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Chapter 480: Li Ao Is Missing

After scolding Li Ao, Han Miao didn’t care what he thought and turned to run back to the classroom. Only when it was time for class did Li Ao enter the classroom. He walked into the classroom and glanced quickly at Han Miao’s face. Then, he lowered his eyes and sat back down.

Han Miao’s class had an art class every week. It was the third class on Wednesday afternoon. Every single week, they would attend music class and every two weeks, they would attend art class.

It was Wednesday today and it happened to be two weeks. Art classes were held. There were 30 classes in each grade in Wangdong High School. Class 230 was at the far end of the basement. Class 230 was an art class. The students in the class were either singing, dancing, playing basketball, or running.

The art teacher in Han Miao’s class was the form teacher of Class 230. His surname was Ouyang. His surname sounded very high-class, but his parents gave him a low-class name. He was called Ouyang Facai. Everyone privately called him a money-making tree [1. Facai in Chinese meant striking it rich.].

The money-making tree was wearing a light gray doublet and a pair of handmade black cloth shoes that were rarely seen in this era. His hair was combed very short, but he had a smooth beard on his chin like a goat.

The money-making tree walked into the classroom and glanced at the crooked students in Class 22. Knowing that there was no child in Class 22 who was talented in painting, he felt terrible in class.

The money-making tree picked up a white chalk and drew a few strokes on the blackboard. In just a moment, there was an additional chalk altar on the blackboard.

“Today, we will learn how to deal with the shadow of a realistic sketch.”

The teacher spoke on stage while the students drew wildly below. Han Miao was drawing a small person with a watercolor pen. Lin Yutian was writing something on a light blue letter.

Li Ao stared at the teacher for a moment before losing interest.

After the teacher finished speaking, he saw that the students were all playing their own games. He felt that it was boring and said, “I’ll assign you a work.”

All the students looked up and stared at the money-making tree.

“Teacher, what work?” Lin Yutian asked.

The teacher said, “It’s bachelor’s day today.”

Everyone revealed a “So?” expression.

The teacher took out a copper coin from his pocket. He said, “This is the copper coin of good luck. I asked for it from the temple when I went to Nanyue to offer incense. How about this? Everyone will compete in drawing. The person who votes for first place can take my copper coin. With this copper coin of mine, I guarantee that you will successfully be single and become a couple with your crush!”

As the head teacher of the art class, Ouyang Facai was rather open-minded. He felt that the children were already 17 or 18 years old and could be considered young adults. It was normal for them to be curious about love.

Hearing Ouyang Facai’s words, the group of young ladies rubbed their fists in excitement.

Ouyang Facai placed the copper coin on the chalk box. He stared at the students below the stage and suddenly shouted, “Student Han Miao, come up.” Han Miao was a famous figure in school. She played the piano very well and was much better than those guys in their class who studied musical instruments, so he had a deep impression of Han Miao.

Han Miao was confused. She walked up the stage and was pulled to the back of the podium by the teacher. To be honest, she said, “Student Han Miao will be the model for everyone today. Whoever paints her the best will get this copper coin!”

A few people in the class who had learned painting raised their hands. The teacher counted and there were a total of six students participating. He asked, “Is there anyone else?”

There was silence.

Just when everyone thought that there was no one, a hand was suddenly raised in the corner of the back door.

As soon as Han Miao saw Li Ao raise his hand, she instantly thought of the piece of pork belly stuck on the refrigerator. She glared fiercely at Li Ao, warning him not to cause trouble.

Ouyang Facai nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll give you 25 minutes. You’ll forfeit if you exceed the time limit.” Teacher Ouyang sent each of them a hurried drawing paper and let them show their skills.

Han Miao stood up from behind the desk. She leaned sideways against the blackboard, one hand on the blackboard, the other in her pocket. The side of her face was slightly round and she posed in a relaxed manner for everyone to draw her.

Rapid drawing tested the artist’s observation skills and artistic talent. Li Ao stared at Han Miao for a long time. In the last seven minutes, he picked up his pencil and quickly drew lines on the paper.

The teacher started observing from the participant by the window. By the time he turned to Li Ao’s side, Li Ao’s work was almost completed.

The way Li Ao held the pen was obvious that he was an experienced artist. Every line under the pen was very clear. The same model on other people’s paper was either dirty or invisible, but on his paper, Han Miao was vivid. Even if it was just an outline, one could see the energetic side of the model through that simple outline.

The teacher stared at Li Ao’s painting. He even had the illusion that this was a big boss and he had to admit defeat.

“Have you learned it before?” Ouyang Facai asked Li Ao.

Li Ao’s lips were straight and his eyes were focused on his painting. He ignored Ouyang Facai. It was unknown if he didn’t hear Ouyang Facai at all, or if he didn’t care to answer.

A girl in front whispered to Ouyang Facai, “Teacher Ouyang, Li Ao doesn’t know how to speak.”

Teacher Ouyang was enlightened.

So he couldn’t speak.

“It’s time!”

Hearing this, Li Ao immediately stopped writing.

Teacher Ouyang took away everyone’s paintings and pasted the seven paintings on the blackboard for everyone to vote. The paintings were not signed and only had a number. Almost without any suspense, everyone voted for the fifth work.

Han Miao stared at herself on the drawing. Her intuition told her that it was drawn by Li Ao.

It was finally not pork belly anymore.

Han Miao couldn’t help heaving a sigh of relief.

After the results of the competition were out, Teacher Ouyang smiled. He took down the painting and shouted, “Li Ao, come and get your painting and copper coins.”

Li Ao took the painting and the copper coin.


Class ended.

Everyone carried their bags and ran off.

Li Ao carried his bag and walked out of the classroom. He was stopped by Teacher Ouyang standing in the corridor. “Li Ao!”

Li Ao stopped in his tracks and looked at Teacher Ouyang strangely.

Teacher Ouyang scratched his beard, walked closer to Li Ao, and said, “Li Ao, have you acknowledged a teacher before? You learned painting from someone, right?”

Li Ao nodded.

Seeing this, Teacher Ouyang was slightly disappointed.

He already had a teacher…

“Have you thought of going to the art school?”

Li Ao shook his head.

Ouyang Facai was anxious. He said, “Why! Li Ao, your painting is very good. Really, I don’t have anyone your age who can draw better than you. To be honest, you can draw better than all the art students in our class. You shouldn’t waste your talent.”

Li Ao finally understood Ouyang Facai’s intentions. He took out his cell phone, found the news report of his award some time ago, and showed it to Ouyang Facai.

Ouyang Facai roughly looked at the content of the report and said, “I know this painting. It’s called Wrestling! This is the work that won the silver award at the Alexanderlucci painting competition. It’s said that the painter who created this painting is only 16 years old and a young Chinese man. He is a true genius!”

Ouyang Facai guessed something. He looked at Li Ao in realization and said, “You want to become like him?” Ouyang Facai couldn’t help but splash cold water on Li Ao. He said, “Li Ao, you are indeed very talented, but you are still inferior to him. He…”

Before Ouyang Facai could finish speaking, he saw the young man use his slender index finger to pull down the screen, revealing the photo of the award-winning young man holding the trophy.

Ouyang Facai stared at the young man’s face and then at the young man’s face. He was speechless.

He had forgotten what he wanted to say.

Ouyang Facai took a deep breath and rubbed his face hard. He said in disbelief, “My goodness, you are Neil!”

Li Ao nodded, turned off his cell phone, and left.

That back view was arrogant and cold.

Ouyang Facai looked at the young man’s tall but skinny back view and felt embarrassed. I am really shameless. I actually wanted to take the winner of the Alexander Lucci award as his disciple!

He was a true genius at painting!

How can I be a genius teacher!

I want to acknowledge a genius as my teacher!

Li Ao carried his bag and walked along the basketball steps to the main entrance of the school. After walking for a while, he suddenly stopped in his tracks. He stared at the sneaky girl on the next step platform and silently walked behind her.

Han Miao hid behind a tree and secretly looked ahead.

In front of her was an empty basketball court. Two people were standing in a hidden corner of the basketball court. It was Baby Tian and Zhou Heng from the class next door. Baby Tian handed a heart-shaped light blue letter and a lollipop to Zhou Heng.

From afar and with Baby Tian’s soft voice, Han Miao couldn’t hear what they said.

But she could guess.

After a while, Baby Tian and Zhou Heng were about to leave. Han Miao was afraid that Baby Tian would notice her peeking and hurriedly turned to leave. But she didn’t know that there was someone standing behind her. When she turned around, she suddenly bumped into someone and cried out in shock. She leaned back and nearly rolled down the stairs.

Li Ao hurriedly reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her back.

Han Miao was pulled towards Li Ao’s chest by that force. She was shortened by Li Ao and her head hit Li Ao’s nose.

Li Ao groaned in pain.

It was the first time Han Miao heard Li Ao grunt. His voice sounded very strange. She hurriedly took a step back and stood on the stairs below, looking up at Li Ao.

Li Ao cried. Tears streamed down his face uncontrollably.

Han Miao was stunned.

“You’re crying!”

Han Miao hurriedly took out a tissue from her bag to wipe Li Ao’s face. She had just wiped his face when tears streamed down again like a tap.

Han Miao was stunned.

She clutched the wet tissue in her hand helplessly.

“Does it hurt a lot?” Han Miao asked.

Li Ao shook his head, but he still couldn’t hold back his tears.

Han Miao thought of Li Ao’er’s experience and guessed something. She said thoughtfully, “Neil, is your pain slightly more than ours?”

Otherwise, she couldn’t understand why the young man was so afraid of pain.

Li Ao cried non-stop. He took out a handkerchief from his pocket and quickly wiped his tears. Then, he ran away as if he was running for his life.

Han Miao :”…”

Han Miao felt that she had made a big mistake. After returning, she called Song Ci and told her about this. “Mother, I bumped into Neil today and cried.”

Song Ci was shocked and couldn’t help asking in surprise, “What did you hit him with?”

“My head hit his nose. Good God, his tears are like they don’t cost money. They flow just like that. I can’t stop them.”

Han Miao asked Song Ci, “Mother, is Neil very afraid of pain?”

“Let me ask your Auntie Beibei.”

Song Ci called Su Beibei and realized that because of his childhood experience, Li Ao’s pain had become sharp. To others, 10% pain was 100 times worse to him.

After knowing this, Han Miao silently added another nickname for Li Ao.


The next day in class, Han Miao secretly glanced at Li Ao and saw that he had already recovered his cold and reserved manner. She couldn’t believe that the young man who cried like a baby yesterday was Li Ao.

After the second class ended, Lin Yutian pulled Han Miao to buy snacks. Han Miao went and, as usual, only bought a bottle of water. Lin Yutian bought a box of biscuits and a box of yogurt. Seeing that Han Miao only had a bottle of water in her hand, she said, “Are you really going to quit snacks and lose weight?”

Han Miao nodded. “Mmm.”

She had already persisted for a month and couldn’t give up halfway.

This time, Lin Yutian believed that Han Miao was really determined to lose weight. She thought for a moment, silently threw the biscuits and yogurt into the dustbin. “Then I won’t eat snacks in the future, in case you become greedy when you smell the fragrance.”

Han Miao hugged Lin Yutian. “Baby Tian, I knew you loved me the most!”

Lin Yutian allowed Han Miao to hug her. The two of them walked towards the classroom like conjoined twins. When they were about to reach the Year Two building, Han Miao asked hesitantly, “Baby Tian, did you confess to Zhou Heng yesterday?”

The smile on Baby Tian’s face instantly disappeared.

Han Miao released Baby Tian and stared at her uncomfortable face. She said, “He rejected you?”

Baby Tian gritted her teeth and remained silent.

Han Miao’s eyes darkened slightly. She held Baby Tian’s hand and said, “Don’t be sad. There’s still someone better waiting for you in the future!”

Baby Tian forced a smile.

Han Miao thought that Baby Tian would give up after being rejected by Zhou Heng, but she underestimated the stubborn heart of a young girl who had just fallen in love.

The weather was getting colder and colder. In the blink of an eye, it was Christmas.

Young children all liked Christmas, but Li Ao was the only one in class who really treated Christmas as a new year. On Christmas Eve, Su Beibei flew back from America to spend Christmas with Li Ao.

Su Beibei had grown up in New York, as had Li Ao. The mother and son had already treated Christmas as the biggest holiday of the year.

When Su Beibei came to Wangdong City, she brought Han Miao a set of dolls that she had yearned for for a long time. She was very happy to receive the dolls and even decided to forgive Li Ao for reporting her and Zhu Feng’s puppy love.

Su Beibei also prepared gifts for Han Jun and Han Zheng.

On Christmas Day, Li Ao didn’t go to class and spent Christmas with his parents in the old house in the cafe. This was the first time Li Li and Su Beibei spent Christmas together after more than 10 years.

After more than 10 years of divorce, Li Li had undergone another surgery and was much calmer than before. The two of them sat in the room to eat and the atmosphere was surprisingly very harmonious.

They tacitly didn’t discuss the past or the future, only the child and their common friends. Li Ao looked at his father and mother chatting happily and felt that this was not bad.

After Christmas, Su Beibei returned to New York. Before leaving, she went to Li Ao’s rented room to study. Li Ao had not finished his homework and was doing it in the study. After receiving Li Ao’s permission, Su Beibei entered Li Ao’s drawing room.

Li Ao’s studio was filled with his works. There were oil paintings, sketches, and a few Chinese landscape paintings. Although the studio was very messy, Su Beibei would not casually touch those words.

Li Ao was slightly paranoid and also slightly eccentric. The art studio was his private territory and he would not allow anyone to dictate his private territory.

Su Beibei respected Li Ao’s privacy.

There were two easels in the studio. One of them had an unfinished oil painting on it. From the color of the painting, Li Ao should be painting the sea at night with thunder and lightning.

The surging waves were black, like a demon opening its unfathomable mouth to devour the ship.

Li Ao’s painting was as dark as ever.

Su Beibei walked towards another easel.

This easel had its back to the door of the drawing room and was leaning against the window. The window was open and the winter afternoon sunlight streamed in and landed on the pure white canvas.

Su Beibei thought she would see another strange and dark painting, but unexpectedly, there were no skeletons, no demons, nothing that made one feel uncomfortable.

It was a young girl. She had one hand on the blackboard and the other in her pocket. Her long hair was tied into a bun behind her head.

The girl was smiling. The sunlight landed on her face, making her look full of vitality.

Su Beibei recognized the girl on the paper. It was Han Miao.

She was shocked and happy.

His son had been painting for ten years. He seldom drew people. The few times he drew people were all very strange. The people he drew were either skeletons or had no facial features.

This was the first time he had truly drawn a person on his canvas.

Su Beibei felt that this was a good sign!

Letting Li Ao return to China to study might be the right decision!

Su Beibei didn’t ask Li Ao about that painting. She just passed it to Li Ao’s psychologist. The psychologist and Su Beibei had the same opinion. They both felt that Li Ao’s condition was gradually improving.

Perhaps Li Ao would be willing to speak soon.

Su Beibei left on the 27th. When she left, Li Ao and Li Li went to send her off. After sending Su Beibei off, the father and son were silent.

The two of them couldn’t bear for that woman to leave.

In the blink of an eye, it was New Year’s Day.

Under Han Miao’s organization, Class 22 prepared a dance that was performed by the boys and girls in the class. They danced a dance of MJ. Han Miao was the dance editor-in-chief, but she was not in the performance team because she was playing a piano solo tonight.

The New Year’s Party was held at night. The 6,000 teachers and students of the entire school sat on the field. It was a rather spectacular scene.

Since she was going on stage to perform at night, Han Miao went out to put on makeup in the afternoon. She was the finale performance and had to be the last one on stage. When she returned to school after putting on makeup and changing into a costume, it was already 8.30pm.

Han Miao was wearing a gown and felt cold. She put on a down jacket and sat in the waiting room with the host.

The female host tonight was still Weng Ling, the senior who had given Li Ao a lollipop on the bachelor’s day. Weng Ling knew Han Miao’s true identity and was considered old friends with her.

Seeing that Han Miao had come, Weng Ling walked up to Han Miao and sat down. She handed a glass of milk to Han Miao and said, “Have a hot one.”

Han Miao instinctively reached out to take it.

But thinking that she was losing weight, Han Miao retracted her hand. She smiled apologetically at Weng Ling and said, “I’m going to lose weight. I won’t drink this anymore.”

Weng Ling smiled. “Why are you trying to lose weight? You look pretty good even if you put on weight.”

“I’ll look better if I lose weight.”

Weng Ling acknowledged.

The performance on stage was about to end. It was time for Weng Ling to prepare to go on stage to host. Before going on stage, she suddenly asked Han Miao, “Is that Li Ao Mr. Li Li’s son?”

Han Miao looked at her with a faint smile. She didn’t admit or refuse, but said, “Li Ao is my fiancé.” Seeing Weng Ling’s pupils tremble slightly, Han Miao added, “We will hold an engagement ceremony at the age of 20 and get married after graduating from university.”

Weng Ling never doubted the authenticity of Han Miao’s words.

If the news she received was right, Li Ao was most likely Li Li’s son. Han Miao and the daughter of Zeus International’s big boss, Li Li was the only son of Zeus International’s second boss. It was not strange that these two families would be in-laws.

Weng Ling was still hoping to woo Li Ao and help her family hook up with Zeus Corporation, but she didn’t expect Li Ao to have an engagement with Han Miao long ago.

Weng Ling was slightly disappointed that her plan had failed.

Li Ao was not interested in these performances at all, but he still sat patiently until the last moment. It was finally Han Miao’s turn at 9.40pm.

The moment Han Miao sat in front of the piano, it instantly raised the stage’s style, making one feel like they were at an outdoor performance.

Han Miao played Coleman’s classic “Kiss the Wind, Kiss the Rain”. It was a emotional song and was chosen as one of the top ten sad piano tunes in the world.

When Han Miao played, almost no one spoke.

Li Ao looked at the lady who was focused on playing the piano.

Han Miao, who was playing the piano, emitted a mesmerizing glow. She became quiet and immersed. The cold night wind blew her curly hair up, and her youthful face was filled with collagen.

The girl was ready to bloom.

She was a charming danger!

After Han Miao’s performance ended, the entire audience erupted in thunderous applause. Li Ao sat below the stage and applauded, his palms already red.

After the gala ended, the dean of each grade stood on stage with a microphone and instructed each grade to carry their stools back to the classroom.

When it was class 22’s turn, it was already past 10pm.

Li Ao carried the stool and followed the crowd to the classroom. He habitually walked at the back. After returning to the classroom, he placed the stool there and everyone left in groups.

Li Ao took his bag and was about to leave when he realized that Han Miao’s bag and jacket were still in the classroom. He thought of how Han Miao was wearing an off-shoulder dress today and that it was late, so he was worried that she would return to the classroom alone to get her things.

Li Ao was worried that Han Miao would be bullied and teased by boys with bad intentions. Li Ao took out his cell phone to ask Han Miao where she was. He could send her school bag over.

But her cell phone was out of battery.

Li Ao wanted to help Han Miao take the things away but was afraid that she would come back to take them. In the end, he decided to sit in the classroom and wait for Han Miao to come and take the things.

Every day at 10.30pm, the administrator of the teaching block would turn off the main gate of the teaching block on time. The administrator stood at the end of the corridor and didn’t hear anyone speak. He roared. “You’ve all returned to the dormitory. The power switch is going to be turned off!”

After shouting, the administrator pulled down the power switch!

In an instant, the entire world fell into darkness.

Li Ao realized that the entire world had darkened. A hint of fear crept up from his feet to his scalp! He suddenly stood up from the stool and stumbled to the corner of the back door. He hugged his bag and curled up in the corner, his eyes wide open!

Han Miao was about to return to the classroom to get her bag and jacket when she bumped into Han Jun.

“Aren’t you leaving?” Han Jun saw that Han Miao was wearing a skirt and a down jacket. She walked over and helped Han Miao zip up the down jacket before saying, “Go back. Don’t catch a cold.”

Han Miao smiled and asked her, “Are you worried about me and specially waited for me here?”

Han Jun didn’t deny it.

Han Miao would go to the Capital’s symphony orchestra to study with Shen Yubei during the New Year’s Day holiday. She didn’t need to do her homework and was also cold. She was lazy and didn’t return to the classroom to get her bag and jacket.

During the few days of the holidays, the three children had to return to the manor of Imperial Dragon Mountain to stay. The two sisters walked to the bottom of the residence and saw Yan Qingxiu parked his car by the side of the road. Han Zheng was leaning against the car and eating silkworm potatoes. Seeing that Han Miao and the rest had arrived, he said to Yan Qingxiu in the car, “Sister and the rest are here!”

Yan Qingxiu alighted and said to Han Jun, “Hurry up, we’re just waiting for you guys.”


The four of them rode a car back to Imperial Dragon Mountain. The siblings played around in the car and there was no time for silence.

Han Miao asked Han Zheng, “Little Brother, has Big Sister lost some weight recently?”

Han Zheng stared at Han Miao’s arm and said, “No!”

“I lost 108 pounds from 112 pounds, a total of 4 pounds!” Han Miao put some distance between her hands and said, “Do you know how big 4 pounds of pork belly is? Can’t you guys tell that I lost such a big piece of meat?”

“You really lost four pounds?” Han Jun and Han Zheng asked together.

Han Miao hugged her arms, raised her head proudly, and said with a smile, “Yes!”

Han Zheng and Han Jun looked at each other and felt quite surprised.

Unexpectedly, Han Miao really lost a few pounds.

The three siblings surrounded Han Miao and teased her about how skinny she was until a cell phone suddenly rang, interrupting their conversation.

“My cell phone is ringing!” Han Miao took out her cell phone from her down jacket. Seeing that it was Uncle Li, she put her finger to her lips and shushed him. “Uncle Li called.”

Han Jun and Han Zheng quietened down.

Han Miao answered the call and called obediently, “Uncle Li.” Then she asked, “Uncle Li, you called so late at night…”

Before Han Miao could finish, Li Li shouted anxiously, “Miaomiao! Neil hasn’t returned home yet and the driver hasn’t picked him up. Did you see Neil?”

Han Miao’s expression changed drastically! “Has Neil disappeared?”

Han Miao instinctively sat up straight and said to Yan Qingxiu, “Auntie Dong! Go back to school!”

Yan Qingxiu turned around at the next junction and drove back to the school. On the phone, Li Ao told Han Miao about Li Ao’s situation in a panic. “The driver was already waiting at the door, but he didn’t see Neil at 10.30pm and went into the school and rented house to look for him.”

“They still haven’t found Neil!”

As Zeus Corporation’s second boss, Li Li had made some enemies outside. Li Li was worried that an enemy had kidnapped Li Ao and wanted to take him down!

Li Li scratched his head in pain and said guiltily, “That child experienced such a thing when she was young. If it happens again, I really…”

He was not even qualified to die!

“Uncle Li, don’t be anxious. Let’s continue searching!”

Han Miao and the rest didn’t walk far before returning to school. Han Miao felt that Li Ao wasn’t the kind of person who would run around. If Li Ao was kidnapped, they naturally couldn’t find him.

If Li Ao was not kidnapped, he was either in the rented house or in school.

The rented house was not big. Since the driver couldn’t find Li Ao, it meant that Li Ao was not in the rented house. The three of them alighted and Han Jun said calmly, “Little Brother, go to the field. I will go to the sidewalk and the woods in the school. Han Miao, go to the teaching building!”


Han Miao followed the dim street lamp and quickly ran to the Year Two building. She stood at the entrance of the first floor of the building and saw the dark corridor. She felt goosebumps on her back.

About five to six years ago, a senior who was very stressed about his studies jumped down from the roof and landed where she was standing.

When there were people in the day, Han Miao was not afraid. Now that there was no one around and it was dark, the timid Han Miao was so scared that she had goosebumps all over her body.

A cold wind blew and Han Miao’s hair drifted. She felt that it was the senior’s ghost blowing at her.

Han Miao shuddered at what she had imagined.

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