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One could not the extraordinariness from the outside. However, upon entering the villa, one could see that it was a huge area and the infrastructure was extremely intricate.

It was filled with greenery and water.

There were ponds and lakes everywhere. Even though it was winter, due to the abundance of spiritual energy, the ponds and lakes didn’t freeze over, and balls of mist hovered just above the water surface.

The place was covered in greenery and pavillions and lakes were scattered throughout.

"This is a good place!" Chu Yu complimented

Villa Owner Dong said, "Of course, we used to receive foreign dignitaries here!"

Villa Owner Dong began to reminisce, "Actually, it has been thirty years. Back then, I was just a fresh employee here."

Then he shook his head and sighed, "Time has flown by in the blink of an eye. I have become old and the world... has completely changed."

Villa Owner Dong welcomed Chu Yu into the depths of the Villa. They entered a small building with a huge conference room.

The two of them sat down and called for tea to be served. Villa Owner Dong went straight to the point, "Mr Chu must be here about the Green Lion Lord?"

Chu Yu nodded, "How much do you know about it?"

Villa Owner Dong sipped the tea and replied, "A lot!"

"I would like the hear about it." Chu Yu replied.

"There have been rumors about the Jingpo Lake area for thousands of years. There are even rumours that dragons roamed the waters. It is said that people capture it on film, but I have never seen one so I can neither confirm nor deny that fact. However, I do know about this Green Lion Lord."

VIlla Owner Dong was quite emotional, "It is a relatively ancient demon. It is at least a thousand years old. Furthermore, it used to be king in the ancient BoHai nation..."


Chu Yu’s eyes widened. He thought to himself, I had gone to primary school, you can’t hoodwink me like that.

The BoHai nation existed between 700A.D. and 900A.D.

This coincides with the Tang Dynasty. Back then, the nation’s capital was at a place very close to the Flying Dragon Lake Villa. That location was known as the Shangjing Longquanfu [1]

The BoHai nation then was extremely prosperous, and it was the center of the economy and culture of the nation.

It had gone through 15 generations of kings!

The royal family of BoHai were the MoHe people.

How could a lion possibly be their prince?

Ever since Chu Yu was ‘wasted’ at the age of six, he had been studying hard. As such, even though he was no expert, he was quite well versed in Chinese history.

Villa Owner Dong laughed, "Do you find it a little unbelievable?"

Chu Yu nodded and said, "Villa Owner Dong, I am also a Northener..."

"Hahaha, I know that Mr. Chu is a Northerner! We have the same ancestry!"

Villa Owner Dong was extremely fluent, and he had done his research into BoHai’s history. He recounted the entire history to Chu Yu.

Finally, he asked, "All of these that I have said are recorded in the annals. It shouldn’t be too far from what Mr Chu understands right?"

Chu Yu nodded.

"However, Mr Chu must understand that after the ancient BoHai nation disappeared, there were virtually no valuable items and documents left behind."

Villa Owner Dong looked at Chu Yu and smiled, "That is because BoHai was founded by a cultivator! His descendants were all cultivators. After the kingdom was broken, they had burnt all the documents and items, not wanting others to get their hands on them."

Chu Yu’s mouth twitched.

"Is the founder of BoHai that you speak of Da Zuorong? [2]

Villa Owner Dong nodded, "That’s right, it is him. Strictly speaking, he is not a cultivator, based on today’s classification, he was a martial artist in the advanced Acupoint Charging Realm."

"..." Chu Yu was exasperated, but did not rebut.

He knew that after the Earth had changed, many of the ancient legends had become facts.

As such, some of these historical people being disciples from sects in various dimensions was not completely impossible.

"In fact, you can find hints of these recorded in history."

Villa Owner Dong smiled and said, "For example, there were extremely powerful generals back in the Era of the Three Kingdoms. Some of them could take on a thousand, even ten thousand people! There was Lu Bu, Zhao Yun, Dian Wei... do you really think that these are ordinary people?"

Chu Yu was shocked.

Indeed, the battle power of these people were well recorded in history.

They were definitely extraordinary.

"The Green Lion Lord had been cultivating since then, and was one of the divine beasts of the BoHai nation. Because it was so spiritual and ferocious, it was given the title Green Lion Lord!"

Villa Owner Dong looked at Chu Yu, "That’s why it is correct for me to call it the king of BoHai."

"I would never had thought that Villa Owner Dong would have such extensive knowledge about this period in history!" Chu Yu exclaimed.

Even the recent history had been drowned in the tides of time, reduced to an insignificant wave in an ocean, not to mention history 6000 years ago.

Being so well versed in history and the happenings back then was no easy feat.

The things that Villa Owner Dong said today were stuff that even the historians specializing in BoHai’s history may not know completely.

Then again, they may not believe it.

"That is because, my ancestors were good friends with Da Zuorong."

Villa Owner Dong said with a sigh, "As time went by, there were many pocket dimensions which dried up and crumbled. There were also many stellar ancestors who fell after waiting endlessly. BoHai country is one of them."

Ancestor Da Zuorong was one of the powerful cultivators in the ancient times.

When the world was sealed, he brought along his people and set up a pocket dimension.

However, their population was too small!

Back then, not many people would have realized that they were in it for the long haul.

As such, they didn’t think that a large population was necessary to keep the bloodline going.

Back then, ancestor Da Zuorong had only brought along a few thousand citizens and another few thousand aides and servants into the pocket dimension.

After aeons, they managed to get their population up to about a hundred thousand.

However, most of them were wiped out after an internal war.

About 1000 years ago, the people left in the pocket dimension were no more than 50.

A whole pocket dimension was close to death!

"In fact, many of the ‘gods who came down’ were cultivators forced to leave their pocket dimensions." Villa Owner Dong said, "At least if they came out, they had a chance at survival. If they stayed in the pocket dimension..."

He shook his head and sighed, "In the ancient times, our world was known for being the most prosperous! The population numbers were mind boggling. However, the bloodlines which managed to last till today are no more than a thousandth of the ancient days."

He raised his head and looked at Chu Yu, "That’s why, we are very lucky to be able to see the world unsealed!"

Chu Yu nodded. Kids like him who were born after the world was unsealed were supposed to be the lucky few.

"The Green Lion Lord thinks then its bloodline is pure and that the entire Northern Territories belong to it. However, because of our links to the authorities, as well as my ancestors ties with Da Zuorong, it did not force us too much."

Villa Owner Dong looked at Chu Yu, "However, it killed eight of the Chu Clan disciples, and invited me to watch... this was clearly a threat. Aish, from that moment, I knew that it would be impossible to keep the people safe just by riding on my ancestors links with Da Zuorong.

At this point, Zhao Rui entered and whispered, "Master, the banquet is ready."

Villa Owner Zhuang nodded and looked at Chu Yu, "Since Mr Chu is here, let me be your host. Later, I will tell you more about that area in order for you to prepare yourself."

Chu Yu thought about it before replying, "Ok, many thanks for your hospitality!"

"You are most welcome, please don’t be so formal!" Villa Owner Dong said repeatedly, "It is our honor to be able to interact with a Chu Clan hero."

After which, Chu Yu followed him into the banquet hall.

Once inside, Chu Yu was stunned by the posh decorations.

Even though he came from a big clan, he had never seen such luxury.

It was hard to imagine that such a luxurious place could be found in a location like Dan Jiang city.

The service staff were well groomed and the utensils were set up to perfection. Every minute detail was refined to the highest standards.

It would seem that Villa Owner Dong wasn’t bragging when he said this place was used to host foreign dignitaries.

"Villa Owner Dong is too kind, I am slightly embarrassed." Chu Yu said.

"It is our honor to be able to host a member of the Chu Clan." As Villa Owner Dong spoke, he blushed, "To be honest, using my Divination Technique, I was told that I would only have a future by having a good relationship with the Chu Clan. Especially..."

As he spoke, he was suddenly speechless. His expression changed and he frowned at a black dog with blood dripping from its mouth.

Villa Owner Dong’s eyes flashed with anger, "Black Dog Small Lord, what have you done?"

This black dog had appeared without sound or introduction and it looked coldly at the crowd in the banquet hall, "Your people tried to stop me, so I taught them a lesson and detached them."

"You..." Villa Owner Dong was visibly furious, his hand trembling as he pointed at Black Dog Small Lord, "Your King said..."

"My King said that it will give you time to consider, not to engage the Chu Clan!"

The Black Dog interrupted Villa Owner Dong and looked at Chu Yu, "Chu Clan b*stard, come and meet your maker!"

"Who is the b*stard scolding?"

"The b*stard is scolding you! You... you dare to insult me?" The black dog was furious and it couldn’t resist but shout.

"See, dogs are dogs, revealing themselves at the critical junctures. Furthermore, you’re just a small lord... why are you so arrogant?"

Chu Yu rose and smiled insincerely at Villa Owner Dong and walked to the door.

The black dog, which was at the door, continued to bark, "Wu... Woof... Wu!"

"Stop barking wildly here puppy, scram!" Chu Yu said mockingly.

Villa Owner Dong was slightly worried, "Mr Chu, I did not betray you..."

Chu Yu turned back and glanced at the anxious Villa Owner Dong. Then he smiled and nodded, "I believe you!"

Then, he attacked!

The attack was directed straight at the barking black dog.

A wave of energy morphed into an arrow and fired off at an alarming speed.

Black Dog Small Lord also radiated a terrifying aura and attacked just when Chu Yu’s attack was launched.

It opened its mouth filled with razor sharp teeth!

The razor sharp teeth glowed as the chandeliers in the banquet hall shone light on it.


Black Dog Small Lord’s body was penetrated by a sharp wave of force.

Blood began to flow from the open wound.

"Little dog, don’t waste the black dog blood! I need it!" Chu Yu said loudly.


Black Dog Small Lord was nearly driven to insanity by that statement.

[1] Shangjing Longquanfu or Sanggyeong Yongcheonbu , also known as Shangjing (上京) or Sanggyeong , Huhan/Holhan Fortress or Dongjing (Eastern Capital), was the capital city of BoHai (Balhae)

[2] Dae Joyeong, or King Go, established the Balhae nation.

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