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The man in the flowery robe glared at Chu Yu and said in a shrill voice, "Are you blind? I am male!"

Chu Yu was stunned, he looked slightly taken aback, then he apologized, "I am sorry, I really didn’t realize..."

The middle aged man was so angry the flowers in his hair started trembling.

He pointed at Chu Yu, "You... how dare you!’

The plump elder squinted at Chu Yu, trying to hold back his laughter. However, due to his standing, all he could do was stare into the sky.

The bamboo looking elder still remained solemn and calm.

The twins and the flirtatious girl looked funny, as if they wanted to laugh but couldn’t.

The icy lady was still expressionless.

The robed middle aged man chuckled, then said loudly, "Young man, don’t make fun of other’s flaws."


After hearing this, the flowery robed middle aged man was even angrier. He thought to himself, Am I really that flawed?


Chu Yu looked at the middle aged man and said, "How am I making fun of him, I really didn’t know that this senior was... haha, okay, but, let’s just keep it civil, don’t be menopausal."

The flowery robed middle aged man was furious... he definitely knew what menopausal meant.

"Little b*stard, do you have a death wish?"

He pinched an orchid, his expression furious, his voice shrill.

Without seeing his face, one will really think that he was a middle aged woman.


Third Flower and the other Hallucination Wolves twitched, as they revealed their vicious and sharp fangs, watching this group silently.

"Little b*stard, be a little smarter, go far away and leave the six Hallucination Wolves behind."


The flowery robed middle aged man said icily, "Else, die!"

He had lost his patience, he was prepared to suppress the little b*stard before keeping the six Hallucination Wolves.

Chu Yu smiled, "Why? You’re resorting to robbing now that you can’t buy it?"

The plump elder said flatly, "Young man, the value of an Hallucination Wolf is high, but I think that there is nothing more valuable than life."

The bamboo looking elder said calmly, "Exactly, I concur."

The flirtatious girl smiled, unspeaking as she looked at Chu Yu.

The icy girl frowned slightly. It seemed that she didn’t quite like this method.


Then, she retreated and said, "Since you are not selling, forget it, I don’t like to force people."

"Great, this is great, it is so much easier to split with one less person. We the twins are not greedy, we just want one!" The twins said in unison.


With the icy girl backing out, and the twins sharing one, they had just enough for one Hallucination Wolf each.

The plump elder said flatly, "I want that one!"

He pointed to Third Flower.

He looked at Third Flower poisonously.

Third Flower glared ferociously at him.

The plump elder did not seem to care. He smiled at Third Flower, "Little one, you will know true glory if you follow me, this owner of yours does not do you justice."

The skinny elder laughed bitterly, "Your eyes are sharp, you’ve taken the best one, then, I want that one!’

He pointed to Fifth Flower. Fifth Flower was the strongest after Third Flower.

The two elders immediately chose the two strongest wolves.

The middle aged man in the baggy grey robe chose First Flower, ladylike man chose Second Flower and the flirtatious girl chose Fourth Flower.

That left the smallest, Sixth Flower for the twins.

The twins were still very happy about it.

It was great fortune for an animal as spiritual as the Hallucination Wolf to follow one around.

For them, they quickly decided how to split the Hallucination Wolves.

At this point, the middle aged man with pleats looked at Chu Yu and chuckled icily, "Little b*stard, what are you still doing here? Are you waiting for death?"

Chu Yu’s forehead flashed with an icy flow and he said icily, "You keep calling people b*stards, is this how you greet your family?"

"Go to hell!’

The pleated middle aged man had already wanted to kill Chu Yu, and he launched his attack immediately.

His body radiated with a wave of power as he rushed towards Chu Yu.

He was at the pinnacle of the King’s Realm!

He was a full realm higher than Chu Yu!

However, Chu Yu was calm as he raised his fist and met the attack of the man.

The flowery robed man smiled viciously, he could easily tell that Chu Yu was just a Xiantian cultivator.

There was no reason for him to fear a Xiantian cultivator.

He still wanted to fight?

What an imbecile!

Their fists coillided in mid air with a vicious clash.

It was almost as if two speeding trains collided!

A loud boom echoed out through the air!

The middle aged man let out a pitiful scream, his fist shattered by the impact. His clothes were torn and the flowers in his hair blown away.

He was sent flying, even spitting out a huge mouthful of blood in mid air.

This attack had injured him seriously!

This man was too scary!

As a Xiantian cultivator, he had managed to seriously injure a cultivator at the pinnacle of the King’s Realm.

How is this possible?

How could he have this much energy in his body?

The middle aged man’s clothes were shredded and he looked like a beggar, a large amount of blood on his chest originating from his mouth.

He looked on in disbelief, this was a huge set back.


He could not belief that a Xiantian cultivator could defeat a King’s Realm cultivator like himself.

The others looked on in disbelief, shocked by what they saw.

Even the icy girl’s eyes revealed traces of shock and awe.

The flirtatious girl looked at Chu Yu awkwardly as she sized him up.

The twins were completely stunned, their mouths agape.

The two elders were solemn.

The shock they felt was even stronger.

They were Supreme Realm cultivators and were considered powerful cultivators.

They were keenly aware that Chu Yu did not use any sacred art in his attack, it was pure strength.

The traded looks of aghast with each other.

For any Xiantian cultivator, even one at the pinnacle of Xiantian, could not possibly have more strength than a cultivator at the pinnacle of the King’s Realm.

However, the result was stunning.

Even though the middle aged man was ladylike, no one could deny that he was powerful.

Amongst those of similar cultivation level, he was not the strongest, but he was definitely amongst the strongest.

These all happened in a flash, it was too fast!

After Chu Yu attacked, he turned and ran!

The six Hallucination Wolves also disappeared in six different directions like flashes of lightning.

Even though the group reacted relatively quickly, it was still too slow.

By the time they had recovered, Chu Yu had disappeared.

The middle aged man dressed in the flowery robe spat out yet another mouthful of blood in anger. He shouted shrilly, "Kill him, kill him!"

As he was screaming, the two elders had already vanished.

The icy girl stood at the same spot, frowning.

The flirtatious girl rushed out together with the elders.

The twins followed.

Now, only the icy girl and the middle aged man were left.

His arm ease crippled beyond recognition.

Even for a King’s Realm cultivator, regrowing a limb required a large amount of resources and money.

Furthermore, it would be difficult to restore it to its former state.

As such, he was furious.

He looked at the icy girl and asked furiously, "Why aren’t you chasing?"

The icy girl frowned slightly and replied flatly, "Why should I go? He didn’t antagonize me."

"You..." The middle aged man was lost for words, the pleats in his hair rocking from side to side, the broken flowers dangling in the wind.

The icy girl immediately turned away and ignored him.

This group of people came from the same sect, but they were from different lines, and thus had different hierarchies.

The two elders were the outside elders of the clan.

The two middle aged men were administrators in the sect. Even though they had some power, they were not particularly high up in the hierarchy.

The twins, as well as the two girls, were the core disciples of the sect.

Even though they were not particularly powerful, they were higher up in standing than the two middle aged men.

For this expedition, the two elders, as well as the two administrators, were the bodyguards for the four core disciples.

They were there to make sure nothing untoward will happen to the core disciples.

As a result, this middle aged man could not force the lady to do anything.

Over on the other side, Chu Yu used the Racing Sacred Art to turn himself into an arrow as he shot through the forest.

Chu Yu had lived here for over half a year, giving him a much greater understanding of the land as compared to the people chasing him.

As such, even though the people chasing him were Supreme Realm cultivators, he was not afraid.

On the contrary, Chu Yu was even slightly... excited!

He had really wanted to use a bloodbath to breakthrough to the King’s Realm.

However, taking on two Supreme Realm cultivators... was a little too much.


If only it was just one.

Chu Yu thought to himself, I will have to cripple one first!

Then, he continued sprinting in one direction.

He bolted in a particular direction.

That was the residence of a terrifying life form.

Chu Yu had seen it from afar before. The suppressive aura it emitted was enough to cause Chu Yu to feel uncomfortable, even whilst he used the Tiger Courage Technique.

He had guessed that the lifeform was likely to be a True Lord Realm being.

The two elders were slightly taken aback, they found out that they had underestimated Chu Yu’s abilities.

"This boy is strange!’

The plump elder used the Voice Transmission Technique.

"Take him, but don’t kill him!’

The skinny elder replied.

Chu Yu raced into the territory of that terrifying beast.

Then, he bravely charged towards the nest of that life form.

It was a good thing there wasn’t much of a commotion.

But, this was not the result Chu Yu wanted. If the terrifying beast was not home, wouldn’t he be wasting his effort?

At this point, the plump elder took out a magical equipment. It was a white string. When thrown into the air, it looked like a white dragon as it headed straight for Chu Yu.

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