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After a long pause, Societal Elder Li Zhangming took a deep breath, looked at the deputy sect leader and the crowd and said solemnly, "We cannot handle it this way!"

"Why?" The deputy sect leader of the Rainfall Ancient Sect frowned.

Even though he was of a higher standing than Li Zhangming, it may not be very courteous to challenge Li Zhangming in public like that.

However, he wasn’t so stubborn to ignore the opinions of others. He waited patiently for Li Zhangming to explain.

"Disregarding the fact that we may not even be able to destroy the Chu Clan, who can ensure that the video will not be released? Now that we have set up a cultivation school, we do need to maintain a good reputation."

Li Zhangming looked at the crowd and said flatly, "Does the Chu Clan want compensation? Then we’ll give them compensation!"

At this point, Li Zhangming hid the pain and sadness in his heart.

No matter how much pain he felt, his disciple, Qin Ming, had died, and it was impossible to revive him.

The deputy sect leader took a deep breath, he understood it now!

However, understanding aside, it was still humiliating!

What did this mean?

However, the deputy sect leader also knew that the one most humiliated... was Li Zhangming!

Not only did he have to take responsibility for the failure, he had to suffer the pain of the knowledge that his beloved disciple had misunderstood him, even at the very end.

In the end, this was a result of him not understanding the character of his disciple well enough.

The deputy sect leader pondered, then said, "How about this, I’ll go to the Chu Clan myself!"

The crowd was stunned and they looked at the deputy sect leader with admiration.

This was initially something for Li Zhangming to handle, but the deputy sect leader had taken the reigns, and the responsibility.

No wonder he’s the deputy sect leader, he was responsible!

Even Li Zhangming revealed a tinge of thankfulness.

The deputy sect leader waved them off, then sighed, "With things as they are right now, no one needs to say anymore. With such huge losses, if we don’t recover, we will all be dead. We are an entity, we will rise and fall together. I will go personally to the Chu Clan and invite Chu Yu over!"

Then, his eyes flashed with a vicious glow, "Once he joins us, all his possessions... will no longer be his!"

At this point, someone rushed in, an anxious look on his face. His voice quivered, "Deputy Sect Leader, Elder Li, this is not good! There is a video on the internet that is taking the internet by storm. The discussion online is not favorable to us!"


"The video is spreading?"

"How did this happen?"

"This must be the Chu Clan!"

"How dare they?"

"Damn it!"

All echelons of the Rainfall Ancient Sect panicked, they were keenly aware of the implications of this video.

They knew that once this video spread, it would bring about immense negative consequences to the Rainfall Ancient Sect.

Qin Ming’s arrogance and so called "demeanor of a large sect’s disciple" had become that of a rude and brazen disciple. The beating he received from the two King’s Realm cultivators would also stun the viewers.

There was no lack of backseat analysts on the internet.

The Rainfall Ancient Sect’s thoughts and motives could have very well been analysed by someone!

What would they become?

Would they even be human?

More importantly, their guesses about Chu Yu would become public knowledge.

Even though the Rainfall Ancient Sect was strong, they were not the strongest sect.

They could only imagine the possibility of this spinning out of control if it was allowed to fester!

Once this blew up, the Rainfall Ancient Sect, who had already been disadvantaged, would lose the Crane Saint’s legacy forever!

Damned Chu Clan!

Did they not understand the damage this could cause?

The Rainfall Ancient Sect’s leadership were fuming.

Li Zhangming and the deputy sect leader went pale.

"What happened?" The deputy sect leader was extremely sullen.

The messenger said bitterly, "That video... was not sent out by the Chu Clan, it was... it was..."

"Who was it?" Li Zhangming glared at him, "If you’re not even coherent, why do we need you?"

"It came from someone on our side!" This man was forced into a corner and replied loudly.

Everyone on the scene went silent.

They were all stupefied.

"This video... wasn’t it just sent to us? How could it have been sent out?" The deputy sect leader’s eyes went red.

At this point, Li Zhangming’s personal cell phone rang. He glanced at it, frowned and picked up.

A roar came over from the other side, "Elder Li! Look at what the Rainfall Ancient Sect has done! We sent you the video out of goodwill, so that you knew what happened. We didn’t even leave a trace! But you all actually went to spread it! Now a bunch of people are here to ask if the Chu Clan has a secret, why else would the Rainfall Ancient Sect use such tactics to lure Chu Yu away?"

"Who are you?" Li Zhangming was fuming even though he knew the person on the other line was probably from the Chu Clan.

But how could someone from a clan as small as the Chus get his contact details?

"I am the leader of the Chu Clan, Chu Tianyu! Elder Li, even if you are the Societal Elder of the Rainfall Ancient Sect, this is way overboard! If the Chu Clan suffers because of this, the Rainfall Ancient Sect would be the main culprit!"

Before Li Zhangming could reply, the line went cold.

Li Zhangming’s expression turned crimson. It was extremely humiliating for a man of his standing to be chided by the leader of an underworld clan!

However, he could not possibly rebut him!

Some of them looked sympathetically at Li Zhangming.

Li Zhangming sighed and said, "Release a statement immediately. The two King’s Realm Rainfall Ancient Sect elders acted on their own accord..."

"Qin Ming was youthful and naive, he was hoodwinked..."

"The two King’s Realm elders wanted to scam Chu Yu... this had nothing to do with the Rainfall Ancient Sect!"

"The Rainfall Ancient Sect reasserts that we are a fair and equal sect, we will never do anything untoward to others."

"We condemn the actions of the two King’s Realm elders, as well as Chu Yu and the rest of the party..."

Li Zhangming spoke slowly, his pain was evident.

But he was determined!

In the end, even the deputy sect leader could not help but look at him in admiration.

At such a critical moment, he was able to make such a clear decision, albeit a really difficult for him.

Even though it seemed like he was pushing the responsibility outwards, everyone inside knew that he was taking all the responsibility upon himself!

When he returned, the sect leader would definitely interrogate him!

The death of the eight people will just have to be treated as their final contribution to the sect.

"Later, we need to compensate their families well..."

Li Zhangming said.

Everyone on scene sighed.

Only by keeping the Rainfall Ancient Sect above all this will it be possible to minimize the impact to them.

Even though there will be people who doubt the statement, at the very least, they could save some face.

After Li Zhangming finished, he seemed to age significantly, however, a vicious look appeared on his face and he grit his teeth, "At the same time, let people release news from the shadows that Chu Yu from the Chu Clan had indeed gotten a portion of the Crane Saint’s legacy!"

When he finished, he glanced at the deputy sect leader, "We definitely can’t get it anymore, and what we can’t get, others can also forget about getting! As for the Chu Clan, we will let this wolf be ripped to shreds by the surrounding lions!"

The deputy sect leader contemplated this for a long time before saying, "Indeed we can’t get it anymore."

As he said, his expression became sullen, "Send someone to find out who exactly... released the video."

Li Zhangming’s face revealed his fury, "Investigate, get to the bottom of this!"

Even though the Rainfall Ancient Sect’s statement was released quickly, it was just as they expected, barely a saving grace.

Almost all of the chatter on the web was chiding them.

The Rainfall Ancient Sect was extremely spiteful. They believed that there were other ancient sects involved in the chatter.

This was too humiliating!

They lost men and power!

They had been beaten.

However, news that Chu Yu had gotten a portion of the Crane Saint’s legacy had spread eventually.

The Chu Clan was once again pushed to the corner.

However, even before the news picked up pace, Tai Qing, a super huge sect released a statement.

"The solar system is the center of the cultivation world and the Earth is the core. In the ancient times, the earth experienced a catastrophe. Countless ancestors lay down their lives in order to seal the world and retain a spark."

"This was once an incredibly prosperous land. The number of sects here was countless!"

"Now, many of the life forms outside of this world are plotting to make a return. All of our cultivators are following in the footsteps of our ancestors and training hard. We will face the enemy together!"

"It is of little importance if Chu Yu has the Crane Saint’s legacy or not, he can be called a young talent. If the youth continue to compete, they can become stronger. Through trials and tribulations, they get stronger. It is only natural that some will die in the process."

"However, if an ancient sect, clan or family... shamelessly uses the might of their sect to oppress someone younger, how is that any different from being a robber?"

The statement from Tai Qing was released from their verified account and posted on China’s largest social media site.

The entire internet burst into chatter!

"Tai Qing ah... the legendary large sect, they must be the most powerful ancient clan now?"

"This seems to be the first post from Tai Qing, and it is actually in defence of Chu Yu?"

"It is said that Chu Yu’s sister Chu Xi is a Tai Qing disciple. Thus, it is perfectly logical for Tai Qing to protect Chu Yu."

"There is too much information here, who can explain it to me?"

"I think that Tai Qing makes many valid points. We do not really know what happened in the ancient days. However, we were clearly invaded, else, the scale of destruction would not be so great. As such, the enemy from before could come at anytime! Yet, we are targeting a young man based on some rumors."

"You ancient sects, as the torchbearers of civilisation, is this how you guide us? Aren’t you ashamed by your action?"

Tai Qing’s voice was not just impactful, it criticised many of the ancient sects.

The main sect it was criticizing was the Rainfall Ancient Sect!

Even the Rainfall Ancient Sect did not expect the impact of the statement from Tai Qing.

The cultivation school set up by the Rainfall Ancient Sect began to experience a high dropout rate.

Many of them silently left the Rainfall School and join the Truth School!

The Truth School had also released a statement, "Chu Yu is a real talent, regardless of whether you have the saint’s legacy, the Truth Ancient Sect will be willing to give you any form of aid and convenience!"

Many of the Rainfall Ancient Sect members were angered to the point of puking blood when they saw that.

Chu Yu continued to ignore them all.

Regardless good or bad, he did not care about them.

He was in isolation, trying to breakthrough his final meridian!

He wanted to finish the foundation and enter Xiantian!

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