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Chapter 68: Let’s Date

Song Ci arrived at the underground carpark, filled with indignance.

Long Yu started the car and saw that Song Ci’s face was dark, as if she was unhappy. He was curious if Song Ci had gotten into an argument with Mr. Han, but he also knew that this was not something he should ask.

Song Ci was thinking about Han Zhan’s unusual behavior today.

Although Han Zhan was not a good person, he was also not a temperamental man. It was illogical for him to suddenly turn grim and say hurtful words, like what he did today.

Song Ci recalled her conversation with Han Zhan in the office today. After thinking carefully for about 10 minutes, Song Ci suddenly widened her eyes.

Han Zhan’s mood suddenly turned sour after she said a sentence.

What did I say?

— But we will be getting a divorce in a year’s time. Things will get ugly then.

Song Ci’s heart skipped a beat.

Was Han Zhan angry?

Was it because I had subconsciously mentioned that we would get a divorce a year later?

Song Ci’s heart started to beat increasingly faster. What did this mean? If my analysis is correct, does it mean that Han Zhan doesn’t want a divorce?

Why isn’t he willing to get a divorce?

Song Ci couldn’t figure it out. In the end, she dismissed it as Han Zhan was afraid of trouble and didn’t wish to find another stepmother for her child. Besides, Song Ci was pretty good in all aspects and was a perfect spouse. The two of them got along very well.

Who is he looking for to be his lover?

He might as well let Song Ci be the mother. It would be better for the child to follow his biological mother than to follow his stepmother. Moreover, didn’t Han Zhan say last night that the position of Mrs. Han would always be hers, for as long as Song Ci wanted?

After thinking it through, Song Ci suddenly understood Han Zhan’s previous coldness.

She thought of all sorts of possibilities but managed to avoid the best answer.

After hesitating for a moment, Song Ci took out her cell phone and sent Han Zhan a message.

Song Ci: Brother Han, I don’t wish to divorce you.

Song Ci was speaking the truth. She really didn’t want to divorce Han Zhan. It wasn’t because she really fell in love with him, but because Han Zhan was indeed a mature, high-quality man. He knew how to tolerate and respect himself. Song Ci also admired Han Zhan.

If they really had a child, Song Ci definitely wouldn’t be able to bear to leave the child. Perhaps their love would grow over time.


Song Ci recalled her previous life.

Song Ci gave up being a pilot in her previous life. She joined Mu Mian’s company and worked by his side for two years. After that, she married Cheng Ziang and stopped working. By the time they divorced, she was already 30 years old. It was already a ridiculous dream for her to be a pilot.

Song Ci had learned the violin for 10 years. After the divorce, she became a composer and made a few songs for several movies. She was also the music arranger and instructor of the famous singer, Liang Bo, even winning a major music arrangement award.

There was once when Song Ci went to a convalescent hospital for a charity performance and actually saw Han Zhan again. At that time, Han Zhan had already lost his sight and couldn’t see anything, but he really liked to listen to Song Ci’s songs.

Han Zhan felt that he admired her work and invited her to perform at the convalescent hospital twice a month, which he would pay for.

Only then did Song Ci know that that convalescent hospital was actually founded by Han Zhan. It was a charity hospital and specially took care of those who were physically handicapped but had no money to go for treatment.

After a while, the two of them became good friends.

Song Ci remembered seeing Han Zhan three days before her death. At that time, Han Zhan told her to come on time the next time she came, as he had a secret to tell her. She asked what secret it was and Han Zhan said, “Since it’s a secret, I definitely can’t say it.”

Song Ci still didn’t know what that secret was.

Song Ci remembered grabbing a doctor’s hand before she died, and asking them to give her cornea to Han Zhan.

I wonder if Han Zhan had regained his sight…

Song Ci had suffered terribly during that marriage with Cheng Ziang. She was actually a little afraid of marriage. If she really had to choose a husband, Song Ci felt that that person must be Han Zhan.

Han Zhan was different. They were bound together in her previous life.

Inside the office lounge.

Han Zhan had just put on his fake fingers and was putting on his gloves, when he heard his cell phone vibrate. Han Zhan put on his gloves, before picking up his cell phone to unlock it.

Song Ci: Brother Han, I don’t wish to divorce you.

Han Zhan stared at his cell phone. His first reaction was suspicion.

What is she up to now?

Unable to guess what the young ladies were thinking now, Han Zhan thought for a moment and felt that he should tell Song Ci what he was thinking. He was already a mature adult and knew that he should speak his mind instead of hiding it.

Song Ci didn’t have the ability to read minds. How could she understand, if he didn’t tell her? It was impossible for that ingrate Song Ci to guess and understand his thoughts.

Song Ci was lost in thought as she thought about her previous life. It was only when Han Zhan sent a new message, that she snapped out of her trance.

She looked down and saw that Han Zhan had sent a very long message:

[Before yesterday, my evaluation of myself was that I am a rational and stable man. Although I am occasionally frivolous, I will never do anything absurd. But yesterday, you dragged me to the Ministry of Civil Affairs to register our marriage. I knew that this was too impulsive, but I still did it with you. Thinking back, I am somewhat shocked. After considering carefully, I think I should have a good impression of you. Perhaps your boldness attracted me, or perhaps your looks attracted me. Perhaps the good impression is not at the level of love, but Song Ci, for so many years, you’re the only one I have a good impression of.]

Han Zhan was still typing.

Moments later, a new message was sent.

]Han Zhan: I am 32 years old this year. Although I am well-to-do, I am handicapped and my love life has not been clean. I once said that I have been in a relationship for as long as five years. And Song Ci, although you have met many outstanding men, your love life has always been clean. In comparison, I don’t think I am worthy of you.

Song Ci was about to reply when Han Zhan sent another message.

Han Zhan: I am 10 years older than you, physically handicapped, and had a failed relationship. I am not very confident when facing you. This morning, you were still saying that you can’t bear to part with me after a year, and in the afternoon, you said in a flat tone that you will get a divorce after a year. I actually don’t understand what you are thinking.

Han Zhan: As a businessman, I am successful in many battles. As a man, I am a failure. Song Ci, I really want to try to get along with you, not as a collaborator, but as husband and wife.

Han Zhan’s chain of messages was finally over.

After sending them, Han Zhan heaved a sigh of relief. He had always wanted to tell Song Ci these words. Now that he finally said them, Han Zhan felt a sense of relief.

It was Song Ci’s first time seeing Han Zhan explain their relationship this seriously. She couldn’t help but feel slightly surprised. She had always thought that Han Zhan was just carrying out his end of their deal.

But she had misunderstood him.

Han Zhan was like warm water. Initially, he felt warm and comfortable, without any passion, but warm water would eventually become hot.

Song Ci thought about it seriously before replying to Han Zhan: From today onwards, let’s ditch that boring deal and try to embrace each other. Let’s… fall in love!

After sending this message, Song Ci felt slightly uneasy. She was afraid that Han Zhan would scold her for dreaming.

Han Zhan’s answer was surprising and concise: Okay.

Song Ci’s depressed mood was instantly soothed.

Seeing that Madam was finally smiling, Long Yu raised his brows again.

This woman’s mood was like a traffic light— red light for a while, then green and followed by yellow.

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