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Chapter 52: These Long Socks Represent Brother Han’s Love And Care

Her excitement amused Han Zhan.

When Han Zhan was about to reply, his cell phone suddenly rang. He stopped changing his shoes and leaned against the wall to speak on the phone. “It’s me.” Han Zhan didn’t speak out the caller’s name.

Song Ci vaguely heard the words “Red Cross Society” and “Du Tingting.”

After Han Zhan had hung up, Song Ci asked, “Who was it?”

“My surveillance guys.” Han Zhan didn’t hide the truth and told Song Ci, “I had someone monitor the Mu Family’s movements.” He then took off his shoes and put on slippers. His tall, imposing figure brushed past Song Ci into the kitchen.

Song Ci followed behind.

Han Zhan placed a few dried wolfberries into a cup and filled it with boiling water. He handed the drink to Song Ci. “Drink this.”

Song Ci held the cup and whined. “It’s so hot today. I want to drink something cold.”

Han Zhan replied, “No, definitely not over these few days.”

“Why…” Song Ci suddenly kept quiet.

They were both staying under the same roof and there was no way she could hide the fact that she was menstruating. They were both adults, and Song Ci didn’t feel any need to be embarrassed. She obediently drank the warm water before asking, “Can we have lobster this afternoon then?”

Han Zhan nodded. “Okay.”

Song Ci quickly opened the freezer and took out the frozen lobster. She placed it in a big bowl for it to thaw. “We will prepare it later. No hurry.”


Han Zhan walked over to the sofa with his cup in hand. He spoke to Song Ci, who was following behind. “Du Tingting went to the Red Cross Society this afternoon to inquire about organ donation.”

Song Ci frowned. She asked, “What exactly did she enquire about?”

Han Zhan replied, “She signed up to be an organ donor. Guess what she intends to do?”

Song Ci was no fool. After thinking for a moment, she immediately understood what Du Tingting’s actions meant.

“She wants to donate her heart to Mu Qiu.”

Song Ci’s heart felt very heavy.

Only a mother would have such determination to sacrifice herself for her child.

Han Zhan placed his cup on the coffee table. The moment he settled down on the sofa, Song Ci hustled over like a puppy and sat close to him. Both were very close to each other, with Song Ci purposely narrowing their distance.

Han Zhan noticed and silently accepted her intimacy.

They were husband and wife. They would perform the world’s most intimate action, eventually. The earlier they got used to being intimate, the better it would be.

Lowering his eyes to gaze at Song Ci’s long, slender fair legs peeking out of her knee-length skirt, Han Zhan said, “I am thinking what led to your mother suddenly having such a notion?”

“Mu Qiu’s getting weaker by the day. She will die if she can’t get a suitable heart. While Mother, on the other hand, has been in constant agony these days. Perhaps she already thought of something long ago.”

Song Ci knew Han Zhan was sizing up her legs. She purposely sat sideways to elongate the line of her legs, which made her even more lovely.

Han Zhan’s brows shot up.

Song Ci patted her thigh gently, and with a suggestive expression, she asked, “Brother Han, do you think my legs are attractive? Do you wish to touch them?” Song Ci lifted her right leg and extended it toward Han Zhan. “Come, I’ll let you touch it for free.”

Han Zhan reached out one calloused finger and pushed her right leg away.

He got up and went upstairs, leaving Song Ci still in a daze on the sofa. After a short while, Han Zhan went downstairs with a pair of men’s woolen socks. He tossed them into Song Ci’s arms. “Wear these socks.”

Holding those long, woolen socks, Song Ci had doubts about her own life. “It’s summer now.”

Han Zhan replied, “I already adjusted the central air-conditioning to 24 degrees celsius.”

Song Ci pouted. “Twenty-four degrees celsius is not that cold…”

Han Zhan shot her a cool look. He said, “Girls have lower body temperature. They will suffer from joint pain if they don’t keep their limbs warm. Be a good girl, put them on.”

His tone was warm and gentle but held an irrefutable dominance.

Grumbling, Song Ci put on the socks.

As Han Zhan started chopping up onions in the kitchen, Song Ci laid like a corpse on the sofa. She sank deep into the valley of self-doubt.

She was Song Ci. Top debutante. Fashion Icon. Her every movement and outfit change was everyone’s focus. The last time she put on a sock was when she was six, the time she understood the concept of beauty and fashion.

But today, her darling hubby had tossed her a pair of long socks…

Song Ci took a photo and sent it to Yan Jiang to complain. [ Look. ]

[ Yan Jiang: Yellow skirt matched with black socks?? ]

[ Yan Jiang: Have you gone mad? ]

[ Song Ci: Brother Han said this will keep me warm. Otherwise, my joints will ache when I am old. ]

Yan Jiang had a cigarette between his lips. He was sitting on a chair in the dressing room and puffing out streams of smoke. He frowned when he read Song Ci’s message and typed a reply.

[ Yan Jiang: Song Song, are you gloating about how much your Brother Han cares for you? ]

Song Ci read Yan Jiang’s reply and glanced at the kitchen. She secretly took a photo of Han Zhan cooking and sent it to Yan Jiang.

[ Song Ci: That’s my Brother Han. Isn’t he handsome? ]

Half a second later, Yan Jiang replied. [ Whatever floats your boat. ]

Angered, Song Ci tossed her cell phone aside. She got up and entered the kitchen.

Han Zhan was stir-frying onions, and its fragrance filled the kitchen. Song Ci suddenly hugged Han Zhan from behind. His hands paused, and he quickly put down the frying pan. “What do you want now?”

He had to quickly get used to Song Ci’s touchy-feely antics.

“I am hugging my hubby. Do I need a reason for that?” Song Ci stated very self-righteously. She then stood on tiptoe to watch him cook, to which Han Zhan could not retort.

Song Ci didn’t have an enormous appetite, but she was full after just half a lobster. After the meal, she watched Han Zhan finish up the remaining lobster and two bowls of rice. Song Ci gave him a big thumbs-up. “Brother Han has such a big appetite. No wonder you grew up to be so tall.”

Han Zhan took it as a compliment. “I have to work this afternoon and cannot accompany you.”

“I don’t need you to accompany me.”

After she saw Han Zhan go, Song Ci planned to visit Mu Qiu at the hospital.

Wangdong City was divided into the east and west sides, as well as the north and south coasts. There were six districts in the west part of the city: Golden District, Blue Water District, Huoan District, Jinshan District, Phoenix District, and Yufu District. Meanwhile, the east side had three districts: Jade District, East Mountain District, and Three Bridges District.

The north and south coasts were only recently carved out to become the new high-tech parks. The research and development department of Han Zhan’s Zeus Airlines was on the south coast. The Great Dragon River ran between the east and west sides of Wangdong City. There were three major bridges over this river: Crossings Bridge, Wangdong Bridge, and East Mountain Bridge.

A small hill stood right in the middle of the Great Dragon River. It used to be empty in the past, but someone bought it eight years ago. They built a grand skyscraper on that hill which astonished the world.

The Crouching Dragon BuildingCurren.

The skyscraper was 180m tall and looked like a sleeping mythical dragon from afar. The world-famous architect, Ying Fan, designed it and his design won the Pritzker Architecture Prize!

Some claimed that it was Sheng Hui Technology Company’s new building. Others claimed it was Huiteng Car Corporation headquarters. Everyone had their speculation, but no one knew which was the truth.

But the reborn Song Ci knew. A year later, Sheng Hui Technology Company, Huiteng Car Corporation, the famous Jetta Hotel Chain, Oriental Real Estate Group, and the newly established Zeus Corporation would all merge to become Zeus Corporation!

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