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Chapter 50: Mu Mian, Don’t You Have Any Regrets?

Du Tingting’s eyes were red as tears streamed down her face.

“I feel that if we have this child, it will be like a betrayal to Qiu-er.” Thinking of Mu Qiu suffering all alone in the hospital, Du Tingting just couldn’t feel any joy. Her heart clenched with pain.

“If we have it, Qiu-er will feel like we have abandoned her. If she knows I am pregnant, she will lose all will to live. Hubby, we cannot be so cruel to Qiu-er.”

Mu Mian also felt very distressed. He hugged Du Tingting as he clenched his fists and swore. “Don’t worry, Qiu-er will live! The baby in your tummy will also live!”

Du Tingting’s crying suddenly halted.

Mu Mian thought his comforting words had worked. Just when he was about to heave a sigh of relief, Du Tingting suddenly spoke. “I saw the organ compatibility test results in your safe today.”

Mu Mian went stiff.

Du Tingting pushed Mu Mian’s hands aside and gazed up at the man with teary eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Du Tingting gathered up her courage and asked him, “You took a sample of Song Fei’s blood and compared it with Qiu-er’s. You…” Du Tingting’s voice was trembling. “Are you planning to kill Song Fei so you can take her heart to save Qiu-er?!”

Mu Mian averted his eyes. He kept silent, but his face had paled considerably.

Du Tingting said in a pained voice, “That is Song Song’s biological sister! Mu Mian, how can you kill someone else’s daughter to save our own? How can you be so vicious?”

Mu Mian tried to argue, “But she is in a vegetative state!”

Du Tingting clutched at her own heart and shook her head bitterly. “Vegetative state? But she woke up! If not for Song Fei suddenly disappearing, you were going to take her heart for Qiu-er, weren’t you?!”

Faced with Du Tingting’s interrogation, Mu Mian’s lips felt like someone had sewn them shut. He couldn’t open them at all.

Du Tingting knew very well what his silence meant.

Du Tingting looked at Mu Mian as if she was staring at a stranger.

She retreated clumsily and fell back on the bed. Lowering her head, she tugged hard at her hair. She muttered, “How could you be such a person? How could you?”

“The kind-hearted Mu Mian whom I once knew. Where is he?”

Du Tingting lifted her head to stare at Mu Mian.

Mu Mian was already frozen in place and his heart bled as he heard Du Tingting’s accusations. He felt guilty, but at the same time, he also had no regrets. Nevertheless, he felt very terrible and ashamed that Du Tingting had to witness this cruel side to him.

“Song Fei is Song Song’s elder sister.” Tears streamed down Du Tingting’s cheeks. “Mu Mian, don’t you feel uneasy at all facing Song Song every day? Every time she asks you about Song Fei’s whereabouts, how did you manage to answer her with such a calm expression?”

“Mu Mian, don’t you have any regrets?”

The innocent and naïve Du Tingting never even thought of the possibility that Mu Mian could also be targeting Song Ci, whom she treated as her daughter. She was also just an organ host that Mu Mian had prepared for Mu Qiu.

Du Tingting broke down when she saw that Mu Mian kept silent. She picked up the box of cakes and flung it at Mu Mian. “Speak up!”

The box was very light, and it didn’t hurt Mu Mian at all. One of the coconut balls rolled out and left a stain on his face.

Mu Mian gazed at the coconut balls scattered all over the floor. He remained quiet for a long, long time…

After a long while, a raspy, despondent voice finally came out of Mu Mian’s lips. “What else can I do?”

Du Tingting looked up and stared at Mu Mian. She didn’t say a word.

Lowering his head, Mu Mian stared back at Du Tingting.

Pain and fragility filled his orbs. “We only have one child. She is our baby. We gave her our greatest love from the time she was born. But Qiu-er will die anytime now. If she dies, you can never bear the pain of losing a daughter.”

“Not just you, I am the same.”

“Tingting, I am the same as you. I cannot bear the thought of losing Qiu-er.” Mu Mian clenched his fists, his nails nearly piercing into his flesh. “I want her to live! She doesn’t have many days left. I cannot just stand by and watch her die…”

Mu Mian got down to his knees. He hollered in despair, “I can’t do it! I just want her to live! I want my daughter to live. Am I wrong in wanting that?” Mu Mian’s voice broke at that last sentence.

He was crying now. A middle-aged man sobbing was a tragic and sorrowful sight.

Du Tingting stared at Mu Mian in a daze. This was the second time in her life that she saw Mu Mian cry. The first time was the day they got married, right when he put the ring on her finger. Tears streamed down the face of that full-grown man.

Du Tingting slid down to the floor and knelt beside Mu Mian to hug him.

“Mu Mian.” Du Tingting wrapped her arms around Mu Mian’s shaking shoulders. She bent down and kissed his head. “Mu Mian, don’t let the man I love turn into a murderer…”

Mu Mian hugged her back tightly. His sobs were heart-wrenching.

“I am sorry. I am sorry, Tingting…”

Only the heavens knew how tormented Mu Mian was.

His heart burned as he watched Mu Qiu get thinner and more depressed by the day. Meanwhile, he also felt guilty whenever he gazed at Song Ci’s smiling face. Returning home to the gentle and considerate Du Tingting, Mu Mian always felt so tired that he just wanted to hold her and cry.

In the end, Du Tingting uncovered his despicable intentions.

He was like a detestable parasite.

That night, they wept in each other’s arms.

The next morning, the alarm woke Song Ci again. She yawned and gazed at the brightening sky. She cursed Han Zhan in a low voice before finally climbing out of bed to change clothes.

Han Zhan bathed after completing his morning exercises. He went downstairs and saw that Song Ci had prepared breakfast for him. It was hot and sour rice noodles, as he had requested.

Song Ci had on a black apron and waved at him from the dining table. “Brother Han, come over here quickly. Taste my cooking.”

Han Zhan walked over with little expectations. He sat down and picked up his chopsticks. Under Song Ci’s watchful eyes, he tasted the noodles. After just one bite, Han Zhan put down his chopsticks and looked at Song Ci in surprise.

“How is it?” Song Ci looked like a little kid just waiting to be praised.

“The noodles are delicious, “Han Zhan said. He had seen Song Ci make her low-calorie breakfast, and he also ate her fried rice. As a result, he didn’t have high expectations for her culinary skills. But her rice noodles were not bad at all.

Song Ci was very smug. “I watched a cooking tutorial several times yesterday.”

Han Zhan’s felt heart warm at the thought of Song Ci learning how to cook from a video tutorial.

Taking advantage of this moment, Song Ci held Han Zhan’s left hand and said lovingly, “Brother Han, I don’t know how to cook, but I am willing to learn for you. Let’s put off hiring a cook for now. Let me enjoy the feeling of taking care of my beloved man.” She held Han Zhan’s hand up to her lips and kissed it.

Han Zhan tried to draw back his hand, but Song Ci clung to it, not allowing him to retreat.

Han Zhan’s girlfriend was being too romantic and passionate that he could not stand it.

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