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Chapter 55: You Are Too Biased

It was clear from Du Tingting’s words she did not want them to find Song Fei.

But why?

Song Ci guessed that Du Tingting must have discovered Mu Mian’s plans. She couldn’t warn Song Ci directly of the danger, but also couldn’t just stand by and watch. As a result, all she could do was to urge her to give up her search for Song Fei.

Du Tingting was not guilty of murdering Song Fei. She was the only innocent party in this entire scheme.

This realization soothed Song Ci’s heart.

But she had to continue her act. As Song Fei’s little sister, Song Ci couldn’t give up the search for Song Fei so easily. “I won’t stop looking for Song Fei. I still have money. Mother, you need not worry about me.”

Du Tingting took her glass of milk with a heavy heart. She took a big gulp and the hot liquid almost burned her. She quickly put down the glass and tried to cool off her tongue. “Damn!”

Song Ci immediately stood up to get a glass of ice water for Du Tingting.

Du Tingting gave a self-mocking smile after drinking the water. “I didn’t realize the milk was so hot.”

Song Ci didn’t expose her lie. She looked at Du Tingting meaningfully. “Does mother have anything weighing down on her mind?”

Du Tingting’s heart gave a jolt. She looked at Song Ci with uncertainty.

Du Tingting’s nervous expression amused Song Ci. “Mother looked uneasy since the moment we sat down. Now that Qiu-er is ill, we have little opportunity to sit down for a long chat. You can tell me if anything’s bothering you.”

Du Tingting bore too many secrets, and she had to release some of her burden to someone.

Du Tingting kept silent for a long time before she finally spoke her mind. “I went to inquire at the Red Cross Society today.” Looking at Song Ci’s puzzled face, Du Tingting added, “Regarding organ donation.”

“Mother…” At that, Song Ci’s expression changed slightly. Song Ci was sternly looking at Du Tingting. She asked, “Are you thinking of giving your heart to Qiu-er?”

Although she was asking a question, there was no uncertainty in Song Ci’s tone.

“I am thinking of doing that.” Du Tingting nodded. Her heart felt like it was being stabbed every time she thought of her daughter.

“Qiu-er is still so young. I really cannot just stand by and watch her die.” Du Tingting clenched her stirring spoon tightly and her breathing became labored. “She has such a rare blood type that there is a low chance of her finding a suitable heart in time. We have the same blood type. I carried her for nine months before giving birth to her. My heart is definitely suitable for her!”

“If I don’t save her, no one can!”

Looking deeply into Song Ci’s eyes, Du Tingting said, “In this world, no one else should have to sacrifice their own lives to save Qiu-er. If there has to be such a person… then let it be me.”

“She is my child.”

She was the one who should donate her heart, not some innocent young girl. Whether it was Song Fei or anyone else, they were all living, breathing creatures. They had no obligation to save Mu Qiu.

Du Tingting would never just stand by and watch Mu Mian turn into a murderer. She would also never allow building her daughter’s life upon the death of an innocent.

Du Tingting’s words moved Song Ci. She thought of her mother. Song Ci and Song Fei looked very much like their mother, Jiang Mengmeng, who was a very beautiful woman. She was strong and kind-hearted, and she loved Song Ci and Song Fei very much.

Song Fei had a high IQ. She loved to research all sorts of bizarre topics. To some people, Song Fei’s behavior was strange, but Jiang Mengmeng respected her a lot. No matter how others criticized Song Fei’s behavior, she remained supportive of her weird research forays.

Song Ci was not as smart as Song Fei, but she was very talented in terms of music. She could play the violin beautifully the first time she tried it. After Jiang Mengmeng discovered Song Ci’s gift for music, she tried many ways to let her mentor under the famous violinist Chen Yu.

Song Ci remembered the day she went to her teacher’s house for a violin lesson. It was already dark by the time their lesson ended. Jiang Mengmeng went to fetch her home, and on their way back, they encountered a vicious murderer who was just fleeing from the scene of his crime.

Song Ci was scared speechless. But the usually soft-spoken Jiang Mengmeng immediately pushed Song Ci behind her own body to shield her. With the ferocity of a mother protecting her child, Jiang Mengmeng ended up fighting with the murderer.

By the time Song Ci’s dad arrived at the scene, the murderer had stabbed Jiang Mengmeng in the abdomen.

Song Ci put the memory aside and studied Du Tingting carefully. Du Tingting was also a mother like Jiang Mengmeng, brave, and fearless. Of course, they were also scared of pain and death, but they had to be strong because of their children.

“Mother.” Song Ci asked Du Tingting, “Does father know of your decision?”

Du Tingting shook her head somewhat sheepishly. “I told him about this before. But he objected.”

Song Ci knew it would be like that.

Mu Mian was vicious toward her and Song Fei but was utterly devoted to his wife. Mu Mian would never agree to take Du Tingting’s heart for Mu Qiu.

If one had to compare, Du Tingting was more important to Mu Mian than Mu Qiu.

Song Ci added, “Mu Qiu will never agree either if she knew.”

Du Tingting replied resolutely without even thinking, “I won’t tell her.”

Song Ci gave a bitter smile. “But she will know, eventually. After the operation, Qiu-er will open her eyes to look for you. How terrible she will feel when she can’t find you.”

Song Ci held Du Tingting’s hand. “I respect your decision, but mother, you should also respect Qiu-er. At the very least, listen to Qiu-er’s opinion.”

“If I was the one who was ill and my mother went behind my back to sign an organ donation form, and I woke up from the operation to discover my mother is dead and the heart beating inside me now was hers…”

Song Ci bit her lips. She said vehemently, “I would rather die. I won’t go on living.”

Du Tingting was scared witless with Song Ci’s last sentence.

Song Ci didn’t agree with Du Tingting’s actions. In all honesty, Song Ci didn’t think demon Mu Qiu was worthy of Du Tingting’s sacrifice.

Staring at the milk in front of Du Tingting, Song Ci suddenly said, “Even if you don’t want your own life anymore, are you also going to sacrifice the life of the child in your belly?”

“You…” Du Tingting’s face froze. She looked very flustered. Du Tingting cupped her hands helplessly around her glass of milk. The warm liquid helped Du Tingting to maintain some sense of calm.

Song Ci knew she was pregnant?

Song Ci had guessed correctly that Du Tingting was pregnant. Du Tingting had also gotten pregnant during this period in her previous life. But Du Tingting was so nervous and fretful during Mu Qiu’s surgery that she suffered a miscarriage. It was only then did everyone realize she was pregnant.

Everything was happening according to what had happened in her previous life.

Du Tingting felt very uneasy. She asked Song Ci, “How did you know I am pregnant?”

The left corner of Song Ci’s lips curled up slightly. She smiled in exasperation. “Mother, I am no longer a child. I can tell.” With that, her expression dimmed. “Mu Qiu is also not a kid anymore. If I can tell, she can too.”

Du Tingting opened her mouth. But her throat felt parched and painful. She completely could not utter a single word.

Staring at Du Tingting’s dumbstruck manner, Song Ci heartlessly pointed out, “Mother, your so-called selfless sacrifice is very unfair to the child in your tummy. The world is so wonderful, but its mother has already sentenced it to death even before it can catch a glimpse of her.”

“Mother, you are too biased.”

Song Ci’s concluding statement was so sharp and straight to the point that all color drained from Du Tingting’s face.

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