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Up till now, Chu Yu still did not know what place this was.

He guessed that this was the Mirror World!

But a guess was just a guess and he had no way of confirming it.

It could just be an imaginary realm...

As such, he did not know if there would be any meaning or value for him to adopt these infants.

At this point, one of the infant Hallucination Wolves began to whine, it seemed like... it was hungry.

The sound was shrill but not piercing and it looked at Chu Yu with watery, beady eyes.

He was so adorable!

"Does it think that I am it's parents?"

Chu Yu was stunned, he had no idea how to take care of these infants.

At the same time, he was curious, animals did not tend to leave their young alone for extended periods of time.

At least the father or the mother... would remain behind.

At this point, from afar, an icy howl could be heard.


That sound was filled with coldness.

Even though he did not know what happened, Chu Yu felt saddened by it.

Then he got a shock.

At this point, a figure appeared in front of him and launched an attack like a bolt of lightning.

Chu Yu’s vertical eye exploded with a ray of protective energy, but he was still sent flying over a kilometer away by a huge force.

In the process, he smashed through countless ancient trees.

In the end, he licked the back of his throat and spat out a mouthful of blood.

He felt as if he had been hit by a speeding train, breaking many of his bones.


A huge grey wolf appeared in front of Chu Yu.


It's two front claws clamped down on Chu Yu’s arm.

It opened its mouth and revealed its sharp fangs. It's icy glare was fixated on Chu Yu.

However, it was seriously injured and riddled with injuries.

The wounds were fresh and still bleeding.

Even though it exuded a powerful aura, it was already extremely weak.

"This is a misunderstanding..."

Chu Yu felt immense pain as his bones were shattered.

The huge wolf didn't speak immediately. It stared coldly at Chu Yu before saying with its last breath, "Please treat them well."

It was a lady’s voice.

After it finished speaking, it tilted to the side and fell to the ground.

Chu Yu was stunned as he looked at the fallen wolf. Only then did he realize that there was a terrible wound at its neck, it's throat had been torn!

At the same time, its abdomen was empty, all its organs... were ripped out.

Chu Yu was shocked and in complete disbelief.

How much willpower and strength did it need to return and launch the last attack of its life?

It wasn't that she didn't want to kill him, but she had no strength to do so!

Motherly love!

This was the most powerful and selfless force in the world, other than this, there was no other motivation that could allow a dying spirit to make its way back here and attack him.

When he thought of this, Chu Yu could not help but respect the huge wolf.

He lay there, using his techniques to heal himself.

He did not hate her, instead, he respected her immensely.

After some time, Chu Yu managed to climb up and bow to the wolf. He said solemnly, "Rest assured, I will definitely take good care of them."

After burying the huge wolf, Chu Yu returned to the nest of infants.

It was almost as if these infants felt something, they all began to let out mournful whines.

"Let's go, there is an ancient saying, pails are most easily broken when retrieving water and generals die on the battlefield. maybe one day, I will suffer the same fate." Chu Yu smiled bitterly, then carried this nest of infant Hallucination Wolves in his arms.

There were six of them, and they snuggled quietly in Chu Yu’s arms, quiet.

Even though they must be extremely hungry.

What spiritual animals!

Chu Yu was stunned as he began to realize how cute some of these lifeforms could be.

He persevered through the pain from his wounds. For now, his plan to kill the rest of the men would have to wait.

Right now, he had to leave this place. He did not know what had killed that huge wolf, and how far away it was.

In any case, going in the opposite direction and far away from here could not go wrong.

Yi observed Chu Yu’s every move through the screen, his expression becoming gentler and gentler. He whispered, "What a caring boy, however, if you knew how much these six infants were worth, would you still be acting the same way?"

Afterwhich, he stood up and walked towards a hidden door behind him, disappearing from sight.

The palace was quiet as the four screens continued to broadcast the various images.

Some days later.

Chu Yu’s injuries had mostly healed.

But he still hadn't walked out of this vast forest.

He still didn't know if this was the Mirror World.

However, he was sure that this was definitely not Earth!

The Earth was definitely not this big.

During this time, he had met with a few dangers. There were many powerful life forms in these forests.

Once, Chu Yu had to use the Divine Punisher Blade and the Immortal Crane Furnace just to get out.

He named the six of them Eldest Flower... all the way to Sixth Flower.

Even though the six of them were young, they were carnivorous.

And they had a humongous appetite!

The six palm sized infants had managed to eat a wild cow the size of a small mountain and weighing thousands of kilograms.

Chu Yu began to question his life. These six infants were like those slender gals on Earth who simply could not get fat, no matter how much they ate.

These six infants were very picky about food. When CHu Yu had initially given them wild beef, they did not even take a second look.

That was a Xiantian Realm life form!

When Chu Yu roasted it, he found that the meat was delicious and had a large amount of spiritual energy.


Chu Yu enjoyed it so much he almost wanted to swallow his tongue.

In the end, when the six of them were famished, they began to sniff at the meat and eat the roasted meat reluctantly.

However, once they started, they couldn’t stop. They looked at Chu Yu, wide eyed.

Chu Yu wanted to feed them the raw beef, but they didn’t even look at it.

This troubled Chu Yu, he looked at them, "Does your mother also grill meat for you?"

He found that completely impossible!

"You are wolves! Don’t wolves take raw meat?"

"You must stay true to your roots. If you don’t, it’s like a betrayal!"

"Can you all look a little more vicious? You are not puppies!"


In the end, Chu Yu was left with no other choice but to roast the meat and feed them.

The six infants ate to their heart’s content, and Chu Yu was in short supply of meat.

In the end, Chu Yu only managed to eat less than 1% of the meat, the rest... were eaten by the six infants.

Just like that, Chu Yu brought these six infants around the forest. Along the way, he killed many King’s Realm and below life forms, all whilst maintaining a strict course of travel.

He did not know how to go back, and he did not know what sort of place this was.

Chu Yu was determined to find out where he was.

Three months later.

Chu Yu could feel that he was well into the advanced stages of the Xiantian Realm.

There was too much spiritual energy here!

Furthermore, medicines were in abundance.

Along the way, Chu Yu had already collected a large amount of superior medicines.

He also had a few brushes with death.

After three months of growing, the six infants had grown up significantly.

Of course, this came with an increase in appetite.

Other than cultivating, Chu Yu only did one other thing, hunt for food.

In the blink of an eye, half a year had passed.

Chu Yu could feel that his abilities were nearing the pinnacle of the Xiantian Realm.

His abilities were also extremely terrifying.

In such a world where death was a possibility everyday, his growth was quick.

The six Hallucination Wolves... could not longer be called little ones, they had already grown to about 70cm in height and had a shiny coat of fur.


The third in line, Third Flower, was the best looking, and the fiercest.

They had also begun to hunt with Chu Yu.

Almost as if it was an innate skill, the six Hallucination Wolves knew how to track their prey, get close to them, then work together to slaughter it.

Even though they were relatively weak, the average Acupoint Charging and Invigorated Meridian beast was no match for them.

However, they were still extremely picky about food. They didn’t eat the lower level life forms, merely killing them for sport.


Chu Yu’s hunting targets also began to change to King’s Realm life forms.

This day, Chu Yu was lying on a huge limestone, a blade of grass in his mouth as he stared into the sky.

He murmured, "It’s been more than half a year, and I haven’t even made it out of this mountain, when will I see people? If this is really the Mirror World... how much time has passed on Earth?"

The six Hallucination Wolves lay around Chu Yu, acting as early warning guards.

Their talents also began to show.

Third Flower was the smartest, and he could even get close to Chu Yu without Chu Yu noticing.

Even though it was because Chu Yu let down his guard around them, Third Flower’s talent was undeniable.

What puzzled Chu Yu was that these superior life forms did not know how to speak.

He had tried to teach them to speak and impart the Superclass to them but to no avail.

Even though these little guys were extremely spiritual, they had no way to learn the Superclass or speak.

"Third Flower, when do you think we can get out of this damned place?" Chu Yu said lethargically.


Third Flower bounded over and rubbed his head against Chu Yu’s hand.

Chu Yu placed his hand on its head and ruffled it’s fur, enjoying Third Flower’s expression.

"Ay, even if I bring you gluttons into civilization, your food source... will also be a big problem!’

Chu Yu was troubled.

At this point, Chu Yu frowned suddenly.

Third Flower also perked up and stared in the same direction.

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