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Chapter 478: Han Miao, Is Student Li Good-looking?

There were no teachers in the morning’s preparatory class. Usually, the class committee members would take turns to manage the class rules.

Han Miao was the Arts Committee elected by the entire class. It was her turn to be on duty this morning.

She was sitting on a high stool behind the lecture table. She was wearing a light pink short-sleeved dress with a loose design. She had black hair, a small white hat, and a pair of white shoes. She matched her age and looked energetic.

The preparatory class was very quiet. Only the sound of books flipping could be heard in the classroom. Everyone was focused on their studies. Even a bad student like Han Miao had to pretend to open an English book.

As she was reading her book, Han Miao noticed a tall black shadow walk into her peripheral vision. She turned to look at the door of the classroom and saw Li Ao.

Like yesterday, he was still wearing a black shirt. At a glance, one would think that it was the same shirt. On closer look, one would realize that the buttons of this shirt were dark gold and the one yesterday was silver-grey.

Han Miao guessed that Li Ao might have a wardrobe full of black shirts of different designs.

Li Ao carried his bag and walked into the classroom. Without looking at Han Miao, he walked straight to the seat by the back door.

Han Miao tapped her fingers on the table.

Li Ao didn’t know that Han Miao was greeting him. He continued walking straight ahead. Han Miao was anxious and shouted, “Neil!”

Li Ao instinctively stopped and turned to look at Han Miao with a guarded and cold gaze.

Han Miao met Li Ao’s guarded gaze and felt like she had eaten a fly. She felt very upset.

She thought sourly that he had even secretly smelled her blanket yesterday when he was sleeping. Today, he was looking at her like she was a stranger.


Han Miao sighed in her heart. She raised her right index finger and pointed at the electronic watch on her left wrist. She reminded Li Ao, “You are five minutes late. You get one demerit point.”

Seeing that Li Ao’s expression remained unchanged, Han Miao added. “If you score five points, you have to stay behind to help mop the floor.”

Li Ao frowned and returned to his seat without saying anything.

When it was time for the preparatory class, Han Miao ran back to her seat.

The first lesson was the English class of the form teacher, Ye Huawei. Today, the form teacher was still dressed fashionably. She was wearing a white diagonal cut dress with a bow tied at the waist. She was wearing a pair of white strappy high heels and had brown curly hair draped over her shoulders.

Beautiful and majestic.

The teacher was writing grammar on the blackboard. The boys below were stealing glances at the teacher’s slender waistline. The girls were sizing up the teacher’s new shoes and skirt. Han Miao was stealing glances at Li Ao, curious about what he was drawing on the book with his pen.

Li Ao’s fingers were very long and slender. Unlike Han Miao’s slightly fleshy fingers, Li Ao’s five fingers were slender and his nails were trimmed very short. The skin on the back of his hand was especially white, even whiter than Han Miao’s skin.

Does this person put on hand masks everyday?

Just as this thought popped into Han Miao’s mind, a piece of chalk fell from the sky and hit her forehead.


Han Miao covered her forehead in pain and heard Teacher Ye say, “Han Miao, is Student Li good-looking? He’s even more handsome than English books, right?”

The entire class roared with laughter.

Hearing his teacher’s words, Li Li also turned to look at Han Miao.

Han Miao’s face was slightly red. She looked up at the angry form teacher, blinked, pointed at Li Ao, and betrayed him without hesitation. “Teacher, I discovered that Student Li is drawing small people in books!”

In the next second, all eyes were on Li Ao.

Li Ao was speechless.

Li Ao hurriedly flipped to the back of the book.

His actions attracted Teacher Ye’s attention, as he revealed what he wanted to hide.

Teacher Ye walked to Li Ao’s desk in her eight-centimeter high heels. She glanced at Li Ao with a dignified gaze, and he obediently moved his hands away from the textbook.

Teacher Ye used her right hand that was stained with chalk to flip Li Ao’s textbook forward a few pages. Just as she flipped through three pages, she saw his masterpiece. Li Ao had drawn a skeleton playing a drum on an English textbook. That picture was drawn with a fountain pen. The skeleton was wearing a dress with a bow-shaped belt and high heels with straps. This was Teacher Ye’s outfit today!

Teacher Ye stared at the skeleton with a dark expression.

If you want to draw me, just draw me. Why must you draw a skeleton!

Teacher Ye slammed the book shut and scolded angrily, “Li Ao, Han Miao! Get out and stand as punishment!”

Han Miao didn’t dare to say anything. She carried her book and pen and went to the corridor to stand as punishment.

Seeing Han Miao leave the classroom with her book, Li Ao stood up and left empty-handed.

The classroom was eerily quiet.

]After walking out of the classroom, Han Miao stood closest to the front door to conveniently listen to class. Li Ao glanced at her sideways and strode past her without stopping. He stood closest to the back door.

There was a galaxy between the two of them.

Han Miao stole a glance at Li Ao and asked him in a low voice, “Neil, are you angry?”

Not only was Li Ao mute, he was also deaf.

He didn’t even look up, as if he didn’t hear Han Miao.

Han Miao touched her nose, pointed at the distant sun, and said to Li Ao, “We’ve seen the sunrise together.”

Li Ao’s lips twitched.

Thank you. I don’t really want to watch the sunrise with this little traitor beside me.

In the classroom, the students were reading words with Teacher Ye. The teacher’s pronunciation was standard American, but the students could read the pure Chinese accent.

Li Ao frowned when he heard that strange pronunciation.

Han Miao took out a toffee from her pocket and threw it at Li Ao.

Li Ao reacted quickly and instinctively reached out to grab the candy.

He thought Han Miao was throwing some biochemical weapon at her. Opening his palm, Li Ao frowned when he saw a candy lying in his palm.

What is this?

She stabbed me in the back and stuck a band-aid on his wound as if nothing had happened?

Han Miao saw that Li Ao was looking at her suspiciously and hurriedly said, “Auntie Beibei said that your appetite hasn’t been good recently and that you’re drinking traditional Chinese medicine to nourish your spleen and stomach. Chinese medicine is very bitter and I hate drinking that thing the most. Eat candy. I specially brought it from home for you. When I was young, I drank medicine and my father gave me this.”

Li Ao was slightly stunned.

He didn’t throw that candy away. He just stared at the hydrangea outside the balcony in a daze.

The lesson ended very quickly. Teacher Ye walked out of the classroom with a textbook and said to Han Miao, “Han Miao, Li Ao, come to my office.”

The two of them went to the office.

Teacher Ye didn’t scold them. She knew that Li Ao was a problematic youth and a mute. She couldn’t get anything out of him. Teacher Ye asked Han Miao, “Han Miao, why are you always staring at Li Ao in class?”

Li Ao also shot Han Miao a questioning look.

Han Miao was momentarily speechless.

What else can I see? I’m looking at handsome guys!

But Han Miao didn’t dare to say it, afraid that her parents would be invited.

She swallowed and lied without blinking. “Li Ao’s parents are good friends with my parents. Uncle Li knows that Li Ao and I are classmates. He called me this morning and said that Li Ao has a bad appetite recently and is drinking medicine to nurse his spleen and stomach. He asked me to take care of Li Ao more. If I discover that Li Ao is unwell, I should call him.”

“So Teacher, I am not stealing glances at handsome guys. I am concerned about my friend.”

Hearing her words, Li Ao said in his heart, Little liar!

Han Miao’s words were honest and convincing.

As the form teacher, Teacher Ye naturally knew Han Miao and Li Li’s family background. Their father was the founder of Zeus Corporation and they were very close friends. Li Ao’s situation was special. It was understandable that Mr. Li asked Han Miao to take care of Li Ao more.

Teacher Ye was relieved. She said to Han Miao, “Han Miao, Teacher is also worried about you. I also came from high school. Boys and girls at this age are at the beginning of their love life. But your priority now is to study well. Teacher is afraid that you will fall in love early and delay your future.”

Han Miao patted her chest and promised the teacher, “Teacher, don’t worry! I definitely won’t be in puppy love!”

The teacher nodded and looked at Li Ao. She said earnestly to Li Ao, “Li Ao, you must know how to keep a low profile when you are handsome. Don’t give girls the wrong signal, understand?”

Li Ao nodded.

Don’t worry, I would never give Han Miao an unnecessary look.

After being lectured for 10 minutes, Han Miao and Li Ao were only released by the teacher when it was almost time for class. The form teacher’s office was in the middle of the teaching building. There were two classes between the office and Class 22. The two of them walked into the classroom one after another, ignoring each other.

The bell rang. Some boys and girls who went to the snack shop were afraid of being late and rushed over from the corridor.

When a tall boy ran past them, he accidentally bumped into Li Ao’s back from behind. Li Ao was skinny and didn’t notice the movement behind him. After being bumped, he fell forward.

Han Miao saw it and hurriedly took a big step to circle around Li Ao, using her own body to stop him. No matter how skinny Li Ao was, he was still more than 50kg. He bumped into Han Miao and the two of them fell together.

Han Miao fell to the ground first and became Li Ao’s meat cushion.

Li Ao laid on Han Miao’s body and knocked his head against her shoulder. He didn’t feel any pain, but the girl under him was in so much pain that tears streamed down her face.

Li Ao realized what had happened. He hurriedly supported himself with his hands and quickly got up from Han Miao.

He sized up Han Miao under him, his eyes revealing confusion and nervousness.

He wanted to ask Han Miao if it hurt, but just as he was about to open his mouth, he suddenly shut it again and bit his lower lip.

To him, speaking was even harder than ascending to the heavens.

Li Ao hurriedly reached out to help Han Miao.

Han Miao sat up in pain. She grabbed Li Ao’s hand and let him touch the back of her head with his palm. “Neil, touch it and see if my head is swollen.”

Li Ao did feel something swelling.

He nodded at Han Miao with a complicated gaze.

This little traitor actually saved me…

Han Miao said, “It hurts, it hurts.” She took Li Ao’s hand away and rubbed her own head. As she rubbed, she said to Li Ao, “Hey, Neil, on account of me blocking the disaster for you, let’s forget about the enmity in English class.”

Li Ao looked at the girl frowning in pain and nodded slowly.

Han Miao supported herself against the wall and stood up. She rubbed her butt again before walking into the classroom. Han Miao returned to her seat and just sat down, she gasped in pain.

Lin Yutian heard the commotion and hurriedly turned back to ask her in concern, “What’s the matter, Miaomiao? You went out with Li Ao and your butt hurts when you come back?”

Lin Yutian thought of something and looked shocked.

Han Miao rolled her eyes and said, “Where did you get all that yellow material in your head!” What could 10 minutes do?

If Li Ao only had 10 minutes, it would be too useless…

Han Miao didn’t dare to think too deeply.

“I fell just now.”

Lin Yutian stroked Han Miao’s head and asked, “Is it serious? Do you want me to accompany you to the infirmary?”

“No need.”

Although she said there was no need, after the second period ended, Han Miao wanted to pee. Only when she stood up did she realize that half her butt was in so much pain that she couldn’t walk.

“Baby Tian, it’s over, it’s over. I’m in so much pain that I can’t take another step.”

Hearing this, Lin Yutian, who was calculating the questions, hurriedly threw down her pen, got up, supported Han Miao, and said to her, “Let’s go to the infirmary to take a look.”

Han Miao nodded.

She had just taken a step when she groaned in pain. “No, I can’t walk anymore. Baby Tian, why don’t you carry me?”

Lin Yutian was only about 80 pounds thin. She couldn’t carry Han Miao. She said, “I’ll look for Zhu Feng.”

Zhu Feng was a sports committee member. He was tall and 1.8 meters tall at the age of 16. He was on the school basketball team and could definitely send Han Miao to the infirmary.

Hearing this, Han Miao instantly looked embarrassed. She said, “Forget it, I’ll go myself…”

A 16-year-old girl’s body was in the development stage. It was inevitable that she would feel awkward being carried by a boy.

Lin Yutian also knew what Han Miao was worried about. She looked troubled. “What should we do? You can’t walk at all. Let’s look for Zhu Feng.”

At this moment, Han Jun appeared at the entrance of their classroom. She, who usually had her hair tied up, had actually scattered her long hair today. The iceberg girl instantly became much gentler.

All the classmates knew that the tall girl with glasses was Han Jun from the smart class. It was the first time they saw Han Jun with her hair down. Everyone couldn’t help taking a few more glances.

Han Jun looked much better with her hair down than tied.

“Junjun!” Han Miao hurriedly waved at Han Miao.

Han Jun walked into the classroom and asked her, “Do you have an extra hairband? My hairband broke.” With that, Han Jun noticed that Han Miao’s expression was off. She frowned slightly and asked, “Are you injured?”

Han Miao hugged Han Jun’s neck and said aggrievedly, “Junjun, elder sister’s butt is about to explode from the fall. My legs hurt whenever I take a step. Quickly bring me to the hospital.”

Without a word, Han Jun carried the 112-pound Han Miao horizontally, hugged her, and walked out of the classroom.

All the students were speechless.

Han Jun is so strong!

Li Ao came out of the toilet and bumped into Han Jun and Han Miao.

Seeing that Han Miao was in Han Jun’s arms and looked like she was in pain, Li Ao stopped in his tracks. He looked at Han Miao worriedly and asked her with his eyes if she had fallen.

Han Miao shook her head at him. “I’m fine. Go back to class.”

Han Jun carried Han Miao to the school hospital. Along the way, she attracted the attention of many people. After walking for a long time, Han Miao didn’t see Han Jun sweating. She sighed again that Han Jun was a tomboy.

Han Jun suddenly said, “Is your injury related to Li Ao?”

“Ah, he was knocked down by someone. I wanted to save him but was crushed by him.” After Han Miao finished speaking, she saw that Han Jun’s eyes were slightly unhappy under her glasses. She asked, “What’s the matter?”

Han Jun glanced at her and said, “You can protect others, but don’t hurt yourself. Idiot!”

Han Miao said, “How dare you! I am your elder sister!”

Han Jun said, “That’s your only advantage.”

The sisters bickered as they arrived at the infirmary. The doctor got Han Jun to place Han Miao on the bed.

Putting down Han Miao, Han Jun pulled up the curtain. She lifted Han Miao’s skirt and pulled open her leggings and underwear. She saw a large bruise on Han Miao’s left hip.

Han Miao laid on the pillow and rubbed her head. She said to the doctor, “My head hurts too. I fell and got a big bruise.”

The doctor touched Han Miao’s bones but couldn’t tell if there was any problem. He got Han Jun to bring her to the city hospital for a scan.

When Han Jun brought Han Miao to the hospital, Song Ci also arrived.

Song Ci asked Han Jun to go back to class and personally accompanied Han Miao for a checkup. The results were out. Her bones were not broken, but she still needed to rest in bed for a few days.

After the checkup, Song Ci sent Han Miao to the school district room and personally made lunch for the children.

Thinking that she had not seen Li Ao for a long time, Song Ci called Li Li and asked him to inform Li Ao to come over for a meal.

Li Ao received a call from his father. Knowing that Auntie Song had asked him to go for a meal, he had no reason to refuse. Moreover, Han Miao was injured because of him. He should go no matter what.

After class, Li Ao walked out of the classroom alone.

In the bustling campus, he was alone. The sunlight couldn’t chase away the loneliness that surrounded him.

Walking to the entrance of the school, Li Ao looked up at the tall building in front of him. No matter how ignorant he was of the world, he knew that he shouldn’t visit empty-handed.

Thinking that Han Miao was injured to save him, Li Ao decided to buy Han Miao a present.

There were several trendy stationery shops at the school gate. Li Ao entered the shop and chose for a long time before finally finding what he wanted.

Li Ao came to Han Miao’s house yesterday. He had a good memory and didn’t need anyone to lead him. He also successfully found Han Miao’s house.

Li Ao pressed the doorbell and Han Zheng opened the door.

Han Zheng shouted, “Brother Li Ao, my mother has already cooked and is waiting for you.”

Li Ao nodded, entered the house, took off his shoes, and found a pair of big blue slippers in front of the shoe cabinet.

He was stunned for a moment before putting on those shoes.

Li Ao walked into the living room with the present and saw Song Ci.

Li Ao hadn’t seen Song Ci for two years and didn’t feel unfamiliar seeing her again.

Song Ci was wearing a red halter dress today. Her curly hair was straightened and draped gently behind her back. There was a hint of gentleness in her charm.

Song Ci was scooping rice. Seeing that Li Ao had arrived, she waved at him with her spoon. “Neil, come over and eat.”

Li Ao looked at Song Ci and a faint smile appeared on his usually cold and handsome face.

Seeing that smile, Han Miao was instantly stunned.

Damn, this guy actually knows how to smile!

He looked even better when he smiled.

His teeth were so white.

“The last time I saw you, you were almost as tall as our Zheng Zheng. You are now so tall.” Song Ci walked over to welcome Li Ao. She realized that Li Ao was carrying a bag. She asked, “What is this?”

Li Ao handed the bag to Song Ci, meaning that she could open the gift.

Song Ci took the thing out of the plastic bag and realized that it was a Barbie doll that a little kid liked to play with. She held the Barbie doll and turned to wink at Han Miao. “Miaomiao, look, what did Li Ao give you?”

Han Miao was already past the age to play with such Barbie dolls. Every doll in her cupboard was more exquisite and expensive than this, but she didn’t mind.

She took the gift with both hands and said to Li Ao with a smile, “I’ve wanted to buy this for a long time, but I was afraid that Han Zheng and the rest would say that I was childish. This time, you gave it to me. If I don’t play with it, I will disappoint you!”

Everyone knew that Han Miao was saying this to Li Ao, so they didn’t undermine her.

Han Zheng glanced at Li Ao and said, “Brother Li Ao, don’t buy dolls for her in the future. You’ll spoil her!”

Seeing that he had given the right gift, Li Ao’s tense shoulders relaxed.

Li Ao sat down beside Han Miao and smelled the scent of ointment on her.

He handed the cell phone to Han Miao. Han Miao looked down and saw the words: [Han Miao, are you alright? Have you gone for a checkup? What did the doctor say?]

Han Miao narrowed her eyes and said to Li Ao, “The doctor said that my femur broke and I need to recuperate for half a year.”

Li Ao was shocked and his eyes widened slightly.

But immediately after, he realized that he had been fooled by Han Miao.

It was impossible for someone with a real fracture to sit here and eat like nothing happened.

Li Ao glared at Han Miao.

Han Miao instantly covered her chest and said, “Aiyo Neil, don’t stare at me. You glare at me like you’re acting coquettishly.”

fter Han Miao said this, the dining table instantly fell silent.

Song Ci looked at Han Miao with interest. She said, “Miaomiao, your words are quite similar to the way your Uncle Aaron spoke to Auntie Yanyan. They are unrestrained.”

Han Miao’s pretty face reddened. “Mother! Don’t talk nonsense!” She lowered her head and poked at the white rice in her bowl with her chopsticks. “I just feel that Neil’s glare and smile are much better than usual.”

Han Miao turned and stared at Li Ao. She said, “If you smile more, you will be even more likable when you smile.”

Li Ao didn’t want to smile or be likable.

After eating, Li Ao naturally stayed for a nap.

Li Ao, who had sworn in his heart yesterday that he would never come to Han Miao’s house for an afternoon nap again, slept at her house again this afternoon. This time, he was still sleeping very soundly and was woken up by Song Ci.

“Neil, class is starting soon. You should get up.”

Li Ao hurriedly got up, folded the blanket, washed his face, and went to school with Han Jun and the rest.

In the afternoon class, Li Ao’s mind was wandering.

He felt that the Han Family was a little strange. Their family might have hidden a sleepy ghost that made people want to sleep.

Considering that the cafe was far from the school, Li Li rented the house opposite Han Miao’s house so that Li Ao could have his afternoon nap.

After Han Miao recovered, she returned to school to continue studying.

Returning this afternoon, Han Miao and Li Ao bumped into each other in the lift.

Han Miao was holding a red plastic bag containing several boxes of ice cream. Li Ao was holding several boxes of paint.

Han Miao recalled that her mother had said that Li Ao was a very capable young artist. She had some other thoughts and handed an ice cream to Li Ao. She said to Li Ao, “I’ll treat you to ice cream. Help me draw a painting.”

Li Ao hesitated for a moment before taking the ice cream.

Han Miao followed Li Ao to his house. It was a small house with two bedrooms and a living room. The remaining room was set up as a drawing room with an easel inside.

The studio had just been decorated. It was very clean and there was not a single painting.

Li Ao sat in front of the flower rack to draw. Han Miao sat on a stool and posed elegantly like a swan. She said to Li Ao, “Just watch me draw. Draw as you want. Please make it real.”

The real her must also be a beautiful little fairy.

After hearing Han Miao’s request, Li Ao nodded and picked up a paintbrush to draw on the paper.

Han Miao saw that he was drawing very quickly and asked him curiously, “Are you drafting?”

Hearing this, Li Ao shot her a look that said, “Your question is very idiotic.”

Han Miao remained silent.

The Almighty was the Almighty. He didn’t even need to draft his paintings.

Soon, Li Ao started painting.

He was drawing a sketch.

Li Ao waved at Han Miao.

Han Miao walked towards Li Ao excitedly. She thought to herself that since she was so beautiful, Li Ao’s handwriting would definitely be stunning. She bounced over and saw that the drawing was a piece of pork belly!

Han Miao: “!”

Han Miao’s expression twisted, and her beautiful face turned ferocious. “Neil, what are you drawing! I asked you to draw me, not pork!”

Li Ao wrote on a piece of paper: [In my eyes, you are like this.]

Han Miao: “?”

I am a piece of pork belly?

Han Miao asked angrily, “Why am I pork belly!”

Li Ao wrote:

[Fat but not greasy. Fat and skinny.]

He loved pork belly the most.

Han Miao hurriedly tore off that painting and said as she tore, “You just despise me for being fat and think I’m fat. Neil, I even thought that you had changed and weren’t as vulgar as when you were young. I didn’t expect you boys to all be the same. You all like beautiful women with good figures!”

“Just you wait. After I successfully slim down, I will become a goddess that you have no right to pursue!” Han Miao took that painting and left angrily, slamming Li Ao’s door loudly.

Li Ao sat in the studio in a daze. He didn’t even know what he had done wrong.

It was clearly Han Miao who asked him to draw it as he wished.

In his eyes, the current Han Miao was a fat, skinny piece of pork belly. Not only was she fat but not greasy, she was also soft and smooth.

Very special.

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