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Chapter 728 - god's fire troopers

In the afternoon, other than the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird and Black Tortoise four matrial halls, the other ten four matrial halls s all rejected Long Fei's offer to join them.

A humiliating rejection.

Long Fei was a vengeful person.

He would remember every single person who mocked and humiliated him.

"Just you wait."

Long Fei returned to the service courtyard.

The sun datou had already returned. Seeing Long Fei walk into the courtyard, he immediately ran over and asked: "How's the matter of joining the college of martial arts training going?"

Long Fei shook his head, and said: "It's just as you said, there's no reason for anyone to take me in."

The sun datou sighed, then said: "Even eighteen great matrial halls has to act based on how you look. Wounding Lu Yuanxian is equivalent to offending Elder Gu Wuji, who is a Heavenly hall of immortals. Taking you in is equivalent to offending a Heavenly hall of immortals, so no one would dare to offend the Heavenly hall of immortals."

Other than Gu Wuji, there was also the Pan Clan.

These two forces wielded great influence in the god emperor academy.

Long Fei also understood in his heart.

eighteen great matrial halls rejected him, but he didn't care. He looked at sun datou and said, "leader sun, if I want to establish my own college of martial arts training, is there any way?"


sun datou's expression changed as he looked at Long Fei in shock, as if he hadn't heard clearly, and said: "What did you say?"

Long Fei said: "I want to establish the college of martial arts training."

sun datou was stunned, "Create a college of martial arts training? It needs the approval of the Headmaster and the Elder Pavilion personally, and it also requires the support of a strong power. The most basic point is that you need the points in your one hundred thousand points to request for the establishment of the college of martial arts training s, these are all too difficult. "

The establishment of the college of martial arts training was not that simple.

It needs too much.


Even if you have points in one hundred thousand points, you need to have the approval of the higher ups. Building a college of martial arts training is too difficult!

Long Fei secretly shivered in his heart, "Are you saying you have one hundred thousand points points?"

The sun datou said slightly: "Long Fei, wait a little longer. After this storm passes, perhaps only the college of martial arts training will be able to take you in. After all, if you can win eighteen consecutive rounds, if you can still win against Lu Yuanxian, the college of martial arts training will definitely have his eyes on you."

Long Fei smiled faintly, and he knew that it was the sun datou who was comforting him, "Mhm."

At night.

Long Fei did not cultivate any further, he laid on the bed and looked at the ceiling, his mind continuously thinking about what would happen next.

Gu Wuji, the Pan Family has been suppressing him nonstop.

If he wanted to rise up, he had to step on them. If he wanted to step on them, he had to become stronger and level up was crucial.

"Starting tomorrow, I'll level up like crazy."

Long Fei clenched his fists and made up his mind.

Everything else was fake, the only level!

This world is a world of the strong. As long as you are strong, others will respect you and fear you.

Early morning.

As soon as the sky brightened, Long Fei arrived at the god emperor academy's Quest Hall.

"Spirit Poison Master, Spirit Poison Master, do you have a senior fellow apprentice from the Spirit Poison Academy? Our team is in urgent need of a poison master, [B] Class, 80 points, five people to split it evenly. "

"Do you have a senior fellow apprentice from the Battle School that urgently needs an Inscription Master?"

"I'm at the sixth level of the Crazy Immortal Realm. I'm in the Requesting Battle Team."

"Selling various mission items, exchange points."

"I've sold all sorts of quest guides. They are definitely genuine. If the guides are wrong, you can come back and attack me."

… ….

Long Fei thought that he had woken up early, but there were a lot of people who arrived before him.

Because …

The Quest Hall refreshed every day, and simple quests would be accepted the moment they were refreshed. If you were late to the Quest Hall, you would not even have a fart for quests below Level C.

Long Fei walked into the Quest Hall.

The C grade mission was swept clean.

There were only a few B-level missions, and none of them were suitable for him.

As for the [A] class mission, it would be impossible for a single person to complete it.

He needed a team.

Long Fei thought to himself: "If only Fatty, Xiao Ying, Man Tuoluo and the others were here, then they could form a team. I wonder how they are doing now."


The disciples in the mission hall were discussing amongst themselves.

"god's fire troopers is here."

"Wow, the nineteenth super team from the god emperor academy Auction, all of the members in the team are senior disciples of the virtual immortals stage."

"If only I could enter the god's fire troopers."

"Stop dreaming."

"Why don't you take a piss? You can even join the god's fire troopers, and the sow will have to climb the tree."

The crowd was in an uproar.

Six men wearing special clothes walked into the mission hall. The armband on their chest was a ball of fire that fell from the sky, it was the symbol of the god's fire troopers.

Amongst the six of them, there was also a woman. She was dressed in revealing clothes, and her eyes held a look of disdain from her superior.

Many of the disciples were attracted by the place she exposed herself.

His eyeballs were about to pop out.

They did not even realize that a strong man had eyes like he was eating people.


A sturdy man from the god's fire troopers slapped down, "Have you seen enough? "Let's go home and take a look."

The slap caused blood to spurt out from his mouth.

Those people immediately looked away.

The alluring woman chuckled and said, "Big guy, you're being too gentle."

The big man looked back at the woman: "Sister, you have to be a bit heavier next time."

He was extremely arrogant.

Moreover, the surrounding people didn't dare to look at them again.

god's fire troopers was famous for being fierce, provoking them was no different from provoking a death god.

One look at them would bring about unnecessary trouble.

Long Fei looked at the missions scrolling around in the hall, and did not spare that bewitching senior sister a glance.

"You, get lost."

The sturdy man looked at Long Fei coldly.

Long Fei didn't pay any attention to him.

As if she hadn't heard, at this time, the bewitching senior sister walked over to Long Fei and said: "Little junior brother, why aren't you looking at me?"

"Am I not good-looking?"

Long Fei smiled slightly and said: "Of course Senior Sister looks good."

The senior sister Yao Yan said, "If I look good, then why don't you look at me?"

Long Fei asked: "Why do you have to look at me like that? No one has a rule that people who look good must look more? "

Yao Yan was stunned for a moment and said: "You're right. No one has a rule that people who look good should look more. But, I'm different. I want others to look good. If you don't look at me, then I'm not good-looking."

Long Fei was not interested in continuing to argue with her, he earnestly looked at her and said: "I've seen, can you leave?"

At this moment.

The big guy standing behind him had already slapped his face down, and said in a deep voice, "Who told you to look at my senior sister?"

She looked at the big guy and said, "You have to use more strength this time."

Long Fei frowned, his right arm moved, his heart was enraged, and he shouted, "Golden Dragon Armguard!"

His right arm blocked it.

A slap came down...

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