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This surprised Chu Yu.

Even though Chu Yu did not specially try to hide his movements, he had used Facebook to take on the appearance of an ordinary middle aged man.

Lord Thief and Old Yellow both walked in the darkness, opting not to show themselves in order not to alert the Green Lion Lord.

Chu Yu did not want anyone to know that he was here.

In the Chu Clan, only the highest leadership knew that he had left. However, his route and appearance were unknown to everyone.

Chu Yu did not even stop at the Dragon City, choosing instead to rush here instantly.

However, the moment he entered the city, someone came knocking on the door.

This made Chu Yu feel that he was being watched.

The person who came was in his thirties. He wore a friendly smile and was respectful.

However, this man’s energy fluctuations were not weak, it was likely that he was above the Acupoint Charging Stages. He was probably an Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artist.

"You sir must be from the Chu Clan? My sincere apologies for disturbing you. My name is Zhao Rui, the leader of my clan would like to see you." Zhao Rui was sincere.

"How do you know I am from the Chu Clan?" Chu Yu frowned, he was merely an ordinary middle aged man who was not radiating any aura.

"Outside of Dan Jiang city, you were sprinting like a bolt of lightning. It is clearly evident that you are a powerful man. Today, anyone this powerful visiting Dan Jiang city is probably from the Chu Clan..." Zhao Rui was full of smiles and he looked at Chu Yu sincerely.

"I am not from the Chu Clan, you have gotten the wrong person, I am just passing by."

Chu Yu frowned and his tone was slightly unfriendly.

He suddenly felt that Dan Jiang city seemed to be hiding something, things were not as simple as it seemed.

"I do not have any bad intentions, and I do not want to antagonize the Chu Clan. However, my master has admired the Chu Clan for very long and wants to understand more..."

"I am sorry, I really am not from the Chu Clan, also, I don’t think I have met your esteemed master?"

Chu Yu frowned, slightly frustrated.

This man was extremely respectful, as such, despite how badly he wanted to, Chu Yu could not bring himself to flare up.

Chu Yu secretly used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell Lord Thief and Old Yellow not to show themselves. He then instructed them to return to the Green Lion Lord.

"Mr Chu, please do not be mistaken, we have no intention of keeping an eye on you. My master has really admired the heroes of the Chu Clan for very long and has longed for an interaction. When you entered the city, you just happened to be spotted by someone. My master was informed and he sent me..."

Zhao Rui smiled and explained, "The key point is that recently, the Chu Clan’s reputation is resonating throughout the entire Northern Territories! Seeing how elegant you are, you must be from the Chu Clan!"


What elegance could an ordinary middle aged man have?

Chu Yu did not believe Zhao Rui’s explanation.

So what if the Chu Clan’s reputation preceded them?

Could it be that any high level martial artist that entered the city was from the Chu Clan? Obviously not!

Furthermore, there was an abundance of powerful cultivators in the Northern Territories.

Even though the Chu Clan was relatively powerful amongst the Underworld Clans, they paled in comparison to the ancient sects, clans, and schools.

Now that the ancient schools were all entering society, the backers of the underworld clans had also come out from their hiding.

This not only applied to the Northern Territories, but the entire China.

The number of powerful cultivators was definitely more than people imagined!

How could it be that he immediately concluded that Chu Yu was from the Chu Clan?

Chu Yu could not believe that not a single high cultivation person had passed by a place like Dan Jiang city.

"Tell me the truth, what makes you believe that I am a member of the Chu Clan." Chu Yu looked at Zhao Rui, quickly losing his patience.

He also began to radiate a wave of aura.

Zhao Rui suddenly felt a difficulty to breathe, almost like a huge mountain was pressing on him.

Zhao Rui’s faced paled and he said in a rather tortured fashion, "Mr Chu, please don’t be angry, I will tell you the truth..."

Chu Yu began to retract his aura, his expression still icy.

"My master is skilled in the technique of divination... two days ago, he predicted that you will enter the city today, as well as the place you will be staying at, I... was sent here to wait for you!"

Zhao Rui looked at Chu Yu, visibly scared, "I really do not have any ill intentions, and I hope Mr Chu doesn’t take offence. My master... also doesn’t have any ill intentions, he just wants to interact with the Chu Clan."


This would have been a more ridiculous reason.

But Chu Yu bought it!

In the ancient days, as well as today, even whilst the Earth was still sealed, there were many powerful individuals adept at the techniques of Divination.

This was a superior technique, the real Divination Techniques would leave people in awe.

What Chu Yu did not expect that there would be such an individual in a place like Dan Jiang city.

Luckily, he did not manage to predict who he was.

When he thought about this, Chu Yu felt a chill down his spine.

Even though Facebook was a powerful technique, some people did not need to recognize someone by their appearance.

It would seem that he would have to use Facebook with caution.

This was a timely warning for Chu Yu.

"Who is your master?" Chu Yu asked Zhao Rui.

It would be a little petty to deny his links to the Chu Clan now.

Zhao Rui smiled, "My master is the owner of the Flying Dragon Lake Villa."

"Flying Dragon Lake Villa?" Chu Yu frowned, he had not heard of this place before.

"Yes, it is about 70km from here. We have a car ready for you, as long as you agree, we can set off immediately."


Chu Yu looked at Zhao Rui and thought to himself, Isn’t the Green Lion Lord’s land in BoHai no more than about 100km from here?

Zhao Rui looked at Chu Yu and sighed lightly, "To be honest, we can also guess the reason why you are here. We initially wanted our villa owner to tell you this himself. However, I did kind of surprise you here, so let me tell you why."

Chu Yu nodded at Zhao Rui.

Zhao Rui whispered, "We are deeply saddened and shocked by the death of the eight Chu Clan disciples."

"We are the leaders here in Dan Jiang city. Our villa owner has some ties to the government and thus has quite the reputation here in Dan Jiang. All along, the city here has been quiet, until the Green Lion Lord appeared."

Zhao Rui sighed, then shook his head, laughing bitterly, "Actually, the first clan the Green Lion Lord has taken action against is not the Chu Clan, but the Flying Dragon Lake Villa. We are no more than 20km away, right at our bedside... we are equally frustrated about its appearance."

"The Green Lion Lord sent its lackeys to find our villa owner. It asked us to surrender to it and be its subordinate. It even gave our villa owner a title, Flying Dragon Small Lord."

As Chu Yu looked at the exasperated Zhao Rui, he couldn’t help but feel speechless as well.

Feathered Small Lord, Furry Small Lord, Black Dog Small Lord, Flying Dragon Small Lord...

These names were ridiculous.

Zhao Rui continued, "As our villa owner had links to the government, the Green Lion Lord was relatively measured. Even though it sent Black Dog Small Lord, it did not attack us. It gave us one month to consider, but we didn’t expect him to turn his attention to the Chu Clan so quickly."

"The methods were cruel." Zhao Rui sighed, "When it executed those men, it invited us over, clearing meant as a threat."

Chu Yu listened silently, amongst the eight who died, he knew one of them very well, Chu Fei.

He was slightly older than Chu Yu and was one of his cousins. Chu Fei was a great person.

When Chu Yu was ‘ruined’ back in the day, Chu Fei got into a fight with a group of people for calling Chu Tu trash.

He came back with a swollen face and boasted to Chu Yu that he just took out a group of idiots who had badmouthed Chu Yu...

As Chu Yu reminisced, he reflected on the distance that now separated them.

Chu Yu had been suppressing his emotions ever since he heard the news from the Chu Clan.

Now that he heard someone else mention it, Chu Yu’s heart ached. He took a deep breath and looked at Zhao Rui, "And so?"

"So, all these while, we have been waiting for the arrival of the Chu Clan. My villa owner used his divination skills to find out when such a person would come.

Since they were going to say it all, Zhao Rui decided not to hide anything else and told Chu Yu the full story. They were waiting here specially for a member of the Chu Clan.

"We know that the Chu Clan is silently becoming a huge power. They would never let something like this go so easily." Zhao Rui said.

"Yes, I had to come." Chu Yu calmed down.

This fury will burn slowly in his heart.

"Can we go and see the villa owner now?" Zhao Rui looked at Chu Yu in anticipation.


Two cars sprinted along the highway and they reached the famous Jingpo Lake area.

The scenery here was beautiful, the pristine roads flanked by the unique lava rock formations.

Even though the formation of these magma rocks was tens of thousands of years ago, they still radiated with an ancient aura.

"How good is this place!"

Zhao Rui sighed, "But now it is ruled by a bunch of demons, how comical."

Chu Yu glanced at him, not speaking.

The world had changed long ago, it was no longer an era where man ruled the Earth.

Many different species roamed and owned the same Earth.

However, the ideologies from thousands of years ago still remained.

Many of the people today still believed that they were the rulers of the Earth.

In fact, even in the ancient days, society was an amalgamation of many species.

Those demons who morphed into humans lived alongside us and were treated equally!

Perhaps, that was what the Green Lion Lord was thinking.

However, the method it was employing could not be worse.

After the cars travelled the area for a while, they travelled straight through a huge gate.

Chu Yu raised his eyes, the words Flying Dragon Lake Villa were imprinted in bold!

The people in the villa had known of Chu Yu’s arrival in advance. As such, a large group of them guarded the entrance. It seemed like they had been waiting for a while.

There was an aged man in his fifties waiting there. He was of medium build and wore a white robe, black pants, and a pair of leather shoes.

He did give off the vibes of a governmental middle man.

If not for the fact that Chu Yu forced the truth out of Zhao Rui, it would be difficult to imagine that such an aged governmental official would be so skilled in the Divination Technique.

"This is our villa owner, Mr Dong." Zhao Rui introduced before they got out of the car.

Villa Owner Dong walked towards Chu Yu, a smile on his face, "Hello Mr Chu! I am so sorry for bringing you here with such notice, please do not take offence."

Chu Yu shook his hand customarily, then walked into the Flying Dragon Lake Villa with him.

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