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Chapter 74: Grandpa’s Visit

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Yan Jiang knew the entire situation and could understand Song Ci’s timidity. He casually strummed the strings of the zither, producing an unpleasant sound.

Song Ci quickly slapped Yan Jiang’s hand away and lovingly touched her zither. She said to Yan Jiang, “You can’t be so rude to a zither.”


Yan Jiang shrugged as he observed Song Ci treating the violin like her own baby. He suddenly said, “Go and visit Teacher Shen when you are free. I think he will forgive you.”

Song Ci remained silent.

Hugging her violin, she walked up to the French window and performed a well-known solo performance, “The Great Blessing of Liang”. After the performance ended, Song Ci put down her violin and said with a slightly lonely expression, “The first song that teacher taught me was ‘The Great Blessing of Liang’.”

Song Ci was exceptionally talented in the field of music, especially in violin. She was only 4 years old when she became Teacher Shen Yubei’s student. She was Shen Yubei’s most beloved and only disciple.

The first time Song Ci saw Shen Yubei, she had played ‘The Great Blessing of Liang’. Although she had played slowly then, she did not make a single mistake.

Using Shen Yubei’s exact words, Song Ci was born for the violin.

Song Ci put away her violin and stopped talking about the past. “I should go and cook now. Ah Jiang, come and help.”


Han Zhan’s kitchen was open-aired and very spacious, with a table in the middle. Yan Jiang walked into the kitchen and was slightly surprised to see the ingredients on the table. “Song Song, there’s so much meat. Aren’t you afraid of gaining weight?”

Song Ci pinched her slender waist and said worriedly, “What to do? Brother Han likes to eat meat. I feel like my slender waist is about to become fat.” What a sweet sorrow. 

Yan Jiang was totally flabbergasted. He said in a sour tone, “I also like to eat meat. Why are you always so reluctant to order a plate of meat whenever we go out for a meal? It’s so unfair, Songsong. Have you heard the saying that men are like clothes and women are like hands and feet? If this is used on us, it should be Han Zhan who is like clothes and I am your limbs.”

Song Ci said heartlessly, “It’s true that you are my limbs, but Brother Han is my underwear. I’d rather lose my limbs than be naked.”

Song Ci was heartless. Yan Jiang’s heart felt like it was being stabbed. “Song Song, you had a change of heart.”

“My heart has never been with you.”

Yan Jiang really wanted to go home now.

“Come, help me wash the baby cabbage.” Song Ci tossed two baby cabbages to Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang rolled up his sleeves and helped without complaints. After washing the vegetables, Yan Jiang had a cigarette in his mouth as he leaned against the kitchen counter and played with his cell phone. He saw something and frowned slightly. He bit his cigarette and muttered. “Damn, I am on the hot search again.”

Song Ci didn’t even look up and asked, “Why?”

Taking off his cigarette with his slender fingers, Yan Jiang said mockingly, “I had a meal with Du Xueyan this afternoon and we were photographed. They said we are in a relationship.” Yan Jiang glanced at Song Ci and asked her, “Do you think this is the trending topic that Du Xueyan bought?”


Song Ci said, “No way. With Du Xueyan’s fame, why would she need to hype things up with you?”

Yan Jiang smirked. “Do you know why Du Xueyan came back to develop her career?”

Song Ci was only concerned about Du Xueyan’s work, and not her personal life or career development, so she naturally didn’t know anything. “Any insider information? Tell me.”

Yan Jiang said, “If the news is correct, Du Xueyan is going bankrupt overseas. She had an affair with someone and was discovered by his real wife. That real wife is a ruthless character. She warned Du Xueyan to get lost. If Du Xueyan doesn’t, she will ruin her career.”


Song Ci was a fan of Du Xueyan’s work. Hearing this, she couldn’t help but feel slightly uncomfortable. “This rumor might not be accurate.”

“I’m not sure.” Yan Jiang pressed several buttons on his cell phone screen, before putting it away. He said, “Regardless of whether it’s true or not, no one will be able to create hype with me.”

On Weibo, the netizens were discussing the relationship between Du Xueyan and Yan Jiang. It was successfully trending.

Du Xueyan was shocked to see this trending topic. Her manager said, “This is the power of a top celebrity. Look, this news has only been out for slightly more than 10 minutes and it’s already the number one trending post. Xueyan, finding Yan Jiang to film a music video is the best way to promote yourself.”

Du Xueyan finally acknowledged her manager’s foresight and believed that collaborating with Yan Jiang was indeed beneficial with no harm.

“Should we remove the top search?” Du Xueyan asked her manager.

The manager said, “Forget it, let it stay there. Anyway, it’s a non-existent matter and we are not at fault.”

They didn’t wish to withdraw, but Yan Jiang wouldn’t give up so easily. Not long after, another trending topic rose from the bottom of the trending topics to third place. Du Xueyan scrolled through Weibo again and saw a trending topic called “Yan Jiang’s Reply about His Relationship Status”.

“Yan Jiang responded?”

]Du Xueyan opened the trending topic and saw that Yan Jiang had indeed replied.

Yan Jiang’s reply was very personal and rude. It matched his style of doing whatever he wanted.

Yan Jiang: Talk my a*s! @ Visit Entertainment: Shocking news! The Diva Du Xueyan has been photographed entering and exiting the restaurant with Yan Jiang at the same time. The two of them behaved intimately, and are suspected to be in a relationship.

It was indeed Yan Jiang’s style.

Du Xueyan was both angry and amused, as she dismissed her initial plan to create hype with Yan Jiang. This guy was like a bomb—he would explode at anyone who provoked him.

Song Ci cooked up three to four dishes. She took some time to look at the hottest topics on Weibo and also saw Yan Jiang’s reply.

Although she was already used to Yan Jiang’s rough and straightforward manner, Song Ci was still slightly worried for him. “Aren’t you afraid of offending others by saying this?” After all, he was a famous person and Du Xueyan was not a nobody. Yan Jiang was too upright and would definitely offend someone.

Yan Jiang had already seen through everything. He said expressionlessly, “If you are afraid of offending others, you will be used by others.” He was extremely arrogant. “I will never be used by others.”


Song Ci teased him. “If you had half your guts in front of my elder sister, I would have to look at you in a new light.”

Yan Jiang instantly shut his mouth.

In front of Song Fei, Yan Jiang was like a quail, unable to even lift his head.

Just then, the doorbell rang again.

[fuzzy]Song Ci felt it was strange when she heard the doorbell. Yan Jiang snuffed out his cigarette, looked at the door and asked Song Ci, “Is your Brother Han back?”

Song Ci was puzzled. “No way. Brother Han knows the password. There’s no need to press the doorbell.”

“Is that the delivery guy?” Song Ci was a shopping maniac and loved online shopping. It was very likely that it was a delivery guy.


The two of them chatted as they walked towards the main entrance.

Song Ci opened the door, looked up and was stunned.

Standing in front of her was an old man wearing a white long-sleeved shirt, black suit pants, a straw hat, and a pair of black leather shoes.

In each hand was a snakeskin pocket.

It was very down-to-earth!

Song Ci took a deep breath when she guessed the elderly’s identity.

Oh my god, it’s Brother Han’s grandfather! 

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