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This figure was like a phantom. It moved around soundlessly and did not radiate any sort of aura.

It just appeared all of a sudden, almost as if it came out of thin air!

Chu Yu stared at that person, mouth agape.

That person did not even look at him, staring instead at the dog leg.

"How fragrant!"

"What kind of meat is this?"

"Why does it look like dog meat? Uhoh, it really is dog meat?!"

"You you you... you’re barbecuing dog meat?"

"Puppies are so cute, yet you’re eating a puppy?"

"That’s too much!"

"You’re such a jerk!"

"You must pay for your sins!"

She was a young lady. If one did not look at her face, she would be deemed a gorgeous woman.

Her waist was extremely slim, and she had a busty chest. Long, silky hair rested on her shoulders. Her skin was white and glowed in the sun.

She wore a pink princess dress which showed off her pencil thin long legs. She also wore a pair of crystal heels...

To be exact, she was quite a cute girl.

However, she had a rather unattractive face.

Chu Yu was quite disappointed. Just based on her figure, skin, soft and gentle voice, and an ordinary face, she was quite a catch.

However, if she had exquisite features...

Chu Yu was certain that she would be an absolute beauty no matter where she went!

She would be explosive!

What a pity...

Chu Yu exclaimed to himself.

The ordinary looking girl looked sternly at Chu Yu and said righteously, "As such, let me help you eat this dog leg!"

Her voice was sweet, her makeup cute, but when she spoke, she was not refined at all.

Chu Yu stared widely at her, "Little girl, which hospital did you come out from?"

"What hospital?"

"Mental hospital!" Chu Yu rolled his eyes, but he became more and more wary of this lady.

This girl had appeared too suddenly.

"You are the one who came out of a mental hospital!"

The lady blinked and stared at Chu Yu before looking at the headless body of the Black Dog Small Lord.

She exclaimed, "Isn’t this Black Dog Small Lord? God, you actually killed it, and want to eat it? You’re extremely outrageous!"

Chu Yu couldn’t help but roll his eyes, but he was actually shocked.

Where did this girl come from?

How did she recognize the naked body of Black Dog Small Lord?

"I had wanted to eat it for a long time, but I haven’t got to it, haha, uncle, well done."

The young lady smiled at Chu Yu, revealing her bright white teeth. She cocked her head to one side and said, "Ok, since I see that you’re quite appealing, I shall reward you, you can eat the dog leg from the Black Dog Small Lord with me!"

Chu Yu was exasperated, "Who are you? Where did you come from? Why do I have to share the dog meat with you?"

"The Black Dog Small Lord is my pet’s pet, who do you think I am?" Even though the lady looked rather ordinary, her eyes were bright and active.

As the lady spoke, she rolled her eyes, "I still haven’t settled the score with you for killing my pet’s pet!"

"Your pet’s pet?" Chu Yu’s heart fluttered as he suddenly realized what she was saying.

In the moment he lost concentration, the fire burnt a little too bright and charred a slice of the dog meat.

"Aiya! Be more careful, it won't be nice if it's overcooked! Damn it, can't you concentrate a bit more? Don't you know the spirit of the worker? Uncle!" The girl frowned and said.

"..." Chu Yu was speechless, he really wanted to smack the girl.

F*ck your spirit of the worker, I am a little flustered okay?

The girl stood there, not saying anything other then gesturing and rushing Chu Yu to be more focused in grilling the meat.

"Put a little more salt, I have a heavy palette!"

"Flavorless things are the worst to eat!"

"Where are the chili flakes? What other seasoning do you have! Put them quickly!"

"Aiya forget it, the original taste of things is still better, just add a little more salt..."

As she spoke, she snatched the seasoning box from Chu Yu and scattered a handful of salt on the meat.

"Are you trying to marinate the meat?"

Chu Yu’s mouth twitched as he looked at this outgoing girl, speechless. With so much salt, wouldn’t one die?

"What do you know?"

The girl said solemnly, "Uncle, you are getting on in age, don’t take something so bland, you need something a little saltier so that it’ll be nice!"

Chu Yu pursed his lips, wanting to roll his eyes.

He really wanted to use his vertical eye and observe this young lady.

However, he did not act rashly because he had a sneaky feeling, this girl... was not simple!

The boss of the Black Dog Small Lord was naturally the Green Lion Lord.

That crazy, delusional... king of the Northern Territories!

Chu Yu had always suspected who was backing the Green Lion Lord. Even if it was a True Lord Realm aged demon, in this era, it would also find it difficult to become the King of the Northern Territories!

When one was not at that level, one was not privy to that level of information.

As Chu Yu progressed, he managed to gain access to more information.

They were a lot of things he had no chance to find out about before, things that even if he found out he may not believe. However, now, he found them all extremely ordinary.

For example, information that the ancient sects already had Supreme Realm and better cultivators 30-40 years ago when the world was still sealed.

This was something that Chu Yu would not have believed in the past.

How could there be such powerful beings present? Those were mere legends...

But now, he knew that these were factual!

As such, if the Green Lion Lord wanted to become the King of the Northern Territories, there would only be one of two possibilities.

First: It was crazily arrogant, not knowing where it stood!

However, this possibility was slim, Chu Yu did not believe that a thousand year old aged demon would be so immature.

Second: It had a super special or powerful backer!

The special could be disregarded right now.

According to Villa Owner Dong, a thousand years ago, the Green Lion Lord was just a strong spiritual beast.

As such, there could only be one reason - it had an immensely powerful backer!

As of this girl, she had just told him that the Black Dog Small Lord was her pet’s pet.

Wasn’t that just saying that she was the Green Lion Lord’s backer?

Then, who is she?

Chu Yu kept flipping the dog leg whilst thinking how he was gonna dig up more information on this lady.

"You... should just focus on grilling the meat, don’t think about those random things, okay?" The girl blinked her eyes and glanced at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu smiled and raised his head, "What is your surname?"

"Xu." The girl waved him away rather impatiently, "I already told you, stop side tracking, uncle you’re so old already, stop trying to flirt! Just grill the meat!"

Chu Yu’s mouth twitched, he really wanted to spank her.

You’re the uncle!

Your entire family are uncles!

Then he thought better of it, better not bully a kid...

He controlled the magma fire and grilled the dog leg.

The magma fire was also very obedient. It did not jump, and it looked like an ordinary fire.

After he finished grilling, the eager girl immediately took out a huge wooden dining table from her storage ring.

That table was exquisitely carved and ancient. It had a strong aura of spiritual wood, and made one feel relaxed and happy.

Chu Yu looked on speechlessly as the young lady kept retrieving table cloth, exquisite cutlery - knives, forks, chopsticks...

She even had various types of alcohol and drinks...

She began placing them on the table.

Every one of them radiated with a strong energy flux.

One didn’t need to observe these too much to know that they were all magical equipment!

And they were of high quality!

For example, the chopsticks that she took out were clearly made of superior metal, and they radiated with strong energy.

They were probably no lower than the Supreme Realm!

Chu Yu was conflicted, where did this girl get all these superior equipment?

She was able to take out such superior magical items in the forms of cutlery and a dining table... was she one of the saints in an ancient sect?

"We are just eating a dog’s leg, do you need to do this?

Chu Yu saw the girl take out more items, for example, a candle holder, candles and other items. He almost fainted.

"Uncle, dining is a sacred act!" The girl said solemnly but slightly mockingly. She looked at Chu Yu, "What is more important than food?"

"..." Chu Yu was speechless.

Finally, the girl had finished her set up and retrieved two unbelievably exquisite chairs.

Pink in color...

And they were carved with Hello Kitty...

Chu Yu was completely speechless.

"Come on, let’s begin eating!" The girl said excitedly.

Chu Yu suddenly opened his vertical eye and observed the chair. He found that there was a huge magical formation in the chair.

It wasn’t placed to attack, it was a strong defensive formation.

Wow, this chair comes with air conditioning?

"Sit down uncle! I will not harm you, what are you scared of?" The girl rolled her eyes at Chu Yu. Then she sat down, poured herself a drink, picked up a knife and cut off a piece of meat. She put it in her mouth, visibly satisfied.

"Mm... even though the quality of the meat is not too great, but the flame was done controlled well, yummy!"

The lady began to wolf down the food.

Even though she was so excruciatingly detailed in her setup, taking out all sorts of exquisite cutlery, she was not in the least bit elegant when she ate. She was like a tornado!

In the blink of an eye, she had finished almost one third of the leg!

Looking at her slender body and small tummy, Chu Yu wondered where all the food she ate went.

After some thought, Chu Yu sat down.

He had to admit the chair was very comfortable!

He did not know what material it was made of, but after sitting down, he didn’t feel like standing back up.

At this time, the dog leg was almost half gone.

F*ck me!

Chu Yu was gobsmacked, Isn’t this a little too fast?

He didn’t think about anything else as he began to wolf down the dog’s leg with the girl.

The meat of a Xiantian life form was extremely yummy and contained a large amount of energy.

Each mouthful was extremely beneficial.

Finally, Chu Yu was able to eat about a quarter of the dog’s leg, the rest were all eaten by the lady.

There was nothng left but clean bone on the plate.

At this point, the young lady sighed and said satisfactorily, "That was quite addictive!"

After she finished, she stood up and looked at Chu Yu, a cunning look flashing in her eyes.

"Uncle, now that we have finished eating the dog’s leg, shall we settle the bill?"

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