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So many bunches of brilliant lights crossed each other, expanding in this strange but magnificent land.

Not far from them, the shaking explosions arose when many unknown meteorolites exploded, sending shockwaves everywhere. They made the void like the expanding, twisting balloon for a while.

There was no earth and heaven energy to absorb in this area. Desolation and silence was the eternal host of this place. Explosions, deadly gusts, sharp wind sabers, chaotic currents, and strange seas had created this place - the chaotic space basin.

This area was infinite. No one had ever found its boundary, and no one could ever investigate the magical mysteries in the chaotic space basin. 

Usually, only the warriors cultivating Space power Upanishad could survive in such an area. Of course, the high existences at the profound realm like the Immortal Realm experts could still survive here if they could find the way to get in and out. However, they had to face the dangers in every minute.

At this moment, Xia Xin Yan and Zi Yao were staying inside an energy light cage hovering above a gorgeous, strange land. Looking at the surroundings, their beautiful eyes sparkled.

Right in front of them, waves of explosions had created the blinding halos, which was so beautiful like the most marvelous firework performance. They felt so touched.

The magnificent scenery here wasn't something they could find in any star area. Although it was so deadly dangerous, it was filled with miracles and mysteries that could somehow amuse people.

However, they had to consume their God power rapidly.

Although they didn't move, they needed to use the God power to create the light cage to protect themselves. The outer space streamers here could attack them and shatter their bodies in any minute.

"It's so beautiful. What we see here should exist only in the dream. I could never think of how marvelous it is," Zi Yao looked so fascinated. Looking at the brilliant explosions around, her beautiful eyes twinkled.

Different from her, Xia Xin Yan looked scared as if she was recalling bad memory. Her soft body shivered as she felt so chilled.

"Hey? Are you alright? Seems you are afraid of this place a lot!" Zi Yao was surprised.

"Many years ago, I've had to move through the turbulent space current. It was also a space slit, developed from a broken space passage. Although it wasn't as lethal as this area, the impression I had back there, I would never forget..."

Xia Xin Yan sighed, her face frightened as if she was replaying that piece of memory.

That year, she and many warriors of the Pure Land had to use the space passage in the Ice and Fire Secret Domain as their last resort. That space passage had already shattered, so it led to the chaotic space basin. After they had struggled through that passage, they arrived in the Shadow Ghostly Prison of the Agate Star Area.

However, not many people could make it to the safe harbor.

The others had fallen inside the space current. The terrifying deathtraps had erased their lives.

At that time, she was so much weaker than today, but the space passage they had taken had just connected to the space current for a while after it had shattered. It was safer than the area, the real chaotic space basin they were hovering now.

Looking at the familiar surroundings, she recalled the painful memory, and the chilled intent flooded her.

Anyway, Shi Yan suddenly appeared by her, smiling. "Actually, you can stay here well. Today, you're not yourself that year. Put away this light cage and move around. I'm here. I will take care of you well. Don't worry."

"Forget it," Xia Xin Yan shook her head, smiling begrudgingly. "I don't dare to act rashly in such a place like this."

"You can do it," encouraged Shi Yan. With a serious face, he hissed, "The memory when you got to the Agate Star Area through the space passage in the Ice and Fire Secret Domain is an evil barrier in your heart. You don't dare to recall it. I know the abilities of your power Upanishad. You can rewind time to come back to the dusted pieces of memory. That's how you can break through continually. Those breakthroughs are based on a foundation. At that point in time in the past, you had already broken through that realm..."

Pausing for a while, he said, "Recently, you can't break through continually anymore. I can see that your God power's reached the bottleneck to break through again."

Xia Xin Yan changed her face when she listened to him. "You can see that?"

Shi Yan nodded.

"My previous lives had reached only the First Sky of Incipient God Realm. I don't have any piece of memory about the experiences in the breakthrough of the Second Sky of Incipient God Realm," explained Xia Xin Yan.

Previously, every time she broke through to the new realm, she just needed to accumulate energy. She didn't need to understand her power deeply. Because at that time, the experiences she had had from the previous lives would come to her and filled her attainment. It had saved her time and efforts, though.

However, she didn't have this abnormal advantage anymore. It was because she hadn't reached the Second Sky of Incipient God Realm in her previous lives.

In other words, if she wanted to break through again, she had to depend on her own efforts and her delicate understanding of the power.

When she was on the Reincarnation Island, DeCarlos had sent her the flow of pure energy. At that time, her God power was brimming. She had reached the bottleneck to break to the Second Sky of Incipient God Realm.

She couldn't continue to advance her realm because of this. She didn't have the comprehension required for the Second Sky of Incipient God Realm. From now on, her cultivation depended only on her innate talents.

However, the piece of memory when she came to the Agate Star Area that year had become an evil barrier in her heart. She didn't dare to face. She didn't dare to find herself through it, so she was bound. As long as she still had this barrier, she couldn't break through again.

Shi Yan wanted to bring her here to break that barrier in her mind, giving her a chance to reflect her own inner world.

"If you want to lift up that evil barrier, you have to open your heart. Retrieve the light cage. Move around. Don't worry. Count on me." Shi Yan guided her step by step. "I'm here. You're safe. You'll be alright. The space current isn't as terrible as you think. In the past, you would be afraid of it. But now you aren't. You have me here. You can just take a walk around the place..."

His voice charmed her heart. With his encouragement, Xia Xin Yan's cold eyes became resolute. "Alright."

The light cage covering her vanished. Her soft body exposed in the chaotic space current. Immediately, the outer space streamers attacked her, sending the unknown energy dregs into her body. They wanted to destroy her body.

That year, she had experienced the same things. That painful, familiar feeling revisited her. Her complexion changed instantly. Her natural placid face collapsed as she cried.

"Use your God power to wash your entire body. Use your God power to force the dregs out of your body. You must maintain a clear soul altar. At that time, your body and soul won't have a leak. Nothing can intrude your body then!" Shi Yan suddenly shouted, his thunder voice echoing in Xia Xin Yan's head.

Xia Xin Yan's soft body shivered. Her beautiful eyes weren't frightened anymore. They became clear when her face suddenly had a faint but bright halo.

She believed in Shi Yan. She didn't hesitate but follow his instruction. Xia Xin Yan urged the energy in her God power Ancient Tree, circulating around her body to push the energy remnant and the other pollutants that had intruded her. She kept her mind clear and sound to control her power.

A magical feeling came out from her body as if someone was enjoying the passing time. She looked as if she was walking around the long river of time, visiting the past and foreseeing the future.

It was so magical and yet unpredictable.

Space and Time power Upanishads were extremely mysterious. It was really hard to understand and master these two power Upanishads. However, learning Time power Upanishad was much more difficult than cultivating the Space power Upanishad. It was tough to catch the delicate feature of it. Even the God Clan didn't have any scripture about Time power Upanishad. In history, the number of warriors cultivating Time power Upanishad was much smaller than that of Space power Upanishad.

Thus, Xia Xin Yan had no teacher. If she wanted to advance further to the next realm, she had only herself to count on.

"Interesting. I should try it, too," Zi Yao watched, smiling. She put away the light cage, exposing her body.

She had only the Peak of Ethereal God Realm, still a big step away from the Incipient God Realm. However, when she retrieved her light cage, she looked so calm. Since she didn't experience the terrible pain Xia Xin Yan had had that year, she didn't have a barrier in her mind. Thus, she could be even calmer.

A strange light twinkled in her beautiful eyes. She suddenly asked, "Do you feel really comfortable too?"

Shi Yan was stunned, asking. "What do you mean?"

"It feels like soaking in a hot spring. A magical energy seeps into your body, and then you feel your bones and veins become tougher. Can you feel that?" She smiled happily.

"No, nothing at all!" Shi Yan was so surprised, looking at her as if he was watching a monster. "You... you feel cozy without using the God power to protect your body? It feels like soaking in the hot spring? Are you sure?"

Shi Yan knew that no creature could adapt to this area!

Including the warriors cultivating Space power Upanishad like him. Although they could avoid many dangers in this area, they couldn't absorb any kind of energy here. Because this area had no earth and heaven energy. All it had was the deadly, murderous energy that no one could absorb.

If they didn't use the light cage to protect their bodies, it would feel like the fish getting out of the water. They would never be able to adapt to this sort of harsh environment.

However, Zi Yao looked apparently enjoy it a lot. She felt comfortable like the fish swimming in the sea!

So strange!

"I'm sure. It's really cozy." Zi Yao's white arms moved as if she was a flying butterfly gliding leisurely through the fierce storm. However, nothing seemed to affect her.

Shi Yan's eyes had a strange light. "You can still increase your energy to cultivate here?"

"I didn't mean to cultivate here. But some kind of energy has initially entered my body. Ah!" She suddenly screamed, her beautiful face joyful. "Do you remember that I have a special power Upanishad? I got it when I was collecting outer space streamers. The outer space streamers also have life consciousness. It's somehow similar to the heaven flames. Do you remember that?"

"Yes, I do," Shi Yan nodded.

"The aura of this area and the aura of the outer space streamers I used to take are similar. I can feel some streamers with the consciousness come from... this place. This place seems to be their home. It gives me a dear feeling of coming home," Zi Yao mumbled as if she was dreaming.

Shi Yan listened to her quietly. He became baffled eventually.

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