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Chapter 96: The Ex and Current Gather in the Same Room

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Hearing the door open, the man turned around.

He had a clean, round face. He was not very handsome, but was very pleasant to look at. The man had eyes that seemed to be able to see through one’s soul, bright and watery. He looked clean and pure, and he was Du Xueyan’s manager, Gu Shengyao.

He was the one who single-handedly turned the nameless Du Xueyan into the queen of Chinese songs. This person was not just as pure and easy to bully as he looked.

Upon seeing Song Ci, Gu Shengyao’s eyes lit up slightly. As a top manager, he had sharp eyes. With just one look, he could tell that Song Ci was a promising talent.

He quickly averted his gaze and asked Mu Qiu, “Are you Miss Mu?”

]Mu Qiu was slightly nervous to see her long-time idol. She grabbed Song Ci’s arm and acknowledged softly. “It’s me.”

Mu Qiu shook Song Ci’s arm again and said to Gu Shengyao, “This is my elder sister, Song Ci.”

Wangdong City was a bustling metropolis and a major city. It was also the location of many entertainment companies. As the top socialite in Wangdong City, Song Ci was rather famous in the entertainment circle.

Song Ci’s wedding incident had been trending on Weibo a few days ago and Gu Shengyao had even gone to take a look. Of course he knew her.

Gu Shengyao said to Song Ci, “I’ve long heard of Ms. Song’s name. I’ve finally met you in person today.”

“Hello, Mr. Gu.” Song Ci gave a faint smile, appearing demure and gracious.

As they chatted, the door behind them opened.

All three of them turned to look at the door.

Du Xueyan was standing at the door wearing a royal blue loose blouse and a pair of tight, light-colored jeans. She was not short and was about 1.67m tall. Standing there in flat shoes, she was a slender, sexy woman.

As she was her idol, Song Ci felt that Du Xueyan looked good in anything.

“Du Xueyan…” Mu Qiu let out a soft cry.

Faced with Mu Qiu’s loss of composure, Du Xueyan appeared very easy-going. She stretched out her right hand. “Hello, I am Du Xueyan. You must be Mu Qiu.”

Mu Qiu let go of Song Ci and wiped her right palm on her skirt, before shaking Du Xueyan’s hand. “Yes, I am Mu Qiu.” Mu Qiu’s face was red with excitement.

Song Ci also reached out her hand and said to Du Xueyan, “Hello Miss Du, I am Mu Qiu’s elder sister, Song Ci.”

Du Xueyan shifted her gaze to Song Ci’s beautiful face, and was momentarily stunned by her beauty.

After Du Xueyan became a famous singer in the Chinese music circle, she had been developing overseas for the past few years and was busy with work most of the time. As a result, she was not familiar with the young influencers, and had never heard of Song Ci before, so she naturally didn’t know her.

Regaining her senses, Du Xueyan shook hands with Song Ci without changing her expression. “Hello, Ms. Song.”

“You guys continue chatting. I will go out and wait.” Gu Shengyao was very gentlemanly. He left the tearoom, leaving this place for Mu Qiu and the other two to chat.

Du Xueyan knew about Mu Qiu’s health condition. Looking at this pure and dainty lady in front of her, the thought of her dying made Du Xueyan feel some pity. “I heard you like me a lot.”

Mu Qiu nodded with a red face. “Yes, I like you very much. I’ve liked you for six years.” Mu Qiu poked Song Ci’s arm and said to Du Xueyan, “My elder sister is also your fan. The first time I heard your song was on my elder sister’s computer.”

Meeting Du Xueyan’s smiling eyes, Song Ci nodded slightly. “Yes, I’ve liked you for many years too.”

“It is my honor to be liked by all of you for so many years.” Du Xueyan smiled and said with a sigh, “In the first few years of my debut, I was not very popular. At that time, all I wanted to do was sing. I was already very satisfied to be able to attend the Spring Festival Gala at the television station.”

“After that, when I went on stage to perform in the Grammy’s, I suddenly remembered the first time I attended a provincial station’s Spring Festival Gala. I suddenly realized that I am really famous now. The entire world knows about me now.”

Hearing Du Xueyan’s words, Song Ci and Mu Qiu also felt emotional. Mu Qiu was still young then and couldn’t remember many things, but Song Ci could.

Song Ci said, “I remember the first time I saw you on television. You happened to be participating in the recording of a variety show. At that time, you were still rather helpless when faced with the host’s questions.”

]”But now, you’re someone who can joke around on stage at the Grammy Awards.”

Du Xueyan shook her head and laughed. “Yes. It is my greatest honor to be liked by so many people like you.”

Du Xueyan opened her bag and took out an album. The album in Du Xueyan’s hand was her first album since her debut. It had since stopped production and couldn’t be bought online anymore.

Du Xueyan said apologetically to Song Ci, “I didn’t know there were two of you, so I only brought one album.”

Although Song Ci really wanted to keep that album, she wouldn’t fight with Mu Qiu. “Give it to Mu Qiu.”

Du Xueyan nodded. She looked at Mu Qiu and said, “Your father said that you like me a lot. I thought it wouldn’t be easy to meet me, so I couldn’t possibly come empty-handed. I also didn’t know what to give you, so I decided to give you my first album. It’s my collection, one of a kind.”

Mu Qiu was so emotional that she felt like crying. “Thank you, I really like it.”

“Can I give you an autograph?”

Mu Qiu hurriedly nodded. “Alright, can I have you write for a recipient?”

“Of course.” Du Xueyan opened her pen and asked Mu Qiu with a smile, “Do you have anything you want me to write?”

Mu Qiu shook her head with reddened eyes. “Whatever you write will do.”


After thinking for a moment, Du Xueyan put down her pen and signed on the album’s cover.

To: Mu Qiu

You have been to this world before, and I will always remember you.

She handed the signed album to Mu Qiu. Du Xueyan said softly, “Mu Qiu, good luck. Life has unlimited possibilities.”

Mu Qiu was stunned. She looked down and saw the words on the album. Her heart suddenly ached and she nearly cried on the spot. “Thank you.”

]The three of them chatted for more than an hour. At this moment, Gu Shengyao knocked on the door and entered. He tapped the watch on his wrist and told Du Xueyan, “Xueyan, you still have an appointment with CEO Lin. If you don’t leave now, you will be late.”

Du Xueyan smiled apologetically at Mu Qiu and Song Ci. She bid them farewell gently. “In that case, I will take my leave first. Miss Mu, Miss Song, I am very happy to have a heart-to-heart talk with you two.”

Mu Qiu was slightly reluctant. She hesitated before mustering up the courage to ask, “Can we take a photo with you, Miss Du?”

Du Xueyan agreed. “Alright, come.”

Du Xueyan opened her arms and wrapped them around Song Ci and Mu Qiu’s shoulders. Realizing that Song Ci was slightly taller than herself, Du Xueyan had no choice but to hold Song Ci’s slender waist.

After taking the photo, Du Xueyan glanced at Mu Qiu again. She said, “I will get my assistant to send you two concert tickets. I hope that you two will come together for my concert.”

She was also encouraging Mu Qiu not to give up hope, as she wanted to see Mu Qiu at the concert.

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