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It immediately let out a whine.

Chu Yu’s attack was too vicious. It was pure energy morphed into an invisible spear which penetrated the Black Dog Small Lord’s body.

It entered through its neck and out its *ss, going through its entire body!

This wave of energy had completely snuffed out much of the blood, bones and cartilage of the Black Dog Small Lord, causing its cultivation realm to plummet from Xiantian!

In that instant, the Black Dog Small Lord felt a thick cloud of death envelope it.

At this critical juncture, the hair on its body raised and it barked loudly, "Woof woof woof woof!"

Then, it shook its body... almost like how it would shake off water after running through the rain.

All the fur on its body fell to the floor.

They were little mines filled with steel nails, and they exploded immediately!

They covered the entire area and fired towards the banquet hall.

Every strand of hair was faster than the speed of sound!

Even though most of it was directed at Chu Yu, a portion of it was directed at the crowd.

Villa Owner Dong’s expression was solemn as he took out a painting from thin air to block virtually all of the fur.

Ding ding ding...

The storm of fur hit the painting, the sound of the impact resonating throughout the room, but none of them managed to pass through.

Only then did Villa Owner Dong reveal his aura.

That oppressive aura was that of a King’s Realm cultivator!

A true cultivator doesn’t reveal himself!

Even Chu Yu did not imagine that this Villa Owner, who looked like a government official, was a true expert.

The Sacred Art from Villa Owner Dong had also helped Chu Yu block the fur.

Having shot out all of its fur, the black dog had become completely naked. Without a moment's hesitation, it turned and ran!

"Woof! The Dong... and the Chu b*stard, you will all die! Woof woof woof!"

Blood still dripped from its wounds. Coupled with it firing off all of its fur had made it very weak.

However, it needed to escape and report this to the Green Lion Lord.

But the Green Lion Lord was still at Jingpo Lake, and was not back yet. Else, you scums will be dead... as long as the lord so wishes!

"Leave your blood here, tonight, I will feast on your meat!"

What cause the Black Dog Small Lord to jump in fear was that the Chu Clan person gave chase.

He was bellowing behind him. His words caused it extreme fury and it wanted to turn its head to bite him.

But it didn’t dare, this man from the Chu Clan was too powerful!

He was a real expert!

Chu Yu’s speed was terrifyingly fast. Within a few steps, he had already caught up to the Black Dog Small Lord.

A dazzling ancient sword appeared in his hands.

Almost as if it felt something, the Black Dog Small Lord looked back in aghast, unable to hold back its terrified scream.


Chu Yu’s blade fell!

With a single chop, he had beheaded the Black Dog Small Lord.

A large amount of blood sputtered out, but it was all collected by Chu Yu using a small storage bottle.

This storage bottle was given to him by Shishi, not only could it contain dead animals, it could trap live ones as well.

However, its space was limited and could only contain one at any one time.

The beheaded Black Dog Small Lord did not die immediately. It’s eyes glowed with hatred as it stared Chu Yu down, "If you dare to kill me, the Green Lion Lord will never let you off! I am its loyal subordinate, it will definitely avenge me!"

Chu Yu was too lazy to argue. He walked over and sliced the dog’s head into half.

The Black Dog Small Lord died instantly.

Chu Yu turned back to look in the direction of the Black Dragon Lake Mountain Villa. Then he took the body of the headless puppy and disappeared from here in a few bounds.

He never returned to the Flying Dragon Lake Villa.

Even if the villa owner wasn’t trying to harm him, Chu Yu did not want anything to do with him for right now.

For a King’s Realm cultivator to hide so well, this person was well versed... in more than just cultivation.

Furthermore, he had deep links to the government!

Regardless of good or evil, Chu Yu did not like dealing with people with links to the government.

Furthermore, Chu Yu now understood that the Villa Owner Dong’s motive for linking up with the Chu Clan was likely so that they could join forces to fight the Green Lion Lord.

From Chu Yu’s point of view, he was more likely to be making use of the Chu Clan.

Villa Owner Dong did not give chase. He stood at the entrance to the banquet hall and stared into the distance.

Then, his fingers began counting. He frowned, sighed, and shook his head.

Then, he turned his gaze back.

He scanned the faces of all the people in the Flying Dragon Lake Villa.

He snickered coldly, "Amongst you... there is actually someone who linked up with the other side, and tried to put the blame on me? You have spoilt my plans to link up with the Chu Clan, good, very good!"

The crowd was completely silent, no one daring to look him in the eye.

Virtually no one on the outside knew how scary this owner of the Flying Dragon Lake Villa was.

In the past 20 years, he had come across a great opportunity in an ancient monument right here at the Flying Dragon Lake.

He was adept in more than just the Divination Technique.

These years, under his management, the Flying Dragon Lake Villa has been relatively low profile, but it has been growing stronger steadily.

For example, a youthful Invigorated Meridian Realm expert like Zhao Rui was one of the core disciples trained by Villa Owner Dong!

One must understand that cultivating Invigorated Meridian martial artist was a tall task, even for an underworld clan like the Chu Clan.

This was testament to the power of Villa Owner Dong!

If not for the sudden appearance of the Green Lion Lord, no one would have known that a small city like Dan Jiang would be hiding such an expert.

Even right now, not many people knew that Villa Owner Dong was this powerful!

Now, he was extremely furious, someone definitely leaked the news.

No, no, it wasn’t a leak, someone... betrayed him!

Villa Owner Dong said icily, "You all may only remember that it is difficult to predict the actions of those around me. But you all don’t know this, difficult does not mean impossible!"

In the square in front of the banquet hall, there were about 40-50 people.

All of them were people that Villa Owner Dong had spent time and effort to cultivate.

"I can know everything about any one of you here. How comprehensive you ask? Probably more comprehensive than your parents!"

Villa Owner Dong’s gaze was icy, but his tone was filled with pain.

"I am saying this not to threaten you all, but I do feel... heartache!"

"I would never have thought that there would be a traitor in the Flying Dragon Lake Villa!"

"On the surface, you are servers, chefs, security, cleaners... but in actual fact, you are al my disciples! And I treat all of you like my children!"

Villa Owner Dong’s voice was raised, his eyes filled with disappointment.

"Villa owner..."

From the crowd, a youth donned in chef’s clothing dropped to the ground crying, "I am sorry, I deserve to die... please execute me, I, I was afraid they would attack us and kill you, so... so I begged them and told them that your interaction with the Chu Clan was simply a moment of folly... hu hu, sorry, I was wrong! I was wrong!"

"Liu Zhuang, leave, just leave. Go wherever you want, don’t come back." Villa Owner Dong sighed and waved his hand.

In fact, someone as skilled in divination as him could easily determine who the traitor was. In fact, he didn’t even need to use divination, all he had to do was observe them.

He knew this group of people too well.

On the surface, Villa Owner Dong looked very solemn and shrewd, but in actual fact, he was a very compassionate man.

In this rapidly rising cultivation world, he had never thought of claiming the world for himself. All he wanted to do was to run his own Flying Dragon Lake Villa in peace.

He had treated this place like an escape from the real world.

He treated everyone around him very well. He gave them targeted coaching based on their personal strengths and weaknesses.

He gained much satisfaction from such mentoring.

As such, even in the face of betrayal, he could not bring himself to punish the man. He knew that this was not right, but he could not bring himself to do it.

Liu Zhuang was stunned, tears streaming down his face. He could even feel the disappointed gazes of his friends who he had grown up with.

"I was wrong, Villa Owner, I made a terrible mistake!"

Liu Zhuang suddenly took out a knife and pointed it at his chest.

Many of the people gasped in shock.




But it was too late, Liu Zhuang was a martial artist in the advanced stages of the Acupoint Charging Realm. If he wanted to commit suicide, no ordinary man could stop him.

The sharp knife had already penetrated his heart!

His face paled and he fell to his knees. With his final breath, he looked at Villa Owner Dong.

"Father, I’m sorry!"

After he finished, he fell to the ground and died.

At the moment when Liu Zhuang had brandished the knife to commit suicide, Villa Owner Dong had the ability to prevent the suicide from happening.

However, he hesitated, and did not expect that Liu Zhuang would be so decisive.

As he watched Liu Zhuang die, his eyes became watery as he fought to hold his tears.

He took a deep breath and said solemnly, "He is dead, it’s all over. Give him a proper burial..."

As he spoke, he turned to leave. His back was hunched and it felt like he had aged a lot in an instant.

Everyone left felt extremely uncomfortable.


Chu Yu did not go far, he had just entered a volcanic area near the Jingpo Lake.

This place was once a nation. Now, it still retained the infrastructure from the ancient times, but most of them were dilapidated.

Today, this place was covered with ancient, skyscraping trees. The entire place was filled with spiritual energy.

What a difference from before.

Chu Yu cut off one of the dog legs and barbequed it.

The fire was the magma fire!

Under Chu Yu’s firebending techniques, turning the fire up and down, the dog leg sizzled and released all of its fats.

A Xiantian Realm lifeform was a good boost to Chu Yu.

By eating this black dog, he was also deepening the feud between him and the Green Lion Lord.

Chu Yu did not care. From the moment that the Green Lion Lord had killed eight of the Chu Clan disciples, this had become a fight to the death.

Chu Yu even suspected if all of these were planned by that Villa Owner Dong?

By aggravating the situation, he could make the conflict between the Chu Clan and the Green Lion Lord worse and save the Flying Dragon Lake Villa in the process?

This was quite possible.

"Anyways, this old man has many hidden motives. He is also skilled in Divination, I need to keep my distance." Chu Yu murmured.

At this point, a figure appeared in Chu Yu’s line of sight, giving him a fright.

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