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The entire area had lost all sense of life.

The entire area was ashen, almost as if it had been torched. There was no remnant of life, with the exception of the ashes.

The area enveloped by the amulet was extremely close to Chu Yu.

It wasn’t even a hundred meters away!

That terrifying wave of death had scared him into a bout of cold sweat!

Even until now, Chu Yu was still a little confused, unsure of what had exactly happened.

However, he could guess it from Qin Ming’s final words.

There was definitely a motive for the Rainfall Ancient Sect to want to recruit him!

For example, they may have suspected that he had the Crane Saint’s legacy. They wanted to get it from him sneakily. They could also have suspected that he had a superior technique that allowed him to defeat a Xiantian at the Invigorated Meridian Realm?

Qin Ming, without knowing what was going on, had acted perfectly. He had put his entire emotion into this act.

In the end, he had been deceived by his own sect!

He had been completely trashed up!

How embarrassing.

At that point, he was so humiliated he wanted to die!

In the end, he did not mind killing the people from his sect in order to express his despair and anger.

The Rainfall Ancient Sect had wanted to use this show to move Chu Yu, but they didn’t expect Qin Ming to be the one to spoil their entire plan...

This kind of accident even made Chu Yu incredulous.

At the same time, Chu Yu was angry.

The leaders of the Rainfall Ancient Sect were really so treacherous!

If not for Qin Ming spoiling everything, he could have very well been hoodwinked.

Afterall, Qin Ming’s arrogance was real and from the heart.

Who would have thought that there was a trap in this?

Through Qin Ming’s arrogance and his subsequent punishment, it would have expressed the Rainfall Ancient Sect’s fairness... the subsequent apology could have moved him.

If not for the fact that Qin Ming had spoilt it all, Chu Yu really could not guarantee he would not be moved by that act.

What a bunch of b*stards!

Serves them right to die here!

Everyone in the Chu Clan were speechless, through the surveillance system, they had witnessed everything.

Initially, they were extremely confused about what the other group was doing; by the end, it was clear.

Qin Ming, who was being used, started off great, arrogant, oppressive, egotistical... he had fully embraced the superiority of being a disciple of a huge sect.

However, upon realizing that the sect wanted to recruit Chu Yu by stepping all over him, he could not take it any longer!

Upon finding out that he was being used, he completely lost it!

If Qin Ming’s master had told him the motive behind recruiting Chu Yu, this may not have to end up this way.

Sadly, a bunch of leaders tried to do things in secret. Qin Ming’s master wanted to train his most beloved disciples. The two King’s Realm elders were also slow to react.

These factors amalgamated to cause this situation to spiral out of control.

The academics in the Chu Clan very quickly analyzed the entire situation from beginning to end.

They took out a few copies.

They sent them to leader Chu Tianyu and deputy Chu Tiannan.

Even Chu Yu, upon request by the two leaders, was given a copy.

This treatment was unprecedented in the entire Chu Clan, but no one thought it was unfair.

He had been the key in resolving multiple major incidents. Even the slowest of the Chu Clan could tell that Chu Yu’s future was boundless.

Chu Yu read through a few of the analyses. He nodded silently at the one closest to the truth - just as he had guessed.

Afterwards, Chu Yu was summone2d by the two leaders.

"How do you think we should handle this incident?"

Chu Tianyu looked at Chu Yu and said solemnly, "The Rainfall Ancient Sect is not like the Three Leaves Sect. They have an incredibly strong foundation and influence. If we are not careful, we could lose our advantage."

Chu Yu smiled, "For this, the Rainfall Ancient Sect must keep quiet and admit to it. Give them a copy of the entire surveillance tape, then send condolences on behalf of the entire Chu Clan."

Chu Tiannan smiled, "Exactly what I thought! This was them finding trouble for themselves, what does it have to do with us?"

Chu Yu thought about it, "That’s right, also tell them this has affected us and we have suffered huge losses."

The two leaders looked at each other, then at Chu Yu quizzically.

Chu Tiannan said, slightly unsure, "What you mean... is that the Rainfall Ancient Sect should compensate us?"

"Of course!"

Chu Yu nodded righteously, "They are a bunch of maniacs, coming to our territory to play this game of perishing together, causing us huge losses. Not considering the loss of wildlife, they also scared me!"

Chu Tianyu and Chu Tiannan were speechless.

Chu Yu said seriously, "Is it too much to ask for some compensation for our losses when we express our condolences?"

"It doesn’t seem like it was too much..."

Chu Tiannan and Chu Tianyu looked at each other, but felt that there was something that wasn’t quite right.


"It was too much!"

"Too much!"

"They had only heard that the Chu Clan was arrogant, Chu Yu incredibly so. Only now did they realize that it was an understatement!"

"They want us to compensate? Is this a joke?"

"I finally understand what is a frog in a well, not knowing how huge the sky is!"

When the first of the Rainfall Ancient Sect found out about the Chu Clan’s notice, they all exploded.

They were mad with fury.

Some of them even burst out laughing. They felt that it would be a huge humiliation to the Rainfall Ancient Sect if they didn’t teach the Chu Clan a lesson.

The Chu Clan was extremely demanding. They couldn’t figure out if they were just weird or simply crazy.

They first thing that they expressed were their condolences, saying that they had personally seen eight of the Rainfall Ancient Sect’s disciples die. The Chu Clan were all saddened by the loss.

However, the death of the eight Rainfall Ancient Sect disciples had caused huge losses to the Chu Clan. They hoped that the Rainfall Ancient Clan could compensate them for it.

Why don’t you all just die?

To be honest, the people of the Rainfall Ancient Sect did not even believe that all their people had died!

They felt that the Chu Clan was crazy.

In the end, right behind came the group of people in charge of contacting Qin Ming. They reported that they couldn’t reach all eight of them.

After which, the complete surveillance tape arrived from the Chu Clan.

After watching it, the entire Rainfall Ancient Sect went silent!

They were like mutes, all of them were speechless.

After watching the video, anyone with a brain could tell that this incident had nothing to do with the Chu Clan.

Saying that they were the victim was not crazy, nor was it a death wish, it was a perfectly reasonable request.

From the video, it was clear that only one person from the Chu Clan was involved.

That was Chu Yu!

However, the only thing that Chu Yu did that was slightly out of line was kick Qin Ming after being driven into a corner.

Then, he had told the two King’s Realm cultivators of the Rainfall Ancient Sect to return to where they came from.

That was all!

Anyone who watched it would side with Chu Yu.

Even the people of the Rainfall Ancient Sect did not think that Chu Yu was in the wrong after watching the video.

Qin Ming’s actions were really arrogant to the point that people wanted to smack him!

Okay, Chu Yu was slightly arrogant too, but people were bullying him at his doorstep, was there anything wrong with taking the action that he did?

His demeanor was similar to his character in the past two live broadcast.

Introverted but domineering!

To be honest, Chu Yu was not a high profile person.

Even though news about him had been spreading, he had not replied to any of them.

For example, rumours about him and Lin Shimeng; or Xie Tianyu’s multiple attempts on his life over Lin Shimeng which resulted in the loss of Xie Tianyu’s life; or his 16 years without cultivation and subsequent recovery after taking a pill from Song Hong, turning him into a powerful individual...

But Chu Yu never revealed himself.

Even though there were many voices raising various opinions about these, Chu Yu himself never appeared.

Regardless good or bad, he never saw the need to explain himself.

This calmness could not even be replicated by many of the famous people.

But Chu Yu did it.

As such, everybody’s impression of Chu Yu was formed only through watching the two live broadcast.

It could be said that the two live broadcasts finally gave the world an insight into Chu Yu.

Many people realized that Chu Yu did not seem similar to the man they had heard about.

Firstly, he did not seem at all disadvantaged when compared to the disciples of the large sects!

Secondly, even though he was young, he was relatively courageous!

The Rainfall Ancient Sect’s impressions and guesses about Chu Yu were also formed after watching the two live broadcasts.

It could be said that this was the root cause of the death of eight of their disciples.

Qin Ming’s own master, the Societal Elder Li Zhangming watched the entire video. Afterwards, especially when he heard Qin Ming’s last words... his eyes turned red and he couldn’t help but close them.

Tears still fell from his face.

"Jerk! Careless! How stubborn!"

Li Zhangming’s tears rolled down his cheeks. He could not believe that his most beloved disciple would end his life that way.

To be honest, even he was not willing to use that amulet.

He had given it to his disciple to save his life at the most critical moment!

Who could say that he was truly unafraid of death? Who could be that calm?

That amulet was like a nuclear bomb, I can not use it, but I have it!

If you want to kill me, we will all perish together!


The Rainfall Ancient Sect’s leadership were left speechless by the result. They could only sigh.

One of the deputies was the highest in rank after Li Zhangming.

After a moment of silence, he said solemnly, "The Chu Clan... must be punished, regardless if they are right or wrong. Else, if this video is published, it would be catastrophic for us!"

Everyone in the audience went silent.

This was too big an issue, they didn’t dare, and didn’t want to voice an opinion.

Punished? How?

The Chu Clan has poison. No one even knows how the poison looks like, much less found a cure for it!

People had tried to find trouble with the Chu Clan, but none had succeeded.

"Deputy sect leader, we cannot do that."

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