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This face was extremely alluring, Chu Yu didn’t even manage to react.

Her slender body and white skin complemented her alluring beauty. She looked extremely radiant!

Almost like a goddess on Earth!

She was a rare catch indeed!

If a beauty could ruin a country, it would probably be her.

If one of the ancient emperors saw someone as good as her, they would activate the entire country to get her, forgoing the important matters in the process.

Afterwhich, Xu Xiaoxian reverted to her ordinary appearance and looked at the stunned Chu Yu, "Enough?"

"No..." Chu Yu said subconsciously.

"Hmm?" Xu Xiaoxian squinted.

"Haven’t seen enough." Chu Yu said honestly as he smiled at Xu Xiaoxian.

"Your turn!" Xu Xiaoxian stared at Chu Yu.

"What my turn? I am a middle aged uncle, what is there to see?" Chu Yu protested.

"You... Chu Yu! Don’t force my hand!" Xu Xiaoxian’s eyebrows raised as her attitude began to change.

A strong aura exploded from Xu Xiaoxian’s body.

F*ck, that’s strong!

Butterflies fluttered in Chu Yu’s heart and stomach.

He used the Tiger Courage Technique. This allowed him to ignore the suppressive effects of her aura. He looked at Xu Xiaoxian calmly, "Gal, this is exactly how I look like, stop guessing wildly, I am not a Chu, and I don’t come from the Chu Clan, I am just someone ridding the world of an evil!"

"You’re a good person? Don’t make me laugh!" Xu Xiaoxian said angrily as she grit her teeth, "You are such a dishonest man!"

Chu Yu thought to himself, Don’t think that you are being honest just because you showed me a pretty face.

Who knows where you’re from? And what are your intentions?

He knew that Xu Xiaoxian was dangerous, potentially extremely dangerous!

If they really fought, he would be lucky to even escape.

Chu Yu began to suspect if there were really super sects with unimaginable resources and foundation?

Else, how could they have such a young Supreme Realm talent?

Someone so extravagant she could drive people insane?

For example, when his sister joined Tai Qing?

Could they do something like this?

When he thought of Chu Xi, Chu Yu began to reminisce. Ever since she left home, she had never returned.

Previously, she had sent some messages back, but now, it was a complete media silence.

She was probably working hard, cultivating. The only question was, what stage is she at now?

"Let’s go, brother Chu Yu, let’s go catch that lion!" Xu Xiaoxian smiled at Chu Yu and turned decisively.

Chu Yu rolled his eyes, "I am not Chu Yu!"

At the same time, he had his reservations.

"What’s up, are you scared?" Xu Xiaoxian turned back and smiled at him.

"Mm." Chu Yu nodded honestly, "I am scared of that lion, and you!"

"If I wanted to harm you, do I need to go through so much hassle?"

Xu Xiaoxian pursed her lips and rolled her eyes, "At your current level, you can’t even run away if I wanted to attack you."

Chu Yu thought about it, even though it was logical, he still felt something was amiss.

"Aiya, you’re such a big man, can you do it or not?" Xu Xiaoxian scanned Chu Yu, her gaze suggesting that she had some ulterior motive.

"..." Chu Yu was exasperated and said, "What’s the big deal, let’s go!"

But he thought to himself, If anything goes wrong, run!

This was not far from the city built by the Green Lion Lord. The two of them arrived shortly.

From afar, a brand new palace complex came into vision.

Inside the palace complex grew many ancient, skyscraping trees. These were definitely not here before. They must have been transplanted.

The entire palace complex stretched for more than a dozen miles!

Even though it was no comparison with the palace complex Chu Yu encountered in the ancient monument, this was not an ancient monument. This was a populated city filled with technology!

Seeing such an extensive palace complex here shocked Chu Yu.

The palace complex was extremely new, and it radiated a majestic aura.

Chu Yu was slightly shocked, he had not expected that the Green Lion Lord’s power was so great.

Building such a city was not something that could be done in a couple of days. But it took an extremely short time to complete the construction since its rise.

"Later, follow me, there are very powerful magical formations here." Xu Xiaoxian retrieved a magical equipment as she spoke.

It was an ancient bronze lamp. From the marks and scuffs, one could feel the effects time had on it.

Xu Xiaoxian rubbed her fingers and used pure energy to make a spark. She lit the lamp then began to walk into the city cautiously.

Chu Yu opened his vertical eye and found out that the route she was taking was indeed correct.

He felt a wave of emotion. Indeed, there were similar items out there. He had his metal ball that could see through illusions, others had magical equipment which could do the same.

Xu Xiaoxian was extremely cautious, she took Chu Yu along a long winding path and into a place.

What was strange was that they did not meet with any obstacles along the way.

This was an empty palace complex. It was extremely spacious and smelt of wood due to its nascency.

This wood gave out a strong aroma that Chu Yu could recognize even without seeing it.

Fragrant Rosewood!

All of the carpentry in the palace were made of fragrant rosewood.

The largest furniture made of fragrant rosewood was in the Forbidden City.

It was priceless, and could be considered a true legendary equipment.

However, in the eyes of a cultivator, that was no big deal. In the pocket dimension, they were surrounded by century old rosewood. Some of them were even thousands of years old!

The Chu Clan pocket dimension had an entire fragrant rosewood forest.

However, they were all treated as treasures and not chopped down at will.

It would not be possible to be as luxurious as the Green Lion Lord and make everything out of fragrant rosewood.

Xu Xiaoxian did not even look at it. She frowned at said, "The scent here is horrible."

She even swiped at the air in front of her nose, despising the smell.

Chu Yu was completely speechless.

Then, she began to set up her formation in this new palace complex. She kept taking out various items in front of Chu Yu.

When Xu Xiaoxian was setting up her formation, she was extremely serious and focused.

After busying herself for more than two hours, she heaved a sigh of relief, clapped, and said, "Done!"

In that moment, Xu Xiaoxian activated the magical formation.


In an instant, the entire palace became like a completely different world.

A terrifying wave of force came crashing earthward!

Chu Yu was almost crushed under the force. He quickly used the Tiger Courage Technique, allowing him to breathe easier.

He then looked at Xu Xiaoxian angrily, "What are you doing?"

"I’m letting you see the power of this magical formation? Else, you will definitely think that I am out to harm you! Furthermore, you have magical equipment which allow you to ignore the suppressive power, what are you afraid of?" Xu Xiaoxian cheekily closed the magical formation.

Yet, she began to reassess Chu Yu’s battle power.

The palace complex quickly returned to a calm state.

"And then?" Chu Yu was still angry.

He understood what this formation could do, and it was quite the terrifying formation.

If not for the Tiger Courage Technique, he would have been completely immobilised.

However, Chu Yu was still uncertain if it could trap the Green Lion Lord.

"And then isn’t it your issue?"

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, "It is scared of me, so it won’t come if it sees me. As such... you must be the one to lure it over. As long as you can lure it to this complex, our work is done!"

Chu Yu looked at Xu Xiaoxian in disbelief, "You know the Human Form Changing Technique, why don’t you go and do the luring?"

"Me? I am a girl! Is this how you interact with girls? Are you planning to be single your entire life?" Xu Xiaoxian blinked her eyes and looked pitifully at Chu Yu.

"Are you trying to harm me?" Chu Yu looked at Xu Xiaoxian angrily, not at all moved by her words.

This gal was way too weird, and he felt like she was up to no good.

If not for Chu Yu’s deep seated hatred towards the Green lion Lord and she provided an opportunity to take revenge, he would never cooperate with her.

"Why would I harm you?"

Xu Xiaoxian looked hurt and wronged. She said, "Look, I know a lot of your secrets right? But I never betrayed you! Else, just the Crane Saint's legacy itself... should be enough to set the world at your heels right?"

"You betray me?" Chu Yu laughed coldly, "People must believe you first."

Xu Xiaoxian pursed her lips. This was indeed a problem. The Human Form Changing Technique was really too magical, it would allow someone to morph into a complete stranger, unrecognizable by anyone else.

In order to see through it, one had to train in the same technique and be of a much higher cultivation level. Furthermore... one had to be able to deceive!

This was really no use. Chu Yu was extremely crafty, he would never admit to it. Furthermore, he could also morph into a completely different person and run away.

"Ok, enough of these rubbish, just one point, do you want to kill the Green Lion?" Xu Xiaoxian asked.

"Yes! To rid the world of an evil is something that I must do!" Chu Yu replied with determination.

Xu Xiaoxian rolled her eyes and looked at Chu Yu in exasperation.

She took a deep breath, "Then you must do something! You can’t possibly hope to enjoy the fruits without some labour right?"

"The Green Lion Lord is so much more powerful than me, it can kill me with a single slap."

Chu Yu stared at Xu Xiaoxian, "Are you sure you’re not sending me to my death?"

"Aiya, that fella is seriously injured, just run faster, you won’t die!"

Xu Xiaoxian said assuredly and explained, "After its expedition, it definitely suffered some serious injuries!"

"How would you know that?" Chu Yu looked at Xu Xiaoxian.

Xu Xiaoxian smiled cryptically, "This is my secret!" Then she looked at Chu Yu, "So are you going or not?"

At this point, a voice came through from outside.

The two of them immediately shut up and stayed still in the palace.

"Is our lord really hurt?"

"Shush... silence! If our lord hears you, he will kill you!"

"I didn’t expect that with our lord being so strong, it could..."

"Enough enough, are you tired of living?"

Chu Yu looked through the window of the palace and saw two crocodiles with the legs of humans walk past.

They were probably small guard spirits, not particularly strong.

Xu Xiaoxian also chimed in as she salivated, "We should boil some water to cook fish!"

"..." Chu Yu was exasperated as he looked back at this glutton.

"Go, quickly! I’ll tell you where the Green Lion is healing!" As Xu Xiaoxian spoke, she used her mental energy to give Chu Yu a map.

That map immediately appeared in Chu Yu’s mind.

"Its residence is marked with a red dot." Xu Xiaoxian said.

Chu Yu sensed the distance and realized it was nearby.

He finally nodded, even if this gal was out to harm him, he was going to take a chance!

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