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After a while, spurts of voices could be heard from afar.

The sound could be heard in segments as the wind direction changed, but it wasn’t clear.


"They’re... close."

Chu Yu could briefly hear these words.

Chu Yu frowned and sat up.

He was incredibly close to the King’s Realm and that seal in his body could be broken at any time.

However, Chu Yu was in no rush to break it through, he wanted to make sure that his foundation was more stable and strong!

He wanted his foundation to be the best it could possibly be!

Even though the Superclass was just a foundation technique, it had a huge impact on him.

Chu Yu now had a terrifying amount of power in his body. His meridians were like rivers, his core like a lake. The river flowed with boundless energy whilst the lake was deep and calm.

The energy it stored could be released and result in devastating effects at any moment!

He had wanted to break through to the King’s Realm through a battle to the death, where he would harness all of his energy and defeat his opponent with an aura of invincibility.

He had already been in this world for more than half a year and Chu Yu was sure that this was not an imaginary realm.

Everything here was too real!

First Flower, all the way to Sixth Flower, had growin into majestic, beautiful wolves from adorable palm sized infants.

For the past six months, Chu Yu had survived alone in this huge mountain. However, he was not lonely and led a fulfilling life.

He had the warmth of the six Hallucination Wolves as well as the threat of death from terrifying life forms.

He could keenly feel his own growth.

By this time, the group had neared.

It looked like they had tracked the Hallucination Wolves to this spot.

By looking through the gaps in the dense forest, Third Flower could see the approaching figures. It frowned and leaned forward, a deep guttural growl coming from its throat.

Even though the sound was soft, it attracted the attention of that group.

"Hallucination Wolves! It’s a Hallucination Wolf, I’ve found them!’ Someone shouted.

"It really is a Hallucination Wolf... we are lucky that they are still in their youth. We can still tame them, hahaha, this is great, we have struck the jackpot!’

"Ay? It looks like there’s someone over there?"

Someone finally noticed Chu Yu on the limestone and gasped in surprise.

Afterwards, this group of men walked over.

There were eight of them.

There were two aged men, one fat and one skinny. The fat one was bald and had small eyes. He was so plump that when he walked, it looked like he was rolling along. The skinny one was like a bamboo stem. He looked malnourished, but his eyes were sharp.

There were another two middle aged figures, one of them wore a baggy grey robe. His hair was combed and knotted but slightly messy. The other wore a flowery robe and had pleated hair. The pleats were also adorned with fresh flowers, giving of a strange vibe.

There were another two youths in their twenties. They wore decorated robes and looked very handsome. They were twins and had similar appearances.

The twins’ every action was in unison, and they looked looks the same person.

Finally, there were two youthful, beautiful girls. One was rather flirtatious and her every smile was meant to seduce. Even though the other girl was also extremely beautiful, she was cold and unapproachable. Her expression was perpetually stern and vicious, almost as if people owed her a living.

The ball like elder sized Chu Yu up, ignoring the six growling Hallucination Wolves.

"Young man, may I know where you are from?" The plump elder’s voice was attractive and pleasing to the ears, a stark contrast from his appearance.

He smiled very widely at Chu Yu, making him look very approachable.

"What place is this?" Chu Yu asked the elder.

He had no chance before. Now that he finally met people for the first time in half a year, he was definitely going to seize the chance to ask.

"Hmm? You don’t know where this is?" Fatty smiled at Chu Yu, "That would mean that, this is your first time here?"

Chu Yu nodded, "Yes indeed, please enlighten me."

"Friend, where are you from? For all you know, we may be from the same village." The plump elder sized Chu Yu up again. After sensing that he was only a Xiantian cultivator, his tone became more relaxed.

A Xiantian cultivator was no big deal.

But he was extremely lucky to be able to find six Hallucination Wolves!

From the looks of it, he has had these wolves for quite some time, else, they wouldn’t be so close to him.

If that was the case, they would have to kill the young man before they could get the six Hallucination Wolves.

The plump elder thought to himself.

"I am from a planet in the Gamma Galaxy." Chu Yu bluffed.

"I’ve never heard of it." These few people looked at each other and shook their heads.

Chu Yu looked at this group of people, "What world is this? Why is it that I can’t get out once I’m in? Also, why is this mountain so big? I’ve been walking for more than half a year and I am still not out."

The twins said in unison, "This is the Mirror World, once you’re inside, it is very difficult to get out. In order to do so, you need a large amount of resources and you must construct a magical formation. Furthermore, you must be in the King’s Realm. Your cultivation level is too low. As for this mountain... haha, this is just one of the smaller mountains in the Mirror World. Based on your current abilities, you’ll take decades to get out of a truly huge mountain."

They spoke in unison with similar voices. If one did not listen carefully, it sounded like a single person talking!


This was indeed the Mirror World!

Chu Yu finally got confirmation for his guess. At the same time, hope and anticipation built in his heart.

Shi Shi was here!

Could I possibly see her?

If I do see her, will she be surprised? Happy?

When I see her, I should already be in the King’s Realm, won’t she be shocked by that?

However, this barren mountain was actually just a small mountain in the Mirror World?

It would take decades to exit from a huge mountain?

That’s too terrifying!

How big... is the Mirror World?

In that moment, he truly had no idea when he could meet with Shishi.

As Chu Yu thought about it, he wondered where the cultivation schools in this world were. However, he was afraid that it would give up Shishi and his knowledge about this world.

He was not going to ask. When he found an opportunity, he would find out for himself.

For now, at least he knows where he is.

Yi was definitely powerful, he managed to send Chu Yu into the Mirror World.

Then, were his three tests also going to be conducted here?

Could Fatty, Xu Xiaoxian, and that black robed youth... also be here?

At this time, the plump elder asked Chu Yu, "Little friend, are these wolves your pets?"

Third Flower, the most spiritual of them all, was slightly unhappy as it stared at the plump elder, growling.


Chu Yu jumped off the limestone and patted Third Flower’s head. Third Flower immediately calmed down.

Plump elder’s eyes squinted as he contemplated what he just saw.

Chu Yu said flatly, "They are my partners."

"They are just a few wild animals." The icy girl spoke, her tone just as icy as her expression.

Third Flower looked on furiously at the icy lady, but did not make any threatening moves or growls despite its fury.

Chu Yu looked at the icy girl, "Lady, you can’t say that, they are my partners."

"Will you sell them?" The icy girl asked, "I am willing to buy one of them in exchange for 10,000 spirit stones, the one that you just patted."

Third Flower’s eyes flashed with fury as it bared its teeth at the icy girl, revealing its sharp fangs.

Chu Yu shook his head, "I’m sorry, let me repeat, they are my partners, I will never sell out my partners..."

"Aiyoyo, this feels so pretentious." That flirtatious lady said gently, "They are just a few... wolves, why are you so protective over them? My sister was kidding."

Chu Yu could feel that these people were not sincere. Even though he did not like the icy girl, he had gleaned a valuable piece of information from her.

Third Flower and the rest... were extremely valuable!

When he recalled the excitement of the man who had discovered the wolves. Chu Yu could be certain that these six wolves were not ordinary!

In fact, the six wolves had already begun to show their mystical and powerful side some time back.

Especially Third Flower. Chu Yu could always gather large amounts of superior medicine whenever it guided him around.

Initially, Chu Yu had thought that this entire forest was filled with a large amount of superior spiritual medicine. However, when he tried to look for some on his own, he couldn’t find anything extraordinary.

Even though he could occasionally find something, it was significantly lesser than what Third Flower and the rest could find.

"Their value is irrelevant, they are my partners, I am not selling them." Chu Yu glanced at the group the crowd then called the six wolves over.

"First Flower, Second Flower, Third Flower, Fourth Flower, Fifth Flower, Sixth Flower, let’s go."

"..." All of them were stunned as they looked at Chu Yu.

They wanted to puke when they heard the names of the six Hallucination Wolves.

What kind of idiotic names were those?

These were reputable Hallucination Wolves!

"Hang on..." The skinny elder stopped Chu Yu, "Young man, don’t be greedy, in order to raise a Hallucination Wolf... you need a large amount of resources. Very soon, you will not be able to raise them."

So they are known as Hallucination Wolves...

Even though he did not understand the wolves, it was obvious that this group had done a lot of research into Hallucination Wolves.

He would definitely need to find civilization and understand more about this world.

"I’m sorry, I am not selling them." Chu Yu rejected them once again. This time, he heightened his senses and signaled secretly to the wolves to prepare to run.

The fact that this group could appear here specially for the Hallucination Wolves told Chu Yu that they were not simple people.

Chu Yu knew that he could definitely outrun them... but he wasn’t so certain about the six wolves.

"Young man, don’t make us turn ugly." The skinny elder said flatly, "For compensation, we can bring you out of this forest..."

"I’m sorry, my answer is still no." Chu Yu insisted.

"Are you tired of living?" The flowery robed figure with fresh flowers in her hair finally said something.

That voice was completely like a lady.

Chu Yu rebutted, "Strong Woman, I still have a long life ahead of me."

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