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Chapter 98: Possessiveness Taking Over

Seeing Du Xueyan’s fragile look, there was nothing Gu Shengyao didn’t understand. “It’s really him…” He couldn’t help feeling that the world was so small. Song Ci’s husband was actually Han Zhan and she was a fan of Du Xueyan…

Du Xueyan suddenly gave a bitter smile. “It’s him.” She laughed in a self-deprecating manner and said in a low voice, “Three days after he got injured while trying to save someone and had to amputate his two fingers, I dumped him…” Saying that, Du Xueyan gritted her teeth as her eyes reddened slightly.

After knowing each other for seven years and being in a relationship for five years, Du Xueyan was not completely heartless.

All these years, whenever she received even more applause and glory, stepped down from the stage and realized that she didn’t even have someone to share her joy with, she would miss that person terribly.

But thinking of Han Zhan, Du Xueyan felt very ashamed.

If Du Xueyan felt guilty towards anyone in this life, it would be Han Zhan.

Eight years ago, Han Zhan was the most highly regarded and respected sniper in the southwest. If everything went according to plan, Han Zhan would definitely become a national weapon that could shoot the enemy in the heart every time!

But disaster found him.

Du Xueyan knew that losing his right index and middle finger would be a devastating blow to an elite sniper. She also knew that if she were to break up, the man who was already struggling on the brink of despair would be sent to hell.

But she still broke up with him. She was ambitious and wanted to have a bright future, and Han Zhan couldn’t give her what she wanted.

Seeing that Du Xueyan looked guilty as she reminisced, Gu Shengyao suddenly said, “Are you guilty? If you are guilty, then you should maintain your good condition and continue to be popular.”

Gu Shengyao was heartless. If not, he would not be where he was today.

He glanced at the dazed Du Xueyan and pointed out even more ruthlessly. “Only by standing in your position, you will not let down your heartless self from back then.”

That heartless statement was pinned to Du Xueyan’s body and her lips trembled.

Du Xueyan asked Gu Shengyao, “Am I a bad woman?”

Gu Shengyao said coldly, “You are a perfect idol.” As a manager, he didn’t want a good woman. He wanted a good artiste.

Du Xueyan smirked but didn’t answer.

Gu Shengyao knew what Du Xueyan was thinking. He said in a low voice, “Xueyan, you are not the kind of woman who is willing to lead a peaceful life.”

Du Xueyan’s expression was slightly stunned. If not for the light makeup covering her original skin color, Gu Shengyao would have definitely seen Du Xueyan’s face turn pale instantly.

Some women yearned for a peaceful life and a happy family, but Du Xueyan was born to chase after the stars. She was born to sing.

When she was struggling, she yearned for the blue sky and the blue clouds. It was not easy for her to touch the blue sky and see the wider world. How could she be willing to fall again?

She might not be able to bear to part with that man, but she definitely wouldn’t regret her actions.

As they stopped the car and waited for the traffic light to turn green, Gu Shengyao turned back to look at Du Xueyan, whose eyes were sparkling. He said, “The thing you miss is the throbbing first love, and not that man. If you really loved him so much, you wouldn’t have left him at that point in time.”

Gu Shengyao’s every word was heart-rending and Du Xueyan’s face was ashen.

Gu Shengyao was right. After graduating from high school, Han Zhan enlisted in the military and Du Xueyan enrolled in the music academy. The two of them were separated by land and rarely saw each other in a year. Regardless of how strong their feelings were, they would gradually become thin and weak, after being separated for so long.

Without that signed contract, there would also be other reasons for their breakup. But Du Xueyan had done the most cruel thing to Han Zhan at the most inappropriate time.

There were many first loves who ended up breaking up, but it was rare to see such ugly results.

Seeing Du Xueyan’s remorseful look, a sharp glint flashed across Gu Shengyao’s eyes. He said, “It’s not that you still love him, but it’s because the person you once loved belongs to another woman. Your possessiveness is acting up and you’re just jealous.”

Gu Shengyao’s words completely stripped Du Xueyan of her pretentious and beautiful facade. He exposed that selfish and self-righteous woman.

Du Xueyan remained silent for a long while before sighing. “You are right.” She was indeed a selfish, cold, and materialistic woman. She was too full of herself and thought that the man who once loved her should love her forever.

She wasn’t some cash cow. There was no need for Han Zhan to stand there foolishly and wait for her return.

Han Zhan was very busy today and didn’t have time to look at his cell phone. By the time he finished his work, the sky had already turned dark. Looking at the time, it was already 8pm.

Han Zhan had not had dinner. He took out his cell phone and wanted to send Song Ci a video asking if she wanted to come out for dinner. Opening his WeChat, Han Zhan realized that Song Ci had sent him a video and a message at 2pm.

Ci Bao: [I see Du Xueyan! She is so beautiful in person!]

Upon seeing the name Du Xueyan, Han Zhan was still somewhat dazed.

He snapped out of his trance and clicked on the video calmly. He saw Du Xueyan in a gown amidst the crowd, looking elegant and classy.

Fame was good for nourishing people. Du Xueyan had been famous for so many years and was getting prettier by the day. Every move she made was like that of a superstar.

She was indeed a beauty.


Although a beauty was beautiful, there was no way she could affect his heart, even in the slightest way. Han Zhan exited the video, deleted the video expressionlessly, and video-called Song Ci.

Song Ci quickly accepted the video call.

“Brother Han.”

Staring at the background behind Song Ci, Han Zhan asked her, “Are you outside?”

Song Ci nodded. She raised her cell phone and turned it so that Han Zhan could see her surroundings clearly. After that, the camera focused back on Song Ci’s face. She told Han Zhan, “I’m having dinner outside with Mu Qiu.”

At this moment, Mu Qiu’s face appeared on screen again.

Mu Qiu looked up at the camera and greeted him obediently.

“Mmm.” Han Zhan replied coldly. His attitude towards Mu Qiu was completely different from his attitude towards Song Ci.

Mu Qiu naturally sensed her brother-in-law’s coldness but she didn’t care.

Han Zhan picked up his briefcase, his jacket, and walked towards the lift while talking on the phone.

Song Ci asked him, “Are you still at work?”

“I was about to leave.” Just as he was about to enter the lift, Han Zhan suddenly stopped and looked down at Song Ci. “Have you eaten? If not, wait for me.”

Song Ci said, “Wait a moment, let me ask Mu Qiu.” Song Ci turned and said to Mu Qiu, “Your brother-in-law hasn’t eaten yet, can I ask him to come over?”

Mu Qiu chuckled. “Of course.”

Only then did Song Ci tell Han Zhan the restaurant’s name.

“I’ll be right there.” Han Zhan hung up the video call and entered the lift.

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