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Chapter 77: The Han Family Men Won’t Marry Twice.

Hearing this conversation, Song Ci felt amused but didn’t dare to really laugh.

She picked up the red wine bottle on the table and said to Han Aoyu, “Grandpa, don’t listen to Brother Han. I know that people with high blood pressure can drink a little bit of dry red wine. You just need to drink less than 50ml.”

Han Aoyu laughed. “Little Song is just so nice.” He glanced at Han Zhan, who had a helpless expression beside Song Ci, and said in a sarcastic manner, “Not like some people who are heartless. I’ve raised you for more than 30 years in vain.”

Han Zhan felt wronged.

Song Ci really only poured a little for Han Aoyu.

Han Aoyu picked up the wine glass and took a whiff. A nostalgic expression appeared on his face. “Speaking of which, your grandmother brewed wine better, but I can’t make it taste like hers.” Han Zhan’s grandmother had passed away five years ago.

Perhaps Old Master didn’t miss that wine, but rather the person who brewed it. Song Ci said, “In Song Ci’s eyes, Grandpa’s wine is already very rich and wonderful. It’s a pity that I didn’t get the chance to taste Grandma’s wine-making skills. If there’s a chance, I must ask Grandpa about this wine brewing method.”

Han Aoyu laughed heartily and slapped his thigh. “When the grapes ripe next year, come to my place and I’ll teach you!”


Yan Jiang’s taste buds were stimulated by them. He took a sip of the wine and was instantly stunned. “It’s so delicious. Grandpa, did you really brew this wine?”

Han Aoyu raised his head proudly. “Of course.”

Yan Jiang gave a big round of applause and praised him, “This wine is very mellow and doesn’t lose to those so-called famous French wines. Grandpa is awesome!” Yan Jiang pointed at that red wine bottle and asked Han Zhan, “Mr. Han, can you prepare some for me later so that I can bring it back?”

Han Zhan, ” Okay.”

“Alright, let’s eat.” With Han Aoyu’s order, everyone picked up their chopsticks and started eating.

At his old age, Han Aoyu had to control his appetite and not eat too much. He was basically full after just a few dishes, but he didn’t leave the table and sat by the side to chat with the young man.

Han Aoyu was slightly surprised to see Song Ci scoop another big bowl of rice after finishing it. He didn’t expect this little girl to look so slender but have such a big appetite. It was a blessing to have such a big appetite.

As Song Ci was putting the food into her bowl, she stole a glance at her grandfather. Seeing that he looked at her with satisfaction, she ate even more vigorously.

Yan Jiang noticed that Song Ci had also finished her second bowl of rice. He was rather surprised but didn’t say anything. Only Han Zhan’s eyes were filled with amusement.

After the meal, Han Zhan played chess with Old Master Han in the study. Song Ci had eaten too much and opened her drawer to take out a few slices of digestive biscuits. She then walked around the living room downstairs to digest her food.

Yan Jiang sat on the sofa and ate the plums brought by Old Master. He complained to Song Ci. “Why did you eat so much?”

Song Ci said bitterly, “Grandpa likes girls who can eat a lot.”

Yan Jiang blinked and pitied Song Ci very much. He glanced upstairs and asked Song Ci, “What does Han Zhan’s grandfather do?” Although the old man was dressed like a farmer, his occasional casual glance had a murderous intent. It seemed like his identity was not simple.

Song Ci said, “Search online, Han Aoyu.”

Yan Jiang followed her instructions.

A moment later, Yan Jiang put down his cell phone in shock. He looked at Song Ci enviously and sighed. “Song Song, you have married into a general’s residence!”

Han Zhan was actually Han Aoyu’s grandson! With such a background, Song Song would not be bullied ever again in her life.

Yan Jiang was finally relieved. He got up and bid farewell. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to carry the bag of fruits and the bottle of red wine personally brewed by Old Master Han.

After sending Yan Jiang off, Song Ci sent Han Zhan a message. [Brother Han, where is Grandpa sleeping tonight?] There was only one bed in their house.

Han Zhan saw the message and looked up to ask Old Master, “Grandpa, where are you staying tonight?”

Han Aoyu stared at the chessboard and said, “Your Uncle Zhong booked a room at the hotel. Just send me over later.”

“Not going back to the residence?”

“No thanks. If others know that I am back, they will come and visit. It’ll be so troublesome.” Han Aoyu placed a chess piece down. “Since I’m retired, I’ll do what a retired old man should do. Don’t bother with what I shouldn’t.” Han Aoyu’s eyes saw through everything.

Han Zhan admired his grandfather. Retiring after achieving success and staying out of worldly affairs was the most sensible thing to do.


“Oh yes, the last time I saw your Grandpa Chen, he kept bragging about that chess set you gave him.” The old master’s tone was sour. What was this about? My own grandson had given a chess set to another old man, why didn’t he give it to me? (italics)

Han Zhan felt slightly helpless. He said, “I went back to Shunchen on a work trip to visit Grandpa Chen. I couldn’t possibly go empty-handed. That chess set was bought by Li Li. I have one too. I got it from the auction previously.”

Han Zhan got up and entered the small collection room in the study. Shortly after, he walked out holding a precious chess set.

“Little Ye’s red sandalwood chess, top-grade, the work of the great sculptor Song Shan.”

Han Zhan handed the chess set to Han Aoyu.

Han Aoyu opened it and took a few glances, before feeling satisfied.

Stroking the chess set, Han Aoyu started talking to Han Zhan about Song Ci. “Song Ci, this little girl, is good with words and is a pretty good girl. She can match with you and her looks are rather compatible. As for her character, I don’t know about it much, but I believe in your taste.”

Han Zhan listened quietly and didn’t retort.

Han Aoyu continued, “I don’t know why you two got married, but you must remember that there has never been a second marriage for the men of the Han Family. No matter if it’s yours or not yours. Once it’s by your side, it must be yours.”

Han Zhan’s heart shuddered as he understood Han Aoyu’s warning.

Han Aoyu was very smart, how could he not see the strangeness of this marriage between Han Zhan and Song Ci? But he wouldn’t pursue the matter. He was trying to warn Han Zhan that Song Ci was not a bad girl. Since she had taken the initiative to send herself to him, regardless of whether she was hypocritical or sincere, she had to be by his side forever.

There was no second marriage for the men of the Han Family.

“I understand, Grandpa.”

After 9pm, Old Master was about to leave. Song Ci and Han Zhan personally sent him back to the hotel. When they arrived, Song Ci saw a middle-aged man in the room. He had bronzed skin and a square face. He didn’t look like a man of many words.

“Zhanzhan.” A smile appeared on Uncle Zhong’s face when he saw Han Zhan. He stared at Song Ci, who was behind Han Zhan, and his smile became even warmer. “Is this your lover?”

Han Zhan turned sideways and revealed Song Ci’s full face to Uncle Zhong. “Uncle Zhong, this is my wife, Song Ci.” Han Zhan introduced Song Ci again. “Song Ci, this is Uncle Zhong. He watched me grow up and he takes care of my grandfather.”

“Hello, Uncle Zhong.”


The couple chatted with Uncle Zhong for about 20 minutes, before taking their leave.

Zhong Buhui watched as Han Zhan and his wife left. He closed the door and turned to enter the master bedroom. Seeing Han Aoyu unscrewing the medicine bottle, he hurriedly walked over to pour a glass of water for Han Aoyu and offered it to him.

Han Aoyu picked up the cup and swallowed the medicine. He put down the cup and muttered. “I keep thinking that Song Ci looks somewhat familiar. Buhui, do you feel the same way?”

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