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He really wanted to kill the Green Lion Lord.

Even if he did not express his hatred, it burned brightly in his heart.

Many of the incidents in the world were caused as a result of love and hate.

Without love and hate, where would the cause be?

Chu Yu looked deeply at Xu Xiaoxian, "If you are not out to harm me, I will definitely treat you as a friend!"

Xu Xiaoxian laughed, "You probably aren’t fit to be my friend yet. Brother Chu Yu, go, quickly!"

Chu Yu turned and left.

Just as he left, Xu Xiaoxian took out a magical equipment. This was a grey cape, upon putting it on, she became invisible.

"This guy is very smart, not easy to scam at all. But he is extremely emotional, he will do anything for revenge... he can still be used. I just don’t know if I can get the Crane Saint’s legacy from him... the universally superior pill master’s teachings! If only I knew the soul searching technique, then I wouldn’t have to go through so much trouble..."

Xu Xiaoxian murmured to herself as she began her preparation.

After Chu Yu left, he morphed into a huge crocodile and swaggered in that direction.

As he walked, he sashayed quite a bit.

When he arrived at the entrance to the Green Lion’s residence, a huge goldfish blocked his way.

"Little crocodile, is this somewhere you should be? Scram!"

Chu Yu grit his teeth, raised his leg and slapped this goldfish, "F*ck your mum!"

As he spoke, he attacked!

His attack now was extremely powerful.

An unimaginable wave of energy immediately caused the exquisitely constructed gate to crash to the ground, shattering it instantly.

Smoke and dust flew in all directions!

In an instant, Chu Yu took on the appearance of an ordinary middle aged man and bellowed, "Little croc lackey, the Three Leaves Sect is here for you! You have the audacity to call yourself supreme? You must be tired of living, come out and greet your dad!"


An earth shaking roar could be heard coming from inside!

The roar was filled with boundless rage!

"You’re courting death!"

A 30m long green lion leapt out in an instant.

Its aura was Earth-shattering and little tornadoes began to form around it!

How come it didn’t look at all injured?

Chu Yu turned and ran.

He thought to himself: Damn it, set up!

At the same time he screamed, "Xu Xiaoxian, quickly help me, your pet is revolting! If you don’t help me I am going to die!"

When the raging Green Lion Lord heard Chu Yu, it hesitated momentarily.

This moment of pause allowed Chu Yu to tunnel into the palace.

The Green Lion Lord lunged over, using its huge paws to swat at the palace!

"You little bunny, you dare to scam me?!"


A terrifying wave of energy rose from the palace. After which, the entire residence of the Green Lion Lord was covered with light.

Many of the newly built buildings all crumbled to the ground!

It was like the apocalypse!

Countless small demons were killed on the spot.

Chu Yu, who had rushed into the palace, was stunned. Actually, the entire Green Lion Lord... had already been covered by a magical formation!

This palace was just used to activate it!

This was the eye of the formation!


That gal!

How cunning!

By this time, Xu Xiaoxian had disappeared.

Chu Yu opened his vertical eye and observed his surroundings, wanting to rush out through the gap in the magical formation.

The Green Lion Lord roared in rage as its gaze locked on Chu Yu, "You little b*stard, you set up a magical formation in front of me... you’re tired of living!"

As it spoke, a ray of light shot out from its mouth and flew straight at Chu Yu.

He could suddenly feel the threat of death.

Chu Yu’s forehead immediately exploded with a wave of force which became a shield.

It immediately enveloped Chu Yu.

His vertical eye, which had completely absorbed all the spiritual energy in the Three Leaves Sect’s Spiritual Concentration Formation, was finally beginning to benefit Chu Yu.

Before, the only reason why it could only save Chu Yu in life or death situations was because its energy reserves were too low!

Now that it had a large amount of reserve energy, whenever it felt Chu Yu was in danger, it would become and energy shield.

Chu Yu did not understand what this wave of defensive energy meant.

To the Green Lion Lord, it was as if it had seen a ghost.

The beam of light that it had shot out was more than enough to reduce a Supreme Realm cultivator to pulp, but when it impacted Chu Yu’s shield, it did not even waver!

Chu Yu broke out in cold sweat and raged, "Xu Xiaoxian, this is your doing!"

"You little scoundrel, you have a helper?" The Green Lion Lord looked from above with glimmering eyes. It seemed not to know the name Xu Xiaoxian.

As for Xu Xiaoxian, she did not move, almost as if she had disappeared.

What a little b*tch!

What pet? Lies, all lies!

"Bullsh*t, have you heard of the Three Leaves Sect?"

Chu Yu’s eyes went cold, "You’re just a tiny dog, you have the guts to call yourself King of the Northern Territories? Have you asked the Three Leaves Sect for permission?"


The Green Lion Lord did not seem to care, "Your rubbish Three Leaves Sect dares to come here and find trouble? Weren’t hundreds of you smashed to pulp by someone’s hand?"

As it spoke, it began to unravel the magical formation. It wanted to break it before killing Chu Yu.

"Xu Xiaoxian! You b*tch, get out here now!"

However, at this point, Chu Yu used his vertical eye and saw that this magical formation had no weak point!

This magical formation was sealed from the inside!

Furthermore, he found traces of Xu Xiaoxian and realized that she was still in the palace.

When the palace was smashed by the Green Lion Lord, she had hid herself in a secluded corner. She had a concealing magical equipment which prevented any aura from leaking.

Harm me?

You just wait and see!

Chu Yu was furious, he knew this gal was up to no good.

It was a good thing this magical formation was strong and the Green Lion Lord did not dare to do anything willfully.

Xu Xiaoxian hid there, her heart filled with surprise. She did not expect that Chu Yu was strong enough to block an attack from the Green Lion Lord.

She had thought of helping Chu Yu out, not out of the kindness of her heart, but because Chu Yu still had the Crane Saint’s legacy.

What she did not expect was that Chu Yu had blocked it!

This surprised Xu Xiaoxian, she thought to herself, I must reassess this guy’s battle power.

If a life form near the True Lord Realm cannot kill him, he is almost at my level!

The Green Lion Lord was going crazy. He was already extremely adept at magical formations, and he had a set of superior ancient magical formation teachings with him.

However, it suddenly realized that it could not let itself out of this magical formation.

How is this possible?

The Green Lion Lord glared at Chu Yu, in its view, this must have been the work of this middle aged man from the Three Leaves Sect.

"I will kill you!"

The Green Lion Lord grit its teeth, its eyes filling up with hatred.

"That’s none of my business, this is Xu Xiaoxian’s work!" Chu Yu did not hesitate to give up that demonic girl.

However, the Green Lion Lord did not believe it. At its current level, it could not sense the presence of any others, this little b*stard must be lying!

The Three Leaves Sect... I will never let you off!

Even though the Green Lion Lord could not completely unravel the magical formation, it could still attack Chu Yu inside it.

It reared and launched another attack at Chu Yu!

A ray of sacred art, exploding with boundless murderous aura covered the sky and came crashing down on Chu Yu.


Almost like a dragon awakening in a lake, the magical formation released a terrifying wave of energy when the Green Lion Lord launched its attack.


Countless rays of attack landed on the Green Lion Lord’s body.

It actually seriously injured the Green Lion Lord!

Clearly, this magical formation had completely exceeded the expectations and knowledge of the Green Lion Lord.

"Hahaha!" Chu Yu laughed manically and mocked, "Little lion puppy, aren’t you gonna come here and greet your daddy, let me chop off your head and roast it!"

"I will kill you!"

The Green Lion Lord went into a frenzy as it launched another attack at Chu Yu.

This time, it was smarter, it did not use the sacred art. Instead, it used an attack made of pure energy.

This could penetrate the magical formation and attack Chu Yu!

This time, no reaction was elicited from the magical formation.

"Go to hell!"

The Green Lion Lord roared.


This attack was once again blocked by a shield from Chu Yu’s vertical eye.

Chu Yu retreated a few steps, but was otherwise unharmed!

"Little lion puppy, are you getting itchy?" Chu Yu could finally confirm that after absorbing a large amount of energy, his vertical eye now had unprecedented defensive powers!

"Ow ow ow!"

The Green Lion Lord was going crazy. As an old demon which had survived thousands of years as well as many dynasties, it could not stand being humiliated this way.

It did not care about the boundless energy in the magical formation. It rushed at Chu Yu, wanting to kill him on the spot.

Xu Xiaoxian, who was hiding in the dark, became excited, Aiyoyo, your hatred is comparable to that of mine!

She was stunned!

Chu Yu was running towards her and shouting at the top of his lungs, "Xu Xiaoxian get out here now! You are a helper that the Three Leaves Sect hired, do you want to see me get killed? If so, we will not compensate you!"

"..." Xu Xiaoxian was exasperated. Now that Chu Yu was screaming his head off and using her name, she was extremely frustrated.

She regretted telling this b*stard her name. Even though the lion did not know her, its backers did!

Once news of this spread, there would be trouble!

Damn it!

She had to seal his mouth!

Chu Yu tunneled into a space a few meters from Xu Xiaoxian.

The Green Lion Lord’s body was still bleeding from the injuries inflicted by the magical formation. However, it was hanging on with a powerful protective magical equipment. It swiped at Xu Xiaoxian’s location.

A terrifying wave of force exploded from the Green Lion Lord’s claw, almost like a mountain crashing to the Earth!

F*ck me!

Xu Xiaoxian turned and ran!

Her cultivation level was high. Like a bolt of lightning, she disappeared in an instant.


The initially dilapidated palace was shattered by the Green Lion Lord’s paw.

Xu Xiaoxian’s movement had also roused the Green Lion Lord.

It became more enraged, it did not expect that there was really another enemy.

After Xu Xiaoxian ran to safety, she began to control the magical formation.

A terrifyingly powerful sealing force exploded from the magical formation.

Chu Yu, who had also ran away, could also feel the suppressive power.

However, the Green Lion Lord felt even greater suppression!

It realized that it could only bring to bear the powers of a King’s Realm cultivator.

"Sealing magical formation... who exactly are you?"

The Green Lion Lord was stunned and angry.

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