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Chapter 76: Grandpa Likes Girls who Could Eat

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Ci Bao! 

What kind of adoring way to address me is this? 

Song Ci’s heart was shot again.

Blushing, she went to the kitchen to get a vegetable basket and a fruit basket. Han Aoyu was somewhat surprised to hear the special way his grandson addressed Song Ci. He didn’t expect this boring guy to have such a romantic side.

Not only did Old Master bring grapes, he also brought along lotus seed heads and plums. He had planted all of them himself.

Song Ci’s parents were orphans, and they didn’t have any relatives. Although Song Ci and Song Fei didn’t lack love, they didn’t enjoy love from their grandparents either, so she was slightly envious of Han Zhan.

Song Ci washed the fruits and placed them on the coffee table. “Brother, accompany Grandpa. I will go and cook.” It was Old Master Han’s first visit and Song Ci was embarrassed to drag Han Zhan along to cook.

Han Zhan was a meticulous person. He chose a few grapes from the basket and said to Han Aoyu, “Grandpa, I’m going to help Song Ci cook.”

Han Aoyu waved nonchalantly. “Go ahead.”

Han Zhan entered the kitchen and stuffed a big ripe grape into Song Ci’s mouth, and she held it in her mouth. “How sweet.”

Han Zhan stared at her lips stained with grape juice. Thinking of something else, his gaze deepened. “Mmm, it’s quite sweet.”

Now that Old Master was here, Song Ci felt that she should add a few more dishes. However, Han Zhan said that there was no need to be extravagant—just the right amount would do. “My grandfather hates wasting the most, you can just prepare a sufficient amount.”

Hearing Han Zhan’s words, Song Ci also felt that he was thinking more considerately and followed the original menu. Han Zhan saw that Song Ci had cut all the vegetables and stir-fried three dishes. He put on his apron and said to Song Ci, “I will stir-fry the rest of the dishes. Help me tie the knot.”


Song Ci stood behind Han Zhan and helped him tie his apron. Han Zhan suddenly asked her, “How is your body? Are you feeling better?”

Startled, Song Ci hurriedly turned back to look at the living room. She only relaxed when saw that Old Master was talking to Yan Jiang and wasn’t paying attention to them. “I feel better.” Song Ci’s voice was exceptionally soft, afraid of being overheard.


Han Zhan turned on the fire, picked up the spatula, and said, “You go rest, I’ll cook the rest.”

Song Ci leaned against him and said very obediently, “I prefer to watch you cook. Brother Han looks so good when you’re cooking.” Song Ci was the best at sucking up to him.

How could Han Zhan not know what Song Ci was afraid of? He smiled helplessly at her. “My grandfather isn’t scary.”

“He looks quite scary to me, especially when he opened the door and saw me alone with Yan Jiang. That gaze…” Song Ci stuck out her tongue and said fearfully,” Luckily you came back. Otherwise…”

Han Zhan found it funny.

He held the spatula in his left hand and stroked Song Ci’s head with his gloved right. “Then stay here.”


“Oh yes, the durian is in the bag. Take it far away. My grandfather will get dizzy just by smelling it.” Like Han Zhan, Han Aoyu hated durians.

Upon hearing this, Song Ci glanced at Han Zhan, and suddenly laughed when she saw that his expression was normal. “Don’t you hate durians too?” Standing on tiptoe, she kissed Han Zhan’s cheek and stole a look at her grandfather and the rest. Seeing that they didn’t notice, Song Ci said to Han Zhan, “Thank you for your hard work. I will go and buy them myself next time.”

“No trouble at all.”

Han Zhan started the fire and cooked seriously, while Song Ci assisted him.

Smelling the garlic, Han Aoyu, who was talking to Yan Jiang, suddenly stopped talking and turned to look at the kitchen. He felt more assured seeing his grandson and granddaughter-in-law behaving so intimately.

They’re quite close. 

Retracting his gaze, Han Aoyu asked Yan Jiang, “Kid, what’s your name?”

Yan Jiang didn’t dare to be careless, as he pulled himself together and replied respectfully, “Grandpa, my name is Yan Jiang.”

“Yan Jiang, Song Yanjiang… How old are you compared to that lass?”

For some reason, Yan Jiang had followed Song Ci and taken on the surname Song, but he couldn’t bring himself to say it out loud. Once a lie was made, countless lies would be needed to smooth things over, and the results would always be the opposite. Yan Jiang thought for a moment and decided to be more honest. It was better to tell the Old Master the truth directly.

After thinking it through, Yan Jiang said, “Grandpa, my surname is not Song but Yan. I am indeed Song Ci’s elder brother, but not biological, I am her neighbour. We grew up together when we were young and we have a very good relationship.”

Afraid that Han Aoyu would suspect that he had an ambiguous relationship with Song Ci, Yan Jiang hurriedly explained. “Didn’t Song Ci and Han Zhan just register their marriage two days ago? Today is also my first time visiting Han Zhan’s house. When you arrived just now, Han Zhan happened to go out to buy pork knuckles, which caused that misunderstanding.”

After hearing this, Han Aoyu didn’t doubt Yan Jiang and Song Ci’s relationship anymore. Instead, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Luckily, he isn’t her biological brother. Otherwise, it would be awkward. 

Before coming, Han Aoyu didn’t look up information on Song Ci in detail. He only knew that she was the adopted daughter of the Mu Family. The reason he didn’t look up Song Ci’s information was out of respect for his grandson. That was why Han Aoyu believed Han Zhan, when he called Yan Jiang “elder brother”.

After hearing Yan Jiang’s explanation, Han Aoyu didn’t doubt it. Instead of saying that he believed in Yan Jiang, it would be better to say that he believed in Han Zhan’s judgment. His grandson’s judgment of people was still accurate. If there was really something between Yan Jiang and Song Ci, Han Zhan would definitely know.

Initially, he had made the wrong judgment in a fit of anger.

However, Han Aoyu still felt pretty insecure to have such a good-looking, young, and single good friend by his grand daughter-in-law’s side. He asked Han Aoyu with a smile, “Does Xiaoyan have a girlfriend?”

Yan Jiang was afraid that Han Aoyu’s next sentence would be to introduce a girlfriend to him and hurriedly said, “We have a girlfriend now and we’re cohabiting.”

Hearing that, Han Aoyu was completely relieved.

“Grandpa, Brother Jiang, it’s time for dinner.” Han Zhan took off his apron and stood at the kitchen door to call them over for dinner.

Hearing this, Yan Jiang felt very smug. He regretted not being able to use his cell phone to record Han Zhan’s words.

Han Zhan and Song Ci were busy setting up the table. Song Ci held the bowl and asked Han Zhan secretly, “Brother Han, what kind of girl does Grandpa like? Tell me, I will try to leave a good impression on him.”

Han Zhan said, “One that can eat.”

Song Ci was slightly stunned. One that can eat? 

How much must she eat? 

Han Zhan picked up the bottle of red wine and asked Yan Jiang, “Brother Jiang, this is personally brewed by my grandfather. Do you want to try it?”

“Okay.” Han Zhan poured a glass for Yan Jiang and another for Song Ci and himself. After that, he put down the bottle. Obviously, there was none for Han Aoyu.

Han Aoyu coughed and knocked on the empty glass in front of him. Han Zhan glanced at Han Aoyu and said mercilessly, “You have high blood pressure. You can’t drink.”

Han Aoyu felt that Han Zhan wasn’t giving him face. Everyone at the table was drinking—if he didn’t drink, it would be so embarrassing. “Give me a little, just a little.” Han Aoyu tried to bargain with Han Zhan.

Han Zhan snorted. “Don’t even think about it.”

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