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Chu Yu was calm at this point.

He did not know where this lady full of treasures had come from, but he didn’t really care.

He retrieved the toothpick box that the lady had placed on the table. The box was extremely exquisite, he could not tell what it was made of, but it was also a magical equipment.

Chu Yu was already a little numb to this.

He opened it and retrieved a toothpick.

His heart fluttered.

Fragrant rosewood!

This toothpick was made from fragrant rosewood!

Okay, as an underworld clan disciple, he didn’t need to be so excited over seeing fragrant rosewood.

The key issue here was that this wasn’t ordinary fragrant rosewood, the toothpick released a strong medicinal aroma. It also had a subtle ancient fragrance to it.

This wasn’t because the toothpick was made many years ago, this came from the wood itself!

This was probably made from an extremely ancient tree.

After learning the Crane Saint Pill Scripture, Chu Yu’s knowledge of medicines had already risen from an idiot level to one of an expert.

However, despite how surprised he was, Chu Yu still maintained his composure and picked his teeth with this precious toothpick.

He glanced at the girl, "After eating the dog’s leg that I grilled, not only aren’t you thanking me, you want to charge me?"

"Uncle, you must be true to your heart, touch your heart and tell me, is my alcohol good?"

The girl stared at Chu Yu with wide eyes.

"Alcohol... mm, it’s not bad." Chu Yu had just drank a cup of the alcohol that the girl had given him, it was indeed very good.

Even though he did not know much about alcohol, he could tell that this alcohol was extraordinary, probably aged for very long.

Actually, from the items that she had retrieved, one could tell that the things she took out were not lacklustre.

"Pretty good right? Do you know, this alcohol..." She stared at Chu Yu, nearly wanting to say something.

However, she choked it back and said angrily, "This alcohol is a really superior! It can do so much for you! For example, for an uncle like you, you must be a little empty, after drinking this, I assure you... hehe. Also, you sat on my chair, used my cup and toothpick etcetera, all of these are chargeable!"

Chu Yu slowly stood up and looked at the girl, "What else?"

"All of these charges I can waive, take it as thanks for feeding me." She looked at Chu Yu with her lively eyes.

"However, uncle, this dog is my pet’s pet. Since you killed it, you at least owe me an explanation?"

Chu Yu said righteously, "This dog and its owner have been extremely evil. They have killed countless people. Not only do I want to kill it, I want to kill its owner too. I will rid the world of this evil!"

The girl’s mouth twitched, almost as if she thought Chu Yu was kidding.

She looked at Chu Yu, "That must mean that uncle is from the Chu Clan?"

"No!" Chu Yu denied it instantly!

"Hehe, so you’re here for revenge. However, uncle, based on your current ability, isn’t it near impossible to beat that lion?"

The girl did not seem to be bothered by Chu Yu’s denial and she still smiled at him.

She seemed to size Chu Yu up and frown, "Uncle, you seem to be stronger than I thought, but let me remind you, the power of that lion is almost near the True Lord Realm. If you want to defeat it with your current ability, you will probably end up like this pitiful dog, fodder."

The girl sighed as she said, "No matter what, since I have eaten your food, let me repay you by killing that lion okay?"

"Hmm?" Chu Yu was stunned, unable to react in that instant.

Anyone in that position would not know how to react either.

She was just saying that the Green Lion Lord was her pet and that she wanted to settle the score with Chu Yu.

Now she wanted to kill her own pet?

"Why, are you unwilling?" The girl looked at Chu Yu, "Uncle, you cannot be too greedy. I only ate one dog leg, no, just three quarters of a dog leg..."

As she spoke, she raised her hand to wipe the grease from her mouth.

After obliterating the remains, she was extremely confident.

She looked at Chu Yu, "What else do you want?"

"You want to help me kill the Green Lion Lord? Isn’t it your pet?" Chu Yu looked at the girl quizzically.

The girl said flatly, "I had initially thought it was pretty good and I wanted to bring it under my wing. However, as it got stronger, it began to say one thing and do another. It is becoming extremely disobedient too. I initially told it never to kill humans, but it clearly did not heed my instructions. As such, what use is a disobedient pet?"

As the lady spoke, her eyes lit up and blinked her eyes as she looked at Chu Yu, "Uncle, have you ever eaten the meat of a Supreme Realm life form? Let me tell you, only a Supreme Realm life form’s meat can barely be considered a delicacy! The meat of a Xiantian life form is only a snack."

"..." Chu Yu’s mouth twitched. This girl was hopping so quickly between topics he had difficulty catching up.

"You’re really willing to help me kill it?" Chu Yu was still in disbelief. He still felt that something was not right.

"Mm!" The young girl smiled, "Don’t you think this is rather interesting? Uncle!"

The girl seemed to emphasize the word ‘uncle’.

Chu Yu’s heart leapt.

The girl glanced at Chu Yu, "However, I do have one request..."

Ah, so she does have a request.

Chu Yu thought to himself.

He did not really trust this girl. He did not know where she came from, it was almost as if she was enveloped in a layer of mist, making it difficult to see her clearly.

She was also rather weird and it was almost impossible to pinpoint what she was thinking.

Only one thing was certain, she was a glutton!

After only one meal, he had a deep impression of this girl.

"Let me see your true appearance!" The girl exclaimed all of a sudden.

Chu Yu looked confused, "What true appearance?"

The girl giggled, "You just merely changed your appearance, I also train in this technique!"

F*ck me!

Chu Yu was astonished once again.

He could feel that this girl’s face did not really match, but he did not expect that she had also morphed her appearance.

Furthermore, she trained in the ancient Human Form Changing Techniques, one of the 36 Heavenly Generals...

However, the technique he trained in was just Facebook... a spinoff from the Human Form Changing Technique.

This made him rather speechless.

"Why? Are you not willing to let me see your real appearance?" The lady frowned at said to herself, "Then let me guess your identity."

"..." Chu Yu looked at her, speechless.

"Mm, you definitely come from the Chu Clan... amongst all the people that lion has killed, the only one with any semblance of power to take revenge is the Chu Clan."

The lady sat there, hands supporting her head, blinking and murmuring, "According to my research, there are not many powerful people there, except for one mysterious young man... mm, you’re that mysterious young man?"

As she spoke, her sharp gaze was locked onto Chu Yu as she smiled hypocritically, "Am I right?"

Before Chu Yu could react, she frowned and murmured, "I have watched both the live broadcasts. You probably haven’t attained Xiantian, but you already possess the battle power of a Xiantian, no, not just that... you right now can probably smash most of the Xiantian cultivators on this Earth."

Then, her gaze locked onto Chu Yu again, "It would seem that the legacies you have on you are quite impressive..."

Chu Yu pursed his lips and looked at her, uninterested.

However, his heart palpitated, Where did this demonic girl come from? Her thoughts were so scattered, but she was so smart?

"Before, there was a mysterious but powerful Song hong, slightly clumsy in the way he did things. It was a good thing that he died, ensuring he did not cause any more trouble. Even though it was stupid, it wasn’t that dumb."

"That man was you too right?"

The girl looked like she had known this all along. She smiled, visibly contented.

"I don’t know what you are saying, you’re all over the place." Chu Yu pursed his lips.

"Whatever!" The girl rolled her eyes and said, "My intelligence is so high it is completely out of your imagination. However, rest assured, I have no intention of betraying you. Let’s kill that lion!"

She looked excitedly at Chu Yu, "I can assure you its meat will be extremely delicious!"

"Can you kill it by yourself?" Chu Yu looked at the girl.

"Rubbish, if I can, do I still need to ally with you?" The girl rolled her eyes.

Chu Yu contemplated. He analysed that the words of this girl were only partially true.

Chu Yu did not really believe that this lion was her pet.

In Chu Yu’s opinion, this demonic girl had always wanted to kill the Green Lion Lord. After finding out who he was, she hatched a plan... that was way more likely!

Damn it, even if he didn’t admit to it, this little demonic girl had already made it official.

"If you ally with me, are you sure you can kill a life form near the True Lord Realm?"

Chu Yu looked at the girl, "If I’m not wrong, at most... you’re in the elementary stages of the Supreme Realm?"

The girl blinked, "Of course I have a way!"

Then she looked at Chu Yu, "Just be direct, are you willing to cooperate with me?"

Chu Yu went silent, then looked at the girl, "I don’t even know your name, how much can I trust you?"

"You don’t even dare to show me your face, yet I trust you!" The girl rebutted without hesitation.

"Aren’t you hiding your true appearance as well?" Chu Yu laughed coldly.

"This is how I look!"

"Coincidentally, me too."

"You..." As the girl spoke, she looked angrily at Chu Yu. Then, her face began to morph.

An extremely beautiful and alluring face began to appear slowly in front of Chu Yu.

"My name is Xu Xiaoxian!"

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