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Chapter 479: Low and Disgusting!

Han Miao took that painting home. When she got home, she still couldn’t vent her anger, so she crumpled the painting into a ball and threw it into the dustbin. Han Miao returned to her room to take a shower, changed into her pyjamas, and was about to sleep when she heard Han Zheng shouting in the living room. “Who drew this! Pork belly! It’s so good. Sister, send a message to Auntie tonight and ask her to make pork belly! I want to eat spicy pork belly!”

The three children at home were in the stage of rapid development. The auntie spent a lot of effort on food every day. Whatever the children wanted to eat, they would report it to Han Jun in advance and let Han Jun send a message to the auntie who was cooking.

Han Jun heard her brother’s words and her voice came from the room. “Mmm, okay.”

Han Miao rushed out of the house and snatched the painting from Han Zheng’s hand. She muttered. “What’s so nice about it? It’s just a lump of meat!”

“This is yours?” Han Zheng saw that his elder sister’s face was black with anger. He turned his gaze slightly and guessed something. He asked suspiciously, “Elder sister, could this be drawn by Brother Li Ao from next door?”

It was no secret that Li Ao was a painter in the Han Family.

Han Miao had also learned how to draw when she was young. She was alright at drawing comics, but Han Miao couldn’t draw such a realistic sketch. Han Zheng found it strange and said, “What’s Brother Li Ao doing with pork belly?”

Han Miao said angrily, “I asked him to draw me, but he only drew this thing! So in his eyes, I am a piece of pork belly!” Han Miao threw that piece of paper into the dustbin again.

Han Zheng smiled unkindly. He pinched the soft flesh on Han Miao’s arm and said, “Brother Li Ao is amazing. You can see the essence through the phenomenon.”

Han Miao kicked Han Zheng. After thinking for a moment, she bent down, picked up the photo, and stuck it on the refrigerator.

Han Zheng stood behind drinking water and stared at his elder sister’s actions, feeling puzzled. “Elder sister, what are you doing?”

Han Miao said, “This painting is an insult to me. I want to stick it on the refrigerator. Every time I feel hungry and want to eat something, I walk to the kitchen and see the painting on the refrigerator. I won’t be hungry anymore.”

At the mention of hunger, Han Miao felt hungry. She thought of the fruit ice cream and cake in the fridge and instinctively swallowed.

“No, I have to go to bed.”

Han Miao wanted to lose weight.

She had been shouting this like a slogan for more than 10 years, but no one took it seriously.

Han Miao had never lost weight successfully.

She couldn’t control her mouth and couldn’t move her legs.

So this time, no one took Han Miao’s words seriously.

During class in the afternoon, Han Miao instinctively wanted to stuff some food into her bag, but when she opened the drawer and saw the cupboard full of snacks, the streaky pork on the refrigerator flashed across her mind.

Han Miao hurriedly used a plastic bag to store all the snacks. She carried the snacks to the classroom and distributed them to her classmates like a money-grubber.

When Li Ao arrived at the classroom, the students had already divided up the bag of imported delicious snacks.

He didn’t care about this. He went to his seat and sat down. He took out his book for the first lesson in the afternoon and waited for the bell to ring.

In reality, very few people or things could enter Li Ao’s heart.

He had lived in his own world for 16 years. In his kingdom, there were only his mother, the psychologist, his father, and his godfather.

Apart from that, the rest were unrelated strangers.

The first lesson was physics. Han Miaomiao could only understand half of it, but Li Ao didn’t understand at all. Li Ao was not a genius. He had astonishing talent in painting, but in front of other subjects, he was a fool.

Han Miao was slightly better than Li Ao. At least she could understand a little and could pass at the beginning.

If he didn’t understand, Li Ao wouldn’t listen.

He held a pencil and drew on a sketchbook. It was a strange scene that made one’s scalp tingle. The second class was physical education.

It was a sunny day and the sun was shining brightly in the sky. It was the hottest time in the afternoon at 3-4pm. Physical education classes were all held in the large field, with the senior and junior departments together.

Every time this happened, the seniors in the senior high school would go to the junior high school to hunt for women. The male and female students in the junior high school would also secretly sneak into the senior high school to observe the seniors’ charm.

Han Miao’s class had a total of 48 people. Zhu Feng, the sports commissioner, brought them to run three rounds under the hot sun before standing on the rubber lawn to gather the numbers.

After the countdown ended, the physical education teacher walked over.

The physical education teacher was a rather handsome man in his thirties. He was wearing a white singlet and thin gray sweatpants.

“Is everyone here?”

“It’s all here.”

“Alright, let’s play soccer with class five today. Pick 11 members to go on stage and four volunteers. Those who don’t know how to play soccer can move freely or stand aside to cheer.”

With that, the physical education teacher went to speak to the physical education teacher of class five.

Han Miao stood in the crowd and waved at Han Jun. Han Jun was tying her shoelace and didn’t see her.

Han Miao was most afraid of the sun. She would never go onto the field. The other girls were also not interested in football. In the end, Class 22 was filled with boys.

Contrary to the lazy Han Miao, Han Jun was a tomboy who was passionate about various sports. She was the sports committee member of their class.

Han Jun personally led 10 boys to fight with the boys from Class 22. She was wearing a short-sleeved POLO sweatshirt and loose sweatpants. Her long black hair was tied into a ponytail as she ran on the field. It was hard not to attract attention.

Han Miao stood under the shade with the water and shouted at the competition venue. “Han Jun, Han Jun! You’re brave and resourceful! Han Jun’er, Han Jun’er, Sister is here!”

Hearing Han Miao’s slogan, Li Ao shot her a “you are so stupid” look.

Under Han Jun’s lead, Class 5 won in the end. After the competition ended, Han Jun walked up to Han Miao, snatched the water from her hand, and finished it in one gulp. After finishing the water, Han Jun looked at Li Ao, who was hiding in the shade.

Li Ao noticed that Han Jun was looking at him and nodded gently.

Han Jun snorted and said disdainfully, “A living person who’s only 1.7 meters tall is hiding here like a white lotus hiding from the sun. How embarrassing!”

Li Ao:!

Han Miao secretly gave Han Jun a thumbs up.

Han Jun glanced at Han Miao again and revealed an even more disdainful expression. “The two of you are really alike.”

Han Miao jumped up and patted Han Jun’s head. “Who says that about your elder sister!” After being hit, Han Jun threw down the mineral water and used one move to pin Han Miao’s shoulder behind her back. She questioned her with a cold expression, “Do you admit defeat?”

Han Miao immediately surrendered. “Yes!”

Only then did Han Jun let go of Han Miao, picked up the water bottle on the ground, and left.

Han Miao rubbed her arm as she looked at Li Ao. “Neil, is my sister very fierce?”

Li Ao nodded silently.

Han Miao said, “She won’t be able to find a boyfriend like that in the future. She’s too cruel.” She tugged at her chiffon shirt, revealing half of her shoulder. She asked Li Ao, “Neil, look, did she twist my shoulder purple?”

Han Miao was usually very careful about sunblock and was even fairer. Li Ao glanced casually and saw the girl’s round and fair shoulders. His eyes darkened slightly, then he turned his head away and stared at the ants and leaves on the ground.

Han Miao lifted her clothes and blocked the beautiful view on her shoulders. She turned back and saw Han Miao staring at the ground in a daze. Han Miao immediately rolled her eyes. “Neil, do the leaves on the ground look better than me?”

Li Ao didn’t speak and just walked away.

Han Miao went to look for the class monitor, Baby Tian. The two of them took advantage of the last few minutes to run to the small supermarket. Baby Tian was born with a physique that didn’t allow her to gain weight. She bought a packet of two yuan spicy strips and realized that Han Miao was staring at the snacks in a daze. She just didn’t reach out to touch the thing on the shelf. Lin Yutian asked her, “What’s the matter? You didn’t bring your meal card? Why don’t you swipe mine first?”

Baby Tian generously handed the meal card to Han Miao.

Han Miao shook her head. “I’m on a diet.”

Lin Yutian treated Han Miao’s words as fart.

Han Miao took a bottle of ice water from the freezer, took out her meal card, swiped it, and followed Baby Tian back to the classroom. Baby Tian was eating spicy strips. That alluring spicy fragrance drifted into Han Miao’s nose along the wind, and the glutton in her stomach instantly woke up.

Han Miao felt that she could finish that bag of spicy strips in one bite.

Afraid that she couldn’t resist snatching Baby Tian’s spicy bar, she opened the mineral water and took a sip. She said to Baby Tian, “I’m going to the toilet. It’s too late!”

Han Miao quickly ran to the classroom.

After Han Miao went to the toilet, the bell for class had already rung. She returned to the classroom and bumped into the history teacher. Han Miao obediently stopped and called the teacher, before running in front of the teacher.

Like the other students, Han Miao piled the required teaching materials on the desk. The first lesson in the afternoon was physics. After the lesson, Han Miao placed the physical teaching materials at the top, but now, the history book was on top.

Han Miao knew that someone had touched her book.

She took down the history books and placed them in this class. Her history books were in the first class.

Han Miao took down the book and placed it on the table. Before she opened it, she noticed that there was a piece of paper in the book, revealing a corner. It was still pink!


Did someone write a love letter to me?

This pink and tender color was obviously a love letter!

In this era where all communication relied on electronic products, love letters were especially rare. Although Han Miao was a huge fan, no one had written love letters to her yet.

She thought that no matter who this person was, just because he was the first person to write a love letter to her, Han Miao would definitely reject him in a gentle manner.

She would never fall in love early.

The main reason was that her father had said that they were not allowed to date in high school and that they were not allowed to do embarrassing things with others until they were 22 years old. As their mother and father were 22 years old when they got together, their domineering father would not allow their two daughters to experience the joy of being an adult before they were 22 years old.

Han Miao pulled out the piece of paper excitedly. After pulling it out, she realized that it was a pink Post-it note with the words:

When are you returning the 15 yuan that you owe me?

— Zf.

Han Miao: “!”

Her pink bubble instantly burst.

How disappointing!

Han Miao hurriedly crumpled the paper and stuffed it under the table.

There was only one person in the class called ZF. It was the sports committee member of the class, Zhu Feng. Last month, Han Miao had bought a new dress for her doll toys and spent all her allowance. One day, she went to the supermarket to buy snacks. When she swiped her card, she realized that her meal card was out of money. Han Miao had borrowed 15 yuan from Zhu Feng, who was also shopping in the supermarket.

Sometimes, Han Miao was a little forgetful. When someone borrowed something, they usually wouldn’t specially remember it. Han Miao had even forgotten that she owed Zhu Feng 15 yuan.

But it was only right to pay back what she owed. Han Miao was not angry.

Zhu Feng even left a message to remind her not to return the money in front of the other students. He had already given her enough face.

Han Miao was not an ungrateful person. She was very grateful that Zhu Feng had saved her face.

Thinking of something, Han Miao poked Baby Tian’s back. Baby Tian secretly turned back and asked her when the teacher was not looking. “Why are you poking me?”

Han Miao said softly, “The last time Zhu Feng asked you for my WeChat, you said he had a crush on me?”

Tian Bao looked over at Zhu Feng and realized that he was peeping at them. She winked at Han Miao and smiled. “He’s been peeping at you in class. What do you think?”

Han Miao clicked her tongue and said, “Baby Tian, you really misjudged this time.” How was Zhu Feng secretly in love with her when he added her on WeChat? He actually wanted to remind her to return the money, but was too embarrassed to say it directly, so he held back.

To think that she and Baby Tian were still letting their imaginations run wild and thinking that Zhu Feng liked her.

Han Miao glanced at Zhu Feng and mouthed to him. “See you after class!”

Zhu Feng nodded.

Sitting in the last row, Li Ao silently observed the interaction between the three of them. He suddenly thought of something his father said that night. He said that Han Miao liked good-looking people.

Li Ao stopped drawing. He stared at Zhu Feng diagonally in front of him.

Zhu Feng was slightly over 1.8 meters tall and often played basketball, so he looked very strong. Although he was not very handsome, he was still a youth with thick brows and big eyes.

Li Ao looked away and drew a smelly cockroach covered in pus on the sketchbook with a pencil.

After class, Han Miao carried her bag and walked around the last row of the classroom. Li Ao observed Han Miao from the corner of his eye as he packed his things.

Noticing that Han Miao was walking towards him, Li Ao slowed down his actions.

Seeing Han Miao enter, Li Ao instinctively looked up to meet Han Miao’s eyes, but saw Han Miao walking straight ahead of him.

Li Ao narrowed his eyes and saw Han Miao tapping her right hand on Zhu Feng’s table.

Han Miao left the classroom first. Zhu Feng took his bag and followed.

It was as if the two of them exchanged secret signals.

Wangdong High School was built on a hill. Due to the terrain, the last six classes of each school building were on the basement level.

There was an underground corridor between the two buildings. There were not many people usually. Now that school was over in the afternoon, everyone went to the canteen to eat or go home. There were even fewer people in the underground corridor.

Han Miao stood in the underground corridor, next to the wall, opened her little wallet, and counted the money. Zhu Feng walked up from behind and blocked Han Miao in her arms.

Zhu Feng was tall and it was very difficult for others to notice that there was a girl standing in front of him.

Han Miao counted the money. There were two five yuan notes and five yuan notes. Han Miao turned around and handed the stack of change in her hand to Zhu Feng. She said, “I didn’t bring my cell phone and can’t transfer it to you via WeChat. I’ll just return it to you in cash.”

Zhu Feng borrowed the money and counted. It was exactly 15 yuan.


Zhu Feng stuffed the money into his pocket and was about to turn around when he heard the dean shout behind him. “Zhu Feng! Are you hiding here smoking again?!”

Zhu Feng was stunned, then turned back in surprise to see the dean rushing over. With this turn, Han Miao was exposed behind him.

Zhu Feng raised his hands innocently and said, “Headmaster, I didn’t smoke.”

The dean couldn’t do it. He thought that Zhu Feng had quickly stubbed out his cigarette after hearing his voice and threw it on the ground. He looked at the ground and didn’t see the cigarette butt.

“Where did you hide the cigarette?”

The dean searched all the pockets on Zhu Feng’s body but didn’t find any cigarettes or lighter. He felt strange. Someone had reported anonymously that Zhu Feng was smoking in the basement.

The dean was slightly indignant that he didn’t manage to catch Zhu Feng smoking. His gaze swept across Zhu Feng and Han Miao beside him, before revealing a sharp gaze. “I see.”

“Han Miao, Zhu Feng, follow me to the office!”

Han Miao was puzzled. She said, “Director, I don’t smoke! Really, I never touch that kind of thing!”

The director snorted. “I suspect that you guys are in puppy love!”

As a result, Han Miao, who had just sworn to the form teacher that she would never have puppy love, was brought back to the office by the dean.

The form teacher was about to get off work when she saw Han Miao and Zhu Feng arrive. She hurriedly put down the beautiful bag on her shoulder, frowned, walked towards the dean, and asked, “Dean, what did these two guys in my class do?”

Actually, seeing Zhu Feng and Han Miao walk in together, Teacher Ye guessed the reason.

But she was surprised. A few days ago, Han Miao was still peeping at Li Ao. How did she end up hooking up with Zhu Feng in the blink of an eye?

Girls nowadays were really amazing.

The dean turned and glared at Teacher Ye. “Teacher Ye, you should spend less time online to buy clothes and pay more attention to the students’ lives after work. You shouldn’t have gone so far. If not, you wouldn’t know that your students are in an early romance!”

Teacher Ye was speechless.

Teacher Ye asked Zhu Feng and Han Miao with a straight face, “What happened! Is what the director said true? Are you really in a relationship?”

Zhu Feng and Han Miao shook their heads. “No.”

“Then what happened!”

Zhu Feng looked at Han Miao, and Han Miao looked at Zhu Feng. The dean saw their eyes and thought that they were flirting.

The dean roared. “What are you doing! You still refuse to admit it after being caught red-handed? You’re even flirting with each other. What kind of place do you think the school is!”

Han Miao was so scared that she didn’t dare to breathe loudly. Zhu Feng pursed his lips and explained this blunder clearly. “…That’s what happened. We didn’t fall in love early and I didn’t smoke. Han Miao just asked me to pay up there.”

Han Miao blushed and nodded slightly, agreeing with Zhu Feng.

The dean felt that they were lying.

You can return money everywhere. Why must you hide in that shady place?

“Do I have to believe you just because you said you wanted to return the money? If you have the guts, take out the money and let me see!” The dean was sure that Zhu Feng and Han Miao were in a puppy love relationship. Returning the money was just an excuse.

Zhu Feng immediately took out the money from his jeans pocket.

The dean took the money and covered it tightly. He asked Han Miao, “You said that you are returning the money. Then tell me how much money I have!”

Without hesitation, Han Miao said, “15 yuan. There are still five yuan for two and five yuan for one. One of them has even been glued.”

The dean opened the stack of notes in his hand and took a look. It was really as Han Miao had said.

The dean had no choice.

“Why did you run so far to return the money? It’s not something shameful.” The dean expressed that he couldn’t understand Han Miao and Zhu Feng.

“Alright, alright. You can go.” The dean knew that he had made a mistake and hurriedly waved his hand to let the two children leave.

Recalling the words that the dean had mocked her about earlier, Teacher Ye realized that the child in her class had not fallen in love early and it was just a blunder. She instantly raised her brows and sneered at the dean. “I heard that the dean has broken up with his girlfriend. With your unreasonable character, it would be strange if you could keep your girlfriend! If you don’t break up, who will!

The director blushed and knocked off with his hands behind his back.

Han Miao and Zhu Feng parted ways after leaving the office.

Han Miao carried her school bag, took out a parasol from her bag, and covered her head. She walked out of the school building. Coming out from the basement was a flight of stairs leading down. On both sides of the stairs was the basketball court. Han Miao walked up the stairs to the school gate. Just as she was about to reach the school gate, she met Li Ao.

Seeing that Li Ao was still not home, Han Miao hurried up and patted Li Ao’s shoulder from behind.

Li Ao turned and looked at him silently.

Han Miao moved her umbrella over Li Ao’s head and helped him cover the scorching sun. She pouted and exhaled before saying, “I don’t know which bastard sent a message to the director. He anonymously reported Zhu Feng and me to be in puppy love!”

Li Ao typed a message on his cell phone and handed it to Han Miao. Han Miao looked down and saw that the message on Li Ao’s cell phone was: [The report is not about puppy love, but smoking.]

Han Miao :”…”

She looked at Li Ao strangely and said darkly, “It’s really you!”

Li Ao realized that he had exposed himself and hurriedly deleted the message. But Han Miao thought everything through. She said, “As expected, you anonymously reported that Zhu Feng was smoking in the underground corridor and lured the director over to capture the scene of Zhu Feng and me…”

Han Miao suddenly pushed Li Ao onto a nearby tree stump! Li Ao’s back hit the tree trunk and he frowned in pain.

Han Miao pressed a hand on Li Ao’s chest. She stood on tiptoe and asked him, “Why did you mess with us! You are taking revenge, right? You blame me for betraying you in English class last time?”

Li Ao took Han Miao’s hand, picked up his cell phone, and wrote: [It’s not right to be in puppy love.]

Han Miao said, “Haha, hypocritical!”

She firmly believed that Li Ao was a petty person who bore grudges. “I betrayed you first, I admit it! But later on, in order to protect you, I fell down and rested at home for a few days. I thought that our feud was over.”

Han Miao questioned Li Ao indignantly, “What’s the benefit of reporting Zhu Feng and me!”

What benefits?

There was no benefit. It was just that seeing her flirting with Zhu Feng was quite an eyesore.

Li Ao’s expression was cold. He clearly didn’t intend to defend himself.

Han Miao looked at Li Ao in disappointment. Her heart had been chilled by Li Ao. “Neil, you really make me hate you. Do you know that if news of puppy love gets out, it’s very likely that Zhu Feng and I will drop out! I thought you were just painting a dark picture, but I didn’t expect your heart to be so dark too!”

Han Miao kicked Li Ao’s calf and scolded. “I don’t want to play with you anymore! I don’t want to be friends with you anymore!”

To hell with being friends with him. Bring him out of the shadows and help him speak again!

This dog is not worth it!

Han Miao turned and left.

At dinner that night, Li Li realized that Li Ao was slightly distracted. He asked Li Ao, “Are you in a bad mood?”

Li Ao shook his head and casually ate a few mouthfuls of food before putting down his bowl and chopsticks.

He returned to his room, opened the toy belt, and was about to do his homework. Pulling open the zipper, he saw the toffee in the stationery bag that was about to melt from the hot weather. He hesitated, then took the candy out, put it in a can, and put the can in the refrigerator again.

Li Li noticed his actions and asked him, “What is that?”

Li Ao stared at the candy in the jar and narrowed his eyes.

From that day onwards, Han Miao and Li Ao fell into a cold war. Li Ao was someone who lived in his own world. Han Miao’s disregard and coldness seemed to be invisible to him.

In the blink of an eye, autumn arrived.

The news that there was a very handsome mute in Class 22 had already spread throughout the entire school. November 11 was the bachelor’s day and these young men and women were all slightly tempted.

Baby Tian told Han Miao, “Did you bring a lollipop today?” Giving someone a lollipop today was like giving roses on Valentine’s Day.

It was a confession.

Han Miao shook her head. “I didn’t prepare that thing.”

Baby Tian said, “I bought it.”

Baby Tian liked the study committee member next door. He was quite handsome and rather flirtatious. Han Miao knocked Baby Tian’s head and warned her. “Baby Tian, Zhou Heng can’t make it.”

Baby Tian pursed her lips and remained silent.

Zhou Heng was a level beau. He was handsome and had a rich family. When Baby Tian and Zhou Heng were in the junior high school, they were in the same class and even sat together for a semester.

Baby Tian was not beautiful, but she was not ugly either. She was just very generally adorable. Zhou Heng dated all the class belles, and he and Baby Tian were two different types of people.

Baby Tian had a crush on him for a long time.

Han Miao couldn’t bear to see her good friend step into Zhou Heng’s black hole. She asked Baby Tian, “Have you heard of that news?”

Baby Tian looked puzzled. “What?”

Han Miao leaned closer to Baby Tian and said, “I heard that Tang Yu’er from Class 24 had an abortion for Zhou Heng.”

Baby Tian’s expression instantly turned serious. She instinctively said, “Impossible. This is fake. I don’t believe it.” Baby Tian was very naive. She felt that everyone was only 16 or 17 years old. It was impossible for them to do something like an abortion.

When in a relationship, holding hands and kissing was already challenging her bottom line.

Han Miao lived in the high society and had seen more dirty things than Baby Tian. She only told Baby Tian, “Last semester’s final exam, Zhou Heng and Tang Yu’er went to get a room. I saw it with my own eyes.”

Baby Tian still didn’t believe him and instinctively said, “How did you see it? You heard it from someone, right?”

Han Miao said, “They booked a room at my hotel.”

Baby Tian stopped talking.

Han Miao patted Baby Tian’s shoulder and got up to go to the toilet. After going to the toilet, she was about to return to the classroom when she met Li Ao in the corridor.

Li Ao walked in front of her and wiped his hands with a handkerchief.

Han Miao was about to walk past Li Ao to the front when a girl suddenly ran past Han Miao and stopped beside Li Ao.

Han Miao slowed down.

That girl pulled Li Ao’s sleeve.

After entering autumn, Wangdong City started to turn cold. Li Ao was wearing a black sweater. The sleeve of the sweater was grabbed by someone. He instinctively pulled back, causing the girl to stagger and fall straight towards Li Ao.

The girl’s nose bumped into Li Ao’s shoulder.

Li Ao quickly pulled back and distanced himself from the girl.

The girl covered her nose and looked up. Her long hair hung over her shoulders and her teary eyes looked pitiful.

Han Miao recognized the other party. It was Weng Ling, who was in her third year of high school. She hosted all sorts of galas in school. Weng Ling’s family background was not bad. She was also a dance student. She was not exceptionally beautiful, but her figure was definitely curvy and sexy.

Weng Ling’s eyes were red. She held back her tears and took out an Alpine from her thin jacket pocket. She handed it to Li Ao and said in a teary voice, “Student Li, I heard that you like grape-flavored lollipops. I want to treat you to one.”

Li Ao stared at the candy and frowned.

Knowing that Li Ao wouldn’t speak, Weng Ling said, “It’s okay, you can use your cell phone to type.”

Li Ao took out his cell phone, typed a reply, and showed it to Weng Ling.

Weng Ling saw the words on the cell phone and was stunned. Then, she looked at Li Ao with a pale face. Weng Ling’s lips trembled for a moment before she quickly ran away with the lollipop.

When she ran away, Weng Ling was crying.

Li Ao wiped his sleeve with that handkerchief and threw it into the dustbin. When he looked up, his eyes met Han Miao’s.

Li Ao panicked for a second before turning to leave.

Han Miao witnessed this scene and felt slightly sorry for Weng Ling.

She could have liked anyone, but she just had to like such a dark guy!

Han Miao walked forward quickly. As she passed Li Ao, she purposely reached out to touch his face.

Li Ao froze when his face was touched. He stood rooted to the ground.

Han Miao stopped in her tracks and turned to look at Li Ao. She sneered, took out a tissue from her pocket, took one out, and handed it to Li Ao. She said in a sarcastic manner, “Little Prince of Darkness, I touched your face just now. Quickly wipe it.”

Li Ao remained silent and looked at her deeply.

Han Miao’s back was numb from his stare, but she still braced herself and said to Li Ao, “Neil, in this world, you can choose not to accept a girl’s pure love, but you shouldn’t treat this love like a disgusting cockroach.”

“Your action of wiping your sleeves with a handkerchief was really so low and disgusting!”

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