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Chu Yu looked at Liu Fenghui.

Everyone else was slightly confused too. Liu Fenghui had not told them about this beforehand.

"This thought of mine is pretty impromptu, if Heavenly Doctor Song thinks it’s viable, please accede to my request, else, you can reject the proposal without consequence." Liu Fenhui hesitated for a moment, then said, "The Mirror World has countless countries, and the million mile wide Song Country is just one of them."


The elders all nodded in agreement.

Liu Fengling added, "Indeed, the Mirror World is too big, the Cang Mang forest is already the size of a country, but yet, it is not even the top hundred biggest forests in the Mirror World."

"Exactly, the Mirror World is vast beyond imagination, and it houses the elites from various universes. With so many worlds, there is a vast amount of talent." Another elder exalted.

Before this, Chu Yu’s understanding of the Mirror World was limited.

Even though Lin Shi had told him some things about the Mirror World, she had only resided here for three years and her understanding was limited. Furthermore, what she had experienced was only a tiny portion of the Mirror World.

After hearing what the elders of the Purple Cloud Constabulary had to say, Chu Yu felt a strong sense of danger in his heart.

There may be many talents in the worlds, but the ones who could make it and become a saint were few and far between.

The Solar System was known as the Village of Cultivation, and all the cultivators of the Mirror World would probably want to rush in...

Slaughter the aborigines and get the traces of Dao to improve themselves.

They could rob the Earth of its superior resources and strengthen themselves.

It could be said that the entire Mirror World was the enemy to Chu Yu!

They only had one goal... to kill the people in the Solar System and attain true cultivation there!

Time was of the essence!

There were countless talents in the world, and many of them... were already in the Supreme Realm at his age.

As for himself, he was still at the pinnacle of Xiantian.

He had thought of using a battle to allow himself to breakthrough, but the golden life form’s ferocity had driven the skinny elder and his group away.

Even though he could still enter the King’s Realm at any time, even if he was a King’s Realm cultivator, he would still be helpless in the face of Supreme Realm cultivators like Liu Yuyan.

The road ahead was tough and required courage, intellect and strength... that was the only way.

Thinking of this, Chu Yu suddenly understood what Yi was trying to test him for.

Even though he understood, his mood became more solemn.

The voices of the people in front of him also became more distant.

At this point, Liu Fenghui brought the conversation back and he smiled at Chu Yu, "In the Song Country, we have a Purple Cloud School, opened by the Purple Cloud Constabulary! We are the premier school in the Song Country, but in the entire Mirror World, we cannot even make the top 200. There are simply too many powerful schools around."

At this point, Liu Fenghui sighed, "As such, I hope that you can make the Purple Cloud School... even stronger. Heavenly Doctor Song, what do you think?"

Chu Yu stiffened slightly and he smiled bitterly, "Does Master Liu want me... to go to the Purple Cloud Constabulary?"

"Exactly, what do you think, Heavenly Doctor Song?"

Liu Fenghui asked, his expression serious, "Even though I do not know where you are from, you are extraordinary. You have great medical techniques and have great experience..."

Chu Yu blushed at Liu Fenghui’s compliments. He did not know medicine, but he had good sight...

After complimenting Chu Yu, Liu Fenghui said, "as such, I really hope that Heavenly Doctor Song can come to the Purple Cloud School. At the very least, you can bring us some glory in competitions. By that time, the disciples of Heavenly Doctor Song would be everywhere. We would also have many talents coming to the Purple Cloud School to be disciples..."

After hearing what Liu Fenghui had to say, Chu Yu finally understood his intentions.

However, this idea was actually rather appealing to Chu Yu!

He could groom many of the Mirror World talents. One day, when they finally attacked the Solar System, at least half of his disciples would stand with him.

As someone born in a world dominated by media, Chu Yu did have the ability to do that.

He just wondered how would Master Liu react when that day came.

Even though this did not really do justice to the generous master of the Purple Cloud Constabulary, he would try his best to influence the entire leadership of the Constabulary to take his side.

This dream did seem a little impossible right now.

Far fetched and impossible!

Chu Yu’s expression in the view of Liu Fenghui and the group was one of serious contemplation, almost as if he was weighing the pros and cons.

Liu Fengling said, "Actually, Heavenly Doctor Song can consider this. This offer is highly beneficial to you."

Liu Fenghui nodded, "Exactly, if Heavenly Doctor Song enters the Purple Cloud School, you can immediately become a Sensei."

In the Mirror World, the post of Sensei was akin to a Professor on Earth. He would be held in extremely high regard in the Mirror World.

Chu Yu finally nodded and agreed. He also promised Liu Fenghui that he would set off for the Purple Cloud School as soon as possible.

This was indeed something which benefitted Chu Yu greatly.

The teachings of this world were passed down from the ancient times, and the disciples rarely betrayed their masters.

What Chu Yu thought and what the Purple Cloud Constabulary had planned for him looked like two different things.

After some days, Chu Yu left the Star City and left for the Autumn Water City in the Song Country.

He sat in the Second Prince, Liu Yutong’s, entourage.

The Second Prince accompanied him.

Liu Yuyan was also headed there.

Chu Yu was slightly surprised to see Liu Yuyan.

Liu Yutong smiled affectionately, "My sister was a teacher in the Purple Cloud School, she only stayed at home because of her illness. Now that she has recovered, it is only natural that she returns."

That was it!

Chu Yu nodded.

Liu Yutong treated Chu Yu well. This prince did not have any haughty airs about him and was easy going and of good character.

His only flaw was that he tended to talk a little too much.

He virtually spoke for the whole journey, with Chu Yu and Liu Yuyan listening to him.

Through him, Chu Yu also understood much about the Mirror World. He understood even more than during his conversation with the elderly man.

Liu Yuyan was a lady of few words, but she respected Chu Yu greatly.

Even though her cultivation level was much higher, she did not talk down to him.

This made Chu Yu like the siblings and the Purple Cloud Constabulary as a whole.

However, he felt uncomfortable knowing that these people would be attacking the Solar System one day.

He really did not want to see the friends he made here on the other side of the battlefield.

He asked Liu Yutong, "May I know which universe the Liu Family of the Purple Cloud Constabulary is from?"

Liu Yutong, who was extremely talkative, became visibly more solemn at the question.

Liu Yuyan lowered her head slightly, not speaking.

After a while, Liu Yutong said, "To be fair, he is one of us now, there’s nothing we can’t say... but this thing has major implications. If I tell you, Heavenly Doctor Song must keep it a secret! If this news spreads out... it will cause a huge commotion."

Liu Yuyan raised his head slightly and glanced at her elder brother, but she did not say anything.

"Does sister agree to telling Heavenly Doctor Song? He is your savior after all, there’s nothing that you cannot share."

Liu Yutong was quite naggy by nature. He looked at Chu Yu and said, "The Mirror World has existed for over 60 million years and many things have been buried by time. For example, the Liu Family and the Song Country royalty are from a place you know, and want to go..."

"..." Chu Yu was exasperated.

Liu Yutong snickered and said, "The Village of Cultivation!’

Chu Yu’s body stiffened as he looked at Liu Yutong incredulously.

They were actually... from his hometown?

Okay, the parameter for this hometown was probably a little too big.

The prosperous cultivation worlds back in the day were not just limited to Earth.

However, in this place, any cultivator from the Solar System could be considered as coming from the same hometown.

"Why? Are you shocked?" Liu Yutong seemed quite contented, but quickly, he bitterly muttered, "But this is all in the past. Now, very little people know about this, and they are those who have lived for thousands of years."

"Then, that would mean that you are the descendants of the refugees from the Solar System back in the day?" Chu Yu asked casually.

"Refugee? I guess so, it’s been so long, who can say for sure?" Liu Yutong said flatly, "But, that is our hometown and we will return one day!’

"Mm." Liu Yuyan, who was silent all this while, replied softly.

"Are you gonna kill your way back?" Chu Yu asked.

"We do have to kill our way there, but, we must kill our way back too!’ Liu Yutong said, then immediately stopped himself and laughed, "I am just kidding, don’t take me seriously."

Chu Yu thought about it. It would seem that there was a chance... that he could gain the powers and trust of them based on the way the Purple Cloud Constabulary handled things and the sentiments on the ground.

The conversation topic was quickly changed.

Liu Yutong seemed to feel that he had misspoke and was ready to stop discussion of that topic.

Chu Yu did not probe, the time was not right.

The horses were extremely fast and they disappeared into the sky.

After seven days, a majestic city appeared on the horizon!

The city was at least three times bigger than the Star City!

The Star City was already a terrifyingly large city, but this city... was the size of a world.

The city walls stretched past the horizons and exuded auras of time and age.

The largest city gate had three words on it, Autumn Water City.

They had arrived at the capital of the Song Country.

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