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When news reached the Chu Clan, everyone panicked.

"What is going on?" When Chu Yu heard the news, he was extremely surprised.

These few days, he had already kept a very low profile.

He had stayed home to refine pills and cultivate. He did not even follow the conflicts happening outside.

"He claims that he is from the Rainfall Ancient Sect, he did not say anything else, only that Young Master Chu was to come out, kneel, and receive the edict. His attitude was a little arrogant..."

"Is he ill?" Chu Yu frowned.

At this point, a strong voice could be heard from afar.

"I am the administrator of the Rainfall Ancient Sect, Qin Ming. I am here to deliver an edict on behalf of the Rainfall Ancient Sect, Chu Yu of the Chu Clan, come out quickly to receive!"

Qin Ming?

This name caused Chu Yu to be stunned. He immediately thought to himself, Wasn’t this the guys who had a conflict with Song Hong?

The last he heard, Qin Ming had been confined in the clan. Clearly, he had strong backers to ensure his early release and promotion to administrator.

Chu Yu frowned and considered his options before deciding to go out and find out what was going on.

All along, the person who had a conflict with the Rainfall Ancient Sect was Song Hong, and Song Hong was gone.

Why were they looking for him?

And he had to kneel and receive the edict?

F*ck that kneeling!

Outside the Chu Clan/

In front of that warning sign, Qin Ming and eight others stood in a straight line.

They all frowned as they looked at the warning sign.

If not for the fact that they knew that the Chu Clan had powerful poison as protection, they would have ignored the warning and barged in.

They were just a small clan, what was there to be arrogant about?

But now, they did not have that courage.

However, with strong backers, Qin Ming looked extremely contented and courageous.

After Elder Yue’s death, his master had took over that position and become the spokesperson for the Rainfall Ancient Sect.

As such, the confinement of his disciple was also removed.

He even became the administrator for the Rainfall Ancient Sect’s societal department.

In the current era, the Rainfall Ancient Sect could be considered a large sect. To be the administrator of the Rainfall Ancient Sect’s societal department at such a young age was quite an achievement for Qin Ming.

Furthermore, his cultivation level had been rising recently, giving him additional confidence.

Qin Ming did not have much of an impression of Chu Yu. Even though he had heard Chu Yu being mentioned often, he did not care about an insignificant person like Chu Yu.

The only reason why he had noticed Chu Yu was because of the battle at the Heaven Lake.

That battle had shot Lin Shimeng to fame and stunned the world.

She had fought six people and inflicted serious injuries on six ancient sect disciples.

Chu Yu’s performance in that battle had also attracted a lot of attention.

As a disciple of an underworld clan, having not cultivated for 16 years, he had so easily sent a Xiantian cultivator like Chai Yue flying!

Some analysts were saying that Lin Shimeng had a part to play, else, how can a small martial artist like Chu Yu defeat a Xiantian cultivator like Chai Yue?

Even so, Chu Yu’s battle power was definitely not weak.

This point of view was shared by many.

Then, the Rainfall Ancient Sect’s leadership had noticed Chu Yu.

They knew that Chu Yu had no master, so they wanted to recruit Chu Yu as a disciple in the Rainfall Ancient Sect.

However, there was an objection immediately. Some had felt that making Chu Yu a Rainfall Ancient Sect disciple was being too good to him!

Especially since Chu Yu and Song Hong had some relationship before, and Song Hong was the mortal enemy of the Rainfall Ancient Sect!

As such, the proposal was scrapped then.

After that, the attack on the Chu Clan by the Three Leaves Sect showcased the Chu Clan’s, who had never used poison or had a poison master before this, ability to use poison.

The Rainfall Ancient Sect’s leadership could not resist it any longer. Chu Yu was no ordinary person, they knew that all the teachings of the superior pill masters were great!

They once again suspected that Song Hong may have passed the Crane Saint’s legacy to Chu Yu!

Or at least taught him a part of it!

Else, where did the Chu Clan get their hands on such terrifying poison?

After that came the Three Leaves Sect retreat. This had reinforced the idea to recruit Chu Yu in the minds of the Three Leaves Sect leadership.

There was something strange about the Chu Clan!

Chu Yu... was definitely hiding something!

However, how could they check it out without raising any attention, and make Chu Yu join the Rainfall Ancient Sect without alerting him... these questions troubled the leadership.

Initially, someone suggested cordially inviting Chu Yu over.

This was quickly objected as it would definitely raise Chu Yu’s alarms.

In order not to raise his alarm, they only had one method - Injure themselves to gain his confidence!

At last, the Rainfall Ancient Sect thought of Qin Ming, the disciple who had a conflict with Song Hong.

"Send him there, tell him to maintain the arrogance of a disciple of a large sect! Then, give him two King’s Realm elders as escorts, then this way...."

The one who gave this suggestion was none other that Qin Ming’s master!

He was Elder Li, the one who took over Elder Yue.

"This... would it work?" Some of them were doubtful.

"I know my disciple best. All you have to do is tell him to maintain the arrogance of a large sect’s disciple and he will be extremely arrogant! This kid is smart and talented, but extremely arrogant, we can use this incident to mould him."

Elder Li had put in a lot of effort for his disciple.

With King’s Realm elders as escorts, even if Chu Yu chose to attack, not much harm could be done.

Then, they could just symbolically teach Qin Ming a lesson. By hurting his ego a little, it would teach him not to be so arrogant next time.

Of course, if everything in this world went according to plan, accidents wouldn’t exist.

Qin Ming had already overdone the "arrogance of a large sect’s disciple".

The two King’s Realm elders wanted to restrain him, but they were afraid of spoiling the plan, so they held themselves back.

Qin Ming was extremely arrogant as he looked at Chu Yu condescendingly.

He said coldly, "Can I take it that you are slighting us?"

"Are you ill?" Chu Yu asked Qin Ming. His tone was caring, almost as if he was concerned about a friend.

Qin Ming was furious. He was never a steady person, and he did not remember his lessons.

Now that he was representing the entire Rainfall Ancient Sect, he felt that he was of extraordinary standing. How could he take such a statement from Chu Yu?

"Kiddo, do you think that you’re a big shot now just because you killed a Xiantian cultivator with the help of a woman?" Qin Ming laughed coldly, "You really don’t know better!"

"With the help of a lady?"

Chu Yu stiffened slightly as he looked at Qin Ming, "What business is it of yours?"

Qin Ming’s face flushed with anger and he bellowed, "You piece of trash..."

"Ahem..." One of the King’s Realm Rainfall Ancient Sect elders could not take it anymore and coughed lightly.

Qin Ming took a deep breath and laughed coldly, "Chu Yu of the Chu Clan, are you not going to kneel and receive the edict?"

"You’re the grandfather?" Chu Yu looked at him, his expression curious.

"What grandfather?" Qin Ming was confused.

One of the people to his side reminded, "Administrator Qin, he’s saying you’re a eunuch..."

"Eunuch? Eunuch!" Qin Ming raged on the spot and glared at Chu Yu, "Do you want to die?"

As he spoke, he raised his hand to slap Chu Yu’s face.

"Ahem..." The other King’s Realm cultivator sighed internally. He felt that it was about time he put Qin Ming in line.

Else. it was bound to result in a fight.

However, at this point, this King’s Realm cultivator suddenly felt a dangerous wave of energy and bellowed, "Stop..."

The other King’s Realm cultivator also released his suppressive aura in order to try to control the situation.

As for Qin Ming, his face was still ferocious, his arm raised to slap Chu Yu.

It was almost as if time stopped in this moment.

Chu Yu had attacked the moment Qin Ming had said what he did!

He was too fast!

Way faster than Qin Ming!

No one, other than the two King’s Realm cultivators, could see how Chu Yu had attacked.

They wanted to stop it, but they were too late.

Chu Yu’s body leapt into the air and kicked at Qin Ming’s face.


This kick was really solid.

Qin Ming retreated a few steps on the spot, breaking a tree into half and fell to the ground.

Blood trickled out of his nose and mouth.

He was kicked unconscious by Chu Yu.

The Rainfall Ancient Sect Edict was also lying on the ground.

After Chu Yu had sent Qin Ming flying, he immediately returned to the Chu Clan safe zone.

Then he looked at the two King’s Realm cultivators and the remaining disciples of the Rainfall Ancient Sect. He said solemnly, his gaze icy, "I have no feud with the Rainfall Ancient Sect! This time... I am just teaching someone who doesn’t know courtesy a lesson. If you come here to find trouble again."

Chu Yu’s gaze scanned across the group, "I will kill all without mercy!"

Then, Chu Yu turned and left.

"Stop!" One of the King’s Realm cultivators bellowed, then when he remembered their motive, he smiled bitterly, "Young Master Chu, our apologies, Administrator Qin is immature, we hope that Young Master Chu doesn’t take it to heart, we mean no harm..."

Chu Yu stopped, without turning back, "His immaturity is his master’s problem. As for you all, your intentions, good or bad, are none of my business. I do not mind."

Then, he continued towards the Chu Clan.

The other King’s Realm cultivator wanted to barge in in order to stop Chu Yu.

Chu Yu said flatly, "Intruders shall care for their own safety. There are cameras everywhere, don’t blame me for not warning you."

Then, he turned and left.

"Young Master Chu, Young Master Chu..." This King’s Realm cultivator from the Rainfall Ancient Sect was getting impatient. He thought to himself, This isn’t right!

Were we too slow?

Definitely not!

Damn it, Qin Ming destroyed it all!

However, Qin Ming did not know what was happening, he still thought that he was loyally following the orders of the sect...

"Young Master Chu, it is like this, we heard that you are a talent, and the Rainfall Ancient Sect is in need of talents..." The other King’s Realm cultivator said slowly, choosing his words carefully.

"In need of talents? Is this how you come looking for talents? Furthermore, didn’t you all just open a cultivation school? I am just an ordinary person, I am not a talent."

Chu Yu, who had long disappeared, used the Voice Transmission Technique, "Don’t waste your time! Leave! You are not welcome here."

At this point, Qin Ming regained consciousness. He was angry and surprised, feeling extremely humiliated. He roared, "Chu Yu you little b*stard...

Before he could finish, the two King’s Realm cultivators raged and beat him up!

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