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Chapter 53: He is Handicapped

Two years later, the big boss of Zeus Corporation, Han Zhan, would appear in the media for the first time. The public unveiling of the newly crowned richest man in the town was a shock for everyone. From that day onwards, Han Zhan’s face was deeply imprinted in virtually everyone in Wangdong City.

Up until Song Ci’s death, Han Zhan’s status in Wangdong City was of the highest level possible. But in this life, the legendary Han Zhan was now officially hers.

And that Crouching Dragon Building was Zeus Corporation’s headquarters.

Mu Qiu’s hospital was on the east side of the city. One would need to cross the Wangdong Bridge to get from Han Zhan’s place to the hospital. As the car drove over the bridge, Song Ci could see that the Crouching Dragon Building construction was on-going. She could hear her heartbeat getting louder and louder.

Her heart grew warm as she thought of how one day Han Zhan would sit in the most revered seat in that entire building.

Noticing that there was some activity going on at the Crouching Dragon Building, Song Ci told Long Yu, “Brother Long, please slow down.”


As the car slowed down, Song Ci wound down the window. She saw a big crowd standing at the entrance of the Crouching Dragon Building. She asked, “What’s happening at the Crouching Dragon Building today?”

Long Yu replied, “Huiteng Car Corporation launched a new car model today, called Aoyu. I heard it’s very high tech and awesome. It has an advanced sensor system and awesome smart-driving capabilities…”

Long Yu must really like that car. As he went on and on about its capabilities, he kept repeating the word “awesome.”

Song Ci knew that they named this car after Old Master Han.

Aoyu Number 1 could go from manual drive to automatic drive. It could automatically analyze its surroundings and come to an immediate stop on its own if it sensed danger.

It was very suitable for people bad at driving. Song Ci bought an Aoyu car in her previous life, but she would never admit to being bad at driving.

Aoyu Number 1 would perform astonishingly well after they launched it in the market. It would top the sales leagues for three consecutive years. And the next car model to beat its sales record would not be any other model, but Aoyu Number 2.

No wonder Han Zhan said he had something on this afternoon. He probably had to go attend the news conference for the launching of the new car. Song Ci was not sure about Han Zhan’s real background. She just knew he was the big boss behind Zeus Airlines and the grandson of Old Master Han Aoyu.

Song Ci had no idea how he was connected to the bosses of Sheng Hui Technology Company and Huiteng Car Corporation, though.

Song Ci couldn’t help but feel amused as she looked at Long Yu’s sparkling eyes. “Do you like it a lot?”

Completely not embarrassed, Long Yu quickly nodded. “Of course. Many people like it. But I heard that each car costs about $600,000 to $700,000. I won’t be able to afford it.”

Song Ci chuckled. “I like it too. I will have Brother Han buy you one at the end of the year.”

Long Yu smiled so widely that his eyes narrowed into slits.

When Song Ci arrived at the hospital, she realized that Du Tingting was also there. She was washing some towels, and it seemed like she had just helped Mu Qiu clean up.

She thought of how Du Tingting visited the Red Cross Society yesterday to enquire about organ donation. Her heart was somewhat heavy as she faced Du Tingting, for she knew that if all else failed, Du Tingting would truly sacrifice her own life to save Mu Qiu’s.

Song Ci looked at Mu Qiu, who was lying on the bed disconsolately. She suddenly felt it was totally not worth it. Mother, would you be disappointed if you knew this beloved child of yours would steal her sister’s heart just to save herself?

Du Tingting hung the towel on a rack to dry. When she turned to the doorway,.she saw Song Ci there and apparently in a daze. She smiled. “Song Song, you are here.”

Mu Qiu lifted her head to look at Song Ci.

Upon seeing Song Ci, a smile finally broke out on Mu Qiu’s face. Mu Qiu saw on television that Song Ci had cut her hair short, but she thought she had seen wrong. “Big sister! You really cut your hair?”

Now that she saw Song Ci’s short hair in person, Mu Qiu looked puzzled. “Big sister, why did you cut your hair?”

Of course, Song Ci did not tell her the truth. Instead, she said, “The weather is too hot. It’s quite uncomfortable to have my hair sticking to my neck all the time.”

“You can just tie it up.”

“It’s more convenient to cut it.” Song Ci went to sit down on a stool beside the bed. She noticed that Mu Qiu was becoming thinner by the day, and she looked rather sickly. The longer she waited, the more depressed Mu Qiu had become. With such a despondent state of mind, how could she look happy and healthy?

Mu Qiu suddenly covered her mouth with her hands and widened her eyes, as if suddenly realizing something major.

“What’s the matter, Qiu-er?” Mu Qiu’s action bewildered Du Tingting.

Mu Qiu pointed at Song Ci’s left hand and exclaimed in shock. “Sister, you are married!”

Du Tingting was stunned.

Song Ci graciously lifted her left hand and faced Du Tingting. She explained, “Mother, Han Zhan and I went to register our marriage yesterday.”

Du Tingting opened her mouth but didn’t know what to say. Some moments later, she finally said, “So when you got the household register from me yesterday…” Song Ci deceived her!

“I am sorry, mother.” Song Ci lowered her head and apologized softly. “I know I shouldn’t have done that. But I had no choice. Father doesn’t approve of Han Zhan. I know that.”

“But I truly love Han Zhan. Father would definitely object if he knew that I was going to marry Han Zhan, so I…” Two streams of tears flowed down her fair cheeks.

Du Tingting was momentarily dumbstruck. Ever since she discovered the organ compatibility test results, she felt a deep sense of guilt toward Song Ci.

Du Tingting could not bring herself to rebuke Song Ci, no matter what wrong she had committed.

Du Tingting kept silent the entire time.

Mu Qiu had already heard about Han Zhan from Du Tingting. She knew that Han Zhan came from an ordinary family background, and he had a handicap. To be honest, Mu Qiu was pleasantly surprised when she saw Han Zhan’s handsome face on the screen. But her heart hardened after knowing that he had a physical defect.

She did not understand why her gorgeous sister would marry such a small-time nobody.

Big sister had so many admirers. Any of them were better than Han Zhan.

“Big sister, why did you marry Brother Han…” Mu Qiu stammered. “He… he is a handicapped person.”

Song Ci frowned. “So what if he has a handicap?”

Han Zhan was already her official husband. How could she endure anyone insulting Han Zhan because of his physical defect? “He is just missing two fingers, not two hands!”

“Moreover, I love Han Zhan not because of his looks or any such superficial things.” Song Ci was getting increasingly adept at lying. She could spout all sorts of righteous nonsense without even thinking.

Mu Qiu saw how protective Song Ci was of Han Zhan and believed that she must be blinded by love. Mu Qiu still didn’t think much of Han Zhan. But she was afraid of angering Song Ci, and so kept her mouth shut.

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