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Chapter 482: Untitled

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Shen Yubei had a concert at the Capital Music Hall on January 2. He was collaborating with the first symphony orchestra. Han Miao was a special guest at this concert and the two of them were going to play Shen Yubei’s new work, “The First of the Moon”.

Shen Yubei and his wife, Di Rongrong, had a daughter called Shen Yuechu. Shen Yuechu loved the piano very much, but she had been diagnosed with deformities in her hands during her pregnancy. Even so, the couple did not give up on Shen Yuechu and resolutely gave birth to the child.

Shen Yuechu had undergone three hand deformation surgeries when she was young. Although her hands could move normally now, she couldn’t play the piano nimbly.

This “The First of the Moon” was a piano and violin duet. It was a gift from Shen Yubei to his daughter. Han Miao cherished this opportunity to perform on stage. Every day after school, she would lock herself in her room to practice the piano for three to four hours.

Han Miao was very confident about this performance.

After breakfast at Li Ao’s house, the three siblings returned to Imperial Dragon Mountain. On the way, Han Jun suddenly said to Han Miao, “Miaomiao, I will go to the capital with you guys.”

Hearing this, three gazes landed on Han Jun at the same time. They were Yan Qingxiu, Han Miao, and Han Zheng.

Han Miao asked Han Jun, “Junjun, why are you going with me? Didn’t you say that you wanted to study at the company with Father?”

Han Jun said, “This is your first performance at the Capital Music Hall. I want to cheer you on.”

Han Miao looked at Han Jun suspiciously, feeling that this guy was lying. “When did our relationship become so good?”

Han Jun remained silent and took out her cell phone to book tickets.

Han Zheng saw that his second elder sister was booking a plane ticket. He thought that it was boring to be alone at home on New Year’s Day, so he said to Han Jun, “Second elder sister, book one for me too.”


As a result, Han Miao’s original plan of two people became five.

After buying the tickets, Han Zheng called Song Ci and told her that the siblings were going to the capital. He asked Song Ci to help them pack their luggage.

When they arrived home, Song Ci had already packed their luggage.

After a week of not seeing each other, the children all missed Song Ci. After returning home, they queued up to hug her.

They were already 16 or 17 years old, but they were like toddlers and were especially clingy to Song Ci.

Song Ci sent Han Zheng over. She said to Han Jun and the rest, “Your father will be home soon. Let’s have lunch early. You can go to the airport after lunch.” Han Zhan was also on a work trip last week. It was Thursday when he returned to the country. He only slept at home for one night and last Friday, Han Zhan went on a work trip.

It had been two weeks since the children had seen their father.


Han Zhan returned looking slightly tired. He put down his luggage and returned to the house to take a shower. Warm water washed away the fatigue on his body. Han Zhan changed into a casual outfit and went downstairs to meet the children with his present.

Seeing the gift bag in Han Zhan’s hand, Han Miao hurriedly ran over and hugged Han Zhan’s arm. She smiled and asked Han Zhan, “Father, what gift did you bring for us on this business trip?”

Han Zhan placed the gift box on the sofa and said, “Look at it yourself.” With that, he walked to the kitchen.

Song Ci was cooking.

Every week after the children returned home, Song Ci would personally cook a meal for them. The taste was not as good as the chef’s, but the children were very polite and would wipe out the dishes on the plate every time.

It was rare for the entire family to gather today, so Song Ci prepared a feast.

Hugging Song Ci, Han Zhan buried his head in her neck and took in her fragrance.

“You sprayed perfume.” It was a very light perfume and smelled rather comfortable.

Song Ci nodded. “Mmm, the brand gave it to me. They asked me to give them a review.”

“Is that so…” Han Zhan’s hands were slightly naughty as they started to play tricks along Song Ci’s waistline.

Song Ci’s mouth was dry from Han Zhan’s teasing. She nudged Han Zhan with her elbow and scolded him. “Control yourself. Go and chat with the children for a while. They will go to the airport after dinner. We will play after they leave.”

Han Zhan pinched Song Ci’s waist gently and asked her, “How?” He bit Song Ci’s ear and said, “I remember Huanyan sent you a box of new lingerie a few days ago. Try it on for me later.”

Song Ci said, “Speak properly and don’t touch anything.”

“It’s very difficult for me not to move around when it comes to you.” The older Han Zhan was, the thicker his skin was. He was shameless when he spoke and did things.

At this moment, Han Miao ran over with a watch. She stood in the kitchen and said to Han Zhan, “Father! The watch is very beautiful. I like it! Thank you!” With that, Han Miao realized that the way her father and mother hugged each other was slightly ambiguous.

Han Miao blinked and retreated. “Sorry to disturb you. Please continue!”

Han Miao smiled slyly and ran back to the living room to tell Han Jun, “Father is still like a little wolfhound at such an old age. He keeps sticking to Mother the moment he comes back.”

Han Jun raised her brows but didn’t say anything.

Han Zheng said, “When Father doesn’t cling to Mother anymore, that will be scary.”

With that, the siblings fell silent.

Han Jun glared at Han Zheng coldly and said, “Are you going to slap yourself or are we going to do it?”

Han Zheng hurriedly slapped himself. “I have a jinxed mouth!”

Song Ci steamed hairy crabs, made garlic vermicelli and beer duck, stir-fried a plate of lettuce, and stewed a pot of yellow bone fish soup.

When the soup was about to come out, Han Rang carried his precious daughter to the villa.

Han Rang’s orphanage was getting bigger and bigger. It had now become the most famous charity orphanage in the country. There were 312 orphans adopted in the orphanage.

Han Rang roped in many wealthy people’s investments and established a Gui Family Charity Fund. With their help, the orphanage operated very smoothly and even built a kindergarten.

The country had nine years of compulsory education. After the children graduated from kindergarten, they could directly attend public primary and middle school. Those with good results would go to high school and university with the help of the Gui Family Charity Foundation.

Children with poor cultural grades would also be sent to professional colleges to study. They would be proficient in a skill and would only be able to support their families when they entered society in the future.

Han Rang had spent all his energy on the orphanage for the past few years. He and Nan Yanyan had never given birth to their own child. Only eight years ago did Nan Yanyan get pregnant and gave birth to a daughter for Aaron.

Their daughter was named Han Yishan.

As Shi Tiesheng had said, life kisses me with pain, but I give it back with song. Han letting his daughter name Han Yishan was conveying a belief—

Even if this world gives me pain and makes me homeless, I have to repay kindness and grow up healthy. 

Han Yishan was just like Han Miao when she was young. She was chubby and wore a red down jacket. Her chubby face was slightly red from the cold wind.

Seeing Han Miao and the rest, Han Yishan hurriedly slid down from his father’s arm. “Brother, sister.” Han Yishan quickly ran over to Han Miao and Han Zheng’s side and sat down. He looked up and told them a shocking password.

Han Zheng and Han Miao both revealed curious gazes. Han Miao asked her, “What secret?”

Han Yishan told them excitedly, “I’m in a relationship. I have a boyfriend!”

Han Miao and the rest were speechless.

Han Zheng suppressed his laughter and asked Han Yishan, “Oh? Is your boyfriend handsome?”

Han Yishan raised her hand and said, “He is the most handsome in our family!” She was referring to the orphanage. Han Yishan had grown up with those brothers and sisters since he was young. They were family.

Han Miao asked Han Rang, “Uncle Aaron, is your daughter really in a relationship?”

Han Rang snorted. “Little girl, you’re dreaming.”

Han Yishan was unconvinced. She snorted, crossed her arms, raised her chin, and said arrogantly to Han Rang, “Father, you’re just jealous that I found a handsome and smart boyfriend! But you don’t!”

Han Rang was speechless. He laid on the sofa like he had no bones.

Han Zhan walked out of the kitchen and happened to hear Han Yishan and Han Rang’s conversation. He walked over and picked Han Yishan up from the sofa. Just as Han Yishan was feeling happy, he heard Han Zhan say, “Has Xiao Shan gained weight?”

Han Yishan was like a bolt out of the blue and was instantly unhappy. “Uncle, you’re so annoying. I don’t love you anymore.”

Han Zhan patted Han Yishan’s butt and said, “You even said that you wanted to marry Uncle last time. You don’t love Uncle anymore?”

Han Yishan placed her index fingers together and said, “I’m not marrying you anymore. I have a new boyfriend.”

The child’s words amused everyone.

Han Zhan asked Aaron, “Why are you free to come over today?”

Aaron said, “That girl Qingjia is officially taking over the Son of God. I came to ask you if you want to attend her inauguration ceremony?”

Su Qingjia was already 19 years old. She started doing business with Sicilio when she was 15 years old. Now that she was fully grown, she was officially taking over Sicilio’s job.

The inauguration ceremony was a very grand affair. Han Zhan and Aaron should attend it.

“Which day?”

“Before the new year. I haven’t confirmed the exact time yet.”

“Go ahead. If you don’t go, who knows how that girl will scold us the next time we meet.” Han Zhan saw that the helpers had brought the dishes to the table. He said to Aaron, “Your sister-in-law made lunch today. You are in for a treat. Come, let’s go eat.”


After lunch, Han Rang carried Han Yishan back to the orphanage.

Song Ci and Han Zhan sent the three children to the car. After watching the car drive away, Han Zhan grabbed Song Ci’s waist and asked her, “Are you taking an afternoon nap?”

Song Ci saw the flames of desire dancing in Han Zhan’s eyes. She grabbed Han Zhan’s arm and pinched it. She smiled and said, “Let’s go take an afternoon nap!”

On the way to Wangshan Airport, Han Miao said with a pout, “Our father will definitely be very happy if we leave.” They all understood that if they continued to stay at home, they would be three light bulbs.

Han Zheng was reading the Civil Code. Hearing this, he said without looking up, “Exactly. The third wheel has already run away. How can they not be happy?”

Han Miao supported her chin with her hand and tilted her head. “I hope that my future marriage will be as sweet as Father and Mother’s.”

Han Zheng stared at Han Miao for a moment before saying, “Firstly, you have to lose weight.”

Han Miao was enraged and punched Han Zheng mercilessly.

Han Zheng rubbed his hammered shoulder and hurriedly hid to the side.

The cell phone in Han Zheng’s pocket vibrated. He took out his cell phone and opened WeChat. He saw that Yan Chuyu had sent a message.

Xiao Yu: [Little Uncle, I was beaten up!]

Little Yu: [When I kissed Jiang Sheng, that bastard Jiang Qing saw me. He went back and complained to his father that I bullied his elder sister. Mr. Jiang came to my house this afternoon to demand an explanation. When my father found out what I did, he was so angry that he grabbed a stick and beat me up. My legs were about to break.]

Little Yu: [That bastard Jiang Qing, I curse him to never get a wife in his life!]

Han Zheng saw Yan Chuyu’s news and didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Yan Chuyu was Yan Jiang and Song Fei’s son, also Han Zheng’s cousin. She was two months younger than Han Zheng. Jiang Sheng was the daughter of his cousin Han Wangwang and his brother-in-law, Jiang Zhen. She was only 13 years old this year, but Jiang Qing was even younger, only 10 years old.

Speaking of which, Yan Chuyu and Jiang Sheng were still separated by this generation. Jiang Sheng had to call Yan Chuyu Little Uncle.

How messy! 

The seniority was messy enough and so was this matter.

Han Zheng’s lips curled up and he didn’t have any sympathy for Yan Chuyu. He replied: [You deserve it.]

Seeing that her little brother was smiling, Han Jun asked him, “What are you laughing at?”

Han Zheng put away his cell phone and turned to his two elder sisters. “Little Yu kissed Sheng Sheng and was seen by Jiang Qing. Jiang Qing went home and reported this to Brother-in-law. Brother-in-law personally went to Auntie Fei’s house this afternoon. In order to calm Brother-in-law down, Uncle-in-law beat Little Yu up.”

Hearing this, Han Jun only raised her brows slightly in surprise. Han Miao’s reaction was much more exciting. Her mouth was wide open, unable to digest this matter for a moment.

After a long while, Han Miao snapped out of her trance and pinched herself. She murmured. “My goodness, Little Yu and Sheng Sheng are involved? If our cousin and our niece really become a couple, won’t the seniority be messed up? How do I address them?”

Han Jun felt that Han Miao was overthinking. She said, “How old are they? They’re just children playing.”

“That’s true.” Only then was Han Miao relieved. She looked at the back of the chair, leaned back, and sighed. “Among our siblings, the oldest sister, Sister Wangwang, is already married. Amongst the children of the same age who are single, I am the oldest. Sister has yet to fall in love, but the little guys are already starting to get restless. My failure as an elder sister…”

Han Miao slapped her thigh and had a new goal. She said, “Before I graduate from high school, I must stop being single!”

The atmosphere suddenly became silent. Han Zhan and Han Miao looked at Han Miao as if she was retarded. Han Zheng said, “Why don’t we take off a layer of fat first.”

Han Jun added, “Is your brain fried? Do you want to take off your jacket first?”

Han Miao was enraged. She pointed at Han Jun and said, “You don’t believe me?”

Han Jun pushed the sunglasses on her face and said, “How about this? Let’s make a bet. If you can successfully stop being single before graduating from high school, I will give you a million yuan. If you can’t stop being single, you will throw away all your dolls.”

Han Miao patted her chest and agreed. “Alright!” After agreeing, a question arose in Han Miao’s heart. She asked Han Jun, “Why do you have a million yuan?”

Han Jun said, “I earned it myself.”

Han Miao felt that God was unfair. She was so poor every month that she couldn’t even afford snacks, but Han Jun could easily take out a million yuan to bet!

We were clearly twins, so why was Han Jun so outstanding? 

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