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"The mission this time is very simple …"

Anthony, who had opened his eyes, smiled and said, "We just need to guard the first level of the underground base."

The moment he finished speaking, the crowd burst into an uproar. Especially Olam, who stood up and shouted, "Why? Captain? Do you want us to hide like cowards until the exam is over? No, if that's the case, I'd rather join another team. I, Olam, can only be a warrior who dies in battle, but I will never be a coward who lives! "

In this era where heroes were needed, there were plenty of people with ideas like Olam's. But in reality, before escaping, no matter what reason it was, it would be looked down upon and despised by others. Even some military institutions would treat these deserters by execution.

Of course, this was not a real war. If the vanguard team was only there to preserve their lives without taking the assessment, they would only be eliminated afterwards and not executed. But with this, he would have to live with the title of a coward for the rest of his life. The vast majority of people were unwilling to accept such a thing.

But as soon as Olam finished his sentence, Lucca pounced like lightning, slapping him in the face with his palm. Lucca, who was much thinner and thinner than Orloff, directly flipped this big fellow over on the ground with the explosive power of the fifth step.

Olam was about to say something, but Luca's lightning fast kick landed on his chest, and the force was like a burst of fire, crushing the big man's chest so hard that it nearly broke his sternum, stopping his words in his throat.

"Idiot, Captain actually said that, he must have his reasons. You just can't let him finish. "

After a symbolic kick to Olam, Luca sat back down. He was clearly trying to teach Ojim a lesson, but in reality, he had saved the life of this reckless big guy. You have to know, when we first entered the camp, the vanguard team had a total of seven people. But now there were only six, and as for the missing member, it was because of Anthony's inappropriate plan at one of the war conferences and his strong opposition to it. The next day, however, the man went crazy and was kicked out of the new barracks.

However, with the exception of Lucca, no one knew that this person was not crazy. Instead, he had caused Anthony to go insane with his abilities.

Anthony's profession was an explorer. Other than regional scanning and Soul Linking Chains, Anthony also had another unknown ability, which was the advancement of his Sensory Perception Domain, called Spiritual Shock.

A spiritual attack, using the willpower of the capable to unleash an offensive shockwave at the spiritual level. Only a life form with a strong willpower or completely lacking willpower could resist the damage caused by the spiritual impact. As for that crazy team member, he was naturally unable to withstand the mental attack from An Lennie. As a result, his own mental breakdown turned him into a lunatic.

Anthony was not a generous man, and could not stand to be questioned. If it wasn't for the fact that Lucca had taught Orlam a lesson just now, Anthony would have secretly launched his spiritual attack, turning this big guy into another lunatic.

Looking at the pained expression on Oram's face, Anthony knew that Lucca's few blows had added fuel to the fire. As such, the faint silver light in his eyes dimmed. He smiled and said, "Luca is right. Ladies and gentlemen, I value my reputation more than any of you, and I will never bear the mark of a coward. Staying on the first floor is a matter of strategy, not survival. "

The other melee esper, Gale, frowned and said, "Captain, can you explain it more clearly?"

"Simply put, it was Instructor Kalio's hint."

"What hint?" The people below asked.

"There's no limit." They came to the same conclusion as Feng, and Anthony said, "Have you forgotten that the instructor said that there are no restrictions on this mission? This means that we can do anything. If that's the case, why should we risk our lives to rush into the underground base? As long as we wait for Rankin, that idiot, or Windrunner's squad to return from the fifth floor and take back the experimental diaries, we'll just have to fight for them at the exit of the first floor. "

"The mission requirement is to retrieve the experimental diary, but how did you get it? Instructor Kalio doesn't have any restrictions." Afterward, Anthony looked at Orloff and said, "We don't ask about right or wrong in war. We don't look at the process. We only see the result. As long as we win, do you think that anyone would care about how we win? The result, is only the result! "

With Anthony's repeated emphasis, Lucca showed an expression of agreement. There was no doubt that Anthony's plan was simple and feasible. Currently, the number of casualties in the team had been minimized. It was conceivable that the other two teams would be obstructed in their eagerness to get hold of the experimental diary and enter the underground base. Even if they could bring out the experimental diary, these people would definitely be exhausted by then. On the other hand, the vanguard team was waiting patiently. There was nothing cheaper in this world.

Although they would be a little mean to win, how many wars were fair and square. As Anthony said, those high above focused only on the outcome of the war, not on the course of the war.

Just like this, the three teams welcomed the day of the exam with their own preparations.

Early in the morning, he was in an SUV parked in the barracks yard. The instructor was wearing sunglasses. He covered most of his forehead with his hat, but he was dozing off with his eyes closed. Next to the Land Cruiser was a convoy of soldiers. The convoy would take a total of twenty men from the three squads to the Cossack military base.

He didn't have to wait long before the trainmaster told him the recruits were coming.

He picked up his hat, took off his sunglasses and headed in the direction of the new recruits' quarters. The group of Windwalkers that walked out from the corridor of the dormitory building was led by Zero. Zero was still wearing the same appearance, wearing the battle uniform of the Night God, carrying equipment that could replenish ammunition, as well as a sniper rifle, Colt. Behind him were Su and Feng, two melee Adepts. They were equipped with a machine gun, as well as their usual weapons.

The one who changed the most was Ma pei. This black warrior belonged to the mutated domain ability category. His combat strength was the armored rhinoceros behind him, so Ma pei basically didn't carry any weapons. But today, he had a high-temperature flamethrower on his back. This piece of equipment looked like a shiny silver metal box. The metal box was filled with a flammable liquid. When needed, by activating it, it would turn into a high temperature flame of more than 1000 degrees celsius, and by shooting it out through the two injectors hanging on both sides of the metal box, it could form a fan shaped flame region to kill and kill enemies.

With this equipment, Ma Pei looks like a futurist in some science fiction. As for Maple himself, he was also very pleased with the new equipment and said he thought it would be treated as a conventional weapon to be assembled.

Caelio jumped out of the car and said loudly to the rest of them, "Looks like you're confident, boys."

When the others heard this, they all began to laugh. After greeting him, they climbed into the transport. "Don't push it, boy," he said. Only by living will there be hope. "

Zero nodded and jumped into the transport.

The instructor looked at him strangely as he returned to the SUV. In the teacher's impression, he rarely said such concerns. Kalio glared at the instructor and bellowed, "What is it? I like this kid, do you have any objections? "

The teacher quickly turned away, making a big association on the word "like".

Soon, the other two teams were finished assembling. On the transport, Langken was still the same as ever, full of hostility. On the contrary, Anthony greeted him with a smile when he saw Zero. It was just that Zero Sensing that Anthony was an extremely shrewd person, he managed to deal with him with a few pleasantries.

However, the people sitting in the car weren't fools. After three days, even the most foolish of people could tell that Instructor Carrion's words had no limits to them. Thus, it could be said that from this moment onwards, the three squads would become mortal enemies. In this situation, Anthony could still talk to Zero as if nothing had happened, which showed how deep this person's shrewdness was.

"Drive." When he saw that everyone was present, he shouted.

Then, the sound of the engine rose one after another. The off-road jeep carrying the instructor and the transport full of soldiers left the new barracks and headed towards the west exit of Asgard.

In the middle of Asgard, in the highest building, above the Twelve Sovereigns' Hall, Ben set down his telescope. Just now, he had watched Zero's convoy drive away from Asgard. Ben knew that there was a military base waiting for them nearly a hundred kilometers west of the Jurassic Mountains. There, Zero and his team will undergo a rigorous examination.

Whether they could successfully pass the examination would depend on their strength and luck.

"Father, I think letting someone as important as Zero to participate in a life and death assessment is a bit too child's play." After all, he had been one of the thirteen people who had successfully changed the plan to create an artificial god. All his data are of incalculable significance to us, and I think you will understand by looking at the man in Asmo. The potential for zero is great, if we accidentally lose our lives because of this assessment, it will be a huge loss to us! " Valkyrie, dressed in a Victorian outfit, said in a solemn voice.

Ben's wrinkled face broke into a smile. He turned and said, "My dear daughter, since you know that Zero is one of the man-made gods, you should know that he won't die that easily. We all have to have faith in him. If he died just like that, it would only mean that he wasn't the main character of this era. What our Heroic Spirit Hall needs is definitely not a supporting role. "

The main character and supporting role? My dear father, then what role do I play in your heart?

She was lost in thought for a while. At this moment, Ben's voice was heard.

"I remember that you came for the blood sample of zero. What, did you find something new in his blood?"

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