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Chapter 78: Han Zhan’s Mother

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Zhong Buhui thought for a moment and said hesitantly, “Old Master, don’t you think that Song Ci looks a little like Mulan?” Mulan was Han Aoyu’s only daughter and Han Zhan’s biological mother.

It had been too long since someone mentioned Mulan’s name in front of Han Aoyu. Hearing Mulan’s name suddenly made Han Aoyu’s chest ache and his expression sorrowful.

Han Ao looked up at Zhong Buhui with a hesitant expression. “Do they look alike?”

Zhong Buhui nodded. “They do look somewhat alike. Not in terms of skin, but in terms of bones. The charm between their brows is very similar.”

“No wonder…” He knew that Song Ci looked familiar. On second thought, she did indeed look like his daughter Mulan.

Han Aoyu sighed sadly and said, “Zhanzhan was already seven years old when Mulan left.” A seven-year-old child already remembered things. Mulan’s death had a huge impact on Han Zhan. Han Zhan seldom mentioned his deceased mother all these years, but that didn’t mean he didn’t miss her.

Han Aoyu already felt that Han Zhan suddenly getting married to a woman was too rushed and he felt strange about it. After discovering that Song Ci and Han Zhan’s mother looked somewhat alike, Han Aoyu felt relieved instead.

“Zhanzhan lost his mother when he was young. Perhaps he felt a sense of attachment when he saw Song Ci and chose her.”


Zhong Buhui also felt that this guess was very logical. “Perhaps.”

The hotel wasn’t far from Han Zhan’s house and they could reach it within 10 minutes by car. It was already 10.30pm when Song Ci and Han Zhan came out of the hotel. Han Zhan was someone who was used to sleeping early, so the two of them didn’t hang out outside and just drove home.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Song Ci rubbed her stomach and asked Han Zhan, “When is Grandpa going back?”


“Leaving tomorrow?” Song Ci was slightly shocked. She sat up straight and said, “Why isn’t he staying for a few more days? I have nothing to do anyway. I can take care of him and accompany him on a walk around Wangdong City.”

Han Zhan said, “It’s slightly troublesome.”

“What’s troublesome?”

Seeing that Song Ci didn’t understand, Han Zhan explained. “He has a special identity. If anyone knows that he came to Wangdong City, there will definitely be people coming to visit. Grandpa said that after he retires, he won’t ask about official matters anymore.”

Song Ci thought for a moment, before finally understanding why Han Aoyu was in such a hurry to go home. She couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. “Grandpa is indeed a person who has seen it all.”

The car stopped in the basement and the two of them took the lift up. Song Ci looked at the two figures reflected on the wall, thought of something, and hooked Han Zhan’s left hand with her right hand. “Brother Han.”

Han Zhan looked down at her. “What’s the matter?”

Song Ci hinted to him. “Who am I to you?”

Han Zhan was slightly stunned.

What kind of strange question is this? 

Somehow, Han Zhan felt that the answer should be a joke. He said with uncertainty, “You are my yo-yo?” In the past few years, this joke had been very popular and Han Zhan had also heard of it.

Song Ci’s face froze and she nearly broke down. She laughed and pouted. “No, think again.” He had called her so naturally just now and she had been touched for a long time.

For a moment, Han Zhan couldn’t think of anything, so he looked down and sized Song Ci up. Song Ci’s lashes were very long. At this moment, her eyelids were slightly lowered, and her lashes cast a row of grayish-green shadows on the porcelain-white skin under her eyes. Her lashes quivered, and that shadow changed accordingly.

She looked extremely mesmerizing.

Han Zhan was enlightened. “Baby Ci.” The man’s deep voice had a bewitching quality to it, which rung above Song Ci’s head.

Song Ci’s eyes widened with joy. “How did you think of this name?” Song Ci was shocked to hear Han Zhan suddenly call her Baby Ci that night.

Han Zhan said, “I just feel that it suits you quite well.” She was many people’s Song Ci, Song Song, but she was destined to only be his Baby Ci.

Song Ci rubbed her earlobes awkwardly and muttered. “At least you have good taste.”

Walking out of the lift, Han Zhan kept staring at Song Ci’s reddened ears. Returning home, Song Ci washed up first. Han Zhan sat by the bed and changed Song Ci’s contact name to Baby Ci, as well as her Wechat name.

Song Ci came out of the shower and applied moisturizing cream on her body. She wasn’t wearing pyjamas and only had on a loose bathrobe. “Brother Han, go take a shower.”


The newly-bought makeup table was already here. Song Ci was sitting at the table doing her skincare routine. When Han Zhan came out of the shower, he saw that Song Ci was still fiddling with her bottles. He raised his brows and felt that it was not easy for girls—especially beautiful girls.

Han Zhan looked at the time. It was 11.30pm.

We have to sleep. 

He laid down on one side of the bed and left the other side for Song Ci. After applying the facial cream, Song Ci went into the cloakroom to change into pyjamas, got into bed, and squeezed under the blankets. The moment she got on the bed, Han Zhan could smell a faint scent on her. “What moisturizer did you put on?”

Song Ci said, “Green teflavored.” She said, “I am a green tea bitch.”


Han Zhan smiled.

He wanted to hug Song Ci to sleep but hesitated and didn’t dare to reach out his hand. Song Ci suddenly said, “They said that men are born to kiss. When kissing, their Adam’s apple will move up and down.”

Han Zhan opened his eyes and looked at her with a burning gaze. Not knowing what she meant, he asked, “What are you trying to say?”

Song Ci flipped over and supported her head with her hand. Her seductive eyes were filled with all sorts of charm. Han Zhan felt goosebumps all over his body from her stare. Song Ci said, “I want to see your Adam’s apple bobble.”


If Han Zhan could endure it, he was not a man.

The next morning.

Han Zhan stood in the room, put on his tie and picked up his watch to glance at the time.


This was the first time Han Zhan woke up late in so many years. He glanced at Song Ci, who was sleeping soundly on the bed, and his lips suddenly curled up in a self-deprecating manner. Han Zhan, oh, Han Zhan, you claim to be a gentleman with good sense, but in front of beauty, you’re nothing. 

You should just be human. 

[fuzzy]When Han Zhan arrived at the office with his briefcase, Li Li couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw him. “Tsk tsk tsk, Mr. Han, how rare. You’re actually late.” Han Zhan glanced at him mildly and entered the office without a word.

How could Li Li understand the sweet sorrow of a married man? 

Li Li followed Han Zhan into the office. Once the door was closed, his smile faded and his expression turned serious. “I won’t be able to accompany you on this business trip.”

Aoyu Number 1 would be officially launched in the European and American markets tomorrow. There were many events that needed to be handled during the launch of the new product and this business trip would take up to a week. Li Li was supposed to accompany Han Zhan but something cropped up and he could not leave.

As they were newlyweds, Han Zhan had just experienced the joys of being a married couple and didn’t really want to be separated from Song Ci. He had originally planned to let Li Li go to America on a work trip alone, while he stayed home to accompany Song Ci. It looked like he couldn’t do it anymore.

Han Zhan took off his suit and hung it on the hanger, before unbuttoning his shirt. He asked, “What’s the matter?”

Li Li rubbed his brows in frustration and said in a low voice, “My mother is going for a minor surgery and I need to accompany her.”

Han Zhan was slightly shocked and showed concern on his face. “Hasn’t Auntie always been in good health? What surgery is she undergoing?”

Li Li said, “It’s a uterine tumor. I need to be by her side to feel assured.”

“That’s no small surgery.” It went without saying how important a uterus was to a woman.

Han Zhan was not an unreasonable boss and immediately agreed.

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