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Chapter 2425 - I Can Let You Go?

The sand mountain became calm.

The violent explosion disappeared.

The movement beneath the sand also disappeared.

Everything calmed down, as if nothing had happened.

Only a single Long Fei was left there.

Long Fei's eyes were blank as he looked around him. In the endless desert, he could not see any difference.

"King Kong!"

After a long time.

Long Fei then roared out, he ran forward with all his might, frantically digging the sand.

Ten minutes.

He dug a few meters deep hole. His fingernails were broken and his fingers were bleeding. There was still no sign of King Kong, and so were the others.

The Golden giant swallowed them up and brought them away!

Long Fei clenched both his fists tightly, the veins on his forehead bulged, and he roared towards the sky: "Those who touch my brother, die!"

He pushed himself to the limit.

It bounced up from the crater and fell down.

He picked up the iron box left behind by the princess sand moon on the ground, and with another leap, he rushed towards the direction in which the Golden giant had disappeared.

He was furious.

He did not expect that when the Golden giant attacked him, it would actually attack King Kong and the others at the same time.

From this, it could be seen that this Boss was not simple.

"I don't care who you are!"

"Who cares what kind of Boss you are. If you attack my brother, you will be prepared to face eternal damnation." Long Fei said as he gnashed his teeth in his heart.

whoosh whoosh … *

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *


From the top of the mountain to the top, he jumped continuously. In the desert, Long Fei's figure was like a streak of white lightning.

After four whole hours, Long Fei did not rest even a second.

They were all chasing with all their might.


He was lost!

There were no auras of desert giant scorpion around, nor were there any auras emitted from Transformers and the rest. Other than the sand, there was only sand.

It was the same everywhere. They had no idea where the Golden giant had brought them to.

"Ahh …"

Long Fei crazily roared, "Come out!"

The sound spread for tens of kilometers, but … There was no response at all.

The Savage Desert was simply too big.

In the desert, Long Fei was as small as a grain of sand.

No one could be seen.

He could not see the demon beast.

Not being able to see anything alive, Long Fei was like a person abandoned here, lonely and helpless.

It made everyone panic.

Long Fei ran once again.

Another few hours passed, and the scorching sun set, but he still could not find anything.

Hu hu hu hu ….

"Huff, huff …" Both of Long Fei's hands pressed against the ground as he panted heavily. His body was already covered in sweat, the scorching sun and the sand crazily absorbing all the water in his body.

After an entire day of madly sprinting, Long Fei's physique had reached its limit.

Without water, no matter how high his cultivation was, he would die here.

This was the law of nature.

In an ordinary place, Long Fei could have stopped eating and drinking last month, but in this desert, the water in his body drained away too quickly.

Furthermore, he was running at full speed. Even though he had the protection of the armor, his spiritual treasure was powerless in the face of the natural laws of the world.

He couldn't last a day.

This was also the terror of the Savage Desert. No matter how powerful the powerhouse was, they would not dare to rashly enter.


Long Fei rolled his body, laid on the scalding sand, looked at the sky, and muttered: "Long Fei, Long Fei, oh Long Fei, why are you so useless? You can't even protect your own brothers? "

"What the f * * k are you still treating this as boss?"

"Now you can't even protect the people around you, what are you going to take to the god's sect gathering, what are you going to take to fight against the Zhao Family? What are you going to use to challenge Yi Yourong's master for? "


Long Fei clenched his fists tightly, feeling extremely unwell in his heart.

He was unhappy with himself.


And then …

Long Fei suddenly flipped himself around and sat up. He knew that complaining at this time would be of no use, giving up would only make him even more depressed and would only make him even more useless.

"I have to find King Kong."

"There must be a way."

Long Fei calmed himself down, and continued to think, think, and recall every single word that the princess sand moon had said.


Long Fei discovered a detail.

When princess sand moon took out the black iron box, all sorts of desert giant scorpion's roars and explosions could be heard from afar.

"An iron box …"

"Sky Fire!"


Long Fei's gaze tensed up, he immediately took out the iron box from the Space Ring s. The moment he took it out, the runes on the box seemed to ignite again.

Scarlet flames appeared.

At this moment.




Irritation... A furious roar came out, and it was not far from Long Fei, less than ten kilometers away.

It raged wildly.

Waves of roars rang out.

The night sky was shaking.

The sand around Long Fei trembled and tumbled, as if there was a gigantic monster in front of him.

Long Fei's eyes turned sinister as he said in a low voice: "Damn, we finally found it!"


Long Fei quickly put away the iron box.

It was also at this time.

The cries of the demon beast disappeared and quickly returned to normal.

Long Fei looked at the iron box in his hands and muttered to himself: "Looks like the things inside can either make them go crazy, or make them panic."

"Sky fire?"

"What kind of flame is it?"

Long Fei was curious about the things inside the metal box.

What kind of flame could allow a race to spend a hundred thousand years to gather, refine, and tame?

For this.

He had to pay the price with his life.

What kind of flame was it?

Long Fei thought about how he had fought his way through the heavens in his past life, and said faintly, "Could it be that he's even more powerful than the Heavenly Flames?"

"Forget it!"

"Now is not the time to think about this." Long Fei kept his curiosity. Even if he was, now was not the time. Was King Kong still alive?

Long Fei was most worried about King Kong.

And then …

Long Fei completed marking the road and quickly moved to the back. Ten kilometers was still a little too close.

Ten minutes later.

Long Fei moved a little, looked into the distance and said: "You captured my brother, right? You like sneak attacks in the sand, right? Fine! "Then laozi will let you see what a sneak attack is."

The idea connected to the 'Alien queen' in the war pet space.

Alien queen immediately woke up when he sensed Long Fei's idea's summon.

Just when Long Fei was about to summon the Alien queen …

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Kai Linna fell from the sky, not smoothly landing, but his entire body was instantly smashed down, his entire body was filled with wounds, and blood continuously spurted out from his mouth.

Long Fei's face tensed up, and immediately helped Kai Linna up, "What's the situation?"

Kai Linna hurriedly said: "Go, go … "Hurry up and leave."

Kai Linna did not belong to the warriors of the Zhen Wu continent. What realm was her cultivation in compared to the warriors of this world?

Long Fei felt that Kai Linna was very strong.

It would at least be a Mahayana Realm, or an even higher one.

However …

He was actually heavily injured!

Long Fei was in a bad mood, the anger in his heart had inflated to the point of bursting. "F * ck, touching my brother … You're still hurting my woman? "

"How could I let you go?"

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