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Chapter 54: Testing Each Other

Mu Qiu saw how protective Song Ci was of Han Zhan and believed that she must be blindly in love. Mu Qiu still didn’t think much of Han Zhan. But she was afraid of angering Song Ci, and so kept her mouth shut.

Du Tingting quickly cut in to soothe things over. “Alright, Qiu-er, you are not allowed to say such things in the future.” Tugging at Song Ci’s arm, Du Tingting apologized, “Song Song, don’t be angry at Qiu-er. She is pointing out Han Zhan’s flaws only because she worries that you might suffer in the future.”

Since Du Tingting apologized on behalf of Mu Qiu, Song Ci couldn’t continue being mad. She made up with Mu Qiu.

At this moment, someone bearing a plate of food walked past the ward. The fragrant smell of cooked meat wafted in. As Song Ci sniffed, she realized it was pork rib soup.

Du Tingting’s brows suddenly furrowed. She let go of Song Ci’s arm and turned to rush into the toilet. Du Tingting moved so hastily that Song Ci and Mu Qiu were left exchanging glances.

In her hurry, Du Tingting didn’t close the door. Within seconds, Song Ci and Mu Qiu heard sounds of vomiting.

Song Ci had a sudden flash of insight.

Du Tingting had been exhausted and drowsy these few days. She was easily distracted, nauseated…

These were all signs of pregnancy!

Song Ci glanced at Mu Qiu and saw that she also looked somewhat bewildered. Mu Qiu was no fool, she probably also suspected.

Song Ci’s face darkened slightly. Things were not looking good.

Since Mu Qiu’s days were numbered, she would definitely die if she couldn’t find a suitable heart any time soon. Meanwhile, Du Tingting was pregnant and would have a new child with Mu Mian. It would be earth-shattering news for Mu Qiu, who was reaching the end of her road.

What would Mu Qiu think about this?

Song Ci didn’t even dare to guess.

Several minutes later, Du Tingting emerged from the toilet. She had already rinsed her mouth and carefully dabbed her lips dry. Walking out from the toilet, she flashed a tired smile at the two sisters. “I have been having gastric problems in the past few days.”

Du Tingting’s deliberate explanation made the entire situation even more suspicious. Perhaps Du Tingting already knew she was pregnant and was afraid of how Mu Qiu might react. Hence, she made up this lie.

Song Ci glanced at Mu Qiu again. Mu Qiu’s eyes were indeed dark and grim.

If Song Ci could think of that possibility, Mu Qiu would have the same conclusion too. “Then rest more. Take your medicine at stipulated times. Eat foods that are more light and healthy.” Mu Qiu pulled herself together to show concern for Du Tingting’s health. She said, “Mother, don’t come to the hospital these couple of days if you are feeling unwell. I feel tired for you, seeing you running back and forth every day.”

Du Tingting’s heart became warm at Mu Qiu’s words, but it put Song Ci on the alert.

“I wish to take a rest. Mother, you head back first with sister.” Mu Qiu laid down and pulled her blanket over her chest. She was clearly instructing them to leave.

Du Tingting wanted to stay a little longer, but Song Ci spoke up. “Mother, since Qiu-er is tired, let her rest. I will leave with you. I drove over so I can send you home.”

Du Tingting nearly hit someone in her early years of driving. Since then, Mu Mian was so worried that he forbade Du Tingting from driving ever again. She had a chauffeur with her wherever she went.

Du Tingting hesitated before finally nodding her assent. She nagged at Mu Qiu a bit more and urged her to not play with her cell phone so much and to get more rest. Mu Qiu looked very impatient and covered her head with her blanket. The blanket had muffled her voice as she said, “Alright, I got it. You guys leave first.”

Du Tingting looked at Mu Qiu with a worried look for a few more moments, before leaving with Song Ci.

The mother-daughter pair headed toward the lift.

Both of them held secrets deep inside their hearts, and could not speak them out loud. They had arrived on the first floor in silence when Du Tingting suddenly tugged at Song Ci’s arm. “Song Song, it has been a long time since we last came out for a coffee. There’s a cafe nearby. Shall we go there and sit for a bit?”

“Alright, I am free anyway,” Song Ci agreed. It was just as well that Song Ci also had some things to tell Du Tingting, like how she was on medical leave after getting injured. She would continue with her trainee practice at Zeus Airlines after she recovered.

Arriving at the cafe, Song Ci ordered an Americano while Du Tingting got a cup of milk. Song Ci casually asked, “Why didn’t you get a mocha? I remember that you always get mocha at cafes.”

Worried that Song Ci would get suspicious, Du Tingting explained calmly, “My stomach doesn’t feel that well, and a glass of warm milk soothes it. Moreover, this cafe’s mocha doesn’t look that good.”

Song Ci didn’t try to unravel Du Tingting’s well-conceived lies.

Du Tingting fidgeted as she held her glass of milk. She was considering how to tell Song Ci her thoughts.

She didn’t dare to tell Song Ci about what Mu Mian had done for the fear of causing a rift between the father and daughter. But Du Tingting couldn’t just stand by and do nothing now that she knew Song Fei was in danger. She had to warn Song Ci to protect Song Fei!

Having finally decided, Du Tingting asked Song Ci, “Song Song, did your elder sister contact you?”

Song Ci shot Du Tingting a meaningful look.

Du Tingting already felt guilty and her lashes started fluttering uncontrollably at Song Ci’s straight stare.

‘Why is mother suddenly asking about elder sister? Did she find out about Mu Mian’s shady actions?’

This sudden question about her elder sister’s whereabouts… Was she trying to help Mu Mian catch her elder sister so they could steal her heart for Mu Qiu? Or was she trying to warn her about Mu Mian?

Song Ci quickly averted her gaze and picked up her coffee. It was difficult to drink something while wearing a neck brace, so she had struggled awkwardly for a few moments before answering. “I am still trying to find her. The police are very busy and finding a missing person is low on their priorities. I have also hired a private investigator to help.”

Song Ci casually glanced at Du Tingting as she spoke. She discovered that Du Tingting looked even more anxious now.

Song Ci’s heart quivered as she noticed the change in Du Tingting’s expression. It seemed like Du Tingting had found out about Mu Mian’s actions toward Song Fei! When did she find out? Did she already know of this a long time ago? Or was it just recently?

Song Ci wanted to know whether Du Tingting was in the dark over Song Fei’s murder, or was she complicit in the scheme? She decided to put Du Tingting on a test.

Song Ci put on a determined expression. She said, “I believe that I will find Song Fei. I am the only family she has left in this world. She will only feel safe by my side. Moreover, isn’t father busy looking for her too? Father has so many connections. I believe it will not take long before we find elder sister.”

Instead of Song Fei’s words reassuring her, Du Tingting appeared even more anxious. She suddenly said with urgency, “Perhaps Song Fei has some hidden and unspeakable reason for keeping away from you?”

“Song Song, know that it is nearly impossible to find someone who truly wishes to hide. Perhaps Song Fei will return on her own after she sorts out her situation.”

“I think you need not worry too much about Song Fei. She is no longer a child. Moreover, your father has cut off your allowance and Han Zhan still has a housing loan to repay. It must be quite expensive for you to hire a private detective. I think we should just quietly wait for good news from the police.”

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