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Chapter 70: Don’t Drink Nourishing Tea, Just Drink Vinegar

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Yan Jiang shook his head. “I went to see one two years ago. It didn’t have much effect.”

Gazing tenderly at Song Fei’s sleeping face, Yan Jiang said to Song Ci, as if talking to himself, “Sometimes when I stare at her, I have the feeling that she will open her eyes and look at me the next second. Song Song, do you have this feeling too?”

Song Ci gazed at Song Fei’s face, which was as fair and rosy as a healthy girl’s. She smiled bitterly. “Why not? All these years, I’ve always thought that my elder sister would wake up tomorrow. I’ve looked forward to it more than 2000 times and I’ve also been disappointed more than 2000 times.”

Holding Song Fei’s hand, Song Ci placed her cheek on Song Fei’s palm. She nuzzled against it lovingly. “Ah Jiang, it’s very cruel to wait for someone who is in a deep sleep to wake up. She gives you hope but also disappoints you. Over and over again, she will make you collapse sooner or later.”

Song Ci looked at Yan Jiang hesitantly, wanting to tell him not to have too much hope.

However, Yan Jiang smiled. “I think it’s pretty good. Even if I’m disappointed thousands of times, hope is still there.” He smiled calmly at Song Ci, with shocking determination in his smile. “I will wait for her to wake up. I have yet to confess to her.”

Song Ci didn’t know how to answer him. “You are so stubborn!”

Song Ci stayed at Yan Jiang’s place until it was dark, before standing up to leave. She had just stepped back home when Han Zhan returned. Song Ci turned around in shock when she heard the door open behind her.

Song Ci was slightly surprised to see Han Zhan coming home with a briefcase. “Brother Han, you’re not working overtime tonight?”

“No need.” Han Zhan leaned close to Song Ci and smelled a faint male perfume on her. Thinking of the news he saw on his phone about Song Ci and Yan Jiang being secretly photographed, Han Zhan felt slightly depressed. “You went to see Yan Jiang this afternoon?”

“How did you know?” Song Ci looked at Han Zhan suspiciously and guessed. “Did Brother Long tell on me?”

Han Zhan shook his head. “It’s not him.”

He poured himself a big glass of water, finished it, and put down the glass heavily. Only then did Han Zhan say, “A reporter took a photo of you and Yan Jiang entering his house together.” Han Zhan had a deep impression of Yan Jiang. At Song Ci’s birthday party, the two of them had shown exceptional intimacy.

Han Zhan turned to look at Song Ci, only to see her pouting and complaining. “This bunch of paparazzis love to take photos secretly. Why don’t we see them taking photos of us?”

Hearing her mutter, Han Zhan’s depressed mood suddenly lifted slightly. “What’s your relationship with Yan Jiang?” As Song Ci’s legal husband, Han Zhan had the right to ask this question.

Song Ci didn’t hide it from Han Zhan and told him honestly. “We were neighbors when we were young.”

Still neighbors, childhood sweethearts, compatible age, compatible looks… 

Han Zhan didn’t seem to have much of a reaction. He just poured himself another glass of water. It was still ice-cold water.

“Are you very close?” He was still boiling with anger, even after swallowing the cold water.

Song Ci nodded. “Pretty close. Ah Jiang s four years older than me and was bullied all the time when we were young. As a result, he was quieter and more self-abased. At that time, I was the only one in our entire community who played with him.”

Han Zhan said, “Then you are very special to him.”

Song Ci didn’t detect the sourness in Han Zhan’s words. She stood in the living room and shook her head. “Special? No matter how special I am, he doesn’t like me. He likes my sister. I really couldn’t tell that such a timid boy actually dared to like my sister.”

Han Zhan was slightly surprised and his tone lightened. “Yan Jiang likes Song Fei?”

“Yup.” Seeing that Han Zhan was interested in the people around her for once, Song Ci walked over and stood beside him. She told Han Zhan, “In the earthquake eight years ago, Yan Jiang didn’t eat or drink for three days and fought for every second to dig my sister out.”

“In my previous life, Yan Jiang didn’t forget my elder sister even until my death. I went to his house today to visit her. Yan Jiang might look like a playboy, but he is a rare devoted lover.”

Han Zhan smiled and said, “Not bad.” There was nothing bad about being devoted.

“Right? You also think that Yan Jiang is pretty good.”


Song Ci looked at Han Zhan’s empty glass and couldn’t help but ask, “Are you that thirsty? I’ve already seen you drink two glasses of water.” She touched Han Zhan’s glass and found it very cold. “Did you drink ice water just now?”

“No.” Not only was he not thirsty, he felt like his stomach was about to burst from two glasses of ice water.

Hearing this, Song Ci’s expression was slightly strange. Where did that Brother Han who emphasized on nourishing one’s health go? “You’re not drinking your Wolfberry tea anymore?”

What nourishing tea? I’m already full from drinking vinegar [1. Vinegar in Chinese shared the same character as jealousy, so the author played a pun here]. Han Zhan looked at Song Ci with a complicated expression. After a long while, he shook his head and said, “You are indeed troublesome.”

Song Ci was slightly dazed. What did I do wrong again? 

“What are we having for dinner?” Song Ci rolled up her sleeves and looked like she was about to cook.

Han Zhan said, “Let’s have takeout.”

Song Ci instead said, “Let’s cook together.” The way Brother Han cooked was so sexy and alluring. 

“No, I still have work to do. Takeout will save time.” After Han Zhan finished speaking, he heard Song Ci ask, “You still have work? Then why did you get off work so early?”

Han Zhan went silent suspiciously.

Song Ci looked at his face that was even more handsome when he kept quiet She realized something and couldn’t help but smile. “Brother Han, you didn’t specially come back after seeing the news, right?”

Han Zhan kept a straight face and didn’t say a word. He just walked past Song Ci, went into the living room, grabbed his laptop, and went upstairs.

Song Ci stood there shaking her head and laughing.

This cold, unfeeling man was actually jealous. 

In the end, it was still Song Ci who made the dinner. She felt that takeout was too oily and she was afraid of gaining weight.

“Brother Han, let’s eat!”

Hearing Song Ci call for a meal, Han Zhan thought she was making a diet meal again. He went downstairs with a troubled expression and was rather surprised to see three dishes and a soup on the table.

Song Ci made seaweed, egg, dried shrimp soup, a plate of steamed prawns, a plate of celery slices with meat, and a plate of broccoli. Han Zhan was a man who loved to eat meat and such dishes were rather bland to him. However, his wife was afraid of gaining weight, so it was already a lot of love from her to cook a plate of meat for him.

Song Ci said, “I didn’t know what you liked and just casually made some dishes.”

Han Zhan said, “I like them all.”

This was the first time a woman cooked for him.

Song Ci smiled.

Song Ci’s culinary skills were just so-so, but the texture was light and not at all bad. Han Zhan finished three bowls of rice, put down his chopsticks, and was about to clear the table, when he heard Song Ci say, “Pack up first. Come upstairs to look for me after you’re done.”

Han Zhan stacked the bowls together and held them and the chopsticks. He asked without raising his head, “What do you want to do?”

“You’ll know later.” Song Ci turned and ran upstairs.

Han Zhan tidied up the dining table, threw the cutlery, bowls, and ladles into the dishwasher, tidied up the stove, took off his gloves, and went upstairs. Han Zhan found Song Ci in his study room, holding a piece of paper in her hand and doing something.

Han Zhan stood quietly at the door, sizing up the scene before him.

The tall and slender Song Ci was wearing a dress and sat cross-legged on his pure black leather chair. She looked very fair and very small. Han Zhan suddenly felt warm in his heart. He liked the way Song Ci behaved in his territory.

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