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Chapter 75: Baby Ci

Although he was dressed like an old farmer, Han Aoyu’s eyes were as cold as daggers, as he stared at Song Ci and Yan Jiang behind her, sizing them up.

Song Ci, who was standing in front of Han Aoyu, was wearing a long pinkish-purple dress with a neck brace. She had on exquisite light makeup and her short burgundy hair was styled in a rather mischievous manner.

At this point, Song Ci was wearing an apron and so was the man behind her. They looked like a couple at the peak of their love.

This was not the most important thing.

Most importantly…

“This is my grandson’s house. Who are you?!” Han Aoyu stared at Yan Jiang with a dark gaze.

At this point, Han Aoyu was thinking: Damn it! Han Zhan’s wife was actually having an affair with a gigolo behind his back! She was already wearing a neck brace, but didn’t forget to mess with a man—outrageous!

Hearing this, Yan Jiang suddenly had a bad feeling. What kind of frightening Asura Arena was this! Yan Jiang looked down at Song Ci and realized that she was not any better than him. He looked flustered.

Yan Jiang smiled at Han Aoyu ,revealing his pearly white teeth, and said respectfully, “Hi, Grandpa, I am…” Song Ci suddenly reached behind her and tugged at Yan Jiang’s shirt, hinting for him to shut up.

Yan Jiang immediately shut up.

Song Ci composed herself and smiled sweetly at Old Master Han Aoyu. She placed her hands obediently by her sides and gave Han Aoyu a deep bow. Like a little kid seeing a police officer, she greeted him loudly. “Hello, Grandpa!”

Han Aoyu’s eyes instantly widened.

What a shameless woman! She was caught having an affair and still had the cheek to call me Grandpa—where did this woman come from?!

Song Ci straightened her back, pushed Yan Jiang, who was behind her, and said respectfully to Han Aoyu, “Grandpa, come in quickly. You must be tired from rushing over from Shunchen City. The air conditioning is on in the house. It’s cooling, come in and sit down.”

Han Aoyu stood at the door, refusing to go in. “Miss… this is my grandson’s house, but the man behind you is not my grandson…” Those shrewd eyes were filled with a terrifying pressure. Han Aoyu questioned Song Ci in a low voice.” Why are you guys at my grandson’s house?! ”

His cold gaze brushed past Song Ci’s face and then landed on the pretty boy behind her. “You guys have to give me a reasonable explanation.” The old man had been through thick and thin all his life. His expression darkened slightly and he exuded a terrifying aura. Not to mention Song Ci, even Yan Jiang couldn’t resist the urge to kneel down and call him grandfather.

Song Ci’s scalp went numb.

Shit, he misunderstood us.

How should I explain this? If I said that Yan Jiang was just my friend but I’m alone at home with a male friend behind her husband’s back, Grandpa would definitely make wild guesses and still think that I’m a vixen bad woman.

Song Ci was very anxious.

At this moment, Han Zhan returned home with a bag of items. “Grandpa?” Han Zhan stared at the old man wearing a straw hat and carrying a snakeskin bag. He was pleasantly surprised.

Han Aoyu turned and looked at his grandson expressionlessly. His eyes seemed to say: Look at you, kid. The hat on your head is glowing green[1] and you still don’t know anything. How embarrassing!

Song Ci hurriedly said loudly to Han Zhan, “Brother Han, did you know that Grandpa is coming today? If you knew, you should have told me earlier! You didn’t say anything and I didn’t even have time to prepare food. If I had known earlier, I would have asked my brother to go to the supermarket to buy some vegetables!” Song Ci sounded both angry and frustrated.

Han Aoyu frowned and his expression changed slightly.


Not the other party in the affair?

Upon hearing Song Ci’s words, Han Zhan knew that Old Master had misunderstood. He glanced at Old Master and said helplessly, “Grandpa, why didn’t you call me in advance if you were coming?” Saying that, he said to Yan Jiang, who was behind Song Ci, “Brother, this is my grandfather. He lives in Shunchen City. After knowing that I got married, he specially came over to visit his granddaughter-in-law.”

It was the first time Yan Jiang saw Han Zhan in person, and he was somewhat stunned by Han Zhan addressing him as “Brother.” However, he was also a smart kid and immediately assumed the role of Song Ci’s elder brother.

Yan Jiang walked up to Song Ci and greeted Han Aoyu respectfully. “Hello, Grandpa. I am Song Ci’s elder brother. Please come in, it is hot outside.”

Han Aoyu was already an old man and had seen all sorts of situations, but even he blushed after what had happened.

So it turned out to be a misunderstanding.

Gosh, it was my first time meeting my grand daughter-in-law, yet I’ve already offended her and her brother. What should I do?

Would this brother-in-law make things difficult for Zhanzhan?

Han Aoyu sat on the sofa awkwardly, as he was respectfully invited into the house by his grand daughter-in-law and her elder brother. He looked at Song Ci and felt that this grand daughter-in-law was so beautiful. It was truly his grandson’s blessing to have such a young and beautiful wife.

Han Aoyu rubbed his hands on his thighs and chuckled awkwardly toward Song Ci. His face was red as he laughed. “Lass, your surname is Song, right?”

Song Ci also felt awkward and blushed.

She nodded casually and acknowledged softly. “Grandpa, my name is Song Ci.”

The way she addressed him softened Han Aoyu’s heart. “Hey, Song Lass, don’t blame Zhanzhan for not telling you that I’m coming. I heard that he was getting married and suddenly came over on a whim. I wanted to give him a surprise but didn’t inform him. Who knew…”

There was no surprise, but there was a lot of shock.

Song Ci hurriedly shook her head, and said considerately, “It’s okay, it’s okay.” Staring at the two bags of snakeskin on the floor, Song Ci said sincerely, “Brother Han even told me a few days ago that Grandpa’s tomatoes are ripe and we can have tomato sauce soon. He also said that the grapes are ripe and the wine Grandpa made is especially tasty.”

Seeing that Han Aoyu’s eyes were obviously warming up, Song Ci continued to flatter him. “I was just telling my brother to have a good taste of Grandpa’s wine later.”

Old Han was overjoyed. He waved casually and humbly replied, “It’s not as good as he makes it out to be. Don’t listen to his nonsense.”

“Of course not! Brother Han also always told me that he was brought up by Grandpa. Without Grandpa, he wouldn’t have his current achievements. I still have to thank Grandpa for giving me such a perfect Brother Han.”

Song Ci covered her mouth as she giggled. Her sweet words made Han Aoyu grin from ear to ear. This was especially so when he heard Song Ci praise Han Zhan, causing him to feel even more proud and become very satisfied with Song Ci.

“I brought you guys tomato sauce this time. In that bag are some grapes that I plucked from the vines early this morning. I might have spoiled some, but they are still edible. I also brought some vegetables that I planted myself.”

“Oh yes.” Han Aoyu glanced at his own grandson and winked at Song Ci. “Zhanzhan said you like bacon and sausages. I brought some too.”

Hearing this, Song Ci was slightly surprised. I didn’t expect Brother Han to be so considerate.

Han Zhan didn’t participate in their conversation. He was squatting on the floor to untie the rope on the snakeskin bag. After untying the rope, Han Zhan sized up the fruits and vegetables in the bag. Seeing that they were still fresh, Han Zhan looked up and said to Song Ci, “Baby Ci, go to the kitchen and get a fruit basket and vegetable basket.”

[1] ‘Wearing a green hat’ in Chinese means being made a cuckold

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