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Chapter 51: Getting A Marriage Certificate

“Brother Han.” Song Ci rested her chin on the back of Han Zhan’s hand. She gazed at him, her lovely eyes clearly reflecting Han Zhan’s image. “Let’s go get registered today.”

Song Ci’s words surprised Han Zhan.

He went silent.

After a few moments, Han Zhan suddenly said, “You don’t mind taking photos in your neck brace?”

Song Ci said, “I have many existing photos suitable for the marriage certificate. Give me one of your solo photos, and I can easily photoshop us together to make a wedding photo.”

Han Zhan was thinking, ‘She really has so many tricks up her sleeves.’

The two of them hurried over to the Ministry of Civil Affairs to get registered. In a blink of an eye, Han Zhan was sitting in the car and staring down at the red marriage certificate on his lap. Thinking of what had happened, Han Zhan suddenly felt it was all very absurd.

He was already 32-years-old, not some impulsive 23-year-old guy. Why was he fooling around like this with Song Ci?

Song Ci carefully studied the marriage certificate. She critiqued the photo on it. “Brother Han, you should smile more in photos. Look, your face is so stern in this photo. You look just like an old fogey.”

Han Zhan glanced down and smiled in exasperation.

“Brother Han, reach out one hand.”

Han Zhan instinctively reached out his left hand.

As if she was performing a magic trick, Song Ci suddenly produced a gold ring.

Staring at that ring, Han Zhan’s breathing suddenly slowed.

Song Ci placed the ring on Han Zhan’s ring finger. She raised his left hand and scrutinized it before speaking with satisfaction. “Suits you perfectly. Looks great on you.”

Han Zhan stared at the gold ring, which had a simple black diamond in the center. It truly suited Han Zhan perfectly. After keeping silent for a long time, Han Zhan asked Song Ci in a low voice, “When did you buy this?”

“Last night.” After leaving the Mu Family residence, Song Ci went shopping. “I was afraid that the size might not be accurate, but luckily it fits nicely. It must be fate.”

Song Ci took out her ring. It was the same design as Han Zhan’s, with just one small black diamond. She was about to put it on her when Han Zhan suddenly reached out and grabbed that ring.

He said, “I will put it on for you.”

Song Ci pursed her lips and shot him a look. She suddenly said, “The groom has to use his right hand to put it on for the bride.”

Sitting in the driver’s seat in front, Long Yu overheard Song Ci’s statement. His expression suddenly changed, and he stole a discreet glimpse at the back from the corner of his eye. Long Yu thought Han Zhan would reject Song Ci’s suggestion, but Han Zhan just kept silent for a couple of moments before nodding his head. “Alright.”

Long Yu was shocked.

Mr. Han really treated Ms. Song differently.

For the first time since they met, Han Zhan took off the glove covering his right hand.

And that revealed Han Zhan’s right hand.

Two fake fingers were fixed on it, which were both flesh-colored. At first glance, one might not detect any difference, but upon closer look, they would notice those immobile fingers.

They were slightly curved and looked very real.

Just before taking off his fake fingers, Han Zhan warned Song Ci, “This might look ugly and disgusting.”

Song Ci glanced at him with a complex expression. She didn’t speak.

Without further hesitation, Han Zhan took off his fake fingers to reveal two ugly, scarred stumps. Han Zhan’s fingers were cut off at the joints. Even after so many years, the scars still looked quite ugly.

It was the first time Song Ci saw such a hand. Her breathing turned shallow.

After a moment, she said, “It’s really quite ugly.”

Long Yu’s back stiffened at her words.

Han Zhan was momentarily stunned before giving a smile. He didn’t look angry at all. Long Yu stole a peek at Han Zhan as he felt a rush of complex emotions. Mr. Han had not been so calm and steady during the period right after he broke his fingers.

He was once an elite sniper. His eyes and hands were more important to him than his own life. But someone broke his fingers. During that dark period, Mr. Han had been gloomy and depressed. Everyone thought he wouldn’t make it.

But now, Mr. Han could actually smile after he heard Song Ci say his fingers were ugly. This was completely unthinkable for Long Yu.

Han Zhan used his thumb and ring finger to pick up the ring and placed it onto Song Ci’s left ring finger. “Alright, you are my bride now.”

Han Zhan lowered his head and prepared to put on his fake fingers.

Song Ci suddenly leaned over and snatched away his fake fingers. “Let me.”

Han Zhan instinctively rejected, “No need, I can…”

“Get used to the fact that I will help you put them on from now on.” Song Ci stared straight into Han Zhan’s eyes. She patted his chest. “Brother Han, from now on, only I can touch your right hand and your tie.”

Han Zhan felt like a hammer was smashed into his chest. He felt somewhat suffocated.

So domineering.

Han Zhan looked at his right hand with the fake fingers back on. His blue-grey eyes dimmed. In this world, there were plenty of women who were willing to help him with his tie. But only one was willing to put on his fake fingers for him.

He wouldn’t be able to bear seeing her leave after their year was up.

Han Zhan wanted to try to keep her by his side.

Although he was still not in love with her, his fondness for her had increased exponentially.

Han Zhan suddenly held Song Ci’s hand.

Shocked, Song Ci turned and scolded him playfully, “Why are you holding my hand?” Song Ci then grinned and placed both hands on Han Zhan’s shoulders. She whispered seductively by his ear, “Brother Han, give me a kiss.”

Song Ci was just teasing Han Zhan, but he instructed Long Yu, “Don’t turn your head.”

There was no way Long Yu would dare to do that now.

Song Ci raised her brows.

She still wished to tease Han Zhan, but he suddenly turned and cupped the back of her head with his left hand. He leaned over and planted his searing lips on Song Ci’s soft ones. No one expected the cold, steady Han Zhan to have such passionately hot lips.

Song Ci was momentarily startled, but she then closed her eyes.

After parting, Song Ci’s face was deep red, but she still tried to put on the calm facade of an experienced lover.

Han Zhan put the two marriage certificates together and kept them in his pocket. Since he didn’t think Mu Mian would agree to their marriage so easily, he asked her, “How did you get your household register?”

Song Ci said rather sheepishly, “I took it from my mother. I told her I was… buying a house.”

Han Zhan chuckled. “Sly girl.”

His tone was heavy and Song Ci blushed even deeper.

Long Yu fled immediately after dropping them off at the house. Song Ci commented, “Brother Long is terribly scared because of you.”

Han Zhan followed Song Ci into the lift. “He will have to get used to it.”

Get used to it…

He meant that whatever happened today would continue to happen in the future.

Song Ci rubbed her earlobes discreetly, and she quite looked forward to it.

Song Ci bent over to change shoes the moment they entered the house. She said to Han Zhan, “To celebrate our marriage registration, should we have an enormous meal this afternoon? Brother Han, you cook. I will be your assistant.”

Song Ci licked her lips when she thought of that huge lobster in the freezer. “I want to chop up that lobster, peel off its shell, and devour it.”

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