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Chapter 483: Han Jun VS Xu Qian

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After boarding the plane, Han Miao and Shen Yubei sat in the first class seats. As Han Jun and Han Zheng bought tickets later on, they could only buy seats in the economy class. The siblings sat in the economy class.

Two hours later, the group arrived at the Imperial Capital International Airport safely.

Han Zheng called his godfather, Zhou Baoguo, the moment he alighted from the plane. Knowing that Zhou Baoguo had already sent a driver to fetch him, Han Zheng hung up and said to Han Jun, “Second Sister, Godfather sent a driver to fetch me. I am already at the airport and will go to Godfather’s house to play. Are you coming to Godfather’s house with me or to the hotel?”

Zhou Baoguo was Han Zheng’s godfather. Han Miao and Han Jun also called him godfather along with Han Zheng, but in fact, the sisters didn’t have a close relationship with Zhou Baoguo.

Han Jun said, “Go ahead. We won’t go. We’ll meet at the airport when we return.”


Han Miao and Shen Yubei went out of the VIP passage and Han Jun left with the main group. The sisters came to meet in the car. Once they got in, Han Jun told Han Miao about Han Zheng going to Zhou Baoguo’s house to stay.

Han Miao nodded. “Ignore him.”

Shen Yubei had a slight cold and was slightly sleepy after taking the flu medicine. He sat in the car and kept dozing off. The sisters didn’t speak, afraid of disturbing Shen Yubei’s rest.

They arrived at the hotel in silence.

The two sisters slept in separate rooms since they were very young. They were also used to living alone outside. Their rooms were close to each other and were both luxurious small suites.

After resting for a while, Han Miao called Han Jun and asked her to come over to help her choose clothes. Han Miao chose difficult households. She stared at the clothes on the bed and wasn’t sure which one was more suitable.

After Han Jun came to her room, she chose a dirty pink coat for her. “Wear this. You look lively in this color.”

“I believe you.”

Han Miao changed in front of Han Jun and chatted with her as she put on her clothes. “I am going to the performance hall for rehearsal later. Junjun, are you going to the rehearsal with us? Or are you going to do it yourself?”

Han Jun said, “I am going to meet a friend. Go with Grandmaster.”

“You’re going to meet a friend?” Han Miao straightened her sweater and stared at Han Jun in surprise. She said in confusion, “You have friends in the capital? Why didn’t I know?”

Han Jun pushed up her glasses and said, “A friend I met at the competition.”

“Oh oh.” Han Jun was smart and good at studying. She had participated in many national competitions on behalf of the school, so it was not strange for her to know friends in the capital. “Alright, call me if you need anything. I’ll go look for Grandmaster.”


After Han Miao left, Han Jun stood in front of the mirror in Han Miao’s room and sized up her own reflection. She was wearing a gray sweater and a long black down jacket. She didn’t have the youthful liveliness that someone her age should have.

Han Jun frowned and despised the clothes on her. She decided to go shopping at the mall and buy a few new clothes.

Imperial Capital University’s affiliated hospital was the best cardiovascular hospital in the country. This year, there was a super handsome male doctor from the Cardiovascular Surgery Department. Xu Qian was only 23 years old.

The moment he arrived, he became the male god of the affiliated hospital.

Xu Qian entered the Imperial Capital School of Medicine at the age of 16. He studied clinical medicine for eight years. Xu Qian was especially smart. He only used three years to end all his professional courses and obtained the opportunity to intern at the Cleveland Clinic.

After the internship ended, Xu Qian was personally hired by the director of the affiliated hospital of the Imperial Capital University and became the youngest associate chief physician in the history of the Cardiovascular Surgery Department.

That afternoon, Xu Qian finished a cardiac valve replacement surgery. He took off his bloodstained sterile gloves and walked out of the operating theater. He said to his assistant, “Order me a takeout. I want fish-fried eggplants.”

“Alright, Director Xu.” The assistant ordered a bowl of fish, eggplant, and wooden rice at the restaurant that Xu Qian frequented the most. After she ordered, she looked up and saw that Director Xu had already walked away.

Xu Qian was 1.88 meters tall. His loose white coat hid his broad shoulders, narrow waist, and long legs, but just his back alone could kill everyone present.

The assistant hugged her cell phone and looked at the director’s departing back view obsessively. She thought to herself: Who will take away such a top-grade male idol in the end? 

Xu Qian had his own independent office. Outside the office was his assistant’s office.

Returning to the office, Xu Qian washed his hands again before sitting down on the chair to relax. He gently pressed his tired brows.

He had gone to catch ghosts last night and had a major surgery today. He was really tired and wanted to fall asleep on the bed.

After a while, Xu Qian heard the door to the office open. Thinking that it was his assistant delivering food, Xu Qian didn’t open his eyes and continued to massage his brows. He said to his assistant, “Little He, put the food on the table.”

The meal was placed on the table, but the assistant didn’t leave.

Xu Qian felt that something was off.

Little He had always been obedient. He would do whatever Xu Qian asked him to do and wouldn’t just stand there without moving.

“What’s the matter, Little He?” Xu Qian opened his eyes and realized that the person standing at the table was not his assistant, Little He, but a tall girl.

The young girl was wearing a warm gray sweater. The hem of the sweater was tucked into tight jeans, and her baby bird legs were straight and slender. The weather was cold, and the young girl had a blue striped scarf around her neck. Her slender body jacket was a navy blue bullhorn coat.

Xu Qian stared at the girl’s face. The fatigue in his eyes faded a lot and was replaced by surprise and other emotions.

Although he had not seen her for more than 10 years, Xu Qian still recognized this young lady at a glance.

She was Han Jun, Xu Qian’s fiancée that he had set on.

“…Han Jun.”

Han Jun was very happy to hear her name come out of that man’s mouth.

Han Jun took off the large-framed glasses on her face with her right hand, revealing her sealed divine face. Han Jun had a pair of slender willowy eyes with the corners of her eyes upturned. When she stared at someone seriously, she had a seductive feeling, but more so, she was cold.

Han Jun hooked her glasses with her right index finger. She supported herself with both hands on the table, crossed her upper body over the desk, and stared at Xu Qian’s appearance. She suddenly asked, “You’re wearing contact lenses?”

Xu Qian’s right eye was different from ordinary people. There was an evil spirit suppressed in it. He had to wear beautiful pupils to disguise his original pupil.

Xu Qian took a step back and maintained a safe distance. He didn’t answer Han Jun’s question and instead questioned her. “Why didn’t you study properly in school? Why did you come to my place?”

Han Jun sat on the stool and frowned. She looked pained and said, “I have menstrual pain.”

Xu Qian pointed at the professional card on the table and reminded the girl, “Find a gynecologist for menstrual cramps. This is the Cardiovascular Surgery Department.”

Han Jun stared at the man’s handsome face and into his dark eyes. For some reason, her heart suddenly ached. Han Jun endured the pain and didn’t show it. She only told Xu Qian in a relaxed tone, “My heart is in pain.”

Xu Qian thought that Han Jun was lying to find an excuse to hit on him.

A smile flashed across his eyes.

Little Gangster! 

She’s still the same as when she was young!

Xu Qian put on a business-like attitude and asked her, “Did you register?”

Han Jun took out the number on her cell phone and showed it to Xu Qian.

The number of the Cardiovascular Surgery Department of the Imperial Capital Subsidiary Hospital was very difficult to place, especially the number of the department director and the associate chief physician. Xu Qian confirmed that he had already seen all his patients today and reasonably suspected that Han Jun’s number was fake.

“Who did you get this number from?”

Han Jun’s expression remained unchanged as she said calmly, “I know a hacker friend.”

Xu Qian narrowed her eyes and couldn’t help asking, “Is it your friend? Or you?”

Han Jun remained silent.

Xu Qian didn’t press for an answer. He opened a new medical record and pretended to ask Han Jun, “The symptoms.”

Han Jun pressed her chest and said, “I don’t know why, but when I think of Dr. Xu, my heart hurts. I suspect that we might have been lovers in our previous life who were deeply in love.” With that, Han Jun looked up at Xu Qian’s handsome face and said, “Looking at Dr. Xu at such a close distance, I feel that my heartbeat is a little abnormal.”

Xu Qian listened to her nonsense and remained silent. No one knew what she was thinking.

Han Jun reached out to grab the stethoscope hanging on Xu Qian’s neck. She pressed the stethoscope to her chest and said to Xu Qian, “Doctor Xu, listen to me. My heart is beating very fast.”

Xu Qian stuffed the stethoscope into his ear with a complicated expression. Indeed, he heard her racing heart.

Xu Qian took off her stethoscope and said, “Your heartbeat is so fast. You probably won’t live for long.”

A soul-stirring smile finally appeared on Han Jun’s cold face. She said seriously, “They all say that Doctor Xu from the affiliated hospital of the Imperial Capital University is the god of cardiovascular surgery and can treat all sorts of difficult heart diseases. Doctor Xu, do you think my illness can be treated?”

Xu Qian frowned and sighed. “Han Jun, what have you been studying all these years? Does your parents know how you look like now?”

Han Jun’s smile became even more seductive. She stopped teasing Xu Qian and sat up straight. She looked up and asked him, “Doctor Xu, are you willing to give me face and have a meal together?”

Xu Qian looked at her watch. She would be off work in seven minutes. “Wait for me for seven minutes.”


Han Jun sat down and casually picked up a medical book from Xu Qian’s desk. She flipped through it and realized that she couldn’t understand it. Han Jun closed the book again and stared at her watch.

Han Jun looked at her watch and Xu Qian looked at her. No one spoke.

“Alright, it’s time.” Han Jun stood up and looked down at Xu Qian. “You should accompany me to eat.”

Xu Qian stood up silently and took off his white coat, revealing his charcoal black suit. He entered the small lounge inside, took his windbreaker, and put it on. “Let’s go.”

The assistant outside saw Dr. Xu walking out of the office with a strange girl she had never seen before. She stood up in surprise and asked Xu Qian, “Director Xu, is this a patient?” She didn’t remember there was a patient today.

Xu Qian didn’t listen and just said, “No, family.”

With that, he heard the girl behind him scoff.

Walking along the corridor, Xu Qian asked Han Jun, “What are you laughing at?”

Han Jun said, “I thought I was your family member.”

Xu Qian stopped in his tracks. He turned to look at the girl behind him with a helpless expression. Xu Qian raised his hand and patted Han Jun’s head gently. His movements were not familiar.

When he did this, Xu Qian’s ears were slightly red.

Han Jun’s ears also turned red.

“I don’t do minors.” Xu Qian stroked Han Jun’s hair and said, “Grow up quickly and turn 20 years old quickly.”

Hearing this, Han Jun’s mood lifted. Although she didn’t smile, her ink-like pure and clean eyes clearly lit up.

Han Jun treated Xu Qian to a meal at a Chinese restaurant. It was located in a remote area and was very expensive. It only accepted reservations and had to be booked a month in advance.

Xu Qian sat at the dining table and sized up the antique restaurant. She asked Han Jun, “You reserved this restaurant a month ago?”

Han Jun acknowledged.

Xu Qian remained silent, thinking about something.

The two of them had met when they were young and had not seen each other all these years, but there was no unfamiliarity or awkwardness between them. Han Jun had a question in her heart. She asked Xu Qian, “Why do you want to be a doctor? You are the heir of the Xu Family. I thought you would inherit the family business.”

Xu Qian explained. “Being a doctor is my career dream. I will give myself 10 years to realize my dream. After 25 years old, I will go home and inherit the family business.”

Han Jun asked, “Why 10 years?”

Xu Qian said, “My father only has three years to live.”

Han Jun was slightly shocked. She had always paid attention to the Kunlun Xu Family and naturally knew about Xu Qian’s father. Xu Yan was only 50 years old and his body was very healthy. He didn’t look like someone who only had three years of life.

Noticing Han Jun’s shock, Xu Qian told her, “My father suffered a backlash from an evil spirit during an operation and was seriously injured. His lifespan was greatly reduced.”

Han Jun frowned slightly. She touched the porcelain cup in front of her and fell into deep thought. The Xu Family did the work of prying into the secrets of heaven and dealing with evil spirits. They had long been separated from life and death, so Xu Qian could calmly accept that his father was about to die.

The waiter delivered the dishes and finally broke the heavy atmosphere.

Before the two of them finished their meal, Han Jun received a call from Han Miao.

“Junjun, where are you? Are you coming back for dinner?” Han Miao had already finished her rehearsal and was about to go for dinner. Thinking that Han Jun was alone in the hotel and was worried that she had yet to eat, she wanted to call her along.

Han Jun stared at the delicious food in front of her, then glanced at the man sitting at the table who was more pleasing to the eye than the delicacies. She put down her chopsticks, wiped her mouth, and said, “I’m eating outside. You don’t have to wait for me.”

Han Miao asked, “With that friend you met at the competition?”

Han Jun said, “Mmm.”


After hanging up, Han Jun saw that Xu Qian was smiling mischievously. Han Jun expected him to have heard what Han Miao said on the phone just now. She picked up her chopsticks and pretended to pick up some food.

Xu Qian didn’t intend to let her off this time. He raised his brows and asked, “I am a friend you met in the competition?”

Han Jun put down her chopsticks and crossed her arms in front of her chest. She stared at Xu Qian quietly and asked soulfully, “Then how should I introduce you? My destined spouse? Or my boyfriend?”

Han Jun dug a hole for Xu Qian and waited for him to pick one.

Xu Qian was momentarily speechless and didn’t know how to reply.

Han Jun picked up her handkerchief and wiped her fingers one by one. As she wiped, she said, “All these years, your Xu Family has sent many gifts to our house. I don’t know what you did it for or what your intentions are.”

Xu Qian simply put down his chopsticks. He stared at Han Jun and said very seriously, “If you are willing, from today onwards, I will be your boyfriend. When you are 20 years old, I will be your husband. In a few years, I can be the father of your child. When I am old and die, I will be your old partner in the coffin.”

He looked at Han Jun calmly and asked her, “What do you want me to be yours?”

Hearing this, Han Jun’s brows turned cold.

She looked at Xu Qian’s face, her eyes getting more and more confused. She asked subconsciously, “Xu Qian, have we met before?”

Han Jun heard from her parents that when she first met the young master of the Xu Family when she was young, she couldn’t help reaching out to touch his eyes. She also knew that she was the only person in the world who could open the Return to One Sword.

She was Xu Qian’s destined wife.

But Han Jun felt like she had forgotten something.

It shouldn’t be like this. 

It shouldn’t just be like this. 

Han Jun murmured to herself, “This year, I’ve always been dreaming. A man in white will always appear in my dreams. He never turned around to look at me. But my intuition tells me that if he turns around, he will definitely look like you.”

Han Jun’s probing gaze swept across Xu Qian’s face. She asked in confusion, “Xu Qian, who are you?” And who am I? 

When Xu Qian heard Han Jun’s words, a hint of confusion appeared in his eyes. He said, “Have you read too many novels?”

Han Jun shook her head and said, “Perhaps I saw a movie when I was young and had a deep impression of it. That’s why I dreamed.”

After dinner, Han Jun paid the bill and walked out of the restaurant with Xu Qian. The capital was even colder than Wangdong City. The two of them stood in the cold air, so cold that their noses were slightly red. Han Jun looked up at the tall and handsome man beside her and sighed.

Xu Qian turned to look at her.

Han Jun reached out and hooked Xu Qian’s finger. She pinched Xu Qian’s finger and told him, “Then from today onwards, Doctor Xu, you are my boyfriend.”

Hearing this, Xu Qian was obviously happy.

He lowered his head and approached Han Jun, wanting to kiss her.

From the age of eight, a seed had been planted in Xu Qian’s heart.

Han Jun was his future wife.

While his peers were busy dating and cheating, Xu Qian had been doing one thing—


He was waiting for Han Jun to grow up and turn 18 years old.

He had long planned for Han Jun to be his life. In his imagination, the person he would fall in love with would be Han Jun, the person he would marry and cohabit with would also be Han Jun, and the person he would have children with until he was old would still be Han Jun.

Xu Qian didn’t know what his feelings for Han Jun were. Perhaps it was love, or perhaps it wasn’t. But he couldn’t imagine that any woman other than Han Jun would appear by his side. No one could do those things that he wanted to do with Han Jun.

Perhaps he had already developed a sense of possessiveness even before he developed love for Han Jun.

Xu Qian suddenly took off his coat and covered Han Jun’s head with it. He quickly lowered his head and kissed Han Jun. It was not a light kiss, but a deep kiss that he tasted with all his heart.

After a moment of shock, Han Jun accepted the kiss with reddened ears.

After the kiss, Xu Qian pressed Han Jun and the coat on her chest. He panted slightly and said in a slightly lustful voice, “Don’t be afraid. No one will notice that I secretly kissed a minor.”

Han Jun leaned against Xu Qian’s chest, her heart beating wildly.

Han Jun felt that she really had a heart attack this time.

My heart was beating so quickly. Would I die of excitement? 

After her heart stopped beating so violently, Han Jun pushed Xu Qian away and stood up straight. She took off her coat and returned it to Xu Qian. She said to him, “It’s getting dark. Send me back to the hotel.”


Xu Qian drove her own car.

Han Jun sat in the passenger seat of Xu Qian’s car. Her expression was cold and calm, but her hand was secretly rubbing her hot ear. She was pressing it when she suddenly heard Xu Qian say, “I will visit your house during the new year.”

Han Jun’s eyes widened.

With this stare, her cold face instantly became lively and slightly adorable.

Knowing what Han Jun was thinking, Xu Qian grabbed her hand and said, “Are you very nervous? Don’t be afraid. All these years, my family has been sending gifts to your house every year. Your parents know very well how I feel about you. Visiting is only a matter of time. Since we have already confirmed our relationship, why don’t we visit them early?”

Hearing this, Han Jun also relaxed. “Mmm, okay.”

Arriving at the hotel, Han Jun alighted and was about to go back when she was stopped by Xu Qian. “Han Jun.”

Han Jun stopped and turned to look at Xu Qian in the driver’s seat. “What’s the matter?”

Xu Qian alighted as well. He walked around the front of the car to Han Jun, took out Han Jun’s pair of big glasses from his pocket, and put them on for her. After putting on the glasses, Han Jun’s beauty was instantly weakened. She looked like an ordinary high school student.

Xu Qian was satisfied. He patted Han Jun’s head and said, “In the future, don’t take off your sunglasses in school and in front of your peers.”

Han Jun felt Xu Qian’s possessiveness towards her. The strange thing was that she was not angry. Han Miao said, “My sister and grandmaster are performing in the concert hall tomorrow. I have two concert tickets. Do you want to join us?”

Xu Qian was not interested in the concert, but this was a concert between his sister-in-law-to-be and the grandmaster. Xu Qian had to be there. He asked, “What time?”

Han Jun said, “3pm in the afternoon.”

Xu Qian said, “Alright, I will be working late tomorrow.”


After Xu Qian left, Han Jun didn’t return to the hotel. Instead, she took a taxi to the mall and bought a few small gifts. Han Jun returned from the mall and passed by the entrance of Han Miao’s hotel. Han Miao suddenly opened the door, jumped in front of Han Jun, and stopped her.

“Junjun, you’re lying. You didn’t go to meet any friends in the arena today. You went to meet that young master of the Xu Family, right?!” The Xu Family would send gifts to the Han Family every year. Every year on Han Jun’s birthday, she would receive a birthday gift from someone named ‘Qian’.

Han Miao heard that the young master of the Xu family was working in the capital. She suspected that Han Jun had gone to meet the young master of the Xu family.

Han Jun looked surprised. “Looks like you’re not too stupid.”

Han Miao was excited. “You really went to meet Young Master Xu!”


Han Miao pulled Han Jun back to her room. She pressed Han Jun against the wall and asked gossipily, “How is it, Junjun? Is Young Master Xu handsome? Are the people of the Kunlun Xu Family all carrying a peach wood sword?”

Han Jun pushed Han Miao away and sat down on the sofa. “He’s a doctor. He doesn’t carry a sword.”

“Wow!” Han Miao said, “He’s only 23 years old. He’s already a cardiovascular doctor at such a young age. How awesome. Junjun, is Young Master Xu handsome? Is he as handsome as Neil?”

Han Jun snorted and looked arrogant. “How can a firefly compare to the stars and moon?”

Han Miao’s face instantly turned cold. “Who is Ying Guang? Neil is very handsome, alright? He is the new campus beau of our school now.” As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even the two of them felt that the boy they liked was the most handsome and couldn’t be slandered.

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