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Qin Ming was being beaten viciously and he lay there howling.

Even though they did not go all out, and made sure that they did not land any life threatening blows, the attacks from two King’s Realm cultivators was extremely torturous, so much so that Qin Ming hoped for death.

Ping ping pang pagng!

"Why are you hitting me? What did I do wrongly?"

Pitter patter!

"What are you two trying to do? Are you trying to murder the chief disciple of the societal elder?"

Bang bang bang bang!

"F*ck me, are you two crazy? When we return, my master will never let you off! You dare to hit me?"

Pa pa pa pa!

"Please, I’m begging you, stop hitting me, I was wrong, I know I made a mistake... ah, it hurts so much, please stop hitting me, I really know my mistake..."

This scene had stunned Chu Yu, who was not far off. He thought to himself, What is this?

Are you all trying to act like you’re disciplining your disciple in front of me?

The two King’s Realm cultivators finally stopped and looked angrily at Qin Ming.

One of them stared icily at him, "Do you really know what you did wrong?"

"I was wrong, I really know my mistake!" Qin Ming’s eyes were swollen shut, his head looking like that of a pig’s.

His nose bridge had already collapsed from the kick by Chu Yu.

Now, he was given such a vicious beating by his own elders that his mother would not be able to recognize him.

He cried, "I really really do know my mistake, stop hitting me."

"Ok, then tell us, where did you go wrong?" The other King’s Realm elder looked in the direction of the Chu Clan and asked solemnly.

"I, I shouldn’t... shouldn’t..." As Qin Ming spoke, he felt that he was wronged.

He thought to himself, I didn’t do anything wrong!

Master and so many elders asked me to bring the aura of a huge sect’s disciple!

And I did!

Not only was I beaten by others, I was even beaten by my own people!

How wronged could I be?

The more Qin Ming thought about it, the more he couldn’t stand it. He cried, "I shouldn’t have come!"


The two King’s Realm cultivators looked at each other, angered half to death.

They couldn’t help but hit Qin Ming again.

This time, they hit him more viciously. They were clear that if they didn’t complete the mission, Qin Ming’s master would give him a more vicious beating!

They may also have to take some responsibility.

The thought of this made them more angry!

This time, Qin Ming was really injured, and rather badly.

Initially, he could still moan and groan in pain. In the end, he could only whimper.

Chu Yu, who was looking on from the shadows, thought to himself, Is this necessary?

Even if Qin Ming had insulted him, was it necessary for two powerful cultivators to beat up one of their juniors so badly?


Chu Yu frowned, an icy glow flashing past his eyes as he thought to himself, You’ve rehearsed this before haven’t you?

"Do you know your mistake now?" One of the King’s Realm Elders looked at Qin Ming and asked again.

"Elder Xu... please tell me... where I went wrong." Qin Ming forced out his words through the pain.

He had no more energy to feel wronged and angry. All of his emotions had been emptied from him. He had no energy to think of anything, all he could do was close his eyes and dull the pain.

Elder Xu glared at him. He did not have a good temper and really wanted to beat Qin Ming up further after hearing that.

Elder Sun immediately restrained him and shot him a glance. Then he said solemnly, "What is the Rainfall Ancient Sect’s ancient teaching?"

Damn it... not only are you two not dead, you still want to test me on the Rainfall Ancient Sect’s ancient teaching at this time? Just wait, one day, I will kill you both myself!

Even though Qin Ming had no energy and was hurting to death, a burning rage still formed in his heart.

However, at this time, he did not dare to reveal his discontent. He could feel that both the elders were prepared to kill him.

"The ancient teachings are..." Qin Ming began to recite all of the Rainfall Ancient Sect’s ancient teachings.

Any one of the huge sects and clans would have similar teachings. They were to treat people with compassion and work hard to improve oneself.

However, as the sect grew bigger, there would be disciples who stray off.

If the leader was one of those, then the entire sect... would be brought along that path.

The Rainfall Ancient Sect’s ancient teachings were all great teachings. Each and every disciple had to memorize them when they entered.

When Qin Ming recited, "One must treat others sincerely and be humble", Elder Sun stopped him and asked solemnly, "So, did you do it?"

"I... did not." Qin Ming had a sudden realization, and he more or less understood why he had been beaten.

"When you carry yourself like that, where is the culturedness and demeanor of a huge sect’s disciple? Think about it, when you came out, what did the elders instruct?" Elder Sun was expressionless as he chastised Qin Ming solemnly.

Qin Ming cried and said breathlessly, "They wanted me to bring out the arrogance and demanor of a huge sect’s disciple..."

"Is that what you understood?" Elder Sun did not want Qin Ming to say anymore, this was enough.

He looked at Qin Ming disappointedly, "What is the demeanor of a disciple of an ancient sect? Humbleness and low profile! What is the arrogance of a disciple of a large sect? It is to treat people sincerely! It is to be grounded as a person! Tell me... which part of these have you done?"

Qin Ming cried without tears. He thought to himself, Was this the intention of the elders? Do you think I am stupid?

They obviously wanted me to use my aura to stun that woodlouse Chu Yu!

As someone from a small clan, shouldn’t he be kneeling in the face of a huge sect?

However, he didn’t dare to say this, any idiot would have understood it by now.

The sect’s leadership valued Chu Yu!

Even if you value Chu Yu, why set me up?

The hate and anger in Qin Ming’s heart reached a maximum. Even though he was arrogant, he was no idiot.

Who couldn’t understand that the elders in the sect, including his master, were ganging up in a huge performance!

And he got the short end of the stick!

Everyone was in on it, he was the only one who didn’t know what was going on.

He had run headfirst into the spear. When it all fell apart, they blamed him for being a bad actor!

How hateful!

Elder Sun’s lecturing continued. He chastised, "Don’t you know how much the sect’s leadership value Chu Yu? I think jealousy had blinded you!"

"Chu Yu’s talent is undoubted, and he was a genius since young. Even though he was forced into a break in the middle, once he recovered, he rose in an instant!"

"Do you not honor such talent?"

"We have been warning you to be more humble and low key when meeting with Chu Yu. As a disciple of an ancient sect, you cannot be arrogant or impatient, you must be cultured!"

"But you used your identity as an ambassador and ignored us the entire way!"

"We will report this back to the leader when we get back. He will punish you severely!"

"Else, if everyone is like you in the future, the reputation of the Rainfall Ancient Sect... will be tarnished for generations!"


Qin Ming lay there, eyes staring into the sky, not saying anything.

By this time, his heart was dead!

He did not understand why the sect was doing this to him, and he did not understand why they valued Chu Yu so highly.

He only felt that his heart was completely dead.

Even his master, whom he had always treated like his own father, was in on this!

How hateful!

Qin Ming’s eyes went blank, but his heart was filled with vengeance.

Elder Sun was still going on and on about the teachings.

Even Elder Xu felt that Elder Sun was getting a little naggy. He thought to himself, Enough is enough, so long as Chu Yu understood what’s going on.

Now, with you going on and on, you have already gone off topic!


Elder Xu coughed lightly then said, "Elder Sun, take a breather, no matter how degenerate Qin Ming is, he is still our junior. Let’s not air our dirty laundry here. The important thing is to apologize to young master Chu.

A King’s Realm cultivator was relatively powerful in this day and age.

To apologize to someone not even in the Xiantian realm was awkward for them.

However, in order to get hold of Chu Yu’s secret and the Crane Saint’s legacy, they did it anyways.

Haha, they still had to apologize.

Qin Ming lay there, his heart despairing.

For some reason, at this point, he no longer hated Chu Yu, who had kicked him.

At least he was a man!

He was not a coward!

What about himself? What was he?

He had been used by his sect, by his master, and beaten up by his elders...

Qin Ming always had an amulet on himself.

This amulet had a terrifying name, it was called, "perish together"!

This name was given to it by Qin Ming himself, and it was a treasure bestowed upon him by his master!

When he thought of his master, Qin Ming had a sour, despairing feeling.

The man who treated him like his own son, the one who he treated like his father... had changed!

After becoming the Societal Elder, he had changed completely!


Qin Ming laughed coldly inside, his heart turning to ice.

No matter what, he wasn’t related to him by blood... he could give him up anytime.

Masters are fathers and disciples are sons? Lies, all lies!

At this point, Qin Ming had been possessed, he could no longer see sense.

He could no longer fight his inner demons. He shook as he summoned every last bit of his strength to retrieve the Perish Together amulet.

He laughed pitifully, "Master, you have trained me for so many years, brought me up, made me a talent. If you asked me to die, I would not have said a second word. I would go through hell for you! But you lied to me! Why did you lie to me? I am sorry master, I cannot convince myself to accept this face. Enough... master!"

"What are you doing?"

The short tempered Elder Xu’s eyebrows raised as he looked angrily at Qin Ming, "You wastrel!"

Elder Sun felt the danger and frowned, "Qin Ming, don’t throw a tantrum!"

Qin Ming laughed as he looked at the two King’s Realm Elders disdainfully. He did not even look at the others.

He murmured to himself, "Worthless is it? Then I shall show you my worthlessness! Tantrum? I shall throw you a real tantrum!"

As he spoke, he activated the amulet without hesitation.

In an instant, the amulet shot out blinding rays of light!

Almost like a sun, it radiated with boundless light!

It was blinding!

Even though it was high noon, the light from the amulet masked the sun’s light.

The entire space became white!

"No! This is not what you think..." Elder Sun’s body went cold as he retreated.

Elder Xu followed closely behind, he could feel that wave of terror and wanted to flee.

At this time, anger was secondary, their life came first!

Then, everything ended.

This amulet was something Elder Li had gotten from an ancient monument. After it found out what it was, he had hesitated very long before giving it to his disciple.

It wasn’t for suicide, but for the preservation of his life!

This thing was like a nuclear bomb, you could only use it to scare people, but you should never use it!

But Qin Ming, in his despair, did not hesitate to use it!

Maybe, in his final moments, he regretted it.

But it was too late.

The amulet did not release any earth shattering noise. Its boundless light enveloped the entire area within a thousand meters.

The light only lasted for a little over 10 minutes.

Then it began to fade!

After the light faded, the entire area... was blank.

It was filled with death!

The eight Rainfall Ancient Sect people... were completely vaporized.

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