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After a brief delay, Chu Yu arrived at Chu Tianyu’s residence.

He found Second Elder Chu Tiannan, Third Elder Chu Tianhong, Fourth Elder Chu Tianhuang, Fifth Elder Chu Tianxi, Sixth Elder Chu Tiandong and his own father, Chu Tianbei waiting for him.

There were also a few other seniors gathered in the hall.

All of them were gathered in Chu Tianyu’s living room.

Chu Yu knew that something must have happened, else, the seven leaders of the Chu Clan will never appear here at the same time.

Even when the Three Leaves Sect launched an attack, there wasn’t such a huge turnout.

"Xiao Yu is here." Chu Tianhuang nodded at Chu Yu gently and greeted him.

Chu Yu bowed respectfully to Chu Tianhuang, "Fourth Elder, it has been quite some time."

Chu Tianhuang was slightly emotional, "I was out running errands. I only found out recently that you’ve regained your abilities and are just like before, the talent of the Chu Clan!"

Chu Yu smiled humbly, "Fourth Elder exaggerates."

Chu Tianyu cleared his throat and the entire hall went silent.

"Okay, now that everyone is here, let us begin." Chu Tianyu looked at the crowd solemnly.

Then he dived straight into the issue, "A few days ago, a powerful life form by the name of Green Lion Lord appeared in the Northern Territories..."

Chu Yu was stunned, he thought to himself, Isn’t this what Lord Thief and Old Yellow just told me?

"Initially, no one was paying much attention. Since the recovery of the Earth, humans and demons have kept their distance. Most of the conflicts were the work of individuals. However, this time, the Green Lion Lord has set up a city in the ancient land of BoHai and called himself the Lord of the Northern Territories."

Chu Tianyu looked at the crowd, "This initially had nothing to do with us. He is just a powerful demon, not at the level of demon king. Even if the Chu Clan cannot handle it, others should be able to. However, what we did not expect is that the Chu Clan is his first target."

"What?" Chu Yu frowned, a wave of anger flashing across his eyes.

He was furious. Forget the fact that the Chu Clan was the target of the Three Leaves Sect, now, even the demons want a share?

Did they think that the Chu Clan was a pushover? Did everyone want a piece of them?

"Just yesterday, an expedition team that we sent to pick medicine were captured, all eight of them."

Chu Tianyu stopped and looked at the others, "You have just returned, so you may not know this, but the eight of them have been killed."


"How did this happen?"

"Even if it wants to be a lord, we have no feud with it, why would it do such a thing?"

Chu Tianhuang, Chu Tianxi, and those who just returned raged immediately.

Chu Tianyu was solemn, his eyes flashing with pain, "Today, it sent back the heads of the eight men..."

"F*ck him!"

Chu Tianhuang was furious. He slammed the table, "How can we tolerate this? Kill it!"

Chu Tianxi also said coldly, "We have no feud with it, yet it is so merciless. Don’t we have poison pills? Kill it."

"We cannot tolerate this." Chu Tiandong said in fury.

At this point, Chu Tianyu placed his gaze squarely on Chu Yu, "What do you think?"

The others stiffened, no one expected Chu Tianyu to place a young one like Chu Yu in such high regard.

It would seem that the rumors on social media about Chu Yu were true. Furthermore, it would seem that there were many things that eluded them.

Chu Yu said, "Just now, I had two friends who came over and told me about this. However, I did not expect that the Green Lion Lord would set its sights on us."

Chu Yu’s eyes glowed with fury, he initially had no intention of antagonizing something like the Green Lion Lord.

However, even without doing anything, it had presented itself.

"Did it have anything to say when it returned the heads of our men?"

Such a threatening action must have been accompanied by a message.

Chu Tianyu said, "It had someone tell us to surrender within three days. We are to leave this place and head for its territory at BoHai. Else, it will make our blood flow like a river. It also said... it’s not afraid of our poison, it has a way to kill us anyways."

"F*ck him!"

Chu Yu said coldly, then added, "A beast acting like a human. What a b*stard, learning the three day deadline..."

Chu Yu was quite astonished, the Three Leaves Sect had also set its eyes on this place.

Now, a Green Lion Lord also wants the Chu Clan to move... could it be that it too has set its sights on this land?


As he thought about it, Chu Yu looked at all the elders in the room. He stood up and clasped his fist, "I would like to go to BoHai to take a look."

Chu Tianbei shuddered slightly at the thought and he looked at Chu Yu, visibly conflicted.

As a father, he did not want his son to take such a risk.

However, as a member of the clan, this would be the right move for the clan.

As such, he could not possibly refuse Chu Yu’s request.

What he did not expect was that Chu Tianyu shook his head and looked at Chu Yu, frowning. "We can all understand your emotions, but right now, you are the only hope of the Chu Clan... including the Chu Clan pocket dimension! The Chu Clan’s future is in your hands!"

This was the highest compliment. Chu Tianhuang, Chu Tianxi, Chu Tiandong and those who just returned were all shocked.

Their impression of Chu Yu had just risen, but they did not expect that Chu Yu was even more stellar than they imagined!

As members of the clan, they were acutely aware of the righteousness and seriousness of the two leaders.

They would never say something that they were not certain about.

Chu Tiannan said to the side, "We cannot possibly risk your life this way. Let someone else take on the dangerous work. We called you here because we are afraid that the weasel and the sparrow might try to trick you to go over."

This statement was rather straightforward, and it revealed the attitudes of the elders.

They did not believe Old Yellow and Lord Thief.

Chu Yu wanted to speak but Chu Tiannan waved him off, "There is a reason why we do not trust them."

Chu Tianyu nodded and said, "They are demons after all!"

This statement caused the entire crowd to go silent.

They couldn’t say that the leaders were overly suspicious. The divide between humans and demons was not formed within a day.

These were ideas passed down from generation to generation.

Even though there weren’t a lack of life forms who had betrayed the demons, they were an insignificant few in the grand scheme of things.

Even though Lord Thief and Old Yellow were on good terms with Chu Yu, they were still demons.

Chu Tianyu and Chu Tiannan’s worries were not completely unfounded.

However, Chu Yu was still willing to trust them.

As he thought to himself, Chu Yu smiled, "First Elder, Second Elder, seniors, please let me go for a walk. Rest assured, I have the ability to protect myself. If I really cannot, I will escape. Our Chu Clan brothers cannot die for nothing. I would also like to see where this Green Lion King gets his courage from."

After he finished, the entire meeting room went silent.

All eyes fell on the two leaders.

After a long time, Chu Tianyu laughed bitterly, "It is said that the older you get, the more timid you get. The Chu Clan’s position today was not gained by being timid. However, Chu Yu, you are really too important to the Chu Clan..."

Chu Tiannan nodded, "Just with the poison pills, we can be in a position not to be defeated! Not only can it be used defensively, if needed... we can use it to attack. I think, at the critical moment, we can let this Green Lion Lord understand that the King of the North is not an easily gotten position.

It was clear that the two leaders did not want Chu Yu to be in danger.

Just like what Chu Tianyu said, they were not scared of the lion, but they were scared that something untoward may happen to Chu Yu.

However, under Chu Yu’s insistence, he still set off for the Dragon City with Lord Thief and Old Yellow.

On the way there, Lord Thief asked, "Your family is okay with you coming with us?"

Old Yellow replied, "Definitely not, but I am sure that boss knows what he’s doing."

Chu Yu had already morphed into an ordinary middle aged man. His body did not leak any aura, but his every step covered massive distance.

In order to achieve its aims, the Green Lion Lord had chosen to attack the Chu Clan. This necessitated retaliation from the Chu Clan.

Surrender to a beast?

No one would agree to that!

Even if it was a demon lord, the Chu Clan would never agree to it.

They would not even accept playing dead and not reacting to it.

It would be too passive if they just waited for the Green Lion Lord’s sect to attack.

Since the deadline was not reached, it would be wise to go scout it out and find out more about their opponent.

When facing a Supreme Realm cultivator, Chu Yu was not so wildly arrogant to think that he could deal with it himself.

But it was necessary to understand the situation.

Old Yellow said, "Even though humans and demons have our differences, Lord Thief and I are only what we are today thanks to your help. We will harm others, but we will never harm you. This time, the two of us snuck out, the Green Lion Lord is out for a couple of days to check out the Jingpo Lake."

"Mm, even though you can be quite a pain sometimes, I am not a bird who forgets his benefactor!"

However, for some reason, Lord Thief’s tone was capable of changing even the nicest sounding of sentences.

Chu Yu looked at the beasts and smiled. Even if he didn’t say it, the two of them could guess.

Even though they may be jerks, but deep down, they are loyal life forms.

Chu Yu did not believe that they would betray him. Furthermore, he had more than a couple of ways to escape!

As he began to understand more and more about the Crane Saint Pill Scripture, he was able to refine more and more types of pills.

The group of beasts brought Chu Yu southwards towards the BoHai region.

This was the fort of the North, Dan Jiang city.

This was about 10 kilometers from the BoHai ancient city.

To Chu Yu, it was just a blink of an eye away.

When they arrived here, Chu Yu realized that these small cities were also filled with cultivators.

Even though they were virtually all Elementary Acupoint Charging Realm martial artists, they were in abundance.

He could not help but feel that this world had become a cultivation world.

When Chu Yu just arrived at Dan Jiang city and found a hotel to stay in, there was someone looking for him.

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