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"So, you finally saw how impressive I am, right?" Zhao Yu, who was in one of the waiting rooms in the hospital, was speaking to Zeng Ke and Wu Xiumin, his voice filled with smugness. "From the very beginning, we have been led by the nose, so now what? I finally got ahead of him! Hehehe…"

Then, Lao Feng who was hit by Zhao Yu with a club, was sent into an observation ward. Just in case, the police sent ten armed police detectives to keep watch of him. Once he woke up, they would immediately interrogate him.

However, Zhao Yu's attack had been accurate and brutal. By the looks of it, he shouldn't be waking up anytime soon!

"I… I still don't quite understand…" Zeng Ke shook his head and asked, "Team Leader, how could you be so sure that Lao Feng would definitely come back?"

"Of course I was sure!" Zhao Yu was getting carried away by his success. "How long have I been around? He lifts his butt and I know that is he going to take a sh*t… Mm…" After he realized he had made an indiscreet remark, he quickly made changed the subject. "Actually, it is simply because of my years of experience! Hehe…"

He then continued. "You saw that, too. Last night, after I arrested the two criminals, who was supposed to keep watch? Lao Feng, who was the mastermind! He never thought of running away or rescuing people, only of killing them to shut them up! From that… What can you surmise?"

"Mm…" Zeng Ke dared to be the first to answer. "Maybe it meant that Lao Feng didn't want the two persons to fall into the police's hands! Otherwise, his identity would be exposed!"

"That's not right!" Qu Xiumin disagreed. She then quickly added, "Lao Feng should have known that it was just a matter of time before his true identity was discovered! As he was in such a hurry to kill them to shut them up, there must be another reason behind it!"

"Yes!" Zhao Yu smiled and gave Wu Xiumin a thumbs up. He then said, "I suspect that Lao Feng was just the ringleader of those professional killers at most! He might even have been the real mastermind behind the Hasty Murder Case!"

"Oh?" Zeng Ke was shocked. "Could there be an even more amazing figure behind all of this? If so, who is it?"

"Actually, though the Hasty Murder Case seems to be complicated, the main thread has already been concluded!" Then, Zhao Yu purposely took a look outside and lowered his voice to speak further. "On the surface, Lao Feng confused the gang of professional killers and took advantage of Liu Yu's hatred towards the pharmaceutical factory to control the Hasty Murder Case. But, his actual goal was to suppress the share prices forcefully in order to fulfill their intentions to sell the news and extort money illegally!"

Zhao Yu continued. "But there's the C4 bomb, the sub-machine gun, and such a meticulously planned plot to consider! If the case was merely depending on Lao Feng and the few of the others, they wouldn't be able to fool us so easily, like they did! Hence, I suspect that there should be a greater consortium supporting them, one that most likely isn't within this country!"

"It does make sense. It's just like a movie!" Zeng Ke sighed.

"This is no movie!" Wu Xiumin rectified. "Without the support of the consortium, no matter how many people Lao Feng and his gang killed, they wouldn't be earning any money! Don't you see? Not only the bomb and the weapons, but even their communication equipment was the most advanced of its kind! So, I think Team Leader is right. Lao Feng was just a part of their army!"

Zhao Yu nodded, then continued. "If I were to guess, the consortium behind the scene is very powerful and take very brutal measures. If Lao Feng and the rest couldn't complete their missions, they definitely would die tragic deaths! So, when they were arrested, they'd rather kill themselves in an explosion than expose any secrets!"

Zhao Yu took a breath, then kept explaining. "The man in the jacket, who was supposed to keep watch at Cui Lizhu's house, didn't even hesitate to ignite the bomb. He did that instead of being captured alive! The BMW driver did the same! These people carried bombs with them at all times, so we can well imagine that they were in real predicaments, too!"

Pausing to make sure his troops were still listening, he then concluded. "So, judging from these clues, Lao Feng would definitely find a way to return to kill them! After all, this person had been playing his cards in an irregular pattern! He intentionally booked a flight ticket with a pseudo-identity to redirect the police's attention to the airport! Who would have guessed that he would dare to then swing around and come back to the hospital to catch us off guard?"

"So amazing!" Zeng Ke exclaimed. "I have goosebumps all over! Lao Feng brought the gun and bomb igniter with him, so he obviously wanted to barge into the ward to cause an explosion! Team Leader, you're the best! The use of the club was simply God-like!"

"Ah, didn't I tell you that I have brilliant foresight?" Zhao Yu snapped his fingers, then told Zeng Ke, "When you told me that the police went to the airport to arrest him, I knew that Lao Feng was going to shout in one direction, but attack quietly in the other! Then, I thought if Lao Feng wanted to fix his mistake, he only had three choices. He could take the risk to come to the hospital or head over to the Police Evidence Department to take the fake medicine that Liu Yu made. So, I already sent Ran Tao over to guard at the Evidence Department, just to cover all of our bases! Zeng, you can send him a message now and tell him it is okay to return here!"

"Oh…" Zeng Ke was astonished.

"Team Leader, wasn't there a third choice?" Wu Xiumin asked.

"Thirdly, he could go and cause some trouble at the pharmaceutical factory!" Zhao Yu replied. "Once there, he could either kill a scientific research personnel or any higher ups, or he could just throw a bomb to cause damage! As long as there was constant trouble in the pharmaceutical factory, the share prices would continue to drop! Then, the benefit derived from this tragedy would continue, and the consortium might let Lao Feng off the hook."

"Oh…" Zeng Ke asked, "Then, who did you send to prevent that?"

"I didn't send anyone!" Zhao Yu said. "The pharmaceutical factory is so huge, it is hard to guard, so it would be useless! But… I thought it through and figured that if I were Lao Feng, coming back to kill them would be the easiest option. So, I decided to stay back in the hospital and prepare a wooden club!"

"Oh… True…" Zeng Ke creased his eyebrows, then asked, "But… How did you know that he would definitely come disguised as a doctor?"

"I don't know," Zhao Yu replied straightforwardly. "And more importantly, I don't care. Whoever wanted to come closer to the ward and didn't want to show their face, no matter whether they were male or female, and no matter how many of them there were, I simply planned to hit them all with the club! After all, we are already at this advanced stage, so there's nothing else to be said! I'd rather mishit a hundred than let one escape!"

Hearing that, Zeng Ke and Wu Xiumin exchanged glances. Before he hit Lao Feng, Zhao Yu had already knocked out two innocent people, who had yet to wake up! However, the facts testified that, although Zhao Yu's choice was bizarre, it was the most efficient one! Besides, if he hadn't acted quickly earlier, once Lao Feng had ignited the bomb, the consequences would have been beyond imagination!

"How was it?" Zhao Yu's eyebrows were raised almost to the top of his head. "My club hit him on time, right? Dealing with these kinds of people, who play their cards irregularly, you have to break even further away from the ordinary methods! Zeng, on the report that we are going to hand in to the Central Criminal Division, try to make my brilliant foresight look even more outstanding! Mm… Just say that Team Leader Zhao Yu was wise and resourceful…"

Just as Zhao Yu was smugly waxing eloquent, the door was pushed open. A policeman hurried in and shouted at Zhao Yu and the rest, "Just received a report! Bad… Bad news… The woman that had her thumbs cut off is missing!"

What the heck?

Hearing such shocking news, Zhao Yu slapped his forehead and thought to himself..

And here I am, saying that I have brilliant foresight!

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