never dies.

Even if it is killed, it would have a lifeline.

It was evident that this heavenly doctor had never heard of a Deathly Poisonous Worm. After all, he was only a Xiantian cultivator.

But, he was too powerful. He actually managed to kill a Deathly Poisonous Worm.

"What? Deathly Poisonous Worm?" Chu Yu looked stunned. Then his expression filled with pity, regret and sadness, "It actually was a Deathly Poisonous Worm... aish, I was so stupid, why didn't I learn more from my teacher? I decided to come down to practice after learning just a little bit... ahhh, I've lost out big time!"

Everyone in the room could not believe what they were seeing as they stared at him speechlessly.

They thought to themselves, You consider this just learning a little bit?

Chu Yu did not give them any moment to contemplate and he raised his head, "Anyone who could place a Deathly Poisonous Worm on others... must have a large amount of resources. I don't believe that a wild Deathly Poisonous Worm made its way into Ms Yuyan’s face. Has the Purple Cloud Constabulary offended anyone? Or... did someone see something in Ms Liu Yuyan?

This statement stunned everybody and they contemplated what it meant.

Their expressions became incredibly stern.

At this point, Chu Yu asked, "How did Ms Liu Yuyan get the mask?"

Liu Fenghui’s expression changed and his gaze became icily cold. He said icily, "Could it be him?"

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