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Chapter 484: Little Friend, What Are You Looking At?

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The two sisters quarreled over who was the most handsome between Xu Qian and Li Ao and nearly fought. But before Han Miao’s fist landed on Han Jun, Han Jun blocked it.

Han Jun easily grabbed Han Miao’s hand and pinned her down on the sofa.

Han Jun questioned Han Miao arrogantly. “Do you admit defeat?”

Han Miao said, “No way! You, a Taekwondo champion, have the cheek to bully a weak woman like me! Han Jun, you are being disrespectful to your elder sister!”

“Shut up.” Han Jun slapped Han Miao’s butt hard. “If you’re not convinced, hold it in!” Only after slapping Han Miao’s butt did Han Jun release her grip on Han Miao. She sat on the other end of the sofa, took out the wet tissue she carried with her, and wiped the hand that had slapped Han Miao’s butt clean.

Her movements were very slow and thin. She wiped her fingers one by one.

Those who didn’t know better would think that she had just touched a bacterial virus.

Han Miao sat up and saw Han Jun wiping her hands. She was so angry that her mouth was like a little pufferfish. “Get lost, Han Jun!”

Han Jun pretended not to hear her scolding. She threw away the wet tissue and said, “Give me a bottle of water.”

Han Miao was even angrier. “Why, you still want to wash your hands and disinfect them?”

“No, I’m thirsty.”

Han Miao really got up obediently to get water for Han Jun.

Han Miao purposely touched the bottle with both hands before throwing the bottle to Han Jun.

Han Jun took the mineral water and seemed to be speechless at Han Miao’s actions. She scolded softly, “Idiot.”

But this time, Han Jun didn’t wipe the bottle. She unscrewed the cap and drank the water.

After she finished drinking the water, Han Miao asked her, “Junjun, do you like that Young Master Xu?”

Under Han Miao’s gaze, Han Jun nodded.

Seeing Han Jun admit that she liked Xu Qian, Han Miao felt that it was magical. Han Jun, this heartless thing, actually had a time when she liked someone. 

She didn’t know if it was Xu Qian’s good fortune or bad luck that Han Jun liked her.

“Why do you like him? Is it because he’s handsome?” Han Miao had only seen Xu Qian when she was young and didn’t have any impression of him. She only knew that the young master of the Xu Family had taken a fancy to her sister and would send gifts to their house during the holidays to make his presence known.

Han Jun didn’t answer and asked, “Miaomiao, do you believe in fate?” Without waiting for Han Miao to answer, Han Jun said, “I believe. My heart aches the moment I see him today.”

Han Jun pressed her chest. She couldn’t bear the pain in her heart.

She felt like she had forgotten something.

She desperately wanted to remember.

Han Miao knew something that Han Jun didn’t. In the past, she had eavesdropped on her parents’ conversation and learned that Han Jun’s identity was not simple. She seemed to be from another world.

But Han Jun didn’t know about these things.

There must be a reason why her parents hid this from her sister. Han Miao also wouldn’t tell Han Jun about this.

Seeing that Han Jun’s expression was very sad, Han Miao said, “I don’t believe in fate. I believe in human actions. Junjun, if you believe in fate, you are finished.”

You can’t resign to fate no matter what you admit. If you resign to fate, you will be teased by fate. 

Fate is a jerk. He doesn’t love you and keeps you hanging.

Han Miao’s words comforted Han Jun. She glanced at Han Miao, who was standing behind the sofa, and suddenly smiled. “Your occasional words do sound wise.”

“Nothing good comes out of a dog’s mouth! Scram, scram, scram. Go back to your own room. I’m annoyed to see you.” Han Miao pulled Han Jun out of the door.

Thinking of something, Han Miao said to Han Jun, “Father and Mother will arrive at the capital tomorrow afternoon and watch my performance. Did you give the other musical ticket to that Young Master Xu?”

Han Jun’s expression changed. “Father and Mother are coming?”


“Got it.”

Han Miao was about to close the door when Han Jun suddenly gave her a strange smile.

Han Miao saw that smile and felt a chill down her spine. “What are you smiling at?”

Han Jun stared at the top of Han Miao’s head. Her voice was ethereal, as if it came from the clouds. It was eerie and strange. She said, “There’s a child on your head. He died in a car accident.”

Han Miao was so scared that her face turned pale. She instinctively looked up at the top of her head.

Above her was the ceiling of the hotel room. There was a row of side corridor lights. There were no children.

Precisely because she couldn’t see, Han Miao’s hair stood on end. She roared at Han Junjun. “Han Junjun! Do you want to die?!”

A smile flashed across Han Jun’s eyes. She quickly took out her room card, opened the door, and returned to her own room.

Han Jun placed the things she had bought on the hotel’s porch.

During dinner, Han Jun added Xu Qian on WeChat.

Once she returned to her room, Han Jun opened her conversation with Xu Qian and told him: [You don’t have to go to the concert tomorrow.]

Xu Qian was probably busy and didn’t see the news.

After Han Jun took a shower, she opened her paper and started doing her questions. Just as she was about to finish her physics paper, she received a video call from Xu Qian.

Han Jun instinctively looked down at her pyjamas.

The striped and velvet pajamas made her look slightly childish. She instinctively wanted to dress up more maturely, as if this could offset the age difference between her and Xu Qian.

Han Jun got up, grabbed a jacket, put it on, sat up straight, and accepted the video.

Xu Qian’s appearance appeared on screen. He was wearing a navy blue home sweater with his lower body hidden under the camera.

Xu Qian had just taken a shower. The black hair that he always combed back at work hung docilely on his forehead, making him look like he finally had the peace of someone his age.

Xu Qian noticed that Han Jun was wearing a light green woolen coat and her hair was tied up. He took a few more glances and suddenly said, “Let go of your hair.”

Han Jun hesitated for a moment before taking off her headband and glasses.

The girl’s porcelain-white face and brows were exquisite. Every part of her looked like it was personally carved by God. She was so beautiful that one couldn’t take their eyes off her. Her long hair draped over her shoulders and diluted the coldness on her body slightly. Sitting under the light, she actually looked slightly obedient.

Xu Qian looked at her deeply and said meaningfully, “You should tie your hair in school. It’s not convenient to read and write with your hair draped over your shoulders.”

Han Jun saw through his thoughts. “You’re afraid of someone seeing me with my hair draped over my shoulders. You’re afraid of someone chasing me.”

Xu Qian was silent for a moment before answering truthfully, “I really don’t like others staring at you, especially boys.”

Han Jun nodded. She didn’t say yes or no, but Xu Qian knew that she agreed.

Xu Qian placed his cell phone far away and aimed the camera at him.

He retrieved the Return to One Sword and hugged him as he sat behind a table. He used a white soft cloth to gently wipe the Return to One Sword.

That pair of hands that had taken the scalpel was currently holding a slender, cold longsword. The scene was indescribably domineering.

Han Jun stared at the sword in Xu Qian’s hand. Her eyes gradually lost focus.

Han Jun’s heart suddenly ached. At first, it was a very weak pain, but it quickly became very intense.

Han Jun instinctively clenched her pen and looked away from the screen. Only then did she hear Xu Qian ask, “Why won’t you let me go to the concert tomorrow?”

After asking, he didn’t hear Han Jun reply. Only then did Xu Qian look up at the cell phone screen in confusion.

Realizing that Han Jun’s expression was slightly pained, Xu Qian was slightly worried about her. “Han Jun, are you feeling unwell?”

Han Jun pointed at the screen and said, “Can you take away the sword?”

Xu Qian thoughtfully put the Return to One Sword back into its sheath, got up, and placed it horizontally on the Lan Qi (the shelf where the weapons were placed). Xu Qian returned to the table and sat down. Seeing that Han Jun’s expression seemed to be more comfortable, he guessed and asked, “Did the Return to One Sword make you uncomfortable?”

Han Jun shook her head and said, “I am timid and afraid of swords.”

Xu Qian felt like he had heard a cold joke.

Although he had not appeared in front of Han Jun all these years, the actions of the Second Miss of the Han Family had been told to him by others.

He knew that Han Jun was good at riding and archery, was good at all sorts of cold weapons, and was the Taekwondo champion. Xu Qian didn’t believe that she was timid and afraid of swords.

Han Jun saw Xu Qian’s expression and knew that she didn’t believe her lie. She put down her pen and told the truth. “My heart hurts when I see the Return to One Sword. It hurts for no reason.”

Xu Qian’s expression changed slightly. He decided not to use that sword in front of Han Jun anymore. “I’ll remember.”

Han Jun suddenly said, “My parents are also coming to the concert tomorrow.”

“Are you afraid that they will see me?” Xu Qian’s eyes were teasing. “Am I so useless such that I can’t be seen?”

Han Jun’s ears reddened. She lowered her head and said, “I… I’m not ready.”

Xu Qian looked at her deeply and said, “I’m resting tomorrow morning. Do you want to come to my house to play?”

Han Jun frowned and told Xu Qian sternly, “I don’t accept premarital sex.”

Xu Qian was shocked by Han Jun’s honesty.

He held his forehead and chuckled. “Little kid, if you didn’t say this, I wouldn’t have thought of going there.”

Hearing the laughter in Xu Qian’s words, Han Jun also realized that she had made a joke.

She touched her nose and explained. “Usually, when a boy asks a girl if she wants to go upstairs for a cup of tea, if she wants to visit his house, or if she wants to stay at home alone tomorrow, it’s equivalent to inviting her to bed.”

Xu Qian revealed a humble expression as if she had learned something. “I’ve learned something. Miss Han Jun knows so much.”

Han Jun blushed even more at Xu Qian’s teasing.

She was an ice beauty herself. Her blush looked rather beautiful.

Xu Qian didn’t dare to look anymore. He went to pour tea to distract himself and said, “I want to show you my house and where I live.”


After they finished talking, none of them suggested hanging up the video.

After looking at each other for a moment, Xu Qian said, “You do the questions while I read.”

Han Jun nodded and picked up her pen to do the questions again. Before she finished reading the questions, she looked up and asked Xu Qian, “You’re not going out to take on work tonight?”

Both she and Xu Qian were stunned by Han Jun’s question.

Xu Qian smiled again. When he smiled, his entire being became lively and gentle. Xu Qian said, “When you say this, I feel like a duck fetching work in a clubhouse. It’s time to go out and receive work.”

Han Jun’s face was red as she explained softly, “I didn’t mean that.”

Xu Qian’s smile faded slightly. He explained, “Ordinary people can’t afford to hire a Taoist master like me.”

As the young master of the Xu Family, Xu Qian was the most powerful Taoist master in the Xu Family in a hundred years. Ordinary people really couldn’t afford to hire him.

Those who were willing to spend a lot of money to invite him out must have encountered a real disaster.

The person who invited him to catch a ghost last night was a wealthy man in the capital. He had done something against his conscience a few years ago and there was a ghost mother hiding at home. That ghost mother caused chaos in his house and had no choice but to spend a lot of money to invite Xu Qian to catch a ghost.

Han Jun nodded and said knowingly, “I understand.”

In order to send that ghost mother off last night, Xu Qian didn’t rest well the entire night. After reading for a while, he was slightly sleepy. He was about to hang up the video when he heard Han Jun’s doorbell ring.

Han Jun was doing her questions seriously and didn’t react.

Xu Qian reminded her. “Little kid, the doorbell rang.”

Han Jun put down her pen and said, “I’ll go take a look.”

Xu Qian reminded her. “Look at the peephole before opening the door.”

The girl stayed at the hotel alone. Someone knocked on the door in the middle of the night, so Xu Qian was worried that it was a bad person outside. Han Jun acknowledged and walked to the door. Before she could look through the peephole, she heard Han Miao say outside, “Open the door, Han Junjun!”

Han Jun couldn’t even be bothered to look at the peephole. She opened the door.

Outside the door was Han Miao, who was wearing dinosaur pyjamas and hugging a big baby. Han Jun leaned against the door frame with her arms crossed. “Why are you looking for me?”

Han Miao looked into the room and said, “My heater is broken.”

Han Jun said, “I’ll get the hotel to open another room for you.”

“Don’t waste that money. Let’s squeeze into the same bed.” Han Miao smiled very cutely, her eyes narrowed.

Han Jun said, “The heater broke and it’s a hotel facility fault. In this case, they should book another room for you. Don’t worry, they won’t charge you a second time.”

Han Jun blocked all of Han Miao’s escape routes and excuses. Han Miao had no choice but to tell the truth. “I’m afraid of ghosts. It’s all your fault for saying that there’s a little ghost in my room. I always feel gloomy lying in bed.”

Han Jun saw that Han Miao looked pitiful and turned around to make way for her.

Han Miao ran into her room like a little monkey.

The video on the table was still on. Han Miao entered the house and realized that Han Jun was video-calling someone.

She looked at the screen of her cell phone and saw a handsome man in navy blue pyjamas. The handsome man looked especially eye-catching. His lips were pink like ripe cherries and his eyes were deep. When he looked at people seriously, he would definitely make them drunk.

Han Miao’s mouth instantly widened in shock. She leaned close to the video and asked Xu Qian, “You are Young Master Xu?”

Xu Qian sized Han Miao up.

Han Miao and Han Jun looked 80% alike. She was slightly shorter and fatter than Han Miao. She was already beautiful enough if she didn’t lose weight. She would definitely be more stunning when she lost weight.

The two sisters were twins. Their parents had good genes and were naturally beautiful.

Xu Qian nodded at Han Miao and smiled. “You must be Jun’er’s elder sister.”

Han Miao nodded vigorously. “Yes, yes. I am Han Miao. Are you Young Master Xu?”

Xu Qian sat up straight and placed his hands on his thighs. He nodded at Han Miao and introduced himself seriously. “Nice to meet you. I am Xu Qian.”

Han Miao nodded and smiled. “Hello, hello.”

Han Jun walked over, took away her cell phone, and said to Xu Qian, “My elder sister is here. Let’s not chat for now.”

Han Jun hung up the video and looked down to see Han Miao blinking wildly at her. She pretended not to understand Han Miao and said, “What’s the matter? Did your eyelashes go to your eyes?”

Han Miao snorted and ran to Han Jun’s bed to lie sideways. She said to Han Jun, “Your Xu Qian is a handsome guy. He’s so polite.”

Han Jun said, “Mmm.”

Han Miao added. “He looks very tall and looks quite compatible with you. Young Master Xu is so young and so handsome. Junjun, what kind of dog-shit luck did you have?”

Han Jun glanced at Han Miao. “Shut up if you don’t know how to speak. If you continue making a fuss, go back to your room and sleep.”

Han Miao said, “One last sentence!”

Han Jun frowned. “If you have something to say, say it.”

Han Miao sat up and looked up at Han Jun. Her face was tense as she shouted sternly, “Jun’er ~”

After shouting, Han Miao fell onto the bed happily and swung her legs wildly. “Hahaha, Han Junjun, Young Master Xu calls you Jun’er! Oh my god, our parents never called you that.”

“So mushy!”

Han Jun stuffed two earplugs into her ears to block out all sounds.

Han Miao quickly fell asleep. Han Jun finished all the papers before resting. It was already 1am when she fell asleep.

Han Jun woke up at 7.30am with Han Miao.

After breakfast, Han Miao and Shen Yubei were going to the concert hall to put on makeup and prepare for the concert in the afternoon.

Han Jun accompanied her for breakfast and went to see Xu Qian.

Xu Qian’s house was in a high-end district beside Imperial University Hospital.

Han Jun stood outside his neighborhood and called him. Xu Qian answered the call and told her, “I’m at the supermarket. Wait for me for 10 minutes.”

Han Jun wrapped her down jacket tightly and stomped her feet. After eight minutes, she saw Xu Qian’s car driving over.

The car stopped beside Han Jun. Xu Qian rolled down the window and urged her. “Get in quickly.”

Han Jun sat in the passenger seat and realized that there was an additional pillow on the passenger seat. There was no pillow on the passenger seat last night.

Seeing that Han Jun was touching that pillow, Xu Qian said, “You are the first person to take my car.” With Xu Qian’s identity, he wouldn’t be someone’s driver.

He had bought this car for two years. Han Jun was the first and only passenger.

Han Jun didn’t say anything, but she was very happy.

“You went to the supermarket to buy groceries?”

Xu Qian nodded and said, “I also bought some snacks.” Xu Qian had only liked lollipops since she was young. Thinking that Han Jun was coming to her house as a guest and it would be outrageous if he didn’t have snacks, he woke up early in the morning and went to the supermarket to buy some snacks.

Han Jun thought that ‘a little’ was just a little, but she didn’t expect Xu Qian to buy an entire trunk of snacks.

Han Jun stood in front of the trunk and stared at the pile of snacks. She was shocked. “Why are there so many?”

Xu Qian placed the items on the tile floor of the lift lobby pack by pack. Hearing this, he said, “I don’t know what snacks you like to eat, so I took some of each.”

Han Jun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

There were too many things and Han Jun had to help Xu Qian carry them. Xu Qian carried three shopping bags in each hand and Han Jun carried two in each.

Xu Qian’s main door was not a password lock but a traditional key.

At the entrance of the house, Xu Qian placed the shopping bag on the ground and bent over to take out his keys from the pocket of his suit pants.

His tall figure was slightly bent and his alluring waist was below his perky butt.

The suit pants, perky butt, and long legs were all temptations that Han Jun shouldn’t have at her age.

Han Jun didn’t dare to look anymore. She hurriedly looked away. It was unknown what she was thinking, but her ears were slightly red.

Xu Qian had no idea that the little kid was already attracted by his figure. He opened the door, turned around, and said to Han Jun, “Go in first. The slippers are in the shopping bag. I have to look for them.”

]With that, Xu Qian noticed that Han Jun’s face was slightly red. He asked with concern, “What happened? Your face is so red.”

Han Jun carried the things into the house and said as she walked, “It’s red from the cold.”

Xu Qian knew that Han Jun was lying. Her face was still pale when she boarded the car previously. She wouldn’t blush from the cold just by taking the lift.

She was obviously feeling shy.

Xu Qian was slightly puzzled. What did the little kid see all the way out of the lift?

Han Jun placed her things in the corridor. She had just taken off her sneakers when Xu Qian found her slippers and handed them to her.

It was a pair of pinkish purple fluffy slippers.

Han Jun stuffed her feet into the slippers and realized that the size of the shoes was just right.

Xu Qian moved everything into the living room. As he packed, he said to Han Jun, “You can tour around my house. I’ll tidy up the snacks and ingredients first.”


Xu Qian lived in a large, flat-level suite. It was renovated into a masterless, luxurious ritual style. The house was largely made up of high-class darkness. The warm yellow light was the only warmth in the house.

This renovation style surprisingly suited Han Jun’s taste.

Han Jun only toured Xu Qian’s living room before sitting down obediently on the sofa to admire Xu Qian’s busy figure.

Xu Qian’s hand was the best-looking hand Han Jun had ever seen. His fingers were very long and slender, he had a real comic artist’s hand.

That hand looked very weak.

She couldn’t imagine how this pair of hands would open a scalpel and stroke someone’s heart, nor could she imagine how he would act when dealing with malicious ghosts and demons.

Perhaps because Han Jun’s gaze was too intense, Xu Qian sensed it. He closed the door of the refrigerator and leaned against the dark refrigerator to look at Han Jun. With a faint smile, he asked her, “Little kid, what are you looking at?”

Xu Qian took off his coat. He was wearing a black suit and a white shirt. There was a heater in the house. He unbuttoned his suit, revealing his white shirt and black vest.

That vest was pressed tightly against the man’s abdomen. His chest was filled with strength and there must be a few beautiful muscles hidden in his flat abdomen.

His belt was wrapped around the man’s waist and his waist and hips were stunning.

Han Jun was slightly fascinated. She murmured without thinking, “Your butt is so beautiful.”

Xu Qian’s smile froze for a moment.

At Xu Qian’s age, some people praised him for his good looks, some praised him for his good hands, and some praised him for his good back view and good eyes. Perhaps there were also people who secretly praised him for his good butt, but Han Jun was the first to say this in front of him.

Xu Qian felt that the iced coffee in his hand was getting warmer.

He gripped the coffee can tightly and told Han Jun, “No matter how beautiful it is, it’s yours.”

Hearing this, Han Jun’s face heated up.

She made an excuse. “I want to go to the toilet.”

Xu Qian pointed at the end of the corridor and said, “Go straight. It’s on the right side of the corridor.”

Han Jun hid in the toilet.

Xu Qian’s toilet was also renovated into a high-class black style. Even the toilet was black and white. Han Jun sat on the toilet seat that Xu Qian had sat on, but the heat on her face couldn’t be reduced.

Xu Qian was poisonous.

In the kitchen, Xu Qian bent his index finger slightly and opened the tab of the iced coffee. He looked up and took a sip of the cold coffee. His hot heart gradually calmed down.

By the time Han Jun came out of the toilet, Xu Qian was already cooking.

He took off his suit jacket and stood in front of the cupboard wearing only his shirt and vest. His slender fingers were holding a knife with red mermaid patterns and he was cutting fish slices.

When Xu Qian was cooking, he habitually rolled up the sleeves of his shirt into two, revealing a fair arm. Although that arm was fair, it was not weak and the muscles on his forearm were very tight.

This person must be very powerful when he erupts.

Han Jun stood on the corridor and stared at that person in a daze.

She realized that she was actually drooling over Xu Qian’s body and couldn’t help but despise herself.

Han Jun, you are only f*cking 17 years old. You can’t have such thoughts about a man at your age!

Those thoughts of yours are too dangerous! 

Han Jun hurried to the refrigerator and found a drink. She held it and asked Xu Qian, “You bought this for me?”

Xu Qian nodded and asked her, “Do you like this?”

Han Jun unscrewed the cap and took a sip before saying, “I’m 17 years old, not 7 years old. I don’t like to drink this anymore.”

“Then what do you like to drink?” Xu Qian stopped what he was doing and turned to look at Han Jun seriously. “Tell me, the next time you come over, I will buy it for you in advance.”

Han Jun liked the saying “next time”.

She said, “I like An Muxi’s blueberry-flavored one.”

Xu Qian had some impression of that thing, but he had never drunk it. He nodded and said, “I’ll remember.”

Han Jun took the baby and went to the living room. Xu Qian hurriedly took out his cell phone, opened his memo, and seriously recorded Han Jun’s first liking in the memo that said “Little Kid’s Likes”.

The little kid liked An Muxi’s blueberry milk.

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