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Chapter 69: Madam and that Pretty Boy Have Something Going On

After resolving the misunderstanding with Han Zhan, Song Ci felt much better and suddenly didn’t feel like going home anymore. She got Long Yu to park the car beside a park, and she called Yan Jiang.

“Ah Jiang, where are you?”

Yan Jiang’s assistant answered the call. “Ms. Song, Brother Jiang has something on and is in a meeting. I will get him to call you back later.”


Song Ci looked up and said to Long Yu, “I am not going home. I am going to meet a friend.”

“Okay, Madam.”

About 20 minutes later, Yan Jiang called. Song Ci picked up and asked him with a smile, “You were in a meeting just now? Is there a new drama?”

Yan Jiang sneered. “Bullsh*t.” His refined voice was especially interesting when he swore.

“Then what were you doing?”

Yan Jiang said in a low voice, “A female singer is returning to develop her career and is going to film a music video. She wants me to be the male lead.” With Yan Jiang’s popularity, being able to invite him to film a music video meant just how famous this singer was.

Song Ci asked curiously, “Who is so capable?”

“Du Xueyan.”

Song Ci was very surprised. “Oh my God, Du Xueyan, have you agreed?”

Yan Jiang replied, “I am considering.” Yan Jiang then asked Song Ci, “Oh yes, why did you call me at this time?”

“I want to visit your cat.”

]Yan Jiang turned to look at the group of executives beside him. He glanced at his watch and said to Song Ci, “Go to the cafe outside my villa and wait for me. I will be back in an hour.”


Song Ci finished her cup of coffee and refilled it, before seeing Yan Jiang return. She carried the mocha that she had packed earlier and boarded Yan Jiang’s car.

Long Yu sat in the car and watched as Song Ci boarded Yan Jiang’s car. He felt very conflicted. Why did Madam board a stranger’s car?

Should I tell Master about it?

Long Yu was very hesitant.

Yan Jiang noticed a black Volvo parked at the side with a driver inside. He smiled and said, “This is Brother Han’s car, right? Is that the driver? Brother Han cares a lot about you.”

“Of course. My Brother Han is gentle, considerate and thrifty. There’s no one better than him in Wangdong City.” Song Ci bragged about Han Zhan without much thinking.

Yan Jiang raised his brows. “Stop flaunting, I don’t care.” He added, “That driver of yours, Brother Long, looks like Brother Monkey.”

Song Ci exchanged glances with him and laughed heartily. “I think so too. However, the bodyguard that Han Zhan found for me is definitely not as easy to bully as he looks.”

Yan Jiang agreed.

“Let me guess what your driver is thinking now.” Yan Jiang had one hand on the steering wheel and the other on his coffee cup. He put on a conflicted expression and said in a distressed manner, “Why did Ms. Song get into the car of a pretty boy? Is something happening outside? Should I tell Mr. Han?”

Song Ci couldn’t stop laughing at Yan Jiang’s antics. “Shut up.”

Amidst their banter, the car arrived at Yan Jiang’s doorstep. After parking the car, the two of them alighted.

In the distance, the camera flashed and the scene of the two of them returning home side by side was captured by the reporters.

After entering the house, Yan Jiang threw away the unfinished mocha. He changed his shoes and asked Song Ci, “What do you want to drink? Coffee or tea?”

“I don’t want to drink those. Is there a cold drink? Brother Han doesn’t even allow me to drink cold water and beverages.” Song Ci really wanted to drink some iced beverage. Han Zhan was good in all aspects, except for the fact that he liked to poke his nose into other people’s business.


Yan Jiang made her a cup of kumquat lemonade with lots of ice. Song Ci took a few sips and smacked her lips in pleasure. She put down the cup and asked Yan Jiang impatiently, “Where did you hide my elder sister?”

A glint flashed across Yan Jiang’s eyes as he stammered, unable to utter a complete sentence.

Song Ci looked at him with a scrutinizing gaze. “Yan Jiang…” Song Ci thought of a possibility. She shot Yan Jiang a death glare and hurried upstairs to Yan Jiang’s master bedroom.

Song Ci pushed open the door to the master bedroom and saw Song Fei in deep sleep on Yan Jiang’s big bed.

Song Fei was wearing a yellow dress and lying on the right side of Yan Jiang’s bed. Her face looked slightly rosy; it looked like Yan Jiang had taken good care of her.

There was an IV stand on the right side of the bed. It was used for daily transfusions of nutrients to Song Fei. Song Ci heard Yan Jiang’s footsteps entering the room behind her. She turned and said fiercely to him, “If I see any bad marks on my elder sister’s body, I will definitely kill you!”

Both of them knew very well what a bad mark was.

“Turn around, no peeking!” Song Ci snapped at Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang turned around obediently, looking very aggrieved.

Song Ci lifted Song Fei’s skirt and checked her body. After confirming that there were no ambiguous marks, Song Ci heaved a sigh of relief.

Yan Jiang explained softly from behind her. “I am not being disrespectful to her. I am just… afraid.” Yan Jiang turned to look at Song Fei’s sleeping face. “I will only feel at ease if she lies beside me and I can feel her heartbeat at night.”

]Hearing this, Song Ci was stunned. She noticed that her elder sister’s nails were neatly trimmed by Yan Jiang. Only then did she realize that her momentary agitation and suspecting that Yan Jiang’s had ill intentions was hurtful toward him.

Song Ci felt slightly guilty. “I’m sorry.” Song Ci sat by the bed like a little kid who had done something wrong. “I’m sorry, Ah Jiang. I shouldn’t have thought of you so badly. I just…”

I’m just too afraid of my sister being harmed.

Yan Jiang shook his head. “It’s okay.” He walked over and grabbed Song Fei’s slender arm. He said in a low voice, “Every night before I go to bed, I have to hold her arm and count the frequency of her pulses before I can fall asleep.”

“You might not know.”

“Hmm?” Song Ci looked at Yan Jiang in confusion. “What don’t I know?”

Yan Jiang said, “Actually, I am very afraid of the dark. I always suffer from insomnia at night. All these years, I have never had a full night’s sleep.” As a result of insomnia, Yan Jiang always stayed up all night and would never go to bed to rest, until he could barely open his eyes.

Song Ci always knew that Yan Jiang had a habit of suffering from insomnia. Thinking of his childhood, she couldn’t help but frown. “Is it because of Grandma Yan?” That year, when Grandma Yan had a lung disease, she had hung herself from the beam of her room one night, in order not to burden Yan Jiang.

Yan Jiang had woken up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. He had been so petrified and hopelessly terrified by that scene.

Yan Jiang nodded gently. His eyes were unfocused as he said, “When the sky turns dark, I will always see Grandma hanging by the door. So many years have passed and I will never forget it.”

Night was long and unbearable for Yan Jiang.

A hint of fragility appeared on Yan Jiang’s handsome face, making Song Ci’s heart ache. “Have you considered going to see a psychiatrist?” Song Ci felt that Yan Jiang couldn’t continue like this. Perhaps a psychiatrist could counsel him.

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