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Chapter 95: Long-Haired Princess Du Xueyan

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Song Ci said, “We have to wait another week. Why?”

Han Zhan said, “It’s a little in the way.” Many positions are locked because of this damn neck brace. 

Song Ci obviously had the same thoughts as Han Zhan. She touched her collarbone and said something that was not reflective of her thoughts. “I’ll wear it for another week then.” The next day after saying this, Song Ci secretly went to the hospital to get an X-ray and asked if she could remove her neck brace.

The doctor took a look at the results and told Song Ci that her cervical vertebrae had recovered and the neck brace could be removed. Song Ci was overjoyed. After leaving the hospital, she even specially went to the beauty salon to perform a full-body spa procedure on herself, especially on her neck.

After she was done, Song Ci went to the salon and handed her cell phone to the hairdresser. “Here, give me a short-haired model like Liu Shishi.”

After taking off that annoying thing on her neck and getting a new hairstyle, Song Ci felt like gloating. She quickly took a few selfies and posted them on Weibo to be praised by her fans. After browsing Weibo for a while, Song Ci felt very satisfied as she watched her fans compliment her.

She was very vain.

After logging out of Weibo, Song Ci had just placed her cell phone on the table when it suddenly lit up. A musical ringtone sounded. Song Ci glanced down at the caller ID —

Mu Qiu.

The smile on Song Ci’s face instantly disappeared at the sight of this name. She frowned and hesitated for two seconds, before answering the call. “Qiu-er?”

Mu Qiu didn’t speak. Song Ci heard the sound of a car engine.

“Are you driving?” Song Ci asked.

Mu Qiu put on her Bluetooth earphones, before answering Song Ci. “Yes, I am driving. Sister, what are you doing now?”

Song Ci had just posted on Weibo and exposed that she was drinking coffee at the cafe, and she did not know if Mu Qiu had seen it. “Nothing, I’m drinking coffee.”

Mu Qiu said, “I saw your Weibo post. You are at Time Cafe, right?”

She had indeed seen my Weibo post. 

Song Ci said, “Yes, what’s the matter?”

“The thing is.” Mu Qiu told Song Ci over the phone. “Du Xueyan came to our city today to attend a ribbon-cutting event. Sister, do you want to come with me to visit her?”

Du Xueyan? 

Song Ci said, “I tried to fight for her concert tickets in November but I didn’t manage to.” She wanted to ask Yan Jiang if he had any tickets. Yan Jiang was going to film a music video with Du Xueyan, so he might have friendship tickets.

Like Song Ci, Mu Qiu also liked Du Xueyan very much. Hearing this, she said, “I try to buy it.” She didn’t know how much longer she could live. Even if she managed to snatch the ticket, she might die before the concert even started.

Song Ci was naturally not foolish enough to ask her why she didn’t buy the tickets. She recalled that Mu Qiu’s bucket list had stated that she wanted to meet her idol, Du Xueyan, with her own eyes. Song Ci couldn’t find a reason to refuse and agreed.

After about 20 minutes, Mu Qiu arrived. Mu Qiu didn’t get out of the car but sent Song Ci a message to ask her to come out. Song Ci sent Long Yu a message to inform him to follow behind Mu Qiu’s car, before she got up, walked out of the cafe, and got into Mu Qiu’s car.

The two of them chatted like close sisters. “You took off your neck brace? Have you recovered?” Mu Qiu asked.

“I just took it off today.” Song Ci flicked the ends of her hair playfully. “I went to get a haircut, after taking off my neck brace. How is it? Does it look good?”

“Of course my elder sister is beautiful.” Mu Qiu looked straight ahead and smiled normally.

Hearing this, Song Ci secretly touched her chest.

The small wound there had already formed a scab.

Thinking of how Mu Qiu nearly killed her that night, Song Ci felt terrified. How strong must Mu Qiu be to be able to face her with such a calm expression? 

The north coast of Wangdong City was the new city zone. The Shengdai International Plaza was situated in the heart of the new city and it was officially open for business today. On the day of its opening, there would naturally be a formal and grand opening ceremony, which invited the diva Du Xueyan.

By the time Mu Qiu and Song Ci arrived at the Shengdai International Plaza, it was already packed with people. They could only stay at the outermost area and sit on the hood of the car to see Du Xueyan sitting at the forefront of the crowd.

On stage, the leaders were still giving speeches about the future. Finally, the speeches ended and it was time for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Under the host’s instructions, the invited guests and senior management all went on stage. Du Xueyan got up from her seat. As she stepped onto the stage, her hips swayed seductively under her tight silver dress.

Du Xueyan was a rare, pretty singer in the music circle, even in the acting industry, she was considered exceptionally beautiful. Not to mention, she had a siren-like, seductive voice.

Du Xueyan’s appearance on stage caused a stir.

Below the stage, everyone was holding their cell phones to take photos of her. Even Song Ci couldn’t resist taking out her cell phone to take a video. Lowering her head, she used her left hand to block the sunlight while her right hand gripped her cell phone. She opened WeChat and sent the short video she had just taken to Brother Han.

Song Ci: [I see Du Xueyan! She is so beautiful in person!] After sending the message, she heard Mu Qiu say, “Du Xueyan’s hair is indeed very beautiful. In the past, I thought it was just photoshopped when I saw her photo.”

Hearing this, Song Ci looked up at Du Xueyan’s head.

Du Xueyan had waist-length, lovely hair and was named the long-haired princess by many fans. She was the global spokesperson for the international hair care brand, the Shihuahua shampoo. It had been so many years and she had never been replaced.

Today, Du Xueyan’s long hair was wavy and it draped lazily over her shoulders. She was wearing a champagne-colored halter dress. As she bent over to cut the ribbon, her smooth hair fell to the sides of her face, covering half of it and making her look even more beautiful and moving.

“She is indeed rather pretty. After all, she is the spokesperson for Shihuahua.” Song Ci couldn’t help but stroke her short hair. Actually, her long hair previously wasn’t inferior to Du Xueyan’s.

However, Han Zhan didn’t like long hair.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony ended, Du Xueyan left discreetly under the escort of the security guard. Mu Qiu patted Song Ci’s hand and said, “Let’s go, elder sister. Come with me to see Du Xueyan.”

Song Ci was shocked. “You can see her?”

“Mmm, Father helped.” Mu Qiu didn’t have much time left. Knowing that she wanted to meet Du Xueyan while she was still alive, Mu Mian doted on his daughter dearly and personally called Du Xueyan’s manager to make an appointment to meet her.

Mu Qiu shrugged and said in a self-deprecating manner, “Even if I want the moon in the sky now, he might consider buying a spaceship to take me to space.”

“Let’s go then.”

Thus, Mu Qiu brought Song Ci to a private tea room.

“Du Xueyan is inside. Let’s alight.”

The two of them alighted and entered the tearoom. Under the guidance of the waiter, they entered a private room. The waiter opened the door and saw a skinny man dressed in black. Du Xueyan was nowhere to be seen.

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