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Chapter 97: She was The Woman Who Dumped Han Zhan

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After Du Xueyan left, Song Ci and Mu Qiu were still sitting in the tearoom. Mu Qiu hugged the album and finally started crying. “Big sister, I really want to accompany you to her concert.”

Song Ci’s eyelids drooped as she gazed calmly at Mu Qiu. She pursed her lips tightly and didn’t comfort her.

After leaving the teahouse, Gu Shengyao and Du Xueyan boarded the car.

Without a driver, Gu Shengyao personally drove.

Du Xueyan sat in the backseat. She tilted her head and gazed at the bustling scene outside the window. Her eyes were flickering. No one knew what she was thinking.

Gu Shengyao suddenly said, “CEO Mu really dotes on this youngest daughter of his.” In order to let Du Xueyan meet Mu Qiu, Mu Mian directly gave Du Xueyan the opportunity to be the spokesperson for his shopping website.

Du Xueyan said, “That young lady is very cute. It’s not hard to understand Mu Mian’s love for his daughter.”

“That’s true.” Since he mentioned Mu Qiu, Gu Shengyao naturally thought of that adopted daughter of the Mu Family, Song Ci. “What do you think of that Song Ci?”

Du Xueyan looked at Gu Shengyao strangely and said with understanding, “You want to sign her?”

Gu Shengyao had opened an entertainment company himself and signed with several actors. Song Ci had a gorgeous face and a perfect figure. She was indeed a woman suitable for the big screen.

Song Ci had a good figure and was born to be a star.

“I do have that thought, but…” Gu Shengyao shook his head and said in a slightly regretful tone,” She is married. ” Why didn’t she think things through at such a young age? 

“She’s married?” Du Xueyan was truly shocked.

It was common for people to get married late, especially good-looking youngsters. It was rare to see a beautiful girl like Song Ci get married at such a young age.

ong Ci’s gorgeous face popped into Du Xueyan’s mind. She asked hesitantly, “How old is that girl? She’s just in her early twenties, right? And she’s already married?”

Nodding, Gu Shengyao said, “Song Ci is Wangdong City’s top socialite. As you can see, she is very beautiful. I heard that she studied at the Civil Aviation University of China. She is a female pilot with a flight license. Almost all those wealthy young masters in Wangdong City are her friends.”

“She’s good-looking, talented, and capable. It’s very easy to package her in the entertainment circle, but she’s married. Last month, she suddenly got married to a man from an ordinary family.”

“Don’t you think it’s a pity?”

Hearing this, Du Xueyan felt even more puzzled. The more wealthy a family was, the more they would value an equal social status. How could the Mu Family agree to let Song Ci marry an ordinary man? 

“Did CEO Mu agree to her marriage?”

Gu Shengyao shrugged his shoulders. “I am not sure about that. I only know that she is married to a man with a handicapped hand. This matter was even trending on Weibo last month.”

Hearing that his hand was handicapped, Du Xueyan’s gaze suddenly froze. She asked casually, “How did his handicapped hand come about?”

Gu Shengyao didn’t notice Du Xueyan’s unusual reaction and shook his head slightly. “I’m not sure. I think he broke a few fingers.”

Du Xueyan’s heart skipped a beat.

“Is that so…”

Lowering her head, Du Xueyan opened Baidu and tried to search for Song Ci. As Gu Shengyao had said, Song Ci was indeed a rather famous beauty and there were many gossip reports about her on Baidu.

Du Xueyan tried to search the forums in Wangdong City, and she really found the post about Song Ci’s marriage. Du Xueyan continued reading, and her heart suddenly contracted, when she saw that the name of Song Ci’s marriage partner was Han Zhan.

Handicapped hand, ordinary family background, Han Zhan.

Han Zhan… 

Du Xueyan suddenly shut her eyes and didn’t look at her cell phone again. She didn’t know if she was feeling bored or she was afraid to look at it.

Gu Shengyao glanced at Du Xueyan through the rearview mirror. She had her eyes closed and he thought she was sleepy. “Are you tired?”

Du Xueyan seemed to have fallen asleep and didn’t speak.

After a long while, Du Xueyan suddenly opened her eyes and looked down at her own face on the screen. In a daze, she seemed to have seen her young self. At that time, she was youthful and full of vigor, but still retained some naivety. Upon closer inspection, that innocent girl from back then had long been swallowed by time.

Apart from her looks, there was no other trace of her previous shadow.

“Song Ci’s partner is Han Zhan.”

Hearing Du Xueyan’s words, Gu Shengyao felt that it was strange. Du Xueyan said “it’s Han Zhan” instead of “named Han Zhan”—there was a difference. It meant that they knew Han Zhan.

“Han Zhan?” Gu Shengyao had no impression of this name. He searched his memory as he drove.

Finally, he remembered!

Eight years ago, Gu Shengyao was just a slightly famous manager under Opus Music Company. That year, he met Du Xueyan, who had just graduated from university and entered the music circle.

Gu Shengyao had a good eye for talent. It was the first time he saw Du Xueyan performing on stage, and she was still young and immature. Gu Shengyao knew that this woman would definitely become the queen of songs after being meticulously groomed.

There was no reason other than that her voice was very melodious.

As one of the three largest entertainment companies in the country, Opus Entertainment was very strict in terms of managing its artists. One of the most important rules for signed artists was that they were not allowed to date.

At that time, Du Xueyan already had a boyfriend called Han Zhan.

When Gu Shengyao went to look for Du Xueyan and told her that he wanted to sign her and promised to do his best to groom her, Du Xueyan, as a rookie singer who yearned for success, was very moved. However, Du Xueyan couldn’t bear to let go of her boyfriend and kept hesitating.

But in this world, it was not easy to have the best of both worlds.

At that time, there was a major earthquake in Bijiang City. Du Xueyan’s boyfriend was ordered to rescue the victims at the site of the disaster. Unfortunately, he was unlucky and was crushed by the collapse of a building. Although he was successfully rescued, he lost two fingers.

It was a disaster for a man, who touched guns, to lose his index finger and middle finger that held the trigger. Power and status were things that Han Zhan would never have in his life.

Han Zhan’s amputation crushed the last bit of hesitation in Du Xueyan’s heart. Her desire to excel ultimately triumphed over that unreal love with no future.

Shortly after the man’s fingers were amputated, Du Xueyan broke up with him.

Handicapped hand and ordinary family background… 

Everything matched! 

Gu Shengyao was shocked. He asked Du Xueyan uncertainly, “Is this Han Zhan your ex-boyfriend?” After asking, Gu Shengyao turned and glanced at Du Xueyan.

Du Xueyan had been keeping silent as she stared at the car window. All these years, her black eyes, which had always been calm and steady, were now filled with tears.

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