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Chapter 79: Bucket List

In the morning, Han Zhan went to play golf with a few big shots. When it was time for lunch, Han Zhan went home early with the excuse of going on a work trip and had lunch with Song Ci.

Song Ci had already helped him pack his luggage into two large suitcases. in the morning. She was very good at packing luggage, as she separated his work suit and banquet suits, even matching his cufflinks, collar pins, wristwatches and ties.

Looking at the packed luggages, Han Zhan felt a sense of reluctance for the first time. Song Ci saw that Han Zhan was staring at the luggage frowning without speaking. She controlled her reluctance and reminded Han Zhan, “Brother Han, you should go to the airport now. If you don’t leave now, you might miss the flight.”

This business trip would involve transferring flights at many countries. The application process for a private jet overseas was very cumbersome. In order to save costs and time, Han Zhan wanted to board Zeus Airlines’ airplane with his colleague.

If he missed the boarding time, he could only wait for the next trip.

Han Zhan glanced at Song Ci and suddenly said, “Do you want to…” But Han Zhan didn’t speak again. Is it too clingy to bring my wife along on a work trip?

Song Ci’s eyes lit up. “Mmm?” She asked Han Zhan, “Are you asking me if I want you to bring a present back?”

Han Zhan said, “…Mmm.”

Song Ci shrugged. “I don’t lack anything. But I like whatever Brother Han gives me.”

Han Zhan, ” Okay.”

Thinking of what happened at Li Li’s side, Han Zhan told Song Ci, “Oh yes, Li Li’s mother will undergo an operation tomorrow afternoon. It’s a uterine tumor, so she needs to have her womb removed.”

Hearing this, Song Ci hurriedly said, “How about this, I will go to the hospital for you tomorrow and accompany Li Li beside Auntie until she wakes up.”

“Mmm, thank you.”

Han Zhan kept feeling like he had forgotten to say something. He stared at Song Ci’s face and the two of them faced each other in silence. After a while, Han Zhan said, “No stealing ice cream, no drinking ice water, drink more warm water, dry your hair before sleeping at night…”

Hearing this, Song Ci felt like rolling her eyes. She suggested sincerely, “Brother Han, why are you so worried about me? Do you want to cast a spell on me to turn me into a keychain accessory, so you can hang me on your belt everywhere you go?”

Han Zhan smiled.

He shut his mouth and thought for a moment, before reaching out to caress Song Ci’s face gently. “I wanted to say that I really can’t bear to part with you.”

Song Ci, who was glib-tongued, suddenly felt slightly embarrassed. “Mmm, I-I can’t bear to either.” But immediately, a smile surfaced on Song Ci’s face. She clenched her fists at Han Zhan and encouraged him. “Work hard, earn more money, and earn enough money for your child to have milk powder and diapers.”

Han Zhan’s heart was filled with melancholy. She didn’t love me. She only loved my handsome looks and my money-making skills…

In the end, Han Zhan still went to the airport alone.

After sending Han Zhan off, Song Ci got Long Yu to drive her back to the Mu Family residence.

The relationship between Song Ci and the Mu Family was very awkward now. She was still the adopted daughter of the Mu Family in name, but in reality, Mu Mian had already kicked Song Ci out of the family. Song Ci made a quick calculation. Over the past eight years, the Mu Family had spent five to six million yuan on grooming her. Adding on Song Fei’s medical fees, it was a total of 15 million yuan.

Song Ci was thinking of earning some money as soon as possible to return the money that the Mu Family had spent on her and her sister. Song Ci would only have a clear conscience then.

Hearing that Song Ci had come, Mu Qiu, who was tidying up her room, asked Auntie Zhang to inform Song Ci to come upstairs.

Song Ci arrived on the second floor and knocked on Mu Qiu’s door.

“Come in, elder sister.” Mu Qiu sounded very happy and pleased.

Song Ci pushed open the door and glanced inside. Mu Qiu’s room was similar to Song Ci’s, but the wallpaper was light blue and looked elegant. Mu Qiu was changing clothes in the cloakroom. Song Ci waited for a while before seeing her walk out.

Song Ci felt slightly out of place at the sight of Mu Qiu’s outfit. Mu Qiu was wearing a bike-style white t-shirt and a pair of tight denim shorts. Her long hair was in a high ponytail. She was holding onto a pair of strappy Roman sandals. She smiled mischievously and asked Song Ci, “Does this pair of shoes match this outfit?”

Mu Qiu usually dressed demurely and obediently. This was the first time Song Ci saw such a cool style on her.

“A pair of flat shoes would be more suitable.”

“I’ll listen to you.” Mu Qiu turned around and entered the cloakroom. Shortly after, she walked out wearing flat canvas shoes.

Song Ci sat on her bed and noticed a piece of white A4 paper on the dresser. On the top of the paper were the words “Bucket List”. Song Ci asked Mu Qiu, “Can I take a look at this?”

Mu Qiu pressed the paper against Song Ci’s chest. “This is my bucket list. I will share it with you.”

Song Ci’s chest was suddenly patted and she recalled some unhappy memory, causing her body to stiffen slightly. She slowly lowered her head and looked at that hand on her chest that was holding the bucket list. It was as if she had returned to the scene before her death in her previous life. That day, the 30-year-old Mu Qiu also pressed gently on Song Ci’s chest like now, asking innocently if Song Ci could give her heart.

A chill ran down Song Ci’s spine as her muscles tensed up. She couldn’t even maintain the smile on her face.

Noticing Song Ci’s odd expression, Mu Qiu thought that she was upset about her condition and comforted her instead. “Don’t put on such an expression. I am not dead yet. Moreover, death is not that scary.”

Song Ci acknowledged and opened the bucket list. It read:

Bucket list before I die:

Number one: Ride a motorcycle once.

Number two: Attend a funeral.

Number three: Help five poor children study.

Number four: Tell the truth to someone.

Number five: Meet my beloved idol, Du Xueyan.

Number six: Choose a suitable grave for yourself.

Number seven: Wear a wedding gown once to take a solo wedding photo.

Number 8: Sleeping with a handsome single man.

]Song Ci finished reading the bucket list and felt very puzzled. Judging from this list, Mu Qiu’s character was pure and kind, so what exactly caused Mu Qiu to become so mischievous?

Mu Qiu picked up the black-red helmet on the dresser, held her small bag, and asked Song Ci, “Sister, do you want to ride the motorcycle with me?”

Song Ci returned the list to Mu Qiu and nodded. “Okay.”

Mu Qiu had borrowed a cool-looking motorbike from a friend and found an abandoned old school road. Mu Qiu had only spent an hour learning from her friend, and had mastered the basics and knew how to balance the motorbike. Fortunately, the roads were flat and smooth, and there were no sharp turns. Mu Qiu drove rather happily.

Song Ci only returned home after dinner with Mu Qiu.

Song Ci arrived at the hospital at 7am the next day for Mother Li’s surgery. At 8.40am, Song Ci and Li Li accompanied Mother Li into the operating theater. At the door of the operating theater, Mother Li held Li Li’s hand tightly and gave him a meaningful look.

Humans had a natural fear of surgeries. Mother Li was afraid that she would never be able to open her eyes again, after entering the operating theater. As a result, she wanted to engrave the child’s face deeply in her mind.

Of course Li Li understood his mother’s fear. He stroked her slightly white hair and choked on his words. He said, “I will wait for you to come out, mother.”

Only then did Mother Li release her grip and was pushed into the operating theater by the nurse.

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